Sunday, April 30, 2017


Woke up to snow on Wednesday!
I do have pictures to show you from Tuesday, but this was the surprise of the week--LOL! 
Was almost a white out for a while there. 
The birds were looking for food and my container was empty so I made a trip to the garage for the last of the bird seed. 
You can see the bin against the wall and the last of the seed there in the container on the trunk of the dead Paseo. 
We need to tow away the Paseo and move all this ValleyCon suite furniture in the middle of the floor over to the left hand side of the garage...and organize all the shelves and various stuff. 
 I need to make room on the shelves for the storage tubs I want to move out here from the apartment.  That's one of the big projects I want done before Annie comes.
You can see it was drifting more on the other side of the garages.  That's my building at the end of the garage tunnel--LOL!  My apartment is on the backside across from that bottom apartment on the left corner.
My garage is at the far end of this garage line.  The wall of garages off to the left are for the next apartment complex.  Yes--there are a lot of apartment complexes where I live. 
It continued to snow and drift all day long.
 Meanwhile, I've been slowly working on the pantry.
Cleaning off each bottle, can, or box... 
...and reorgainzing. 
I still have a ways to go.  This is the other bigger project I want done before Annie comes.  Then we can haul all the cat stuff back in from the garage.  :)
 Oh, Iggy sent me a link to the instruction booklet for the serger!!  Whoohoo!!  So once we get done with the Annie preparations and the current sewing project...then I can work at trying to tackle the serger.  I do have several other sewing projects I want to do this year and Leah has a couple, too.
This last week Leah was exhausted on Monday night again.  (I was, too, from working in the pantry.)  Leah asked if we could switch up our craft nights to Tuesdays for the foreseeable future, which was fine with me.  Mondays are her errand days and after running around shopping all day she is pretty beat to come over for crafts.  So we're going to try for Tuesday nights.
She wanted a break from tracing the sewing patterns and suggested we tackle another project--yes!  And it was one I could help with some even though I couldn't see that well.  :)
We worked till after midnight making samples and labels for all our embossing powders!
Most of them are in small jars, but we have some larger amounts of our most commonly used powders.  Those were transferred from old containers that were hard to open (and easy to spill) to our new containers with side clips.  And there is now a small plastic spoon clipped inside the cover of each of the bigger containers, too!  We have labels and round samples on both white and black paper on the tops...   
...and on one side of the containers. 
We actually finished them all!  Checked that off the nearly endless to-do list.  :)
The snow started to melt by the next afternoon.  I fed the confused birds that had just flown up from the south--all day--for two days they ate and ate and I'd put out some more--LOL!  
The last of the seed actually went out yesterday.  Now I plan to have the patio back to myself for the summer!  I'll feed them again come fall, though.  If it snows again they're out of luck from my patio--hehe!
Went to pick up my new red prescription sunglasses on Thursday!!   
The world may be dark right now, but I can see close up again!!  Whoohoo!  My other regular glasses should maybe come in this week.  Better to see clear distortion than blurry distortion--LOL!  ;)
Oh, I looked up online what they said I have in my right eye--epiretinal membrane--and it is called seven other names that I found easily.  Preretinal membrane, macular pucker, cellophane maculopathy, retina wrinkle, surface wrinkling retinopathy, premacular fibrosis, and internal limiting membrane disease.  Mine was apparently closer to the back of my eye before the surgery (like it apparently is most likely to be) and has come farther away after.  
Kind of like this:
Which is why I've had issues seeing since the surgery and I will just live a distorted life--LOL!  But--seems like being able to see closer gives me less jumpy-bendy-warpy-distortion .  Far away pictures are good--words are a little more difficult.  But when I get in to that mid-bifocal range there's a lot of print dancing...which seems to be a bit less as I can now get in to that closer-trifocal range.  Hallelujah!!  I am sooooo grateful!  Hey!  I was used to having to get nose close up to see sometimes before cataract surgery so my brain understands that just fine.  ;)  
Now that I can see better I have been catching up with some detail end-of-the-month work.  Worked on my bullet journal.  (BTW--was I EVER glad I had set it up from January through April before I ever knew about the cataract surgeries!)  Now I set up the skeletal framework from May through September...and filled in May so that's all set to go.   
I need to think of something else to use besides Avery labels--LOL!  They were fun, but this bullet has gotten so fat!!  I left about 10-12 pages at the end for lists, but that will fill this one up.  Come October I'll be starting a new one.
Also been working on the usual monthly tasks--grocery list and still need to finish balancing of the checkbook and bills.  Who would have thought I'd be looking forward to doing such mundane things--but just so delighted to be able to read and see close up again!  Even if I have to tilt my head this way and that.  (Some days seem "clearer" than others.)  I am just plain grateful...and I can always close one eye.  ;)
This Canadian goose seemed to be lost.  They rarely travel alone.  It walked over to the sidewalk and waddled all the way down the pathway.  So funny. 
Yesterday Dagan and Ian stopped by for a visit.  Dagan helped me change the bed skirt on my bed...and Ian wanted to help.  When my sheets and towels were done Ian wanted to help me with those, too.  Absolutely reminded me of when Dagan was little.  They are so excited to be helpful...for a while there, anyways--ROFL!  I loved it!    
Yes--I forgot to take pictures.  I get so wrapped up in the visit that taking pictures goes out of my head.  Ian comes chattering his way in the door and all else is lost for Gramma--hehe!
So that is how the week went up here.  It's sunny and 54 degrees right now.  I need to get back to working on the checkbook and organizing the pantry.  
Have a great week!!  :) :)
"Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense regardless of how it turns out."
Vaclav Havel


  1. When you die, I can hear you saying to St. Peter, "Can you wait a minute? I just have a couple more labels to make!!"

  2. We have had the return of winter, but thankfully not of snow.... we didn't even have any snow when it WAS winter! So glad you have your new glasses, and visual improvements, and that's a lovely cheerful photo of you! I've said it before, but what a lovely family you have. Have a great week, Rita!

  3. I really like the new sunglasses! Very cool, Rita.And you are definitely make progress with your vision, which is fantastic. Glad to hear you are learning how to use that serger. Lovely post! :-)

  4. Oh no! Not snow. That's a cruel joke from Mother Nature. But you look great in those sunglasses. Very stylish. Pantry is looking great too. Good for you to be so productive. Wishing you sunshine and warm weather. Hugs-Erika

  5. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Trying to catch up with you. I'm so behind. Sounds like a wonderful visit with Ian. They do love to be helpful for a little while don't they. Then they don't want to do anything. LOL
    Your new sunglasses are spiffy! love them!
    I'm glad you can see a bit better. I hope the distortion works its way out.
    Have a wonderful week. xo

  6. Those are some great looking sun glasses! Good to hear that you are busy with projects again! Happy May Day! Hope he snow misses us:)

  7. I feel like one of those confused birds, flying up from the South. It is supposed to be Spring! Bring on the May Flowers!
    Looking good in those hot red shades!

  8. You sound so happy! Glad to "hear" it. I've learned recently as well that we need to take full advantage of good days. All the extra water I'm taking in everyday is still giving me more energy and less leg and feet pain. So grateful!

  9. Snow again - here too! A sure sign of spring - LOL!

  10. Wow - snow at this time of year is a little unnerving! Let's hope that summer gets here before July.
    I feel sorry for that Canadian goose. Hopefully he'll find his way home soon.

    Your new prescription sunglasses look great!

  11. I think I would be crying hysterically if we got snow this time of the year. I do remember a few years back we got ice and deep cold the last two weeks of April. There was no fruit that year at all :( You have been very busy getting things all cleaned and organized I need to do that too. Take care of yourself and don't over do it !

  12. Snow? We got up to 92 today. I have the AC on. I went outside this afternoon to kill some weeds. Now I'm wiped out from that little bit of time in the heat, and a mosquito is flying around the office in an attempt to drive me crazy. It won't take much.


  13. Western Kansas got over 20 inches of snow over the weekend. They won't dig out for several days. Over 10,000 people still without electricity, too. It just rained where I am, but if it had snowed, it would have been at least that many inches. They closed the interstate and everything.

    Glad you are seeing better. That's very good news.

  14. You are so organised compared to say me and far more so then my youngest daughter is not organised at all. I would love to have a garage for not just the car but to store stuff

  15. Wow, snow! We've been having rain, but it's much too warm here for snow now. Poor birds. What a shock!

    I love those glasses!

  16. Dear Rita, I cannot remember the name of the cat with whom you've lived during the time I've known you through blogging. But in your post I read last week and in this post, there is no picture nor any mention. So I'm wondering if she/he died.


  17. Oh yes, we had snow as well... arghhh!

  18. Hey Rita, missing you! You are looking great and the pantry looks great! Also I so get tired of cutting out patterns, man it kills my back, and cutting always the worst part I think for sewing projects.

  19. Awesome that you managed to get all organized!

  20. Unusual weather patterns? It happens, I guess...the day we arrived in Wyoming on June 12th, it snowed that night and it got the whole town talking. Some of the townsfolk thought Mother Nature was putting on a show for us Aussies. hehe It was the first time we had ever seen snow.

    Good to get those big projects done and dusted before Annie comes so that she settles in quietly.

    Way to go, Iggy!

    I hope Leah is making sure she is getting lots of much as she can with a toddler, that is.

    Look at you in your super-cool, hot-shot sunnies! Nice!

    Yes, that's what Mum had...she still has it mildly but, for the most part, it did improve on its own. I hope it works that way for you too.

    That's why I don't like sticking things in my journals on top of the fact that I just like things plain and simple. Roz Stendahl recommended cutting out blank pages intermittently throughout a new sketchbook if we were inclined to stick a lot of paraphernalia in it. Not sure if that would be feasible for the bullet journal though.

    I sure hope that Canadian goose found its way okay.

    Kids are so cute when they get to the 'helping out' stage. They are always so pleased with themselves too.

    Have a lovely weekend! xo

  21. That is unusual to see a lone goose. Usually there is another one (or more close by). We had two pairs in our pond yesterday along with some wood ducks. Unfortunately, when we went outside they heard us and flew away. Hope they come back.

    I'm SO happy that the surgery on your eyes went well and that you are able to do the crafting and detail work that you excel at.

    I like your sunglasses. They look like they would effectively block out the sun - even from the sides - which can be blinding at times.

    Hope you have a great week!

  22. I've had a lot of problems with my eyes for the past couple of years. I had a vitreous detachment in the right eye first, and then last summer, I had one hit me in my left eye, plus my eye doctor said the left eye had a macular pucker. I had to look at an Amsler grid every day for awhile to make sure it hadn't worsened. I still have a lot of problems with my eyes, plus I'm told my cataracts are getting worse.


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