Wednesday, July 12, 2017


What a mottled jackrabbit.  ??
Yes, got the pictures working again for OneDrive, but lost all my previous pics.  Dagan even contacted OneDrive and the pictures are gone if they're not in my trash folder on my laptop.  So, we are starting again...with a motley jackrabbit and Miss Annie.  She didn't come out from under the bed for about 24 hours...not even any evidence she was out during the night while I slept.  But once she did I think Annie was glad that she recognized me...and she loves the patio door.  
I already knew Annie will roll around on the floor, nervously licking, if you sweet talk her.  But if I would have made a move to get up out of my chair she would have been under the bed before my feet hit the floor.  Annie has a love-hate relationship with human attention.  ;)  It's a trust issue. 
She still darts away--but occasionally will stay in the room or the hallway till she finds out what I'm up to.  I don't see much of her most days.  She was used to hiding all day till Ian went to bed so she usually comes out in the evenings.  After two weeks she has started to come out sometimes for a little visit in the morning and/or in the afternoons.  (Mostly due to her discovery of CatTV.)  But if I am up and down or moving around much--poof!--she's gone.  I can pet her a little, so she does remember me from visits and cat-sitting at McFamily's.  She is a gentle soul.  A scared little gentle soul.
It took quite a few days before I found an acceptable spot for her favorite cat bed from home. 
 Closer to me than I would have thought--LOL!  Right across from my chair but near the hallway so she can dart off under the bed whenever life gets too scary.
Well, this month I got a few books that I plan to use to help me with decorating and fancying up my bullet journal (which I haven't started to do yet).  For headers--Swash Letter Alphabets (not the greatest, but there are a few I can use).  Draw 500 Fabulous Flowers (okay--because it came first I started to use it on writing tablets to a couple "guinea pig" pen pals--LOL!).
Botanical Line Drawing!  
I know this book is going to be my favorite because it has step-by-step drawings for people like myself who aren't imaginative or overly talented but can follow simple directions.  ;)  I am looking forward to playing from this book!
Last week I got one of those out-of-the-blue-as-waking-up-GA-things to switch the tables in the studio.  (You people who know me well know what those are.)  I didn't think it would work and was feeling so tired...but I finally got out a yardstick (to prove him wrong) and it looked like it would fit to switch them--duh!  
So, I took an afternoon to switch the tables--and I LOVE IT!!!
I have a more spacious art table under the window with the black table there...
...and so much more room to walk around the smaller table (former art table--now sewing machine/catch-all table replacement).  There was never enough room for Leah and I to work in here together in the first place.  Just plain not a big enough room.  So the center table was only used for the sewing machine...and, as I confessed, a catch all when the sewing machine is put away.
I can hardly wait for Leah to see how much more room there is in here--just to stand and do die cutting on the Vagabond!
Thanks, GA!  :)
Then I tried out the new arrangement sewing diaper liners for Ian.  Got those done so that they could take them with on their vacation (left today for a McGregor reunion of sorts--Dagan's brothers and their families visiting).
I haven't seen Leah this month because she got sick--Ian, too--and then they were getting ready to leave and packing.  Probably won't have a craft night again till end of July.  Dagan came by to pick up the diaper liners and to help me with OneDrive.  He brought over Annie's favorite toys--a string toy and this ball spinner thing she loves.
That was the happiest I have seen her since she moved here.  :)  She's played with it every day since.
  BUT--CatTV... that is something new and exciting!
I guess I am going to be feeding the birds some this summer after all--LOL!  Just because I get such a kick out of Annie watching the birds.
And...since there have been a couple/few thirteen striped ground squirrels coming all summer to stop and drink water on their way to gather stray bird seed from the people who have bird feeders out anyways... feeding them a little won't make me solely responsible if they are trapped and killed, you know?
You may notice that it was so hot out that the ground squirrel was lying flat on its belly to eat the bread crumbs and oatmeal I put out.  Annie remained frozen...and I never noticed that the tip of her right ear is missing.  Frostbite or attack when she was a street cat in her youth??
Well, I guess I need to buy some more bird seed--LOL!  I need some of the no mess or no waste seed so I don't have any shells underfoot in the summertime.
Anyways, I am back--with photos!!  It's a gorgeous, cooler (67 F), clouded over day where I've been able to have the place opened up all day long--ahhh!  Annie has loved it and been out a couple times during the day today to spend time at the patio door.  :) :)
Have a wonderful rest of the week!!  
"As the Sun shines upon my heart, so may my heart shine upon others!"
The Upanishads


  1. Miss Annie is a beauty. Congrats on the new roommate! 😄

  2. How wonderful to catch up with you Rita!! And look at ANNIE!!! I hope she settles in nicely and learns that she is safe and can relax .. The crows have been hitting my birdfeeder this summer... we need to make new arrangements to keep them out... they just eat all the seed and keep the other birds away... at first it was just once in a blue moon they would stop by its every day... not good.. :( Take care!! I need to sit down and write some letters... i'm woefully Hugs! deb

  3. No way a cat could resist that patio door, especially when it's open. Annie's adjusting nicely. She may never be a cuddly cat, but I bet she loves your place better already :)

  4. So glad to see Annie out and playing with toys and enjoying CatTV. I still miss Karma, but it's wonderful to have another kitty to love and cherish. She's so pretty! :-)

  5. Great thoughts and photos, and those books should help you a great deal with decorating and all. Greetings!

  6. How wonderful that Annie has now come partly out of her shell. I can't believe you got so many photos of her. Neither of mine will sit still long enough for a photo. It won't be long until she'll be talking to you, too!

    You really created a much better craft/work space, didn't you? It's awesome, now.

    I'd LOVE to have temps in the 60s, since mine have been over 100 this week. Have a great cool down day.

  7. I'm so glad that you have Annie!!! I have no doubt that she will love her new home - especially with only you around. You'll undoubtedly be seeing a lot more of her as she gradually gets used to everything.

    I really like the videos and photos. The glass door with all the things outside will keep her busy for hours.
    Actually, Annie seems to strongly resemble my Bosco - especially in the video of her rolling on the rug.

    I truly believe that cats are always more content in homes that are children-free.

  8. Annie is really cute and really shiny.
    Such beautiful eyes!

  9. Congratulations on your new (though temporary) roommate!!

  10. It's nice to see you out and about, Annie. Nothing beats Cat TV.


  11. Awesome to see that Annie has started to come out of her shell a little. I'm sure she will be more relaxed as the weeks go on. She is already doing quite well, all considered. Loved the videos and pics. Great to see Cat TV had grabbed her attention too.

    I'm so glad the table switch was a success...GA knows best. :)

  12. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Yay for pictures! I'm so glad Annie is settling in, a little more every day.
    You are having nice weather, it was pushing 100F yesterday. Whew, hot. Have a great weekend love.

  13. What a pretty cat! I'm glad she's getting comfortable enough to make herself at home. You have a great studio space! I'm glad you're going to be feeding the birds. I like using the seeds without hulls, because there's not the problem with the mess around the feeder. Annie will love the show :)

  14. Annie looks like she's adjusting nicely. Glad she's not hiding any longer. She's quite a beautiful black too. And wow, I am impressed with your work area. it is really well organized and looks like a great place to work. Can't wait to see all your lettering and botanical drawings. Hugs-Erika

  15. How wonderful that you were able to take Annie into your home! She is so pretty, reminds me of a black cat we had once, she was shy too. She was black but when brushed it came out as grey! That cat toy looks like great fun!! Soon she will be out all day, she will adjust nicely:) Well the cool weather is almost over and here comes summer:)

  16. I always back up my photos on a portable hard drive or a flash drive, Miss Annie is such a nice looking kitty.

  17. As you know, dear Rita, I haven't been online much lately and so I'm just catching up. This is weeks ago now, but I'm going to respond as if it has only just happened! :) I'm so glad to see that Annie is settling in well. She's pretty and I have a bit of a soft spot for black cats, since we once had two ! The botanical drawings book looks cool. I have tried botanical art in my time but I think you really need to undestand the structure of the plant to make it work well.
    And your studio space is fine! You are so organised.... !

  18. Annie looks like she is getting more comfortable there, and loving the view from the window. So many different types of wildlife come by. She must enjoy seeing so many birds, rabbits, and ground squirrels visiting her during the day. :)


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