Monday, November 27, 2017


I know it's hard to tell from this picture but when I put the little pillow on my lap before I reach for the lapdesk which goes on top...Annie has now taken to jumping up on the arm of the chair to snuggle up against or half on the little prevent me from reaching for the lapdesk to work on letters, of course--LOL!
She still keeps an eye on the bird party but she wants a little cuddle time.  Some days as long as she possibly can and will even spread out and fall asleep if given the chance. 
 Sorry--I can't remember who told me Annie might turn into a "velcro cat"--which I thought was impossible at the time--LOL!  But Annie is getting more and more "velcro" as time goes by.  I'm beginning to think you were right!  ;)
Well, let's see...this past week...
Caroline came on Tuesday and we teamed up to do a thorough cleaning of the kitchen cupboards.  I wiped down all the appliances she brought to me at the table while she scrubbed away.  Needed it.  :)  After she left I put together some more bean soup.
Wednesday--Mary never called or showed up to "companion".  Wonder if she will show up this week?  The jury is still out on this senior companion thing--LOL!
Thursday was Thanksgiving.  Annie and I had a quiet day--with some delicious bean soup.  
Note: Those of you who are newer to my blog, don't worry about me and holidays.  McFamily still invites me (so sweet) when they are having their family holidays but I continue to pass (multiple health reasons).  Plus, I have spent Thanksgiving and Christmas by myself now since 1999.  This is the 18th year.  I am just soooo used to my peaceful, stress-free, quiet holidays--there's the old dog and all that, too.  After McFamily is done with the holidays and all their running and visiting--we have always had our own private little stress-free, no frills Christmas--usually in January.  I am absolutely, positively fine with that routine.  And now that we've added grandkids--those boys end up with three Christmases.  What kids wouldn't love that, right?  LOL!  It's just all-around so much easier on Gramma.  :)
Oh, and I went out to the garage and brought in the Christmas bin and tiny tabletop tree, too.  (Still haven't put it up yet--LOL!)
Those of you who were around three years ago might remember how Leah made up the little Mistletoes canvases for all the grandparents and great-grandparents using Ian's footprints.  Was a fun thing to do for Ian's first Christmas.
Well, this year we are planning to make up Mistletoes with Liam's footprints on his first Christmas!  Fun!  Well, it was a little challenging--took all three of us (Dagan, Leah, and me) to manage it--but we'll be tackling painting baby feet again soon. 
Anyways, Leah needed to order canvases and supplies for this project... so we were texting and emailing off and on in preparation for ordering on Black Friday.
Black Friday.
Leah also asked me for ideas for possible card crafting supplies from SSS.  (We each have wish lists on Simon Says Stamp).  More texts and emails...she ordered but won't tell me what--LOL!  So you know she must have ordered some cool crafting supplies!!  :)  :)
All weekend I did work on letters owed--whether Annie liked it or not...(well, I did do most of the writing at the kitchen table--LOL!)  Wanted to get ready to begin on addressing Christmas card envelopes!  That's the goal for this week--get all the cards in the mail by next Monday.  At least Leah and I have them all made up ahead of time--whoohoo!  Feels wonderful not to be scrambling at the last minute to finish them.  Ahhhh!  :)
Still have been working on the brush letting practice strokes every day.  Small brush pen... 
...and large brush pen. 
I still have a terrible time going thick to thin. 
The Os are particularly difficult. 
Practice...practice...practice, right?
After this 4th week of practice strokes we are going to start with the lower case letters of the alphabet and do practice on one letter a day.  And then the upper case letters after that--which will bring us into January.  I hope I learn the thick to thin--press and don't press--with more confidence by then.
Meanwhile...back at the ranch...
Annie never tires of the daily bird parties.
Every day... 
...the flock is here. 
Annie especially loves it when it has been warm enough to crack the door open (40s!) so she can really hear and smell them.  She loves to hide off to one side of the patio door or the other...or occasionally creep slowly straight up...low and still...she doesn't even flick her tail.
Then she leaps toward the screen and there's a great fluttering of wings.
She always looks disappointed after the momentary thrill is gone. 
She'll attack her feather toys in frustration--tosses them in the air and bats them under the furniture.
Annie is always expecting the flock to return any moment. 
She can be very patient. 
Usually doesn't take too long--LOL!
But when all that hunting has worn her out...Annie now knows she can come and sit in the chair next to me at the table.  Or catch a few winks. 
But she doesn't love the camera like Miss Karma did--LOL!  
So, that was the last week here at my place.  Dagan is supposed to come by after work to dump another 40# bag of bird seed into the bin in the garage for me (and dig cat toys out from under the furniture--LOL!).  Yes--already opening number two out of the three he picked up for me at Fleet Farm.  It's a cloudy, dark day--but warm!!  It's 53 degrees right now!!  Have a special week and we'll chat again soon!    
"My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together."
Desmond Tutu


Janie Junebug said...

I love the photo of Annie with her arm over her face. We used to have a cat who covered her face that way. It's delightful that she has turned into a velcro cat. So nice that she loves her CatTV. Letter on the way.


Jon said...

I like the term "Velcro Cat" - that's funny and it's so true. Annie has become a real charmer and is obviously very much at home.

I agree with you about the advantages of spending the holidays at home (blessedly alone). I've gotten very used to it these past few years and love it. I can do exactly what I want, with no stress or holiday hassles.

Those mistletoe footprints are so cute!

DJan said...

I had not heard of Annie possibly becoming a "velcro" cat but it makes sense Now that she's safe, she doesn't want to lose you! :-)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Bleubeard covers his face like that when he sleeps. It's about the only time I can get a good photo of him. Annie is definitely less photo shy than either of mine, who run and hide when I get my camera out.

You have been going to town on those letters. They are looking very good. I need lessons, I know that for a fact!

Hope your alone with Annie Thanksgiving was fabulous.

My name is Erika. said...

I think Annie doesn't want you to do anything so she can have you all for herself. Glad she is settling in. And I have discovered I am not big holiday to-do person myself. I like quiet holidays without too much fuss and tired people getting cranky. I think you might be getting some fun toys for Christmas though. Take care of yourself. hugs-Erika

jinxxxygirl said...

What a great post Rita! Kitty Velcro... lol you had me laughing at that...I think your lettering is coming along fine.. and i admire your 'sticktoitness'... :) You can do it! You remind me i need to sit down and write a few letters and fill out my Christmas cards... Hugs! deb

Lady Fi said...

Awww -cute Annie!

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm impressed by how settled-in Annie is getting. So sweet! There is no "right" way to do a holiday. I hope for everyone the holiday arrangements that suit them best :) I think of you as I watch our patio birds. They are such a treat, aren't they!

Sherry Ellis said...

Annie must really like you and think you're a great person to cuddle with!

Joyce F said...

Our Micki cat was right in the middle of my letter writing this afternoon. She was really craving attention. She used to be really stand offish too. Glad you enjoyed your quiet holiday. I was more than ready for Monday to come and a little quiet time alone.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

For those of us who are part of big families and spend each Christmas with our family find it strange that a person would enjoy being on their own on Christmas but as I get older and have more health problems I can see why being home alone might be nice, and you have Annie

Blogoratti said...

Annie sounds like a good sport. Warm greetings and best wishes to you.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

I'm so happy that Annie has finally settled in and loves being close to you. She's definitely feeling more at home now. The mistletoes painting is such a cute idea!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Annie is sure coming out of her shell to be a good companion to you, your patience with her has paid off!
Wonder what happened to your new senior companion?? Scared her off? LOL
I can understand wanting a quiet Christmas, I am exhausted just thinking about it:(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me--I have to order my Christmas cards SOON!!

GrandmaG said...

Love your updates! I completely understand enjoying quiet holidays. And this way you get the grands all to yourself! It's been warm here, too. Nice I suppose. Not using the heater much. But I'll be happier when it gets a little cooler. Happy holidays!

Jenny Woolf said...

That mistletoes idea is so cute! And I am so delighted that Annie is obviously getting to be really settled. Soon you won't be able to budge her from your side :) I am impressed by your lettering, I don't think I could do that in a month of sundays.

Serena Lewis said...

How awesome that Annie is wanting to be close to you. Precious moments...the letter writing can wait. hehe

It's not very nice that you didn't receive a call from Mary or the organiser, at least. See what happens this week.

I love when I've given my kitchen a good, thorough fresh.

I would be fine with a quieter Christmas too, Rita, so I totally understand how you feel. I enjoyed a lovely, quiet Christmas last year with just Aaron and Bradley at home.

Yes, I remember the mistletoe canvasses...lovely idea!

You're doing well on your drills. I have noticed an improvement in mine also. I'm looking forward to doing the letter drills.

Love seeing your little bird flock gather! As does Annie...haha I love to see how well she has settled in.

I'm half-way through a letter to you.

Love and hugs xo

froebelsternchen said...

Cute Misteletoe idea Rita! Fabulous that Annie settles in so well now! You lettering is gorgeous!Such a cutie!
Happy weekend my friend!

Intense Guy said...

So precious - both Velcro Cat adopting you and those neat baby foot prints too!

Victoria said...

Hi Rita, your lettering is super-beautiful, fantastic! Aw, your cat always melts my heart, sweet little thing! So wonderful you get to have that quiet, peaceful version of festive time, awesome! I love that solitary vibe too! Nice to see all those birds visiting you, I find them such a magical part of my day!
Wishing you a beautiful day!

Dee said...

Dear Rita, thank you for sharing your week. Your Christmas and Thanksgiving plans--being alone--make so much sense to me. And as you say, your grandchildren get three Christmases in all. Whoopee!

I so like the Desmond Tutu quote. I, too, believe in Oneness of All Creation. Peace to you as you and Annie watch the birds and the snow and enjoy this season of expectation.