Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year's Eve- 11am

Farewell to 2017.
Greetings and salutations to 2018!
Please, please be a kinder year filled with positive changes for us all.  
My little corner of the world is touched by kindness and positives but I wish I could spread that energy far and wide.  I haven't been this worried about our country since the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Cold War when we learned how to hide under our desks at school if they dropped the bomb...or all the various protests and riots of the 60s when police shot unarmed students and beat people with clubs...or with Watergate when our president was a crook.  But this year has been much scarier than anything I've lived through before.  Now it's corporations and greed trying to change who we are...lead us down the garden path.  We mustn't let our very foundation crumble.  I still believe in the people of this wonderful country...that you can't push us too far.  That the silent majority is like a sleeping giant...slowly waking up...beginning to roar.  Not just in our country.  This fear, hate, and greed disease is gradually spreading all over the earth...going for positions of power and indoctrinating those without power.  But it never wins in the end.
  Never has.
 Never will.  
You know I usually don't talk about politics on my blog but sitting here on New Year's Eve thinking about this past year...kind of couldn't help mentioning the elephant in the room.  ;)  
Okay, that over with...
On to happier subjects.  :):)
Here's Ian helping to decorate the tree.
And remember the picture of Ian buried in the snow?  Leah took a video of his escape.
We can't forget little brother, Liam.

He's turned into such a smiley little guy! 
You may recall me showing you the snow-holes left by the grouse.  Well, here they were one morning...tucked in and grateful for the snowbanks. 
It has been so very cold here for so long now. 
Been going through seed like crazy! 
Feeding flocks of sparrows--I think maybe I do have juncos, too--and the two coveys of grouse...well, the jackrabbits have found my patio again, too. 
I saw evidence of the jackrabbit parties in the mornings. 
The footprints and tons of poop--LOL! 
Finally one came early enough at dusk that I caught a glimpse. 
Not of just the one... 
...but two...and later more but it was too dark to get pictures. 
They come every evening now.  In fact I occasionally see them in the afternoon! 
They don't seem to scared of me walking up to the patio door. 
Of course the blinds were pulled but twisted open. 
 We had a hawk attack one day--at least I think so.  Birds hit the glass and scattered frantically.  Something swooped through the patio and was chasing a grouse toward the other apartment complex down between the garages.  I assume it might have been that hawk that was here quite a while back.
I don't think it was a successful hunt unless it got a sparrow again--because I have still been able to count a covey of five and a covey of seven--whew!
 I know the hawks have to eat, too.  I just don't want to watch when I feel like I personally know dinner, you know?
It has been below zero for so long with wind chill warnings of 40-50 below that critters are here almost constantly all day long.  This one jackrabbit figured out there was seed up in the feeder--LOL!  Discovered it's much easier to eat right out of the feeder trough than nibble across the ground at scattered seed.  So it parks itself by the table, goes up to grab a mouthful... 
...sits down--chews and chews... 
...then grabs another mouthful.  
Up and down.
 Other jackrabbits have observed this clever soul and have followed suit.  They eat quite a bit of seed during the night.  I am glad to help them out, too.
 A couple days ago I saw this! 
Everyone was here at the same time. 
 Sparrows, juncos, grouse, and jackrabbits. 
Don't you wish we could all get along as well?  ;) 
Let's see...after I last wrote I got another of those ocular migraines.  Spent three days not doing any close up work--computer, writing, crafting--with the blinds drawn and sunglasses on the better part of the day.  That's my second migraine...and for a few days after that my eyes were still touchy to the light...maybe still?  The bad headache was gone but if my eyes got flickery I was very careful not to do close-up work of any kind.  Therefore, I am quite behind on letters and Thank You cards--but they'll be coming soon. 
I called Mary's supervisor at senior companions the Friday before Christmas and told her that I'd like her to let Mary know that I was opting out of the program.  The first thing Sheena said was, "Oh, no connection, then?" and asked me if I wanted to try someone else.  I told her not right now--agreed that there had not been a connection between Mary and I--maybe later on down the road I might try someone else.  (Doubtful, though.)
So either Mary had already told Sheena that there was no connection between us or people have said this about Mary before.  Regardless, I was out.
Of course, Mary called that following Wednesday to see if it was okay to come over.  I told her I had called Sheena the week before and told her I was opting out.  Mary tells me--"Oh, I had a message from her but I haven't listened to it yet so maybe that was what she wanted."  With a quick goodbye--finally done.  Unless she forgets.  ;)
How odd that you wouldn't bother to call your supervisor back.  I am so relieved to be free of the Mary-stress--LOL!
Now--confession time.
I had seriously been considering quitting blogging indefinitely in 2018.  I actually thought I would be saying goodbye today.  I think with the not really connecting with anyone here (despite going down to events off and on for over two years) and then the recent Mary fiasco...well, I really began to question if I even had anything worthwhile to say anymore.  I think I am most certainly an odd combination of weird and boring...and am either silent or way too chatty when I am finally around people.  Even the fact of being contentedly housebound is weird to most people...and then I talk about having a guardian angel (GA) or my crazy colorful past or grouse and jackrabbits or calligraphy--LOL!  It's no wonder.
My health has also taken a dip this past year.  Less energy, more pain.  Doesn't mean it will stay this way forever.  Fibro pain can move around, too. I once had knife pain in my tailbone for 2 1/2 years and it just left...or, shall we say, moved.  Settled into my lower back apparently.  Anyways, pain and brain fog effect the clarity of my focus and I have less to show you that I've made or been playing with.  I hope you haven't been too bored.  I hope I haven't been complaining too much.  (This goes for all my letter writing, too.)
I am not bored, though.  But then I can be happy watching grouse.  ;)  And even with the new wonky eye acting up I can close the blinds, wear my new prescription sunglasses, and watch wonderful programs...with Annie in my comfy chair.  (Just tickles me how close we're getting.)
But I wasn't sure I had anything to say worth anyone's time anymore.  Thought maybe it was just time for me to quit blogging while I was mostly ahead.  Or maybe already people were sighing when they saw a post from me.  I haven't been blogging very often and so they have been longer.  (For someone with little to say I sure can go on and on!)  The last thing I want to be is a burden to anyone.  I value all the wonderful people I have met online--but I could always just go visit you and leave comments from time to time.  I  didn't have to blog and waste anyone's time.  So I asked GA for a sign.  Was it time for me to stop blogging?
Then yesterday I got a comment from a new person who had just found my silly little blog...came over from FarSide's blog.  She said she had started to read back over a few previous blog posts and then decided to go back to the beginning and read.  (We're talking June of 2006.)  She complimented my recording of and writing about my life--that I was a good writer--like FarSide (whom I admire with her daily blogs).  And right now this minute I have probably scared away my newest follower--because I was wiping my eyes as I read her comment and I knew she was my sign.  
I'm wiping my eyes again right now. 
And guess what her name is?!
How perfect is that?
So, welcome, Joy!  I am your newest follower, too.  I hope I haven't scared you away.  But whether you stick around, or read all the old posts, or run for the hills...your words were exactly what I needed to hear yesterday.  You were the sign I asked for.  So it's your fault if I am around to bore people some more--ROFL!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Kindness can make such a difference in someone else's life.  Your words are proof of that.  I hope you do decide to stick around.  :)
I'm not sure if I will be up to blogging any more often or will be any more interesting--but I will be here in 2018 after all.
So--please, please--let's make this that kinder year.  Just a thoughtful gesture or a positive word or a hug can make such a difference to someone else.  I know I am blessed to know each of you.  Happy New Year!!  :) :)
“Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.” 
Henry James    


GrandmaG said...

We are indeed kindred spirits! This morning I posted on FaceBook, "2018, please be kind." I am asking for nothing else. The world needs much more kindness, from people, from mother nature, from governments worldwide. Rita, I for one still get excited when I get notice of a new post from Soul Comfort. I'm glad you've decided to keep on blogging :)

Divers and Sundry said...

First: a thank you to Joy, who has encouraged you to keep sharing. I feel a connection to you and enjoy your posts :)

I agree with you here: "But this year has been much scarier than anything I've lived through before." I love watching the news and following politics (tho I share it on FB and not usually on my blog), but my jaw just _drops_ when I see what's new. I don't even know what changes to wish for :(

I always love your bird/animal posts and think of you when I watch ones that come to my patio. No rabbits or grouse here, of course, so I appreciate seeing your photos.

We don't have grandchildren, but how sweet it must be to watch them during this season.

Do you use Google+? (I'll follow comments here in case you want to reply here.) I've been looking at it and wondering if Blogger will merge with it. I'm wondering what the new year will bring in blog-land, but I'm so glad you'll be participating :)

Happy New Year!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I loved your retrospective of 2017, and I'm also worried about the elephant in the room. You know. The misogynistic one with the bad hair cut!

I'm delighted that you are not stopping blogging. I love seeing the rabbits, the grandsons, and the fun times you find even though you seldom leave your home. It's meaningful to me, since I can truly relate.

Since this is the last day of 2017, I want to personally wish you a safe, healthy, and joyous New Year and a creative 2018. I'll be watching the ball drop from my sick bed this year.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Yeah for a comment from Joy! I am sop glad you will continue to blog, I would miss you. You have lots to share...especially those Grandboys and Annie...complain away about the health issues sometimes it helps to get it off your chest!
I wish you much kindness in the new year. I am on the brink of deciding what my word will be for 2018...explore might be my choice...I am still thinking on it.
Happy New Year!! :)

My name is Erika. said...

I love seeing the boys, and I love seeing a11 the animals on your patio. It must be tough for them in this cold wintery weather. And I agree with you about this scary world and our country right now. It has not been a good year politically, and I think so many of us live with fear of what will happen. One good news about 2018 is all those midterm elections. Keeping my fingers crossed nothing too bad happens before then. Rita I wish you a wonderful new year. I hope it is a better year than 2017. hugs-erika

Marilyn said...

Please keep blogging, Rita. It truly has been such a comfort to me to read your blog. I relate to you in so many ways and find your words, photos, and interests are an inspiration to me. I haven't had an online presence & so haven't commented on blogs although I have wanted to. Wishing you much happiness in the new year and all the best for you & your family.
Hugs, Em

Janie Junebug said...

You have never bored me. I love the photos of the boys and the grouse and the rabbits and whatever else catches your eye. I know you don't feel well, but things will get better. While you're waiting, blogging is a good outlet and connection with people.


Harvest Moon by Hand said...

I'm so happy that you decided to continue blogging. I enjoy reading each of your entries - seeing your creativity, the wildlife that you have in your neck of the woods, and ideas for organizing. Following your challenges and joys - as well as those of Dagan, Leah, Ian, and Liam - is what keeps me coming back...of it. Your visits to my blog encourage me to keep going. It makes me feel like I have something worthwhile to say and share - kind of like what you feel. Hope you have a nice New Year's Eve and Day...and try to stay warm during this cold spell.

It's brutal out there. Just had our pipes freeze - so no water to our home. Just what we need on a frigidly-cold day. Thankfully, we have electricity and heat.

Anyway, Happy New Year's Eve, Rita!!

DJan said...

I am thrilled that you will continue to blog, Rita. I feel like you are a true kindred spirit, and that without having a connection here in the blogosphere, my life would be missing an essential ingredient. You have NEVER been boring to me, and if I don't feel like watching the videos, I don't feel you would mind. But not to have you around at all, that's scary! I love that picture of Annie's little ears sticking up. I have loved you and Karma and now Annie for way too many years to give you up now! :-)

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Well Rita, you are my newest best blogging friend. What a wonderful treat to read that you ARE going to continue blogging. I would miss hearing how things are going for you and what the birds (and now rabbits) are up to. I still have MANY posts to read as I catch up with the last (12 years !!!) of your posts. I have enjoyed reading about your close by family and how you take care of each other. You are like my late mother in law who told it like it was for her. I miss hearing how things are as we grow older and deal with the changes we often could have NEVER dreamed up. Hugs and I will be back to visit again. Happy New Year Rita.

Becca said...

You never know who your blogging might reach. I am an animal lover, and I love all of your pictures of birds and rabbits! :)

Anonymous said...

You scared me; I thought you were going to stop blogging!! Happy New Year to you & yours (including the birds & bunnies)!!

Joyce F said...

I am SO glad you decided to keep on blogging! I enjoy each and every post, just like a real visit with you sharing what is going on with your life. NEVER boring. I'm always happy to see a post from you show up in my Inbox.

Carol said...

So HAPPY that you have decided to continue blogging , although I can understand the underlying health reason you feel it's too much effort. I've been missing a lot this past year . Hardly blogging and rarely responding to blogs. I have been reading most of them though. It's just some days the fog is too thick to try and string two words together much less spell them right and have them make sense.
I so enjoy seeing your wildlife, especially the snowbunnies ♥♥♥♥
We don't have them here or grouse either. I enjoy my birds at the feeders and just deal with the squirrels.
Hoping the New Year is better for us all ♥

Juliana said...

Dearest Rita, Please don’t stop sharing your wonderful world with us! I would miss you so! Your “boring” life, as you call it, holds so much charm, so much magic for me. No, I don’t comment much (guess I’m more of a stalker!) but I read every word! Thank you so much for being here. The world needs more voices like yours.


Unknown said...

On politics: Yes, we are being inundated by fear, hate, and greed. What I am really hating is the ignorance. So many people are swallowing the lies and refusing to listen to the truth from any source.
On blogging: Write what you feel, about what you find interesting, when you have the time and energy to do it. It is not compulsory. On the other hand, writing may release pent-up psychic energy and ideas. If it feels good, do it.
Happy and healthy New Year to you and yours.

Serena Lewis said...

Here's to a kinder, more positive 2018!

Ian is so cute in the videos...and little Liam is so adorable!

How exciting to see a menagerie of furry and feathered visitors there at the same time! Clever jackrabbits eating from the feeder! haha Great close-ups! Yikes on the hawk attack! I share your sentiments...I know they have to eat and it is out in nature but I don't like to see it. I was sad the other day when I saw a butcher bird snatch a large skink/lizard from somewhere in my yard. I love watching the skinks sun themselves and there was one in particular that I would watch from my ensuite window. I said a quick prayer in hope it wasn't MY lizard in the butcher bird's beak. I haven't seen it of late. :(

Freezing temps there while we melt in the heat here. Crazy! We've had sauna-like conditions all week. You know how much I hate the heat and humidity.

You poor thing dealing with the ocular migraine. Don't stress about letters and cards...look after you, my friend.

Too funny that Mary actually rang before visiting for a change and after you had opted out of the program — then to find out that she hadn't even checked a message from her supervisor. Goodness me, you have to wonder why Mary is even part of the program.

I am SO glad you are not giving up on your blog! I look forward to reading your blog posts and I love getting your letters. Neither are ever boring! Both are like chatting with an old friend. Kindred spirits!

I'm glad Joy commented when she did...a sure sign! A lovely and fitting name too.

I hope 2018 is a better year for you health-wise. You rarely complain in your just share what you are going through and I do likewise with you. Even so, you can complain about anything to me. I'm here to listen and, as you know, I can definitely empathise when it comes to back pain.

I LOVE that quote!

Happy New Year to you, my friend. xo

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I hope you continue to blog as I do enjoy reading you blog,I find you so creative and you have such adorable grandchildren who I am sure bring you so much fun and happiness. You write I will come and read. I hope 2018 is a great year for you will less pain and sadness in it

Dee said...

Dear Rita, I'm relieved that you received a sign--a sign of Joy. I'd miss your posts, which frequently help me put my thoughts in perspective. Both of us have had ill health, but somehow, I think that this year is going to be better than 2016 or 2017. I just have an intuition that life is going to blossom into the kinder days we both enjoy. Peace.

Desiree said...

Rita, I am really glad you are staying!!!! I would so miss you! I know it is rough though, I have been sad to see all the health struggles pile up this last year for you. I will not even go into politics but will keep praying for our country and hope that 2018 continues to push people to be better. Ugh, yes even thinking of it is s struggle right now, I am so frustrating with the net neutrality ruling as the latest fiasco and hoping that pulls through to what it has been or better. The whole media is just out of control in some aspects but then on other aspects is definitely needed to expose the corrupt. I wish our country would become less obsessed with Hollywood and actors, etc. I have digressed so let me recenter! Stay warm, it is super freaking cold here for us normally, especially since last year we had a very warm winter. We need it to kill all the sickness and bugs though for sure, but man I ma getting to old for this!!! :)

Jon said...

I can only hope that 2018 will be a kinder year - I've never seen such chaotic polarization and discord. The missile threats scare me the most.

I'm so glad that you feed the critters - especially because it is so dangerously frigid in your neck of the woods. I've never seen grouse snow holes before - but I have seen hawk attacks here in the woods. It makes me nervous to let the cats outside (I always watch them carefully - - but hawks are extremely quick).

I can certainly sympathize with you about migraines. I get the aura ones frequently and they really frighten me.

As for blogging - I have always found writing to be a beneficial catharsis. I've considered abandoning my blog on MANY occasions, for many reasons - but I always return. I mostly write to satisfy myself - - and if anyone else finds it interesting, I'm delighted.
Keep writing and don't give up! And have a wonderful 2018!

Rosie said...

Thank you Rita for your blogs and I too have found them very interesting and I am so pleased that you have decided to continue. Your GA is definitely looking after you. I can relate in many ways to you as well and it is good that people from all over the world can be a small part of each other's lives. Wishing you a healthier 2018, love & peace.

Lady Fi said...

Wishing you joy and a kind year! Love your shots...

froebelsternchen said...

Oh my dear Rita!
I had some tears in my eyes as I read you have decided to stop blogging- but THANK YOU to blogger girl Joy - that she inspired you to continue! I would really miss your stories and the lovely Ian and Liam as well and cute Annie and the goose!
You are a wonderful blogger - just the right amount of personal story and arting . and not so much postings as other person often make and one can't keep pace with comments and reading... so please from far far away here in
Austria in Europe - Susi would be very sad about you stopping to write this blog!

I love the little videos and films you offer and todays pictures with the little Rita's ark on her porch is just so lovely!

and now you have more time for blogging as you got rid of Mary - well done - we should only have people around us who are good for us! ♥

I wish you and us all in the universe the best for 2018- I am with you about the politics ♥
but all will turn to good with people like we are...
kind - kind - kind.
You will see!
Wish you less pain and more love and happiness and all the best for your lovely family as well!

oxo Susi

Intense Guy said...

I've never been bored by anything you blogged about - from the pens and ink and paper tests - to the cats Karma and now Annie, the flock of birds and jackrabbits, and of course the grands!

I wish you improved health in 2018! I'm not too upbeat about the idiots in charge - but hopefully they will do their jobs and keep us safe (but I'm not counting on it).

pearshapedcrafting said...

Thank Heaven (and your Guardian Angel) for Joy! I know I am really late here but I would never not visit for a catch up on a)your health and your (mainly! lol!) positive attitude! Hope your eyes get better soon - no more migraines!! b)your lovely family - Loved seeing Ian in the snow and what a clever boy to be helping with the tree decoration too! c) the wildlife, especially now you have those intelligent rabbits! d) life with the old folk - as one who still gets thrashed at Scrabble regularly by a couple of over 95's and sees a whole range of characters too! We attended a party in our communal area just before Christmas and came home grateful to not have to attend social events - although I would hope that when the time comes the one who is left will know what to do!! e) updates on Annie - what a friend she is becoming! f)allowing you to rant if need be about politics - you with…well…we read a lot..especially lately about this book…and of course we are having Brexit to contend with - no idea what will happen here at all and whether it will affect our travels much! Your see Rita, in short - I love visiting here and yes, I too am siting here teary eyed! Sending you wishes for a much better year than last! Big Hugs, lovely lady, Chrisxx

lotta joy said...

I remember your last comment was when I stopped blogging. I'm doing a test run with a new post just to see if anyone shows up. So many have stopped blogging.

Neesie said...

Wow that is a full post to start the year off Rita. Fantastic photos of your visitors and how cute are the video clips of Ian and Liam is just a bundle of joy. It's images like these that you have to keep close and positive... it is worrying times, but hopefully we'll get through them.
I wish you nothing but the best and for all your wishes to come true in 2018! :D

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Hi Rita - I have read all of 2006 and 2007 and up to Sept 6th of 2008 - what an amazing read - thank you for sharing your life through your blog. Your posts read like you are having a conversation - LOVE your posts.

Hope you are feeling less pain.

I am looking forward to reading the rest of 2008 today and maybe getting started on 2009.


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

I forgot to add that many of my blogging friends have cut way back on posting and I really miss them. The blogging world has changed - and then by chance I found your blog - a blog from the heart.