Monday, May 28, 2018


It's Monday and I am actually here with the couple months worth of pics and short videos from Leah that I promised.  Believe it or not I started sorting through them all at 11:30am and am just now starting the blog--hehe!  Don't worry--you are only getting a sampling.  ;)
It's been hot and sticky here--upper 80s to low 90s.  I am most grateful for air conditioning.
The lawn mower folks had one of those huge mowers die while they were mowing the apartment complex across the way.
There was a lot of standing and thinking involved.  Trucks came.  Eventually it was started somehow and lumbered away to be repaired.   
Annie hid under the bed.
I love seeing pictures of McFamily hanging out.
Liam with a messy face after eating. 
Liam is crawling up a storm and has been for a while.
They made this funny video of Liam crawling iin slow motion with sound effects.
When Dagan went down to Minneapolis, before for his surgery they stopped at the Mega Mall.  I love these shots of Ian and Daddy inside the bubble lookout spot.  :)
Ian told me all about the aquarium and how the sharks swim over your head.   
Mama got a video of it!
Looks like a fun time was had before surgery day.
The boys were very good at the hospital all those hours. 
There was a lot of waiting involved because they were running later. 
As you know, Dagan has a new pacemaker and all is well.
A couple people asked me about Ian's bicycle that has no pedals when I showed it last summer.
Here's a video.
Ian's gotten faster and his balance is much better than it was.  I love the lime green helmet!
Here's a video just to show you the energy that Gramma can't keep up with--LOL!
Things are much quieter on my Gramma Days while we do crafts and art and watch Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers and nature shows.  ;) ;)
I thought this series of photos were pretty funny.  Liam climbed up on that baby entertainment thingie while Blink was inside just watching him.
Liam stood up against it, moved over to other pieces of furniture, tipped over the arched entertainment thingie (as you can see below)...
...visited with Mama... 
...Mama put his hood up (cute)...
...Ian came down on the floor from the couch where he'd been with Daddy... 
...and noticed Blink was still inside the thingie!  So he climbed inside with Blink--LOL! 
That Blink just amazes me!
When they were all over here (honestly can't remember which time) we got Ian's old push toy down.  It's been on top of Ian's shelves all this time waiting for Liam to be old enough to use it.  He's not walking yet, but we thought we'd give it a go anyways.
He knew just what to do!  I was surprised at his balance!
Love these boys!!
They are growing like weeds! 
Liam's first finger foods.  Time to develop those small motor skills--LOL!  :)
How nice to be able to eat in your high chair out on the deck, eh?
Last, but not least--I promised you before and after pics of the patio!
It was a horrible day to be doing this really.  
In the 90s, drippy-humid, windy, and at the end it began to rain... 
...but mission accomplished.  Bought marigolds and geraniums to go along with the coleus and gerber daisies from Costco.  You'll notice that because it is so windy here I decided that instead of hanging plants I opted for a couple nice pots to put in the corners with fuchsias.
The only flowers that aren't doing well since we did this last Wednesday are the gerber daisies from Costco.  Everything else is looking great!
Ian helped Mama dig.  He has his own gardening gloves and tools.  But toward the end he wanted to go with Liam and I for walks on the sidewalk.  (I was just keeping Liam occupied--as long as he's moving he's happy.)  So we walked down to the cottonwood tree and gave it a hug.  Weren't back too long and it started to rain.  That's when I made a big mistake--and should know better so it's my own fault.  
I was already limping from all that walking all afternoon...but I helped Leah lift and carry the stroller inside and over to the rug by the door because the wheels were wet and muddy.  Have been in extra pain since then--from neck and shoulders to knees and ankles...lower back has been a mood most foul--LOL!  I've gradually been feeling better.  Slowly.  But that's why this is taking me so long to post today.  I have to get up and down--LOL!  
But I am glad I have given myself the Monday deadline or you might not hear from me for weeks again.  I will continue to try to post every Monday.  :) :)
Oh, and ever since that big yellow box with the notice about the European Union laws showed up on my blogs (I do have two)--I am not getting any email notifications about comments that I can respond to!!  Awk!  I have the comment moderation on so I get to read every one of them, but then I can't write you back!  Maybe this will change.  I am hoping it is a glitch of some kind that Blogger will fix.  I am not the only one this is happening to.  Just wanted you to know that I read every single comment but I can't write back to you--for now, anyways.  Please keep commenting!  :) :)  Or--if you send me an actual email I will write back!!  ;)  Anyways, just wanted to let you know what's happening with Blogger.
Okay--I started this over six hours ago.  Time to do a quick proofread and post, my friends.  I hope to see you next Monday.  Take care and have a fantabulous week!!  :)
"Heaven and Earth are threads from one loom."
Shaker Proverb


  1. I haven't gotten any emails about comment notifications either. It's possible we won't have that any longer. It's very annoying. Love the videos and yes, those boys are sure growing like weeds! I also got some of those gerber daisies from Costco and they all died almost immediately. :-(

  2. Love getting caught up on the grands and everything your shared today Rita. Hope you are getting over the pain of lifting more than you meant to (that always happens so fast, been there too). Your patio flowers have a great beginning with new plants.

  3. I love seeing those photos of those boys. And the videos. They are sure cute and seem to be busy and curious. You have to love having all this technology to enjoy those moments with them, even if you couldn't be there. Your patio is looking great! Too bad about the daisies. Have a fantastic new week. Hugs-Erika

  4. I've stopped getting comment notifications, too. Thanks for sharing pix of your lovely family!!

  5. Gerbera s are fussy, they bloom once and sit there forever, they need lots of fertilizer and need to be rootbound to bloom.
    Your boys are so darn cute!! I enjoyed seeing the Ian ride his bike and Liam walking along with the push toy! Soon he will be walking too! or running:)

  6. HMMM. Guess I am lucky. I NEVER get comment notifications because I don't use my e-mail, which I only check about once every six weeks or so. I'm really sorry this is happening to you. I read on someone's blog that she fixed it, but don't remember since I knew it didn't pertain to me.

    The boys look wonderful, full of vigor, and the patio looks very colorful. It's hotter than hot here, too. Doens't cool down at night, either. Like you, I wouldn't know what I'd do without AC. Hope your Memorial Day was fantastic.

  7. The boys are so cute! And Liam and Ian look so much alike. They definitely look like brothers. I twisted my lower back a week ago doing laundry. Did this before so, as soon as I was feeling better, I worked on reconfiguring my laundry room, which is super tiny. I just don't want to do that twisting thing to get into the washer and move clothes to the dryer. Time will tell if it works better for me. But I'm painfully aware of how debilitating back pain is. I haven't workout for over a week and you know I hate that. Take care and keep reminding yourself of your limits. Those boys need you :)

  8. Those beautiful clouds in the first photo remind me of Texas. It's been warm here, too, in the high 80's - but it's also been raining every day which helps "cool" things down.

    The aquarium at the Mega Mall looks fantastic - I'd really like to see it. And your McFamily looks so sweet!

    I wanted to write more, but Scruffy just jumped on the table and keeps messing with the computer keyboard. This gets me nervous, so I'll quit while I'm ahead...

  9. Super photos, Rita. Like your patio. Wish ours had a bit more sun. Have a great day.

  10. This whole post made me happy and made me smiled the photos are bloody great just so you know

  11. This boys are just ADORABLE! So cute!
    Your patio is fantastic Rita!
    Enjoy family and sun!
    Big hugs, Susi

  12. Little Liam is coming along so fast! And Ian is at the most charming age, he made me laugh in that helmet. They must give you so much fun! I love the aquarium, and I am very glad that Dagan's operation went well.
    Your patio is quite transformed now, it's so satisfying to do something like that. Despite the horrible aches (I hope they do continue to improve really fast) it looks like you've been having good "family" time. Enjoy your weekend!

  13. Thanks for sharing such great pictures. The kids are all adorable!

  14. What sweet family photos and videos! And your patio! What a transformation now that it's ready for warm weather :) You have a variety of plants, which I like.

    I tend to just respond to comments on my blog, but people do have to follow comments to notice.

  15. Like Annie, Cody hates loud noises too — and if big trucks pass by, such as the bin/garbage collection trucks, he will cling to me or hide while he shivers with fear, poor baby.

    Haha — the video of Liam crawling was cute. He didn't know whether to go after Blink or the little toy. The slo-mo was was adorable and funny. haha Won't be long before he is walking independently. Loved all the family pics!

    A fun day was had before Dagan's surgery and I'm super glad that it all went well. It sure helps when kids are well-behaved at hospitals during those long wait times.

    Mikayla and Maddy had a bike without pedals...good for balance-training and getting used to a bike in general. They certainly like to be active at that age. hehe Liam and Ian are adorable!

    The patio looks so pretty with the flowers in place!

    OUCH on all the pain after walking and lifting. I know exactly how that goes... Hopefully, some rest has eased it by now.

    Blogger is still playing up for me re. email notificatons on comments.

    Now to catch up with your latest post.... xo

  16. OH MY! Those boys are getting so big!!! I haven't blogged for a while either. Been too busy with the garden, taking care of husbabd's friend that now lives with us. And then there is those new adorable grandbabies that arrived in early May. I'll send you an email with photos :) ♥

  17. Love the photo of the clouds! Beautiful! Your grandsons are getting so big and are able to do so much more now. Your patio and the flower boxes look so pretty.

  18. your posts are always so interesting! Love the sky picture - it's gorgeous. Wouldn't love thunder and hail (tho we get much more than we once did).

    Your gramma day sounds wonderful. It's so fun to watch them learn things like this.

    Facebook -not leaving. I get too much good information throught my contacts and meet too many great people and have friendships through it. I like it. I'm not going anywhere.


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