Monday, June 25, 2018


Good afternoon!
I've been moving slowly this past week so it's no surprise to me that I am posting in the afternoon again--LOL!
One of the things I do so love is being out watering the flowers and getting fresh water in the dish for the birds and ground squirrels.  I took this picture back last Tuesday.  
I wanted to show the planters... 
...from one side... the other side. 
The blank spot in the back of this planter is where the gerber daisy died right off the bat.  Leah says she has a yellow one I could have--awesome! 
Now it may not be obvious to you the difference in the past week but the following pictures I just took a few minutes ago.  Everything has been blossoming and bushing out like crazy with the rain we've had.  
You may notice the blue planter filled with cat grass on the end table.  I haven't brought it in yet to see if Annie is interested or not.  Karma, you may recall, LOVED her cat grass.  But Annie has never had any before.  We'll see--soon!  It's getting tall already.
A little thunder and lightning seems to have set all the flowers to blooming.  Even the gerber daisies are finally flowering! 
The red one back of the chairs is awfully puny, but I'll take it. 
The two yellow ones in the front planters are finally going to town.  
The marigolds, on the other hand, are going wild! 
They have a special place in my heart because I grew up on Marigold Terrace in Fridley and mom usually planted some. 
The coleus look like beautiful bushes! 
They tower over everything else. 
The fuchsias almost have more blossoms than leaves--LOL!  
So the plants are doing fantastic outside. 
I think the fertilizer Leah gave me has really given them all a boost this year!
I have been extra sore, stiff, and tired this past week so it's been pretty quiet over here.  I've slowly been watching Star Trek: Enterprise and The Sniffer (subtitles) on Netflix.  I rented the Masterpiece Mystery: Unforgotten DVDs and really enjoyed that series.  Annie has been extra cuddly--like she knows I was feeling a bit poorly.  ;)
But, in general, I am better than I was this winter and spring so I decided to do something totally unnecessary--just for fun!  This month I've ordered up a bunch of icon planner stickers to use in my bullet journal--whoohoo!
 I know.  Kind of a dumb way to celebrate, but it works for me--hehe!  ;)  Anything I could get in rainbow colors I did, of course.
Washing machines, trash cans, laptops (for blog days)... bag (Caroline), present (birthdays), vacuum cleaner (also for Caroline)...
...tiny piggy banks (for when I have to have bills and bank stuff done), hydration trackers (something new for me)...
...and then I had these custom made (etsy shop).
Gramma Day and Craft Day flag stickers--whoohoo!! 
These will mostly go on my big monthly calendar.  Adds some color and easy to locate, for sure--LOL!  I haven't gotten July ready yet in the bullet--still skeletal--but I threw in a few stickers because I just couldn't wait. 
The weekly hydration tracker stickers are in for July, but I am a little disappointed that the paper on those is so thick compared to all the others.  Will cause a fattening-build-up and be more noticeable to write over on the pages fore and aft.  
BUT--I really like being able to track a whole week in one sticker, so I may have to find some thinner ones by another vendor when I run out.
These will be fun to play with for months and months!  I still have a few more coming from an etsy shop in Australia.  I can show them to you when they get here.  These just tickle me.  Doesn't take much to make me smile, as you know.  ;)
Anyways, this is really short and sweet for me--LOL!  More next week.  Have a fantabulous week, everybody!!  :) :)  Chat again soon.
"Do not be dismayed by the brokenness of the world.  All things break.  And all things can be mended.  Not with time, as they say, but with intention.  So go.  Love intentionally, extravagantly, unconditionally.  The broken world waits in darkness for the light that is you."
L.R. Knost


  1. Goodness, I can TELL how much those flowers have grown. Mine ALL died about two weeks after I purchased them, but yours are looking beautifully healthy.

    LOVE those stickers. I bet they will definitely come in handy. I only have stamp for T day, but I am sure yours will come in much handier than anything I could ever create in my journal/calendar.

    Feel better soon, dear.

  2. I love your flowers!

    I quit watching Enterprise after the first season, and I liked the first season of Unforgotten but not the second. I've never heard of The Sniffer, but it sounds like an intriguing concept and I'll definitely look into trying to see it and appreciate being pointed towards a new-to-me detective series.

    I'm googling L.R. Knost :) I'm not familiar with him, but it looks like he has an active Twitter account. Thx!

  3. Let me start with the end.... That quote at the end is incredible Rita.. I really loved it!

    You know i worked in a Garden Center for 15 years and just let me tell you your plants look wonderful!!! What a great job you are doing! I can tell you a few things about Gerber Daisys ... One they don't like wet feet.. Don't keep the soil constantly wet.. Letting it dry out a little before the next watering can be a good thing.. not to the extreme but just a little on the dry side... Marigolds... i remember my Grandfather planted Marigolds around his garden and said they kept the rabbits and critters away.. So i wondered if you've had fewer critters around since they've been growing.. Beautiful Rita! Hugs! deb

  4. I did it again! Forgot to comment myself so I can get the comments via email. Thanks Elizabeth and Divers!

    I like your t-cup stamp, Elizabeth. I can't use stamps in my bullet because they bleed right through the paper no matter which inks I use.

    Did you quit Enterprise because you didn't like it? The Sniffer is from the Ukraine and the lead reminds me so much of Hugh Laurie! I can't imagine anyone being able to smell like he can but it makes for interesting plots. ;) I am not on twitter. Does he look like an interesting person? I liked his quote, that's for sure. :)

  5. Tomorrow I'm going to post about a permanent fix for the blogger comments issue, Rita. Another blogger told me how to do it, I tried it and it works! Love your pretty flowers. They are indeed looking great. :-)

  6. Hi Rita, good to read your post today. You have good blogging friends. I am looking forward to DJan's post on the blogger comments issue tomorrow. Your planters look beautiful. Hugs.

  7. So cheerful with all those flowers!

  8. It is so green and springy summery there on your porch, very nice!!! I also love those hydrate stickers, very good score! ((HUGS))

  9. Your flowers are beautiful!! I can see the difference! I love Gerber Daisies. My maid of honor carried them in my wedding. :-)
    Your stickers are so colorful, and fun!
    I hope you have a wonderful week.
    I've been feeling a bit poorly too. I'll try and post about it this week. I have a headache specialist appointment today. cross fingers. xoxo (for some reason it won't let me comment under my blog name, so you know, it's Wendy from Picnic with Ants. :-)

  10. I hope DJan's fix works. Your flowers are lovely!!

  11. Totally impressed: you got the gerbers to bloom! They're tough. Your garden looks wonderful! Good year for flowers here too - lots of rain. Everything is green and or blooming. Hope you're feeling better now. Or that it passes quickly.

  12. Your porch looks so immaculate even with the planters. For me they specially love to spread dirt everywhere. Maybe I water them in a messy way LOL!

  13. Your flowers are pretty. I have always had trouble getting Gerber daisies to bloom much after the first blooms so I don't grow them any more. I have lots of volunteer marigolds but they are all one color - gold. Do have different colors of zinnias that came up.

  14. Your flowers are awesome! You can pinch back that Coleus to keep it smaller then it will branch out instead of going up! Hope you are having a good week! :)

  15. Hi Rita! It's been awhile. I haven't blogged in many weeks. I've become active on Instagram these days after learning about Flylady. Because of Flylady challenges, I'm now a part of a supportive community, which I'm enjoying. I'm also doing some redecorating, mostly in the dining room. I'll do a blog on that project once it's finished. Some of the decor I found at flea markets and thrift stores. So I guess I've found some new interests and passions :) Your porch looks lovely! I'm glad to hear you're having better days. Happy summer!

  16. Dear Rita, the ending quotation is inspiring. Thank you for sharing it. There is, truly, so much brokenness in our world and in each of us too I suspect. I know that I've lived with a broken spirit at times.

    I'm so glad to learn that you are feeling so much better and that the stickers are a joy for you to use. It's a real affirmation of the adage "Less is more." Peace.

  17. Take it easy until you are fully better dear Rita! Your flowers do look healthy - I hope the someone is watering the flowers on our decking at the caravan - they did say they would- because we have not had any rain for ages! Way back on a cold winter day I asked hubby to remind me how cold we were the first time I complained about the heat in Summer! That day arrived last Wednesday and there is no sign of a let up! We have had quite a few bad fires on the moorland and my son (in another town) had ash all over his car! The stickers look like great idea and will make your planner look pretty too! Take care, Hugs, Chrisx ps Oh! and I've caught up again!!!

  18. Hi Rita! Such a beautiful home/porch..and your flowers are so gorgeous and lush..and vibrant too..very magical!Flowers bring so much joy and wonderful energy...I can't get enough of them! Lovin all of of your colorful stickers,such fun! Magnificent quote at the end...powerful!
    Wishing you a beautiful night...

  19. I love the splash of colour to your porch with the flowers — so pretty! The coleus is obviously loving the attention. Love the fuchsias!

    I've seen The Sniffer on Netflix and was in two minds whether or not to add it to my Watch list. What do you think of it?

    Those icon stickers are a fantastic and cute idea! You will have fun with them for sure.

    Now to catch up with your latest post...

  20. Your flowers and flower boxes are gorgeous! So much color and variety. I hope you feel better soon. Being stiff and uncomfortable makes it difficult to want to move around too much. The stickers look like a lot of fun to use!


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