Monday, July 02, 2018


Goodness sakes!  I am slower than molasses in January today.  Well, I have a few pictures and I'll try to make this quick.  ;)
Annie got to try out cat grass for the first time.  In order for her to know this was hers and okay to chew on vs. the house plants, I first put it in the pantry near her food and water dishes.  
Is this for me?  
 I encouraged her and she proceeded to investigate.  Annie decided she likes cat grass...and she's not as messy as Miss Karma was, who pulled them out by the roots and left dirt clods all over the place--LOL!
After Annie had the grass in the pantry overnight I moved it over by the patio door so it could get some light.  
Is this still for me?  
Go ahead, I said.  It's all yours.
Annie chowed down.  
She's over there off and on all day.  :)
We've had AC weather here--hot and muggy.  
Lots of birds!  Half of them are fledglings begging for food while they are standing right over the seeds--LOL!  They are such a hoot! 
If there is sun in the mornings Annie spends them sprawled in the rays...but keeps an eye out for the flocks of birds coming and going. 
Occasionally I see one of my little buddies--the thirteen striped ground squirrels! 
On Wednesday I saw a bird I have never seen before!  Even Annie seemed to take special notice.  Had to google it to find out what it was--a yellow-headed blackbird!  Both Annie and I kept a lookout.  It was here a couple of times but gone before I could get a picture. 
But Thursday!!! 
Aren't they gorgeous! 
I couldn't believe I grew up watching red-winged blackbirds but never saw a yellow-headed blackbird in all my 67 years.
By Friday the word had spread.  I was just tickled to see four of them out there pecking away!!!  One took off before I got these pictures.  
You can click on the photo and enlarge it to see them better. 
I really can't get much closer to the patio door or they fly away.  But I am just thrilled that they have been coming by almost every day now--whoohoo!
Occasionally little birds land on the air conditioner and hop about.  Annie will run, park herself at attention underneath, and stare at the AC.  She wants to be fully prepared should one find its way into our apartment. 
Can you see the ground squirrel out there filling its pouches alongside the grackles?
I love that they are all out there together.
Well, I had the most fun yesterday!  So much so that I forgot to take any pictures, of course--LOL!  Dagan called and asked if I was up for a Gramma Day as Ian had asked for one.  Of course!  (And Ian didn't even know he was going to be opening birthday presents.)  So I had an unexpected Gramma Day from about 2-8:30pm!  Yup--because he was being so good and wanted to stay Mama and Daddy let him stay up later than usual.
First he got to open all his presents before Mama, Daddy and Liam left.  This year it was all about art.  He got watercolors, watercolor brushes, markers, finger paints & paper and foam do-dads to use as stamps in the finger paints.  Lots of stuff to keep at my place for Gramma Days.  ;)
Ian tried out his new watercolors, brushes, and smock.  He painted on a piece of real watercolor paper for so long making a picture for Mama and Daddy--also showed him how to mix colors to make new colors--that he said he was ready for a snack break and wanted to watch something on TV while he had his snack.  We had watched some Simon's Cat cartoon videos last time (YouTube) and he mentioned those.  But I said this time we will watch real cats--so we cuddled up on the chair to watch some Maru and Hanna YouTube videos.  He LOVED these, too, and wanted to watch one after the other.  Next thing Daddy was calling at 6pm to see how we were doing.
Dagan was giving us options.  He could pick us up some dinner to have together before he took Ian home, bring me something and just pick up Ian if I was tired, or pick us both up and I could eat over there with them (too tired)...but Ian wanted to stay here and eat  dinner--by ourselves--just with Gramma.  I told him I only had some leftover goulash and brussels sprouts (Ian had never had either of those) but Ian said he wanted to try them.  Dagan said Ian could stay extra late as long as he was being good.  
The brussels sprouts with a little lemon on them came right back out on to the plate--LOL!  Ian told me, I don't like lemon.  But he loved the goulash and even asked for more.  We cleaned up and Ian asked for Mr. Rogers.  (Ian is a big Mr. Rogers fan.)  I am enjoying seeing the programs again after 40 years.  Dagan also loved Mr. Rogers when he was little.  ;)
After two Mr. Rogers shows it was around I told Ian we could go make my bed (I'd washed clothes, too, on Sunday) so that Gramma was ready for bed, too.  Ian has a sound machine, so I showed him mine.  We listened to all 20 sounds and talked about foghorns and lighthouses.  He was curious about all my crystals, so I let him hold each one...and told him the story of how I found the huge geode when it was full of dirt.  That is how Dagan found us...on my bed holding crystals and rocks and listening to wind chimes--ROFL!  Yup--that's the kind of things you can do at Gramma's.  :)
Ian went off holding his painting up to his chest so Daddy couldn't see because he wanted to surprise them with his art present when he got home.  :)
This is what happens when I forget to take pictures...I have to try and draw them for you with words.  Anyways, that is why I am moving slowly--but contentedly--today.   
Tomorrow Caroline will be bringing my groceries.  Annie is conked out next to me at the table here on her chair.  Ian's visits--well visits from anyone--equal a long stressful time hiding under the bed for Annie.  And then Ian and I spent the last half hour IN the bedroom, we made the bed, and then sat right ON TOP of the bed--heaven forbid!  Annie is exhausted--LOL!  She wanted lots of attention last night when we were finally alone.  ;)  I have definitely become Annie's favorite human.  
Have a peaceful week! 
Catch you next Monday!  :):)
"And we are put on earth a little space, that we may learn to bear the beams of love."
William Blake


  1. I always love seeing and reading your Annie stories. And I only once saw a yellow headed blackbird, and I can't say a recognized him, but I did think what a handsome bird. Hope your January molasses movements get back to speed soon. Hugs-Erika

  2. What wonderful word pictures you have provided, Rita. And the yellow headed blackbird is really a strange looking bird! I love the pictures of Annie looking at (and eating) the cat grass. I'll bet it's good for her digestion, too. :-)

  3. You and Ian had the best time that a Grandma and and Grandson can have. Memories and Love. Lots of great bird watching. Annie is being a really good cat even when she is stressed by routine changes and company.
    Thanks for sharing Rita.

  4. I thought the trick Djan told me about might work but it didn't work for me. No email notifications so I am making my comment so that I can get the updates on who commented and can reply.

    I'm glad it worked for you, Djan. I guess I have to keep adding a comment. The cat grass might be helping a little with her toxic farts and poops--LOL! They are such striking birds. I just read a little about them and these are all the males. I think I have seen a female but wasn't sure what it was. I'll keep an eye out.

    Erika--they are a handsome bird and noticeable. I think back to a year ago when Annie came to live with me and how scared and shy she was. Makes me smile to see that she has become attached to me. :)

    Joy--I do hope Ian will remember some of our times together. Such fun! Been about 40 years since I had a little boy to cuddle up with and watch Mr. Rogers and to talk with about lighthouses and dinosaurs. ;)

  5. Sounds like a great Grammie day! So much fun when they are many things to discover! I figured Annie would like the grass...she is a beauty isn't she her coat looks so shiny:)

  6. Rita i so enjoyed reading about your day with Ian! What ! a yellow headed black bird... I have never heard of one.. I'm so very glad you got some pictures or i might not have believed I remember Mr. Roger but was not a huge fan.. i would watch it some.. I liked Sesame Street and the Electric Company.. lol! Amber missed out on some of that because we spent some years in Germany with only the AFN network.. Enjoyed this post very much Rita! Big hugs! deb

  7. LOL! I can tell I am really tired today. I added a comment and then forgot to check the box to bee notified--duh!

    FarSide--Annie does have shiny, shiny fur and it is the softest fir of any cat I've ever owned...or should I say lived with. :)

    Deb--I had never seen one or heard of one, either, till I googled them. I couldn't believe my eyes. Mr. Rogers is for pretty little kids, I think. By the time Dagan was somewhere between five and six he felt too old for him anymore. Thanks much. :)

  8. WONDERFUL post. Bleubeard doesn't like cat grass, so I haven't purchased any since Squiggles has been here. Maybe I'll buy and plant some just for him. Annie looks like she is really enjoying it.

    Lovely birds, although I've never heard of them before. You captured them beautifully, though.

    SO glad you had a good Gramma day. How nice that Ian got art supplies you and he can work on together. Totally awesome.

  9. I've never heard of yellow headed blackbirds. They are so pretty! I am amazed at how many kinds of birds here in the states I'v never heard of. Plants too. Seems I'm learning lots of new things in my old age!

    I can imagine watching Annie watch the activity out on the porch is great fun.

    Your Gramma day sounds delightful. Delightful enough to forget to take pictures - you do lovely story telling. You should take some pictures of your crystals on a non Gramma day, tho, I'd love to see them!

    thanks as always for sharing your great stories!

  10. I adored Mr. Rogers. A new documentary about him is out. It's so sweet. F. Cat Fitzgerald adored cat grass.


  11. They are such lovely looking birds, I know zero about cat grass

  12. Awwww....bless Annie's little heart! I love those pics of her looking at you to get your okay to try the cat sweet! I'm so glad to see that she likes cat grass too, just like Karma.

    I always get a kick out of the baby birds demanding food too. I do hope the thirteen striped ground squirrels stay safe. They are so cute!

    WOW! A yellow-headed blackbird...COOL! They are gorgeous!

    I'm confused about your mention of the little birds on the air-conditioner. You mean the part of the air-con outside? Does Annie hear the sound of them echoing through to the inside air-con and she is curious about the sound? Or does she see them land on the outside part and wonders when they are coming inside?

    I love seeing all your critter pics too.

    It sounds like the unexpected Gramma Day was a hit — Happy Birthday to Ian! What fun he will have with those watercolours.

    Funny re. Ian with the Brussels Sprouts — they are my favourite! I usually roast them but I love them cooked any way. Too cute about Ian hiding his painting because he wanted to surprise both Mummy and Daddy together at home.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your week too. A letter arrived from you yesterday and I mailed one off to you this morning. :)

    Love and hugs from DownUnder. xo

  13. Dear Rita, what a lovely quote from Blake and it seems to apply so well to your day with Ian. How blessed the two of you are to have one another. peace.

  14. Yay! I got here before we go away -very imminent(like 30minutes!!) I am so thrilled to see your photos of the birds and wildlife, especially the yellow headed blackbirds - ours here are just black (although the female is always brown!!) Seeing Annie makes me smile too, she really has settled so well - you were meant to be together!! My grandchildren don't like Brussel sprouts either - but they will eat a few now! Have fun with Ian - I suspect he'll be wanting to visit your bedroom again! Hugs, Chrisx

  15. And a wonderful time was had by all!!

  16. You and Annie are a match made in heaven :)

    I've never even heard of much less seen yellow-headed blackbirds. What striking birds! I googled them and see I'll have to be content with your photos. They are never found anywhere near me.

    Brussels sprouts -with or without lemon- not my thing lol

    It sounds like y'all had a delightful time together. You are bringing back memories for me of my kids enjoying art activities. Such fun :) A picture may be worth a thousand words, but your words drew pictures for me in my mind, and I could see y'all just fine :) Sweet!

  17. What a lovely visit with little Ian, and what a sweet and affectionate child he sounds! Artistic, too. Such a blessing to be close with grandkids. And looks like Annie has something new in her life with that grass. I was intrigued by the yellow headed blackbirds. I've never even HEARD of them but they are very striking.

  18. I'd never heard of a yellow-headed black bird. They're very pretty. Glad Annie likes her cat grass. Is it like catnip?

  19. The yellow-headed blackbird is so beautiful and unusual! I've never seen anything like that here. Hope it comes back often so you can see it again!

    You can't go wrong with episodes of Mr. Rogers. I miss that show. Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street...good shows that had positive messages.

    That's so nice that Ian wanted to do a watercolor picture for his mom and dad. Those homemade gifts are the most thoughtful ones that parents appreciate.

  20. Sounds like the time spent with Ian was a treat and a half!


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