Monday, May 20, 2019

5-20-2019 Monday-11:45am

Good morning!
First of all I have to show you the gift that Connie over at Far Side of Fifty sent to Annie!  A hand made cat bed plus a couple of cat toys!
 Connie has been crocheting nests to donate to animal rehab.  They use them for birds and other small animals, too.  
I had never heard of this and think it is such a marvelous idea.  What a sweet surprise to get a giant one for Annie!!  Thanks so much, Connie!
What a busy week...well, for me, anyways.  ;)
Monday after blogging I decided to finish the rest of the Julia Cameron book.  I'm doing a lot of "artist's dates" lately, so I just finished the last two chapters of the memoir questions--moving up here to Fargo-Moorhead to go to college, and then being housebound and disabled.  Done!!  Whoohoo!
Tuesday afternoon I went down to the historical presentation here in the community room.  A gentleman from the Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead, Minnesota gave a slide show and talk about the old streetcar system they used to have in Fargo-Moorhead.  Was very interesting.  Minneapolis-St. Paul (where I'm from) had a streetcar system, too, years ago.
Wednesday I made it down for the coloring group.  Kari/Carrie (I really need to find out how she spells her name), the activity director, had forgotten the picture she had been coloring.  Luckily, since she had shown an interest in the zendala templates I had with me last time I participated, I'd brought with examples of how I had finished them and a bunch of extra templates.  
 Some of you who have been following the blog for years will remember when I was heavily into zendalas.  Here are some of the before and afters I showed her (and a couple of other ladies).

Sometimes simple and color are all I want to do. 
I don't know why this one is one of my favorites.  Just love all the bright spots of color and it has a kind of tribal look to me.  I gave Carrie the template to play with... 
...and, of course, had an extra pen and 6-inch ruler she could borrow--LOL!  So she started on her introduction to zendalas!  Next time I'll bring my zentangle binder to show her that's filled with tangle examples.  ;)
Carrie is really into crafts, too.  After the coloring group she had to walk around to put a flier on everyone's door and was coming to mine as I was coming back from checking my mail--so I invited her in to peek at my studio and all our art & craft supplies.  She loved it so much she asked if she could take pictures--LOL!  And when Leah and I finally do downsize she would love to go through anything we want to get rid of--which is marvelous!  Either she will use it herself or use it for her job with seniors.  Awesome!  Incentive for us.  A lot of places that take donations don't seem to want art or craft supplies especially if they've been opened or used--like paints or glues, for example.  You'd like to find a place where they'd be appreciated.  Not that we will have all that much we can part with.  (Sorry Marie Kondo--it all gives us joy...or might give the boys we're having to part with joy--LOL!)
 Then Thursday night Leah came over for Craft Nite.  But she didn't work on Christmas cards because she had an idea to make sets of Thank You cards to give as teacher gifts to Ian's two teachers.  It's his last week this week!
You may remember when Ian and I played with the gelli plate one day using stencils and such.  Well, Leah took those papers Ian made and cut them up into squares to tape behind this three circle die she cut into the left side of the white card stock.  Then she cut out the matching green thank you die and glued it to the front on the right side.  
She got that far, but didn't finish taping the white fronts on to the green card bases.  She's coming by tonight to finish them off.  And Ian had a part in the artwork!!  Leah comes up with such clever ideas.  :)
Then Friday early evening McFamily was on a walk and Leah stumbled across a garage sale with a TON of mounted rubber stamps for sale.  She was texting me pictures while I ate dinner...until we finally decided it would be easier for her to come over and pick me up.  So, I unexpectedly went to a garage sale and had a visit with McFamily afterwards!  Got to read Ian a couple stories before bedtime :)
We got 29 stamps for $20.  
Quite a bargain!  Whoohoo!
On Friday a splurge item arrived, too.  Platinum has come out with three less expensive roller ball maki-e pens.  I've been looking at the one with Mt. Fuji and the cranes...
...and Amazon had it cheaper than anywhere else I could find online.
So, if you get a letter from me with plain old blue or black gel ink and I tell you I am using my fancy maki-e pen...sorry...the joy is all on the writer's end--LOL!
Then on Saturday it was Gramma Day and Ian had both lunch and dinner here.  We cuddled up and watched some Thomas The Train.  I was so exhausted after my busy week I was in bed by 8:15pm!  Me!  Slept for 12 hours and had a pajama day yesterday--LOL!
Was a chilly, rainy week with scattered sunshine.  I think we were supposed to be down to 32 degrees last night, but it is 60 right now.  Basically expecting 60s all week and more rain.  I plan to be busy with the second set of 3-tree Christmas cards at some point.  Caroline comes to clean on Tuesday and we have a coloring day again on Wednesday.  I hope I can get as much done this week.  :) :)
Another week has flown by.  All the rain is greening up the place.  Oh, and I've been watching Game of Thrones--am two episodes away from the final season!!  Maybe get finished with that this coming week, too.  The final episode aired last night, I believe.  Now if I can just not hear any spoilers in the meantime--LOL!
See you next week!!
"Patience is not just the ability to wait, 
it's how we behave while we're waiting."
Joyce Meyer


Rita said...

Comment to get comments. :)

Lady Fi said...

I love Far Side's basket and toys!

Divers and Sundry said...

That cat bed is gorgeous! I love the colors she used.

There was an extensive streetcar system here, back in the day. My granddaddy was a streetcar conductor. I think it's such a shame that public transportation here has fallen to such a state that there aren't many situations where you can get away with depending on it.

It sounds like the activities director is a kindred spirit :) Marie Kondo is a blessing, but anything can be overdone ;)

That was a wonderful way to combine projects in the cards. I've never used dies, but I like the designs I see like yours. I may see if Michael's has anything I could try. Congrats on the stamps. That's one thing I have tried over the years, and they never work well for me. Sounds like y'all got quite a bargain!

That is a gorgeous pen! It's a treat to find good prices :)

I hope you get good happy-making weather this week. We are having sunshine today but I think expecting rain tomorrow. So much rain...

You won't get spoilers from me lol, as we don't get a channel that that show is on. People do seem excited. I love your patience quote. So true!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

What a good week Rita - less pain I am guessing and more than enough to do - Carrie sounds lovely too. And more IAN time and Leah time and Caroline too.

Bonnie said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful week! It is good to be busy but not too busy and you seem to be finding that happy spot. That was so thoughtful of Connie to make those items for Annie! She is such a kind and good person. I love your new pen - how beautiful! You and Ian had a great Gramma Day too! It is good that part of that time you can cuddle up and watch a show so you get a chance to rest some.

Enjoy your week Rita!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Less pain is good the handmade cat bed by Connie is so lovely

DJan said...

What a wonderful juxtaposition of blessings, Rita. I love the cat bed. Has Annie tried it yet? And all those stamps for practically nothing! I'll bet you can feel how much the universe is telling you that you're on the right path. Sending you lots and lots of love. :-)

Far Side of Fifty said...

I hope Annie likes her basket! You are ever so welcome! It sounds like you are feeling a bit better and getting to do some stuff you like! Almost freezing here this may have gotten the Chokecherry blooms...a few more days will tell that story. Hope you have a good week!

froebelsternchen said...

This cat bed is amazing and the idea to do crocheting bowls for nesting little rescued animals is so lovely of your friend! And wow -so much arty /crafty things and you inspire others in a fantastic way Rita!
Yes time flies so quickly - but just good time do this I think!
So let's be grateful for our good time even it is too quick for our minds!
Big hugs and an extra kiss for you dear earth angel Rita!

Susi xxx

Jon said...

The cat bed is really lovely and unique - a clever idea! I also like those beautiful zendalas and the Mt. Fuji pen.
It's near 90 degrees here and feels like July. I've switched from hot tea to iced tea.

Jenny Woolf said...

Your zendalas are really beautiful Rita. I love them. There is something very satisfying about colouring in. I have seen little crocheted baskets used when breeding birds sometimes, it seems some birds are pretty poor at making nests! Funny that, you'd think evolution would have sorted that one out! lol. It sounds like you had a terrific week, and so glad that Ian is participating in the designing, he's such a creative little boy!

Serena Lewis said...

What a lovely gift from Connie! So nice that she makes nests for animal rehabilitation centres.

You have done so well with the Julia Cameron book. All my plans to start went asunder starting with Cody. Well done on finishing it!

I enjoy learning the history behind places too. History was one of my favourite subjects in school. Interesting stuff.

I do remember all your Zendala work...lovely! I feel drawn to that tribal look one too.

Yep, my art supplies are one area I would find hard to minimise although I did manage a fair bit when we did a major clean out a few years back. Carrie sounds lovely and it's great that she shares an interest in arts and crafts too. You may have found a kindred spirit there.

Nice collection of stamps from the garage sale. The impromptu visit to the garage sale had the bonus of family time. Wonderful!

Those Maki-e pens are beautiful! Do they write with a nice fine line?

I'm going to watch Game of Thrones from the beginning as I think I only got to Season 4 or 5. Enjoy the final season!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Love that basket! I'm glad you have found colouring days suit you! Your mandalas are wonderful! I have never seen Game of Thrones, my sons have watched them all! We only have Amazon prime and we can't get it! Hugs, Chrisx

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

I remember when you were doing the zendalas, Rita! You could take a basic image and make it so complex and beautiful. You have such a creative vision and talent. Enjoyed seeing these again. I hope you will do more. Seeing the template and how you embellished it is really cool.