Monday, August 26, 2019

8-26-2019 Monday-4:45pm

Deliberate late start today.  Thought I might as well wait until I had been to see the new GP, Dr. Lien.  
Anyways, today was Ian's first day back for his second year at preschool.
He was very excited!  :) 
Was a pretty quiet week.  Caroline came to clean on Tuesday.  Thursday night Leah came over.  We didn't work on cards, but she cut my hair for me and we had a really nice visit.  :)
Notice Annie's ears?  LOL!   
She was watching the now teenage cottontail. 
Sorry about the weird screen stripes.  Can't seem to avoid them.
Saturday Ian and I had a quiet, cuddly Gramma Day mostly watching Dino Trucks and Mighty Machines.  But when Leah dropped off Ian she had Liam with and they stayed for a little while.  Was the first time Liam interacted with me.  He handed me bristle blocks and talked to me a little!!  Been patiently waiting for him to come around to strangers.  (He doesn't see me too often.)  I even got a bye-bye!

Today I finally met the new GP.
I thought it was funny how everyone in the waiting room was glued to their cell phones.  This was only one corner.  There were half a dozen people behind me...all on cell phones--LOL!
When Leah and Liam picked me up we made a quick trip to the Natural Grocery.  Leah picked me up a few things--aww!  Then they came over here until it was time to go pick up Ian from school.
 There's quite a shift with Liam all of a sudden.  He's acting more like himself around me.  Talking up a storm (even if I don't understand half of it--LOL!).  A hug was too much, but I did get a bye-bye.  ;)
Here's the boys after Ian got home from school on this windy day.
Rained most of the night last night.  
We've had clouds rolling through...
...some with rain.
Goodness!  While I was typing this we had horizontal rain blasting down for like ten minutes and then it stopped.  Makes life interesting, I guess--LOL!  Scared Annie, though.
Oh, and what did the new GP say?  Dr. Lien put me on a different blood pressure medication that protects the kidneys--or was it the liver?  The only side effect some people get is a dry cough.  I hope I don't.  Anyways, she wants me to come in just for a blood pressure check after I have been on them for a week or two.  She also thinks that I might find out more what's going on with the knuckle-toe mystery when I see the rheumatologist.  Told me that Dr. Blom (I think that's her name) is really smart and a good doctor.  Nice to hear.
For my chronic sinus issues Dr. Lien wanted me to use Flonase at night.  But Leah already got me Nasacort which has the same ingredients.  I had been using it for a while but then with all this craziness I got out of the habit of using it before I went to bed.  So, got to start that again, too.
Did I like her?  
Yup.  She seems like a keeper.  :) 
Dagan had to go back in to work late and surprised me last night by popping in on his way there to deliver some chocolate mousse type fat bombs and some meatloaf slices where Leah tried tweaking the recipe.  I am so spoiled!!  
Dagan told me he is now trying Keto, too, as of a few days ago.  The boys aren't on Keto, though.  But they aren't getting as much sugar/carbs as they were.  :)
Oh, and I think I lost 8 pounds.  
That's a nice side effect.  ;)
Other than that, been dealing with getting billing straightened out for all these doctor visits.  Lots of phone time, but things are now fine with my medicaid.  Whew!  Always something, right?
I am trying some other things for pain and/or swelling.  Aleve did nothing for me when I was really bad, but now that I'm back down to toe and knuckle it does help a little when the swelling starts to spread.  Using an anica gel for pain and have some anica tablets coming and little round balls you let dissolve under your tongue.  Still using the CBD oil.  
Both Leah and I have been doing research online for supplements...for inflammation, fibro, arthritis, etc.  Needless to say, I am taking more supplements, too--LOL!  I do like to take natural supplements vs. chemical stuff...but Aleve will probably stay in my arsenal as well as Nasacort and my blood pressure pills, of course.  
So exciting that Liam doesn't clam up and avoid looking at me or speaking at all around me--whoohoo!  Not that there couldn't be a relapse, of course.  But  looks like he's finally outgrowing that.  He'll be two on September 3rd!  Eight days.  Goodness they grow so fast.  And if he is more comfortable with me then I will finally get to know him!!  Hurray!  Hard to get to know a frozen, silent toddler who won't look at you--ROFL!
Well, Annie has ventured out from behind the toilet after the storm whipped up and she ran for the hills.  At least that's where she usually hides for some reason when there's a storm.  The sun is trying to peek through once again and it is time for dinner.  Till next week!  :):)
"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."
Marcel Proust


Rita said...

Comment to get comments. Late post today because of doctor appointment. :)

DJan said...

Glad to know you like your new doctor. And I do hope that they can figure out what's causing your swelling. The new BP medication sounds like lisinopril, which I took for almost a decade. Don't seem to need anything these days, BP is low if anything. Thanks for all the great pictures of the boys! :-)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Glad you liked the new Doc, hope the other new Doc knows something. All appointments seem so slow to get here when you really need answers now! Rained hard here today in late afternoon so I had a nap! :)

Bonnie said...

I am so happy to hear you like the new doctor and that she recommends the rheumatologist you will be seeing. The pictures of the boys are so cute and what a blessing that Liam is starting to open up around you! Are you doing the Keto diet too? My daughter-in-law is on that diet too but she does a lot of fasting with her diet and I know I can't do that! We've been having thunderstorms here too today and some of those loud rumbles scare our cats as well. Take care Rita!

My name is Erika. said...

I haven't commented in forever, but oh my, those boys have gotten so big and are so adorable Rita. hugs-Erika

Janie Junebug said...

Glad you like Dr. Lien. The boys look a lot alike, I think, or is it my imagination?


Jon said...

I'm glad that you like your new GP and really hope that things work out. What's with all those cell phones?? It seems like every place I go people are absorbed with their phones - - it's so annoying!

I got big smiles when I saw Annie's ears and the teenage cottontail. Take care!

Lady Fi said...

Glad you like the doctor! And my - those grandkids are just adorable!!

Divers and Sundry said...

What a full week! I'd love to see rabbits, but that's not gonna happen here so I'll just enjoy your photos. Thx! :) Annie's ears are fun to see lol I'm glad the little one is warming up to you and that you like this new doc. We're getting some rain here, too, this week. I wonder what kind of weather Winter will bring this year... I often read on my phone instead of taking a book to dr offices or I play on Facebook these days. It's one less thing to keep up with while I'm out.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Good to hear you like the new doctor.
It's always good when we see our grandkids
I have lost 12kilos in the last 2 months

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Busy but good week Rita. You are sounding better this week. New GP listened to you and is moving things forward. Pictures of your dear Grands are lovely and Leah and Dagan are the best.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I can't believe how big Liam and Ian are getting. Love the pre-school photos.

Glad you like your new doctor. That's quite a relief. I hope the new rheumatologist is also a keeper. Take care and feel better soon, dear.

Dee said...

Dear Rita, it's wonderful that Liam is now responding to his grandma who loves him so much. At some point will there be Gramma days with Ian and separate days with Liam? I'm relieved for you that your health is somewhat better. I hope you will be able to get back to your crafting. Peace.

Serena Lewis said...

Cute photos of Ian and Liam! So lovely that Liam is interacting with you now...YAY!

Good to see the 'baby' cottontail is doing well.

I usually read my Kindle in waiting rooms but I do notice that people love the mobile phones.

I'm glad your appointement went well with the new doctor. The first blood pressure medication I was put on gave me a constant dry cough. It was an ACE inhibitor. The cough drove me crazy so they switched me over to something else.

Congrats on the weight loss!

We could use some rain here. Might get some today.

Have a great weekend!

Love and hugs xo

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Happy that the new doctor sounds good. That's awesome about your weight loss! Congratulations! Our pets don't like the heavy, driving rains either...that and thunder.