Monday, February 10, 2020

2-10-2020 Monday-10:30am

Good Morning!
I don't want to jinx it (knock on wood) but I just might be starting to feel more functional human the past couple days.  Climbing my way out of the Musinex/Puffs hole?  We'll see.  Fingers crossed.  :)
This weekend (despite still being in pajamas) I managed to do laundry (mostly pajamas...or loungers, really), do some cooking, write a few letters, run the dishwasher and the little vacuum.  So there is maybe a light at the end of the snot tunnel--LOL!
Been keeping the covey fed in the freezing weather.
They are grateful to pick seed between all rabbit poops. 
Yes, the rabbits are becoming more desperate, too, and are here in broad daylight most days. 
They even occasionally share food with each other.
Sharing with the birds never bothers them.
But sharing with other jackrabbits is usually an issue.  They fight more after the sun has set.  Sometimes I hear them hit the patio door so hard I am sure they are going to break right through the glass!  I have opened the blinds, pulled the door open and scolded scattering bunny behinds to quit the fighting...several times.  If any of the neighbors have heard me they probably think I'm absolutely nuts--LOL! 
But--then again--somebody has tossed lettuce and an apple on to my I am not the only one who feels sorry for the hungry rabbits.  Either that or they like to hear me yelling at them in the dark to knock off the fighting--LOL!  ;)
Annie has not lost her interest in her reality Cat TV programming, as you can see. 
We had a couple of warm days and some days with sunshine (usually an either/or situation) so the snow banks have sunken down some. 
The rabbits have dug down to the grass out in that low snow area I always have due to the wind funnel that occurs outside my patio.  The partridges will also take advantage of some of that old grass the rabbits have so generously revealed. 
Well, I managed to do more of the calligraphy lesson by Thursday. 

You can see why I use tracing paper over the sheets I printed off.
That way I can use them over and over again... 
...which I really need to do more of... get used to this frilly alphabet--LOL! 
The last section of this lesson I'll hopefully get to this week has some practice words and then copying the entire alphabet.   
What I should do is look to see if I still have the blank calligraphy practice tablet with the slanted lines on the pages and try to freehand this alphabet style.  I know I had a tablet years ago...hummm...I'll have to search for it.
 Friday Dagan stopped by after work to dump 40 lb. bird seed and kitty litter bags into my big pantry bins for me.  He stayed for a short visit.  Always a pleasure for Mom.  :)  But I completely spaced on doing the life questions blog.  Totally forgot.  Not used to the new self-imposed schedule yet, I guess--lOL!
I wasn't up to a Gramma Day again, either.  :(  That's three weeks!  (Once it was them being sick and the past two weeks it's been me.)  So, Leah was stopping by yesterday with some food and supplements for me...and brought Ian with!  They stayed for a visit for quite a while.  Gramma got some hugs and conversation--nice!!
I actually have finally gotten back to writing letters this weekend, too!  (You know I am not feeling well when I am not even writing letters.)  Had a stack of 13 and I think I am down to 8--so you patient pen pals will be finally hearing from me, I promise.  :)
Annie seems to be doing okay. 
No more vomiting, anyways. 
But she has been clingier.  Even following me into the bathroom half the time??  Not sure if she's just worried about me or annoyed I'm getting out of my chair so that her heating pad has up and left her--LOL!  Funny how much more lovely cats can get in cold weather.  ;)  If she had her way I would only move to get her food, clean her cat box, brush her, pet her, scratch her neck, and put on her Cat videos--ROFL!
I think maybe it is time to declutter and organize my frig this week.  Goodness!
I must be feeling a little better if that even came to my attention as I was sitting here chatting with you, eh?  That's a good sign, I guess.
Well, tomorrow the plan is for Leah to pick me up after Liam has his lunch (so maybe he'll take a car nap) and drop me off at the clinic for that random BP check now that I'm on these new BP pills.  (I'm not coughing all the time on these--hurray!)  Looks like the best day this week since they are talking another winter storm coming through on Wednesday.    
Well, there has been some general health progress late in the past week.  Fingers crossed this will be an even better week.  (Annie would be voting against that, but too bad--LOL!)  Meanwhile, I am watching shows, listening to audio books, and writing letters with a happy cat sprawled on the footrest between my legs--LOL!  Till next week, my precious people!  :) 
"A good deed doesn't just evaporate and disappear.  Its consequences saturate the universe and the goodness that happens somewhere, anywhere, helps in the transfiguration of the ugliness."
Desmond Tutu


Rita said...

Comment to get comments. :)

Divers and Sundry said...

Oh I do hope your recovery comes soon! (I'll help you knock on wood) I think it's funny that someone is helping you feed the bunnies lol Those photos are delightful! So sweet that Ian got to come. I know that was an unexpected treat :) Your fridge looks good to me as long as there's room for another piece of art. Annie will miss the constant lap lol but you'll enjoy being up and around more. Cats hafta sacrifice for the greater good every once in a while ;) We're getting soaking rain, and that's predicted to last 'til Thursday. I doubt we'll see snow again this year. Spring is here for us, I think.

DJan said...

I love that Tutu quote. And I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. Let's keep going in that direction, eh? That's a little scary, thinking about one of those big jackrabbits going through your door! All those critters do look like they are doing well, thanks to you. :-)

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Good news on feeling less pain and getting the necessary things done. Love Cat TV in the real window show. Having lettuce and an apple mysterious addition must have made the rabbits very happy. Calligraphy practice is going well. A treat to have Leah and Ian for a visit and Dagan for another quick stop a visit and filling the seed and kitty litter.
Hugs and keep feeling better every day Rita.

Bonnie said...

It is so good to hear you are feeling better! Yay! I hope it continues. You know cats do get a lot more cuddly in cold weather. My cats are the same way and sleep cuddled up with me at night too.

I hope your BP checks out okay tomorrow. It's a good thing you are not having the coughing with these pills. Hopefully you will keep feeling better and can have a Grandma day this next weekend. Take care Rita!

R's Rue said...

Beautiful quote.

Deb said...

So very glad to hear you are feeling better! I love your cute fridge with pictures of your grandkids front and center. Keep getting better and I will stop in for a visit again soon!

Far Side of Fifty said...

You sound a bit better! Snot made me laugh but I understand that feeling. Hope the rest of your week is good and you can have Gramma day! Yes that storm will keep us home on Wednesday but that was planned anyway, tomorrow we head to Brainerd it is about 2 hours from here. Get to go to Costco and stock up on stuff we get there:)

Anvilcloud said...

The critters look like fun, and that fridge door looks just right.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I love a fridge covered in photos and childrens artwork, glad you are starting to feel better

Jon said...

The photos of the critters always make me smile, but I hope those rowdy bunnies don't break through the glass! Annie certainly enjoys watching them.
Cats always get more friendly in cold weather. My two felines are constantly snuggling with me in bed - - which can get slightly annoying at times....
I hope you're feeling better.

froebelsternchen said...

I love this fridge ♥♥♥ and I love your critters. I am happy that you sound so much better Rita!
Big hugs!!!

Serena Lewis said...

Great to hear that you're feeling a lot better. Hope it continues.

Lovely to see your fur and feathered friends visiting. Nice to that someone else is caring about them too.

Well done on the Calligraphy lessons. A clever idea to work on the tracing paper. I still haven't started but then, I want to get the supplies first anyways.

Good that you got some Gramma time. :)

Such a relief for you that Annie is no longer vomiting. Guess it will be a mystery as to why she was.

I hope the BP check went well. xo

Lady Fi said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better!

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

I didn't think about how unusual it would be for rabbits to be out in the daylight until you mentioned it. Ours come out only in the very early morning and evening while it is still dark.

Your calligraphy continues to get even more beautiful with each passing week.

Happy to hear that Annie is feeling better.