Friday, February 21, 2020

#6 Life questions

6.  Have any of your family members died?  If so, explain what they died from and what you remember of the circumstances of their death.

Immediate family--I've lost all four grandparents and my father.  

My maternal grandfather died when I was only five.  I remember wondering why people seemed all hushed and sad and what in the world Grandpa was doing sleeping in a box in front of all these people.  He looked like the only person there who really happy.  I think he was in his late 70s...had dropsy at the end.  He was much older than Grandma (17,19 years?)  She lived long afterwards with my aunt and uncle and died in her late 80s.  Honestly not sure what she actually died of.  

My paternal Grandfather died in his late 80s, too, I believe.  Found out he had bone cancer (slow growing) but he heard "cancer" and that was it for him.  Quit eating, decided to die, and within a couple weeks was singing old Swedish songs in the hospital and died.  I think technically they put he died of malnutrition, but he had made up his mind to go and you don't mess with an old swede who's made up their mind.  Grandma lived independently in their house until she was in her 90s.  Went to a nursing home and lived to be 104.  By the time she died she had no short or long term memory.  (I decided I didn't want to live that long--not that I would know if I went like that--LOL!)

My dad died instantly in the car accident he and Mom were in almost five years ago down in Florida.  He was 94.  They had been retired and living in central Florida for about 35 years.  Mom recently moved back up home to Minnesota.  She'll be 91 on Thursday.  We're so glad she is closer to "home" and family in the Twin Cities!

My brother and sister and their kids and grandkids are all alive and well.  :) :)

[Note:  My Dagan, who doctors told me wouldn't live long, is 45!]

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Rita said...

Comment to get comments. :)

DJan said...

That's a good story about your grandfather deciding it was time, and then dying not long after. I really don't like to think about all of my loved ones on the other side of the grass.

Bonnie said...

It is hard for a young child to deal with death such as you had to with your Grandfather. I also lost one of my Grandfathers when I was very young. I was the youngest in my family and the youngest grandchild on my Mother's side. I was used to being called the "baby" of the family but I did not know that meant I would see so much of my family pass before me.

All four of my grandparents have been gone for many years. My Mother died from cancer in 1988. She was just 66 and I was 36. My Father died a few years later. I have two older brothers and one of them died from cancer when he was 64. That was 12 years ago this month. He died on Leap Day - Feb. 29 - and I always thought that was somehow strange and I miss him so much. Many of my cousins have passed and of course all of my aunts and uncles. I also had a niece die at 17 and that was difficult for all of us. I guess death is a part of life but it sure can be hard.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

So sad to read about your grandfather. I wonder if when the doctors told him he had cancer, they provided the death sentence.

I remember when your father died and your mother was in the hospital. I was SHOCKED that it has actually been five years. Time flies, even blogland.

froebelsternchen said...

I have lost so many of my realtives since I was 5 years old.
But I am sure they all live forever in my heart and we will meet up again eventually.
Happy weekend Rita!
oxo Susi

Divers and Sundry said...

A 35 year-long retirement in Florida sounds delightful! I know everybody's glad to have her close to family now, though.

Anvilcloud said...

You have some long-lifers in your gene pool. My parents both made it to their mid-80s as did one grandmother.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Hi Rita, I can hardly believe it has taken me so long to have a catch up! I liked back and I realised that for the first few I was looking at I had commented on but couldn't see my comments...than I read at the end of one of your posts that you hadn't been receiving comments! I think though that it may have been my fault as I sometimes use my tablet and forget to use Chrome!
I am loving your life questions posts - reading about how you were named made me smile...I was very nearly a Joan(my Mum's thoughts all through her later pregnancy) but her mother in law(my grandma) wanted me to be called Carol..being born near Christmas and my Mum found herself saying "no, she's Christine'!! I was brought up in the countryside and on a plant nursery so had plenty of freedom to get into the wild - I was telling hubby the other day how I would go of and cycle around the villages all day with a bottle of water and some sandwiches.
Glad you have been able to get some calligraphy practice despite being ill! Glad you finally got a Gramma day too! Those boys are growing so quickly! Love hearing about Annie and Cat TV , real or televised! Sorry about poor old Jack rabbit, glad you were able to help him! I don't envy you the snow but the rain and wind here has not been good! We are away from the badly flood areas thankfully but although the levels are now dropping it has left so much devastation to some of our favourite places to visit! Sorry for the ramble, hopefully I am catching up with everything ..slowly! Hugs, Chrisx

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I have lost all four grandparents as well as my favourite uncle and of course my dad last April something I am still struggling with

Janie Junebug said...

You can always tell a Swede, but you can't tell him anything. I saw that on a sweatshirt once. Norwegian can easily be substituted for Swede for my family. Grandparents dead a long time--maternal grandfather died long before I was born. I think all my aunts and uncles are dead. Parents long gone. Brother died when he was younger than I am now.You don't want to be around me. They drop like flies.


Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Your family has a history of long lives! Mine is the opposite: lots of grandparents who died young - 54, 56, and 72 years old. The fourth grandparent lived until she was 92 years old.

That's great about Dagan! He's proving the doctors wrong!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

My family is a small one. All 4 grandparents are gone, 5 if you count a step-grandmother. My parents have been gone for many years as have 2 aunts and uncles. I have one sibling, a brother. My husband is an only child and his parents and grandparents are long gone as well.