Monday, June 15, 2020

6-15-2020 Monday-12:45pm

Good afternoon.
Well, to be honest, it's merely a passable afternoon.  Been kind of rough lately.  This is going to be a long post, but the majority of it is going to be pictures and some really short videos...just so you know.  Grab a cuppa and let's chat about the week that was.  :)
Two Thursdays ago I had blood in my urine.  Never have had that before!  What a scary sight!  Disappeared completely right after it happened, but I spent time researching information online from Mayo Clinic, etc.  Most common cause is a UTI--but could be kidney stones (no sharp pain), kidney infection, bladder infection, benign tumors, cysts, too much vigorous exercise (definitely not my problem), or sometimes they can't figure out why and it disappears never to be seen again.  I had no symptoms of any kind (or nothing I could determine as standing out from my usual chronic pain--lol!) so I was hoping for the latter--LOL!  It is more rare for it to be something like bladder cancer or anything life threatening.  There were even websites that said not to panic--so I didn't.  But I gave Leah a heads up in case it returned and I needed a ride to the clinic.  Didn't mention it last week because I was hoping for the best and didn't know if it was anything or not...or what it was if it was anything.  One of those "time will tell" events, you know?  And time told.  ;)
Meanwhile--Caroline came to clean on Tuesday!  We both had masks on and stayed in separate rooms--chattering away and catching up on the past three months.  Later I did laundry and put the marigold pots out on the patio.  Some of the marigolds are still alive--shock!  We've had wind advisories for a couple of days so the tough ones that can endure the blasting Fargo winds will likely survive--LOL!  Was so good to see Caroline and to have my place cleaned up!  We're planning on her coming every other week again.  
Was really dry for a while--see the brown grass out there?  But it's still a nice view for when you feel cruddy.  ;)
Using  mostly my Target gift card from my brother and SIL from Christmas that I forgot I still had...ordered a fancy turntable for the kitchen table.  Love it, too!  Turntables everywhere!  
That came while Caroline was here.  She even helped me get it out of the packaging and brought the box out to the dumpster for me on her way out.
Okay--on Wednesday night I had some blood again.  Not nearly as dramatic and more pink than red.  It disappeared right away again, but...that meant that I contacted the clinic to see if I could do a phone call visit--no.  So, Leah dropped me off at the clinic on Thursday.
They had a guy sitting at a little table right as you entered who took your temperature and asked you the have-you-had-this-or-that questions.  If you didn't already have a mask on (I did) he made the person put one on immediately, I saw.  Anyways, he gave me a post-it note with my temperature on it to put on my chest and I went to stand on black plastic footprints in line for reception.
  The receptionist took the info from behind a plastic shield and sent me to sit in the waiting room where I had to pick a chair without a distancing sign on the back.  I noticed that my post-it note had fall on the floor over by the receptionist--LOL!  When the nurse came to get me she placed a sign on the chair I sat on and told me that was so they could disinfect the chair before the next person used it.  No one ever looked for or asked about my missing temperature post-it note.
They did weight and BP (mine was up--probably because I could barely breathe in the better mask that Leah brought with for me to wear vs my disposable one--LOL!)  Usual chat with the nurse but through masks.  Marched me down to the pee-in-a-cup part of the lab and I did my thing.  By the time I got back to just sit and wait for the doctor--well, I decided to switch back to my disposable mask.  Leakier, I suppose...but I could breathe better.  I don't know how the doctors and nurses can function in those heavy duty ones!  Leah has a few of them because she got them years ago for when she did woodworking.
Anyways, the doctor said I had a bladder infection for sure but no blood in the urine at the moment.  Called in a prescription for some heavy-duty, 5-day antibiotic for urine infections.  We went to the drive-up window at the pharmacy.  Leah stopped at a drive-through bank to buy a roll of golden dollar coins to eventually help out the Tooth Fairy.  ;)
Then we went to my place and Leah and I (keeping our distance and masks on) went out to my garage.  Leah cleaned, reorganized, and made a spot for my chest freezer that is supposed to be delivered on Friday.  She even put the hooks up in the rafters to hang my bike, pumped up the tires, and got the bike up off the floor!  I just kept her company off in the corner.  Was just so nice to spend actual time together--even from a distance.  :)
That night we had a video call on some other link Leah had me open...and Dagan popped up, too!  He didn't stay a long time but now I know a little of what these video conferences are like.
Then on Friday we found out my mom had gone by ambulance to the hospital--ankles/legs swelling.  Pneumonia and congestive heart failure.  She was there for a couple of days--but then couldn't come back in the building right away.  (They are still being vigilant there and have had no new cases--hurray!)  So--Mom is staying at Blaine and Kathy's for now till at least Friday, I guess.  I am sure that she is very happy to be there where she has some company and can go outside in the yard to sit.  She's weaker than she was when they saw her last, of course, from not getting out and spending her days in her chair.  I will have to call her when I am feeling better myself.  :)
Congestive Heart Failure...that's what my dad had been starting to deal with before the car accident...that is what my BFF from high school is dying from right now.  Just been a rough couple of weeks.
I cancelled Gramma Day on Saturday...and again on Sunday.  All the symptoms I didn't have when I went in to the clinic came down upon me after I got home.  Well, I did have a low temp that morning, but after Leah left and I was back home I had all the stuff they had asked me about that I hadn't had--LOL!  The burning...frequency and urgency...had small bits of blood twice on Friday night and once on Saturday night...and just plain generally feeling miserable.  I guess we caught it right before it decided to get down to business.
Had some gorgeous days to feel cruddy from my chair. 
Been having pajama days until this morning.  No energy to write letters or make comments on most of the blogs I read--sorry.  Just exhausted from not sleeping well for almost a week.  You know how that goes.
Anyways, I had to finally throw on some clothes this morning so I could get out and soak my poor patio plants...and get my mail. 
Speaking of soaking...Annie has been soaking up the sunny mornings.  She never minds me spending more time in my chair.  Yup--chronically ill owner is her cup of tea--LOL!  ;)
Caroline dug out a mound of cat toys, BTW, from under the furniture--LOL!
Since I don't want to leave on such a serious note...I have some really fun news with pics and very short videos from McFamily.  You can scroll down if you want to skip the stuff grandmas love--LOL!  
On Monday Leah's family, her sister's family, and their brother started a triple bubble or a covid pod.  They are all home all the time (Chuck and Michal are both teachers) and wear masks when they leave home and take similar precautions.  You may recall Leah's brother, Aaron, moved out, is not working, and has been living alone in an apartment in downtown Fargo. 
Anyways, it was a wonderful (but hot) day for the little cousins to play together!!  They went to her sister's house.  What a great backyard to play in!  A play house, sandbox...
...and swing set. 
A good place for curious boys... locate interesting things... caterpillars.
Ian seems to share that love of living things.
They have this flat round swing... 
...that fascinated Ian and Liam. 
Especially if you get pushed right into leaves--LOL! 
Ian and Liam fit into the swing together. 
Looks like a small trampoline to me--LOL! 
Here's a few seconds of swinging.
The sandbox was a big hit!
 BTW--they all have sensitive to sunburn skin so you'll see they all wear sunhats...
...well, most of the time--LOL! 
They had some relaxing inside time, too, when it got too hot outside.  Aaron is sitting behind Liam and Michal is curled up on the couch to the right. 
Also had some music time!
At the piano... 
...and even the violin.  
(Michal teaches music.) 
Oh, and Ian let Mama trim the back of his hair, BTW.  :)
And then there's big Liam news!  He now has Ian's balance bike! 
His introduction! 

They do get in a lot of outdoor time at home in their backyard, too--as evidenced before cleanup time.
The raised garden boxes are planted and coming along.
Oh!  Oh!  Remember when I said I saw a killdeer walking down the sidewalk here? 
Well, Leah got pictures of one visiting over there!  Maybe it's the same one?!
She'd never seen one before and asked me if I knew what kind of bird it was.  Yes, Ma'am!!  :)
And lastly--I got such a kick out of this little clip because I know how much
Daddy loves golf.  Here's Liam getting his introduction.

Well, on all those happy thoroughly exhausted now after working on this for about 6 hours.  I know--I know--am very, very slow.  Do both snail mail and snail blogging--LOL!  This blog is mostly pictures and videos, for goodness sake!  Okay--heading to my chair to rest and recover.  I finish my pills tomorrow morning.  I called the clinic again today because I have been feeling generally was wondered about a refill on the antibiotics.  But they said that these pills are very strong and will still keep working for a couple of days after I quit them, apparently.  If I am not feeling better by Thursday they want me to come in for another urine analysis.  So, time will tell...again.
That's it for this week.  I am actually shocked I managed to get all this done today.  Time for dinner and a chair-potato night.  ;)  Hopefully better news next week on the more negative fronts.  :) :)
Honestly--too tired to find a quote today--sorry.  How about just--this too shall pass?  LOL!  ;)


Rita said...

My comment to get your comments. :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Yes the antibiotics keep working for a few days ..some a week or more. Hope you are all better soon keep drinking water! Cute photos of your boys!

DJan said...

That was an incredibly detailed post, Rita. You done good! I smiled when I thought that there is so much happening to us these days that we will remember for a long time, like forming "covid pods." And those boys are growing so fast it makes my head spin! :-)

Deb J. in Utah said...

UTIs are NOT fun at all. Been there done that. Hope you get feeling better soon. Fun pictures of the fam. Get well soon!

Anvilcloud said...

I hope those pills finish doing their work and that you feel better soon.

jinxxxygirl said...

Oh Rita i sure hope those pills do their job and you get on with the business of feeling better... You must feel bad if your not writing letters!! Hugs! deb

Divers and Sundry said...

"The week that was." I like that. Even though you posted this yesterday, I'm holding my coffee cup now and ready for the virtual visit :) Your patio view is lovely. I'm glad your bladder infection was easy to treat. The marvels of modern medicine :) I'm sorry your mom's been sick but am glad she's improving and getting a bit more social living before she's able to head back to her place. And time outside is always refreshing. The kids look like they're having a blast.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

You certainly have had a nasty time of not feeling well, Rita. Sorry to read about all that's been going on and sure hope you will be feeling better. I sure would not have been able to write as long and detailed a post feeling poorly so kudos to you. Glad that all the cousins and their families were able to get together in person. That swing did look like fun and congrats to Liam on getting a "new to him" bike. Hope you will be feeling better day by day. Sorry to read the update on your mom and hope that she will be feeling better soon. Nice that she was able to spend time away from the facility, despite the reason behind it.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I cannot handle wearing a mask thankfully I haven't been anywhere that needed me too wear one. Seeing blood anywhere but in the body where it belongs isn't nice, good it wasn't anything serious. Awesome photos as usual

Bonnie said...

I'm sorry to hear about your infection. I know those are uncomfortable as I've had my share. The medication will keep working after your done taking them. I imagine they told you to drink a lot of water as that can help. Your experience entering the doctor's office sounds just like mine at the dentist. I guess that is the procedure for patients during a pandemic.

I enjoyed seeing all the kid's activities. How nice that they have cousins near their age to spend time with!

I hope you feel better soon Rita!

Diana said...

I snail blog, too! LOL! It's my OCD that keeps me from moving along. *sigh* But hey, then I have fewer typos and such. Yes, I am my own spelling and grammar police. We've had such high temps here since May (upper 90s and into the 100s) that everything turned brown long ago since there hasn't been ANY rain to speak of -- til today! Woot! Jerry always has bloody urine, but he lives with urolithiasis (chronic kidney stones) and UTIs. I, on the other hand, have a little tinge of blood once in a great while (maybe every other year) and nothing ever comes of it. Ah, well, we just handle it. Glad you got antibiotics for yours -- that will really help you feel better! I would love a huge backyard of playthings myself -- if we had a backyard. LOL! Well, maybe for the two youngest grandkids in their own backyard instead of just a digging spot. Maybe someday when it can be afforded (wow, that stuff is expensive!). You take care of yourself now, Rita! Blessings and prayers to you! ❤️

Lady Fi said...

Oh gosh - what a rough rough week. I'm hoping it will get better soon. Hugs!

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well...and plus your mom and best friend. That's a lot to deal with. No wonder you aren't sleeping well! I hope things will improve soon. That's great that you saw a Killdeer! We saw some here this Summer too. They are such beautiful birds.