Monday, June 08, 2020

6-8-2020 Monday-noon

Good midday!
The past week for days I had a baby robin who hung around my patio waiting for Mom to come feed it.  Loved sitting in the long planters or perching on the edge of the empty round pots--but most of all... 
...bathing in the water dish many times a day.  :)
Then a second baby joined it.  Very fluffy.
Mom doesn't come around to feed them anymore, but they have decided they love my patio with the endless bath water.  So cute!
One problem I didn't foresee due to isolation was that I can't get down on the floor to dig out cat toys from under furniture and heavy chairs.  I can use a yard stick to get a couple once in a while, but Annie was running out of toys--LOL!
So I ordered her a bunch of her favorite kind of cat toys so she'd have toys for a good while again.  Annie is pretty playful for a 13 year old cat.

This ball spinner toy has been her favorite toy for years and years.
I saw this triple high version for really cheap on Amazon...
...but they barely spin, it's quite small, and she won't have anything to do with it.  I'll give it a while and if she shuns it entirely (which I think she will) I'll send it over to McFamily's to see if Blink might like it.  But Annie does love all her new little bat-about toys.  
This is my office...even my bed this past year.  
As my back has gradually gotten worse over the years the more time I spend here.  You can see the yellow pieces of memory foam on the left side of the chair--handy for an aching back.
There are two small end tables, a laptop table, and I even had to add a folding table to hold all the letter/pen pal stuff.  The trouble has been that I am way too short on one end and can't reach but halfway across those end tables and about a third of the way across the folding table.  An annoying part of my life that, therefore, has included me regularly knocking things over (including coffee!) and constantly having things just beyond my fingertips.  
One day a couple weeks ago I ran across the big lazy susan turntable Leah and I had used for years when I lived in my last apartment at WestWinds.  The table was in front of the big windows and we had the turntable filled with craft supplies so that we could each sit on one end of the table and reach what we needed by spinning the turntable.  (I still had to stand up half the time--LOL!)  Those of you who have been around for years will probably remember that wonderful gift from Leah that made our crafting together so much easier.
Anyways...I decided to see if it would fit on an end table.  The end tables are so small that the 18" turntable hangs over the edges, but I wanted to try it regardless.  AND I LOVE IT!!!
I can finally reach everything--whoohoo!!  :)
I decided to order two more!  For the other end table and the glass folding table.  Especially the glass folding table because I am constantly writing letters and moving things around on that table and then can't reach them anymore.  
I use padfolios for each letter and write using the little clipboard and sometimes have up to a dozen of the padfolios in stacks...that I can't reach half the time.  I know...not the end of the world.  I've been putting up with it for five years now.  But when I got really sick last year and could hardly stand or walk--it became very much a bigger deal.  Because it wasn't that easy to get out of the chair just to move something a few inches, if you know what I mean?  Sure, I can get in and out of the chair easier again now--but my level of annoyance has never returned to pre can't-walk-time.  LOL!
Meanwhile--let's see...
Tuesday--had my apartment inspection.  He didn't wear a mask, said he had just been tested the day before, and was in and out in like five minutes.  I wasn't happy that he didn't wear a mask and stayed far away from him.  He's in and out of people's apartments every day.  He was the first visitor I've had since March 12th.,
Wednesday--made my monthly Amazon order, did laundry, and had a long chat with my BFF from high school who's heart is failing.  We laughed about our naive teenage selves.  We've been letter writing basically for all the time since I moved up here in 1999--so it was so good to hear her actual voice!  Wish it had been a happier occasion, but we'll have to talk again soon.
Thursday--Caroline got the okay to clean for clients again and said it was up to me if I wanted her to come.  That night Leah and I had our video chat and discussed it.  I'm going for it--my place is in dire need.  Only so much I can physically do...and I miss her, too.  Caroline's been cleaning for me for around 14 years.  She'll be here on her usual Tuesday afternoon--tomorrow!  We'll both wear masks and keep our distance.  You know there will be a lot of loud mask-chat going on.  ;)
Saturday--Leah forgot it was Gramma Day--LOL!  How many of us have forgotten what day it is staying at home all the time!  So funny!  So, we had it on Sunday.  When the boys called over lunch I had set up to transplant the baby marigolds while they ate.
Took in the two big pots from the patio to plant them in.
They were so little and we had a thunderstorm warning for last night--so I decided to wash up the trays and put them back in the bedroom for now.  (Those pots have holes in the bottom.)
They looked okay yesterday.
Fairly perky.
I even transplanted the teeny coleus...
...thinking they would surely suffer from moving them.  Turned out they are doing better than the marigolds.  They look pretty happy still.
But the marigolds--half of them cumbled overnight or fell over in shock.  

Yup, I may have lost half of them.  We'll see.  They would never have survived the storm last night, that's for sure.  Some of these will probably make it.  Man!  These are the slowest growing plants--both kinds of seeds I plants seem to barely grow.  
Anyways, later after lunch Ian and I had our Gramma Day video call.
Ian has a camera that can take pictures and videos.  He was taking pictures of me on our video I took a video of him.
Then he took a video of me making funny faces, too.  
I took this picture of our video chat--and can you see my TV--LOL!
Annie was between my legs on the chair watching her Cat videos.  I just thought that was funny.
Anyways, after I read more of The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek and we ended Gramma Day...I got the turntables set up by my chair.
Am loving it!  One of those small things that make your life soooo much easier and you can't believe you didn't think of it years ago--ROFL!  It took being barely able to stand or walk for a couple months...and then months later running across that favorite old turntable for it to finally click in my brain--LOL!  It may look a bit odd, but do I care?  Not a smidgen!
So that's it from here.  Hard to believe it is June already.  The mowers are making passes outside.  Was 97 up here and it is 86 already today.  I've actually had the AC on for two days straight...and so summer begins.  Now they came by with the weed whipper.  Next they will partially blow all the grass clippings off my patio.  A cloudy day.  Is expected to rain again tonight.  I won't need to water the planters this afternoon but I'll need to clean all the grass out of the bird dish and get fresh water for the robins and sparrows to drink and bathe in.
Have a good week.  Be kind.  Think positive.  Spread love.  The world needs it from each of us.  Till next week...I send you my best self.  :)
"When it gets harder to love, let's love harder."
Van Jones


Rita said...

My comment to get your lovely comments. :)

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Rita - I love that closing quote by Van Jones. Good stuff. Looks like you had a fairly good week. I love those lazy susans you found and ordered. Those will surely make your life easier. I think as we get older, we are all looking for little things that can improve our lives. I hope the rest of your little plants make it. I am glad you can get your house cleaner back to help you out. We have had a very rainy weekend and Monday with very cool temps, but will be back up in the 90s in a few day. Have a good week. Stay well!

Bonnie said...

How exciting for Annie to get new toys! My cats have one of those triple layer spinners and they love it. I will get it started for them and then they play with it. We also have one of those cat tunnels and that is a favorite toy too. If Annie likes to hide she might like the tunnel.

I'm glad to hear the turntable is so handy for you. That can make a big difference. I have a couple of turntables in the kitchen cabinets. We both take several prescriptions so we use one for medications and it sure makes it easier to find things. Then I have a larger turntable in another cabinet that I use for condiments, ketchup, olive oil, vinegar, etc.

Your plants all look so cute and they do look perky. I don't blame you for not putting them out if it's going to storm. That could do a lot of damage.

I love the video of Ian! It is so neat you can still have Gramma Day like this.

Take care Rita!

Anvilcloud said...

Your cat really lives the life. Good for you and her.

Although I am not confined like you are, I also have a folding table by my recliner. And for two months I also slept in it -- the recliner not the table lol. I am back in the bed again these days.

DJan said...

I think your turntable idea is brilliant! Just the thing for making everything within reach. And I do hope that some of your plants will recover. They sure do look small and helpless! :-)

Lady Fi said...

Cute shots of the birds and tiny plants sprouting.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It amazing that the smallest things can make life easier, like those turntables you purchased, Rita. Perhaps the marigolds will recover in a day or so when they see that the other plants are doing OK. Yeah on having Caroline coming back to help with the cleaning chores, not my favorite things either. Annie is a lucky kitty to have gotten new toys and Ian's funny faces were fun to see too.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Ok, all I can think about is how my sister Susan would get upset when we asaked someone to swing the Lazy Susan around, we now do not call it that anymore for her sake even though she is now 50

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good that you are making things easier for yourself. How awful that the Inspector did not have a mask...what a jerk.
Marigold can look dead from transplant shock but usually turn the corner and stand up the next day...hard to kill Marigolds.
Stay saFe Rita! :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

And here it is almost Wednesday. I started reading this almost 30 minutes ago. You have had a busy week. So glad you get Carolyn back. She might be able to get some of those cat toys out from under the furniture, too.

I would have insisted the guy put on a mask or not let him in, inspection or no inspection.

Have a super week and enjoy your turntable, too.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Hi Rita - great idea using turntables (that reminds me of records!) for reaching what you need, comfortably. Grandma time live sharing online, just like the school kids! So glad Caroline has been able to return. Wearing masks is a good idea - I wear mine when I go out (groceries or pharmacy). My garden seeds took a long time to peek through the soil and I did loose many from not watering enough or watering too much. I forgave myself as I learned and have carried on. Good to read your post and see your photos this week.

pearshapedcrafting said...

How lovely have baby robins enjoying their baths right in front of you! I have a turntable that I unearthed just the other day! I used to use it to stand my glues, stickles etc on but when I bought a die cutting machine there was no room for it! Good to see that you are well set up!
We have been offered our service clean back, but so far have declined as it will be different person each time possibly! I know you will pleased to have Carolyn around!
Your plants still look good to me, I have managed to keep my potted plants alive and flowering and even a basil and a parsley plant are still growing on my kitchen windowsill!
Hopefully you will get to have proper Gramma Days soon too!
Take care, hugs, Chrisx

Divers and Sundry said...

I love baby robins, such sweet things :) The turntable is perfect! I can't believe the inspector didn't wear a mask, and I can't believe the management knows. You never know about plants. Sometimes they seem determined not to live, but it looks like you'll still have plenty. That's good :) It's wonderful that modern technology makes it possible for Gramma Days to continue even when Face-To-Face visits can't. We're having cooler temps right now -highs in the 80s- and it's nice to be able to open up the house. Patio weather :)

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

The baby robins are adorable. That's so much fun watching them play in the water. They are such enthusiastic birds around water. That's a great idea about the lazy Susan's.