Monday, July 06, 2020

7-6-2020 Monday--3:30pm

Good afternoon!
Late start today.  Been sorting through pictures for you.  Was a busy week half the time and recovering from the busy half the time--LOL!  Before I forget--last Tuesday it was three years since Annie came over from McFamily's.  Wow!  Sure glad she's happy here with me.  :)
After my Sunday visit to McFamily's it took me till Wednesday to be functioning again--LOL!  (So worth it!)  I got out to take pictures of the patio flowers.  I have my first marigolds!
 They finally took off outside in the heat... did the red geraniums.
 The coleus on the one side have grown into bushes!
 No marigolds yet on that side in the round pot.
 The coleus on the other side haven't fared quite as well, but they're doing okay.
You may remember I had a hole in the bottom tray.  Well, I didn't think it would matter and only fixed the huge crack.  Well, it did matter as all the water drained out much faster.  So I got out the terra cotta duct tape again.
 But it is still leaking quite a bit at the bottom of the duct tape.  So I need to try to lift up the planter and tape around underneath...maybe today.  They should be fairly dry and I am going out to water this afternoon when they are all in shade...well, they are already.  Okay--after I finish blogging--LOL!
The little teeny tiny coleus--I thought I had killed them because I forgot to water them!  So I doused them and added some more seed.  A few have survived! 
Well, so far.  
I stuck them outside to see if that would help and apparently it is.
Before I went back to McFamily's on Friday I worked my way through a long to-do list.  One of the things was to make Ian his very own little book so he can do whatever he wants inside of this one.
Metallic gold cardstock cover... 
...white cardstock pages (so they should stand up better to markers or watercolors, etc)...  
...and sparkly gold thread. 
I also sent over a set of his markers, a gold brush pen and a gold sparkly gel pen.  He really liked the surprise.
Leah popped over to pick me up before Blaine and Kathy arrived. 
We did social distancing in the the sun...over 90 degrees...for two hours.  It flew by and we had such a nice visit...but I discovered later that I was bright red with sunburn--LOL!  (Still am.)
We had a wonderful day.  I was there from 11:30am till 9:30pm.  Yup, another ten hours--LOL!  Since Liam didn't get to watch Wall-E last time we made sure we had it on this time for afternoon quiet time.   
Liam fell asleep on the couch again halfway through, but he woke up for about the last 10 minutes or so. 
We had dinner out on the deck (in the shade) and I read the boys a chapter of Ian's new Star Wars book before bed.  Liam is warming up to me and even sat cuddled up on my lap with Ian for the storytime.
Leah had some pictures this week, too.
Ian has gotten really good at riding his bike and loves to zoom around in circles in the church parking lot behind their house.
 Liam is working at the balance bike and getting a little better with his bike, too.
 They do love their bikes.
 They also used sidewalk chalk and made this big thank you to Karen, Leah's friend, who picks up odds and ends at the grocery store for them once in a while in-between our big 2 month grocery trips.
On Friday the old, well-loved golf clubs were dropped off in the McFamily garage...
 ...when Blaine and Kathy arrived.
 Ian came to sit with Gramma a couple times.  Leah lent me a sun hat (so glad she did or I would have a red nose as well right now--LOL!)
 I didn't realize that Leah caught a picture of Liam's first time of coming up to me out of the blue to talk to Gramma and show me something!  
I think being Video Gramma for months has helped make Liam able to trust me more.  Gramma was delighted!  :)
Oh, and Leah cut my hair for me, too!  :)
Big event for Ian--4th of July he was allowed to stay up late to watch the fireworks with Mama and Daddy for the first time!  They have a display really close by so that they can sit in front of the garage to watch them.
 They brought chairs from the back yard and even the little fire pit thingie.
 Fireworks exploding--looking right down their driveway!  I bet Ian loved it!  I'm sure I'll hear about it.
Oh--weird thing...I have been getting a lot of spam comments on the blog lately.  I moderate them before they are posted so I mark them as spam and delete them, right?  Well, I noticed that I wasn't getting as many blog posts in my inbox this last week.  I checked my spam folder and I had hundreds of those actual spam comments that I had never seen because I had marked the sender as spam.  But somehow blogger thought a lot of you were spam, too!?  So I went through and marked which ones were "Not Spam".  This may have been going on for more than a week, for all I know.  But during the shutdown I have noticed a whole lot more spam of all kinds, have you?  I didn't have too much trouble with it before the pandemic.  I have seen some get through in the comments on other people's blogs, so I know there is more of it out there.  Not much we can do about it, I suppose,  but just wanted to's annoying--LOL!  I don't want Blogger to think my friends are also spammers!
I watched a couple of Netflix DVD rentals this week--Jojo Rabbit and Rocketman.  I enjoyed them both.  Jojo Rabbit is such a unique concept.  Has anyone seen it?
Well, that's it for this week.  Got to go out and water the plants...and the dryer is buzzing, too.  Have a comforting, enriching week.  :)
"I've found that there is always some beauty left--in nature, sunshine, freedom, in yourself; these can all help you."
Anne Frank


Rita said...

My comment to get your comments. :)

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Rita. I love your flower boxes. They are doing so well. Looks like a wonderful 4th of July with your family. Have a great week!

Anvilcloud said...

Your container garden and your family time both seem wonderful.
Have a good week.

jinxxxygirl said...

Rita rita hello Rita!!! So good to see a post from you. Oh i'm so glad you had a good time at McFamilys!!! Now you need to recoup those spoons!! Love ya bunches!! deb

Bonnie said...

Your flowers look beautiful and I love the gold book you made for Ian! Making Ian a blank book is a wonderful way to encourage his creativity. It could start him on a writing career for all you know! That's wonderful that Liam is becoming more comfortable with you. As he gets older he will get closer with you just like Ian. Enjoy those beautiful flowers and plants!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Those flower boxes have really grown so well, Rita, and I liked seeing all the colors.carnations have always been a favorite and how nice to have those red ones in time for July 4th. The family visits looked nice, but sitting outside on the patio did look warm and I too would have been sunburned. Hope yours is better. Nice that you were able to spend time with the boys too and they are becoming quite adept at bike riding.
I have not noticed a lot of spam comments, which is not to say there hasn’t been a stray one or two in recent weeks. I do not moderate comments, but check them daily even if I have not posted anything new as they show up on older posts too. You could make them as spam on the old blogger, but on the new one, delete is the only option and that worls for me!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your flowers are looking good! So colorful! So glad you had a good visit with your brother, I know you don't see him often. Fun for you to get out and about...even if you have to lay low for a few days afterwards. Yes Annie and you are a good fit...she needed you! :)

DJan said...

Wow, your flowers are wonderful, Rita. And congratulations on getting Liam to be close to you. What an uplifting post! And yes, kids love their bikes! :-)

Jon said...

Wow, it's hard to believe that three years have passed since Annie arrived at your house! It seems like only yesterday.

Those red geraniums remind me of my childhood in Southern California. Geraniums were indigenous to that area and grew everywhere.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Been three years already, time does fly doesn't it, lots of pretty flowers such and yeah kids do like their bikes

Janie Junebug said...

It's great that Liam approached you! You have the cutest grandchildren. Your flowers are pretty. Hard to believe that it's been that long since Annie moved in. I've gotten a lot of spam, too. I might turn comment moderation back on.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I finally got back online late last night and am in catch-up mode now. Great photos of the boys over the 4th. I hope you don't blister from the sunburn. Lovely photos of the coleus and marigolds, too. Glad they are doing so well.

Divers and Sundry said...

3 years! Wow! Your flowers really brighten things up :) The book and markers for Ian was so thoughtful and will be so much fun for him. The family time sounds delightful. Sun block is so easy to forget :( Such a satisfying day with several first time events :) I've been getting spam lately from some account that is bored and wants me to talk to them roflol Nope. Spam. I've never heard of JoJo Rabbit. I've been watching the Man with No Name movies in memory of Ennio Morricone who died this week.

Lady Fi said...

Love those flowers!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Your plants really are looking cheery now! I love the book you made for Ian! I bet he loved it and the other little gifts(especially the sparkly stuff!) So good that you got another good family day. I have only seen my youngest because he brought top up food for us - he is back at work now and I have told him to get some rest at weekends - he gets up at 4.30 each morning during the week! How lovely that Liam now comes willingly to you! I'm sure Ian felt very grown up staying up to see the fireworks! I can't say I have noticed a lot of spam - someone tried to advertise something but soon got stopped!!! Take Care, Hugs, Chrisx