Monday, September 07, 2020

September 7, 2020 Monday--1:30pm

Good afternoon!
Truth be told, I didn't accomplish much at all this past week but it still seemed like a busy week that flew by.  Go figure.
The full moon was just crazy bright!  I thought I had left the outside patio light on--LOL!  (That's the shadows from my blinds on the left hand side.)
The maintenance man came by Monday, after I called about the loud broken dryer, thinking he had to get the model number of the belt to order a replacement.  Nope.  The drum was rotating.  He said he'd have to take the dryer apart to find out what was making that awful noise, but it was already 4:30pm so he'd have to come back Tuesday.
On Monday I found out right off the bat that not all my blog comments come to my email anymore after I post them!  I read every one, but am not able to just click and comment back from my email inbox like I have for years.  So far I lost about a good third or more of my commenters between posting and my inbox.  I do not even have actual email addresses for many of you.  So if you don't hear back from me, that is why.  BUT--I have read each and every word and look forward to your comments so much.  I have no idea what will happen this week.  At least all the comments have posted.  But, sadly, Blogger has decided to not be my loyal friend anymore...
...but to make up for it Blogger has delivered constant commenters these past many weeks (since the format change started!?) who, in very graphic terms, want to be extremely intimate friends.  Funny, even when I mark those unwanted offers of horny, naked friendship as spam THEY show up in my inbox.  Grrr!  I shall keep the moderator service on since I don't think you all want to hear the lurid suggestions I have been getting from some desperately lonely and aggressive bots.
Google, you do know this is sexual harassment!
Blogger is determined to mess with my blogging experience, I guess.  But messing with our communication is even more frustrating to me than trying to write the blog and get pictures in here.  :(
Anyways, the maintenance guy came back Tuesday afternoon and took the dryer apart.  From the living room I heard him exclaim "I've never seen anything like this before!"  He came down the hallway to stand 6 feet away and hold up this metal piece that was square and flat on the bottom, had screw holes in each corner, a dome shape coming up off the flat piece, and something black dohinkie on the top of the dome.  Whatever this essential piece was it had unscrewed itself--all four corners--come loose and also broke.  He seemed truly amazed by how this could even have happened--LOL!  Dryer trolls?
He was going to have to order the part and that could take a while--especially with the mail taking longer than normal plus the holiday weekend coming up.  So, he pushed the pieces out of my way and will hopefully come back this week.
Luckily, with as awful as I can feel for sometimes weeks at a time with fibro flares, I have long ago bought up enough underwear and nightgowns to last me for 2-3 weeks...just in case--LOL!  ;)
On Wednesday Leah dropped off bags of bird seed.  We put two in the garage and I wheeled one inside.  They had five bonus pounds--so 45 lbs instead of 40!  Whoohoo!  Leah can order and drive up to Fleet Farm and they put them in her trunk for her.  When I get one inside I tip the big bag upright, open, then scoop and scoop until it is finally empty enough I can dump the rest into the bin.  
I am set for a while!
Much to my delight I had what looked like a family--parents and eight young ones--show up already due to the sudden cooler weather.
Leah also dropped off some groceries from CashWise on Wednesday.  She's been ordering online and doing the drive-up-stick-it-in-my-trunk thing every week or two lately instead of making a big monthly trip where she goes inside.  Since they're out of random items every time it kind of works out okay in the end--maybe better than one shot a month.  :)
Leah also picked up more trees for the long weekend.  They've been landscaping most of the summer.  And Ian starts school from home tomorrow.  He's met his teacher online and had his assessment for kindergarten (did well).  I will have to include pictures from Leah soon.
Annie's favorite spots in the morning are anywhere she can lounge in the sun.  
We face east, so she has to grab the rays while she can in the early hours.  Before I wake up she lays between the blinds and the patio glass to catch her some rays.
I have been absolutely loving the fall weather--my favorite time of year.
I checked out the kid's rubber stamp set I had gotten for Ian long ago so I could bring that with, too, on Thursday for my visit for Liam's birthday.  Liam's old enough to play with these now, too.  The colored stamps that came with it were pretty pale and dried out quite a bit, but the black one I had purchased separately still ha some juice left in it.
Since they are water-based for kids Leah can probably mist them with water and they'll work better.  The stamps were all kinds of vehicles the boys love: train, fire truck, airplane, dump truck, etc.
Was just the best day!  A low key, relaxed birthday visit.
Liam was so serious, slow, and careful bringing Gramma her coffee that I even got a little video.  (Those colored thermal cups so often peel, don't they?)

The secret I told Ian was that he got to go upstairs to help Mama wrap up Liam's presents.  All we had to do to keep Liam busy was put on Octonauts!

Otherwise he wouldn't have wanted to be left alone with Gramma.  Liam likes me more but he's not ready for hugs and contact, even though he watches Ian throw himself into my arms for big hugs and cuddles.
When they watch their shows they are lost to the world.  I was like that as a kid, too.  Been trying to do that myself, actually, with all my binge-watching--LOL!  It's like a vacation from all the stress of...well everything going on.  :)
There's the occasional smile or laugh...

...but mostly intent observation.

And they can't hear you when you try to talk to them--LOL!  Totally absorbed!
We had dinner and then it was time to sing Happy Birthday, blow out the candles...
...and clap and cheer!
After the boys were cleaned up and the table cleared was time for presents.  Ian had fallen asleep for a short time on the couch and seemed a bit groggy.  He woke up for trucks, though--LOL!
Dagan dropped me off at home after the boys went to bed and then he headed over to do some after-hours computer stuff at the offices.  Yes, he's been called in a couple of times now that half the workforce is back.  
Takes me a couple of days to recover, but I spent the best weekend.  Pure escapism, I tell you!  Watching Home Is Where The Art Is on YouTube (thanks, Serena!) and Line of Duty on BritBox (well, it's on Acorn, too).  I was in the mood for something light or for seeing the bad guys get caught and pay consequences.  I think my blood pressure dropped a few points--LOL!  ;)
Somebody tossed a melon out on the lawn.  I suppose they thought the critters might eat it?  The mower guy mowed around it. (I had closed the glass door just in case he didn't and sprayed it everywhere--LOL!)  
Kind of gross and rotting.  Attracts every kid on the sidewalk and many dogs...but no birds or rabbits.  I wonder if melons will grow in the middle of the lawn next summer?  
Well, we actually have a freeze watch up here through Thursday night, I believe--in the 30s overnight.  And yet there are heat warnings all over other parts of the United States.  Record breaking temperatures on opposite ends of the scale.  I'm really glad we are on the cold end of that scale.  ;)  I wonder if it will kill the flowers on the patio?
Well, Annie is happy in the sunshine.  
I have been feeling a lot less stressed.  Staying away from the news a lot more.  Feeling slowly better with the change in diet.  Lovely visit with McFamily last week.  Just will get to things when I get to them.  That's how I am feeling lately.  No self-pressure.  It helps that I do so love autumn and it is chilly out with birds here frequently all day long fattening up for winter.  I'll need to do the seasonal clothing switch pretty soon if it stays this nippy.  (Never fear--I always keep a few winter things available during the summer, so I am never caught totally unprepared--LOL!)
Till next week.  (I plan to try to keep my old Monday schedule even if I am slower and later doing it.)  Whether you are sweating or shivering--have a wonderful week!  Don't let Blogger mess with us too much.  
"Escapism isn't good or bad in itself. What is important is what you are escaping from and where you are escaping to." 
Terry Pratchett 


Rita said...

My comment to HOPEFULLY get your comments. Please, Blogger? :)

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Hi Rita - you did have a great week - love it when the birds come for their seeds on your porch - and when Annie gets sunbeams. Good that you are prepared with enough clothes to see you through until the dryer is fixed (and repair pieces really are slow to arrive through no fault, just life as it is now). Good that you joined in for Liam's 3rd birthday - and that Ian is ready for his on-line kindergarten. Bless Leah and Dagan and your lovely grands. So good to read your post today.

Jon said...

Blogger has been acting very strange lately. I have gotten some sexual comments from trolls - like the ones you mentioned. And some of my regular readers said that when they try to leave comments they are reverted to an "error" page. Weird...

The weather has been beautiful this weekend, it's a perfect time of year. I liked your critter video - - and I hope your dryer is fixed soon.

My Tata's Cottage said...

You are such a great story teller. I enjoyed reading everything here. The dryer story made me think what in the world...???? Crazy times and crazy stuff happening. We were in the 90's again today, the same since June but now we are expecting a snowstorm and temps in the 30's. Crazy I tell ya. Colorado fires have been awful this summer and the air is horrible. Yesterday it looked like something you would see at the end of the world. Hopeful the fires stop once the cold weather hits. The boys are sure cute. Those little ones can tucker a person out. But they are sure worth it. Thanks for sharing and hope to see you soon. HUGS across the miles. XO
Because blogger dislikes all of us apparently, I am at my main blog My Tata's Cottage reverted to the new blogger and now I can not get into my own blog! Ack!

jinxxxygirl said...

Aaahhh blogger.. dear blogger...sigh ... AND my computer has been wanting an update that i've been avoiding... one of these days it will just do it....Happy happy belated birthday to your grandson!! So glad you got to share it. My daughter and her hubby and little Autumn drove from CA to Arkansas to see us... Son in law goes home today after spending a week with us. Daughter and granddaughter spending the month of Sept with us...The little one is two and a couple months.. She's been so much fun! Daughter is pregnant with another girl.. due at the end of the year..Crazy times ... but life goes on doesn't it.. We are expecting cooler weather too... So looking forward to it... Thank you Rita for all your lovely comments on the blog and your snail mail... I'll be writing you soon!!! Hugs! deb

Lady Fi said...

I love autumn too! Great shots of Annie and that moon!

Anvilcloud said...

Blogger used to send me email copies of comments that I would send into a particular mailbox, but it stopped doing that some time ago. For some strange reason notices for one bloggers posts now get sent there, and she isn't even a Blogger blogger. Very strange.

Divers and Sundry said...

New blogger has a lot to answer for lol I turned off email notifications ages ago and just check my blog itself for comments waiting for moderation.

That's a shame about your dryer. It'd be nice if they could just swap out your broken one for one that works and repair yours for someone else. But what do I know lol

Those vehicle stamps will provide hours of enjoyment.

Happy Belated Birthday to the Birthday Boy!

I'm surprised management hasn't sent out a fussy notice about the melon. That'll be messy to clean up. We're not breaking temp records here. It's definitely fall, though, with lows down into the 60s. My potted plants will be safe on the patio into November. Hoping your coming week is an enjoyable one :)

Bonnie said...

I hope you get your dryer repaired soon! We really come to depend on our conveniences, don't we! It seems like almost everyone has had trouble with the new blogger in one way or another. I've done okay for the most part but I have had trouble with that dirty spam you were talking about. I've gotten it on and off for a month or so now and it often shows up on older posts I've made. I have moderation on just for older posts so I usually catch it and send it to the spam folder before I delete it. I don't know if that helps or not.

I love seeing Rita's Critter Cafe open again and I know Annie loves it too! Annie looks so relaxed and happy. I think her coming to live with you was the best possible thing for both of you!

Happy Third Birthday to Liam! I am convinced that our grandchildren grow up twice as fast as our children did. Before you know it he will be going to school too! I love the video of his birthday too.

Enjoy the Fall weather and your bird cafe!

Joyce F said...

How fun to enjoy our grandchildren's birthdays! They grow up so fast and birthday celebrations are different then. Hope you enjoy some fall weather. It has finally cooled off some here in Kansas and rains a few drops every now and again. In fact I got caught in a quick shower when I went to the mailbox. The raindrops were COLD.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Busy weeks doing nothihng much happens to all of us at some point.
Grandchildren make our lives so much better and bring so much happiness

DJan said...

I didn't get this post until Wednesday but I did finally get it! And I have been getting your comments on my posts, which I really appreciate. You seem to be doing very well, and I sure enjoyed seeing the videos and Annie looking so contented. :-)

Far Side of Fifty said...

I have had that spammer also...but not recently...I hope they went away for good! Your happy birthday boy Liam is so cute! Hope school is okay for Ian!

pearshapedcrafting said...

I hope by now your dryer is fixed - so much for me getting here sooner! So good to see Annie enjoying the sun! Those boys are such fun to see, my grandchildren grew up so quickly! It looks as though your bird visitors will be happy for quite a while! I hope it doesn't get too cold just yet! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Chrisx

Friko said...

No self-pressure!
Yes, that’s what I am also trying to accomplish. Do what you can when you feel like it and, for the rest, enjoy what you like best, like family occasions and watching kids and cat. It’s so good for you to be able to do that.

BTW, Blogger hasn’t sent comments to my mail in box for a long time now; I have to click on the comments on the blog which gets tiresome because you are endlessly clicking on the same pages. Now I drag the commenters' url to the desktop until I have got through the comments finally. Drat Blogger!

Diana said...

I would never leave that window - I'd sit there all day watching the birds! // I have to do the same type of thing with my fibro and arthritis, whatever I can when I feel like it, but mostly I just enjoy the rest of my time with the kids and grandkids or doing the things I enjoy. // Happy birthday (late) to Liam! He'll get to the hugs soon I bet! // I've always had to keep the moderating on for my blog, too much spam, and no more anonymous commenters allowed. Ugh, people. I still get my comments to my email as usual, so not sure what might be going on with yours. You might go in to your blog settings (scroll down to "Comment notification email" and be sure it has your correct email address listed - also check all your other settings). As a former web developer, I know there are instances when blog apps do have issues and you just have to check all your settings. Good luck, hope that will help you! // Dryer trolls are the nuttiest creatures! :D Be blessed, Rita!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Admittedly, I am a bit late in catching up with blog reading and the same goes for my written correspondences. That said, it was great to find this post to catch-up on what's been going on with you and the McFamily. That broken dryer looks like it's really in pieces, hope the repairs can be made and glad it's not immediately needed. We use shared washers/dryers here (3 each for the entire floor) and there's always concern when 1 breaks down as repairs are not same-day. Looks like the birthday boy was very excited about those trucks and other vehicles. Thanks for the video and pics of the family celebration. Enjoyed the return of Rita's Critter Cafe too.
Thankfully, I have missed seeing those spam emails, although I have received several in a foreign language and those were immediately deleted. I check daily even when not doing a post. Legacy blogger is apparently fast becoming unavailable because when I revert, it goes to the new blogger interface the next time I access the blog (sigh). I don't moderate comments before they are posted and don't have them sent to my email.
So glad to read that you are feeling better and not watching the news regularly can be uplifting to one's mental state speaking from experience.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

I'm not a huge fan of the changes Blogger made either. The writing/editing - especially their new HTML format is horrible. Maybe I just need to get used to it.

Liam and Ian are getting so big. Hard to believe that Liam is already three years old!