Monday, December 07, 2020

December 7, 2020 Monday--10:45am

Well, at least I got something done this week--LOL!  I owed a big stack of letters so I decided that those would be the first Christmas cards sent this year.  Been catching up on letters owed and sending off Christmas cards all week.  No--not done by any means but I have made a lot of progress.  Feels good--no matter how slow I am this year.  :)
I thought I might have enough extra energy to get back to the bonus Wanderlust classes.  Nope.  But that's okay.  Nice to just be getting partially back to normal--LOL!
Leah made a trip to Costco on Wednesday.  To be on the safe side I put my cart on my patio and she used that to wheel my groceries from her car to my patio.  That way neither of us had to go through the building now that we know there's covid here.  I sent the boys' Christmas presents to their place, too, so she can quarantine them...and just in case I can't make it over for Christmas.  Who knows these days, right?
Dagan had to make an after hours trip to work, too, last week.  So we are isolating for a couple of weeks.  Then we'll see how everyone is doing.  Leah might come over (via the patio door) for a craft night to help me with some things.  I might be able to go over for an early Christmas...and maybe play some board games.  ;)  We'll see how it goes.
Meanwhile, I'm doing okay.  Still no covid type symptoms.  Just is the chronic sinus stuff I usually get almost every winter...that can hang on till spring some years.  Normally doesn't hit me till after the holidays--January or February.  Figures.  It's 2020, after all.
I had wondered if dairy or gluten contributed to the chronic sinus.  Have been gluten and dairy free for a couple of months--and the crud came early.  So, probably not.  Decided to add back in some dairy this past week.  Have not noticed any changes for the worse.  Same old--same old plugged head.  LOL!
Anyways, am doing a bit more than I was.
Been busy at the Critter Cafe.
Cold, but sunny and no snow.  We've had snow at least ten times this winter but it hasn't stayed around for long.  The last thing I want is a brown Christmas this year, so I really hope we get some snow soon!  :)
My rent went up $26 a month.  [I wondered when Goldmark took over management here when they would show their true colors.  You may recall that people were really upset and some people moved out because they don't have a good reputation up here.]  My federal housing worker told me that they will cover most or all of the increase.  Whew!  Nice to have some good news this week.  :)
I rented a DVD from Netflix I really enjoyed called The Good Liar.  Has anyone else watched it?  I do enjoy both Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen.  
And this weekend I noticed a mini-series that will be leaving Netflix streaming January 1st called Reckoning.  I'm a little over halfway and it has been really interesting.  I like both the male leads from other series I've watched.
Meanwhile, I am working on Christmas cards until they are all in the mail...however long that takes.  ;)  I try to go do mail in the dead of night so I don't run into anyone and I take an unused side door to bring out my trash (since there's no snow).  Masked and scrubbing up...all the things.  Am enjoying the Critter Cafe visitors.  Got one huge covey of 12-13 that comes regularly and a couple smaller ones.
When I am finally able to get back to cardmaking and art classes I did make a Simon Says Stamp order last month.  Usually we order supplies for Christmas or birthday cards because those are constantly being made...but I saw this floral stamp and couldn't resist.
I do want to get back to making some regular cards this coming year.
Saw another Penny Black weird cat birthday card stamp.  Some of you may remember this same cat with the wild whiskers carrying a cake with tons of candles on it that I used a few years ago.
I know--silly.  
Then I got some dies that punch holes.
A couple of Christmas tree shapes...

...and a wreath shape.
This is something that I can sit and do while I watch TV.  You use embroidery thread on the card stock.  Something I haven't done before.

So I ordered a cheap set of Christmas colored embroidery threads to experiment.

Leah wants to try some origami paper folded trees for the fronts of Christmas cards.  She has the patience for that.  I have the patience for the hand sewing or coloring.  ;)  Anyways, these will be new techniques for us...and something we can work on separately until we get together to construct the cards.  
Anyways--time for lunch.  Then I will likely move into the studio to work on Christmas letters all afternoon again.  I've been doing the writing in there most of the time.  Just love the peaceful feel in that room.  Nice to be close to my art supplies even if I can't quite get to them yet--LOL!  
Soon!  Soon!
I'm not as plugged up at the moment.  Sunny and it's supposed to hit 40 degrees today.  Have a peaceful, sweet week, my friends.  :) :)

"It is far too easy to discourage, all too easy to criticize, to complain, to rebuke.  Let us try instead to see even a small amount of good in a person and concentrate on that.  Let us be quicker to praise than to find fault.  Let us be quicker to thank others than to complain."

Desmond Tutu


Rita said...

I'll try again to see if I can get your comments in my inbox. Hasn't been working at all. But I do read each and every one before I post them. :)

DJan said...

I saw that movie and enjoyed it, too. It's hard not to like those two in anything. And your tone sounds better, more upbeat, so I'm going to attribute it to adding in a little dairy! :-)

JoyM said...

Glad that you feel better than last week - and I was glad too that you have found a way 'around' to get to your post box and avoid 'people'. Good idea on using your cart for Leah to bring your groceries to you patio door. Keeping distance, masks, washing hands, no touching face with hands... so simple and so necessary. You and your McFamily are the best.
Hugs Rita.


Bonnie said...

How wonderful to hear you sounding a little better this week! I see your Critter Café is going strong! I'm sure both you and Annie are enjoying the visitors. I love the new stamps you have, especially the cat stamp - how cute!

I hope your sinus problems improve. I have trouble like that year round too and it's a pain. Have a good week Rita and give Annie some love from me!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good to hear you are feeling a bit better. It is good that you have a Patio Door so Leah can come and go that way! Looks like a fun project with the new punch they will be real cute...and I like both of your stamps!! :)

Anvilcloud said...

You shame me, or you would, if I had any sense of shame at all. For I have pretty well given up on CHristmas cards. I used to print cards and write a half decent letter to go with them. Now, I craft an image and send it by email. The image is something that I would have once printed, but it still seems like a cop out (where does that phrase come from?). As for a letter, well, nothing much changes in my life, so whatever I write will be perfunctory.

Janie Junebug said...

I watch so many movies, but I don't recall that one. It's a good thing you keep the Critter Cafe going. I get a lot done if I unload the dishwasher. We had to make a Costco run last night to keep from starving to death. How awful the sinus crud is for you. What a cute cat stamp.


Divers and Sundry said...

I remember some projects that used embroidery thread and card stock. I enjoyed that. I haven't watched The Good Liar yet. Bird watching is such an enjoyable hobby :)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

yes, Rita, I agree that you seemed more upbeat than in a previous post and you had good reason to be downhearted then, so it's good that your spirits have lifted. Like yourself, I too have been writing Christmas cards and adding not subtracting names this year. It doesn't matter if someone sends a card in return, writing notes inside them makes me feel good as I think about who the card is going to and tailor each message accordingly. As for the postage cost, this is my gift since I have no other wish list items. I liked seeing your craft items and am amazed at how many show boxes I filled up when putting mine away this year. It was fun making several wreaths and giving as gifts. One thing I learned is that pine cones are so much more fragile than corks! I haven't seen the movie you mentioned, but did watched several netflix holiday ones as I was doing cards. The critter cafe was fun to see again and sure they all appreciate the free eats at Rita's.

My Tata's Cottage said...

I have been MIA from commenting. So much happening but grateful to see you here. I received a quick email from Karl. I keep praying for him. He can hardly write he said, I wish he could get some answers. Breaks my heart so I am trying to do a Christmas card exchange as I tried the postcard exchange but I know people do not get out like they once did. I was sad but we can exchange cards at Christmas and it would be nice to fill Karl's mailbox. I am doing both of my blogs so I want to finish my other post but I did blog here already
I thank you for stopping by, for your creative heart, for your kindnesses and just for being you. Thank you. XO XO

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Haven't seen amovie inages, I am not a big movie watcher
I am having a shit morning and can't seem to concerntraite and I am all over the place. Sorry I can't think what I was going to say.

Joyce F said...

Glad you are feeling better! New Christmas tree designs look interesting.

jinxxxygirl said...

Well i'm so glad to hear you have not come down with Covid.. that was a close call!!! I would love to hear your opinion of The Good Liar.. I read a bad review or two about it so have steered clear of it but i still see it at the store and wonder about it as i like those two actors too.. So nice that you have Leah to craft with.. What i wouldn't give for that... Big Hugs! and stay safe..deb

Jenny Woolf said...

It's good to know you are all taking so much care, and wonderful that you have the patio doors. Very wise. I think that anywhere with shared entrances may be contagious as people are opening and shutting doors, touching the walls, etc. all the time. You and Leah seem like soul mates where it comes to craft, not doing the same things but she likes to do the things you don't like to do and vice versa. I wouldn't have the patience for origami either but I can settle down to colouring in.

Serena Lewis said...

Better to err on the side of caution when Covid is in your apartment complex.

Great to see all the critters visiting.

Good that Federal Housing will cover most of the increase in your rent.

I love Helen Mirren so have watched most of her movies. I enjoyed The Good Liar on Netflix here. Reckoning isn't on our Netflix unfortunately. Will keep an eye out for it though.

Well done on keeping active with the Christmas cards etc. I tend not to do physical Christmas Cards myself. Only a select few may receive one from me and, even then, it's usually late as you well know. lol

Love the Penny Black cat on the bike! Made me smile. :)

Covid seems to have escalated there. Trump rallies/Thanksgiving gatherings may well be a part of it.

All you can do is take the necessary precautions. Get tested if symptoms arise but I hope you all continue to stay safe and well. xo

Lady Fi said...

Glad you're feeling better and keeping busy.

pearshapedcrafting said...

That film is on our list of 'to watch' films. Glad you got your supplies! We only have an outside door, this year we have been pleased not to have to go in the building! On rainy days we used to go in, use the lift(elevator) and walk along the corridor to a door leading to our landing. The landing has also been useful when visitors have come to see us as we can safely distance ourselves from our door!
Love that cat stamp! Hope that you did get some sewing done! Hugs, Chrisx

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

I'm interested in seeing how the stitching with the embroidery floss comes out. I'll have to check out the movie and series you were watching. On these cold winter days and nights, I've been watching more Netflix. There was a topiary contest and glassblowing contest - both series - that I enjoyed watching. Such talent out there!