Monday, February 01, 2021

February 1, 2021 Monday--1:45pm

Good afternoon!

I guess I was so busy this week I hardly had time to take pictures--LOL!  Only have a few...but it was a good week and I got a lot done.  :)  

Tuesday I made soup and did laundry.

Wednesday night Leah came over to work on cards.  Have four trays in progress.  Got all the bases cut and any front and/or inside pieces we needed for each set.  Then we stamped and embossed two sets.  An exhausted Leah left about midnight.  

50 embossed birthday cards ready for coloring.

100 Christmas cards embossed and ready for coloring.
Then I have 50 birthday cards ready to stamp the fronts...
...and another 50 ready to stamp.
The last two sets of birthday cards will involve coloring, too.  I'll be stamping the other two sets this week and then I'll be all lined up for hours and hours and hours of coloring while I watch TV or listen to audio books.  :)
Leah dropped off Costco groceries on now we're on another two-week quarantine.
I worked on the bullet...and I mean worked and worked on it.  I got it all dated and even birthdays in for the entire year!!  Then I went back and got February totally filled in for the month.    
I started to draw across light blue wide marks for quarantine times.  You can see we will only have a few days near the middle of the month where we can have bubble time.  Dagan has to go down to Minneapolis to get his pacemaker tweaked on the 17th.  And I have my appointment with Dr. Kessler on the 19th.  
Then end of the month Leah has to go to the school to pick up Ian's homework so she does the Costco trip then, too...and then that's another two weeks quarantine.  So might be able to see them middle of March, too, if all goes well.
I can't even remember if I told you that I ended up using Amazon Chat to report my missing packages?  Was very fast once I got past my couple questions from the bot and got to a live typing person--LOL!  Got my packages sent again right away and have everything already--whoohoo!  I think it was just online.  They told me to try that for faster service when I called the customer service number a couple of you gave me.  (That was one of those endless non-human press numbers for this and that lost pressing numbers (can't press and hear at the same time with cell phones) so I thought I'd give the chat line a try because I had my order numbers right in front of me--awesome!)
One of the missing items was my mini-tabs.  I actually made monthly tabs for the year.  I can't believe I can fit a whole year in this small binder!
Also worked on the second Wanderlust class a bit.  You make a garden scene so first I slapped on some background color--green, blue, and yellow (that seemed to turn more beige--LOL!)
The I wrote vertically in black pen--gratitudes and wishes for 2021.  Forgot to take a picture.  (No excuse with how slow I am to do these step-by-step--LOL!)
Next was adding collage paper.
Now this playing with glue medium is new for me...but I found myself getting lost in it and probably put way too much paper on there--ROFL!  Oh well.  Most of that will get covered up, too.  That's the nice thing I am discovering about mixed media--things can disappear almost.  Don't like it--cover it up in the next layer--ha!
And I am more and more delighted with the doing a little at a time and needing to let things dry.  Works perfect for someone with chronic pain and health issues, I tell you.  "Let dry"...well, that can be an hour or a couple days--LOL!  Since I own the classes I knew I could take my time and not push myself.  I figured it would take me way longer than anyone else to finish all these weekly classes.  I figured two years or more.  Leah is guessing four--ROFL!  Leah's probably closer to being correct since they are on lesson five and I am just starting lesson two.  ;)  I will certainly get my money's worth out of it, though.
It will take forever because I am mixing the Wanderlust classes with other projects--like the card making.  Still have the calligraphy classes--only finished one.  Been itching to find some kind of watercolor projects to do, too.  Going to be a creative year.  Snail's pace...but a creativity umbrella over 2021.  :)
Kathy (SIL) sent me a photo of Mom's needlework pieces she had on the living room wall.
I told her I thought Renee (little sister) should have the one with the heart and Blaine (little brother) should have the one with the home.  I'd take the plainer on on the far end.
Kathy sent me a picture of it.
Not as plain as I first thought!  I think this is lacemaking or tatting from classes she took in Florida after they retired.
She asked me if there was anything else I wanted.  I said--well, I always wanted Grandpa's desk but I think we all did.  A while later she said both Blaine and Renee said I could have it!  It's the little fold down desk you see in the photo above.
I was always fascinated by Grandpa's desk.  We were not allowed to touch it so I used to ask Grandpa if he would open it so I could see inside the top part.  But right now I can't remember what it looks like inside...cubby holes?  He had fountain pens like my dad did.  I used to love to watch my dad fill his pen from a bottle of ink...a bladder pen.  Dad also had things like that you weren't allowed to touch.  Sacred treasure spots and items.  Probably where my love of desks, paper, ink, and pens originated, eh?
Anyways, Blaine and Kathy will probably drive up the desk and needlework piece in the spring or summer.  Gives me time to think and plan and change things around in here.  My place is so small and packed--this precious addition creates a domino effect.  To move one piece of furniture means you have to move another, etc.  I have put off reorganizing since I moved in here over five years ago!  So, it's a good domino effect...but a massive one, for me.
Funny, I had been thinking about how I do have things I could get rid of in bookcases and drawers and my desk the past couple months.  When you've been in a place for five years...and haven't touched something for even longer than that...well, it's time to purge again.  I did some purging before I moved, but I could do more now.
The studio has always been so crowded--such a small room for all I have packed in there.  Needs rearranging--and Leah wondered if I couldn't empty a bookcase and move it out?  Goodness!  Not sure if I can get rid of that much or shift that much around?  Make for so much more room, though.  I can't reach anything in the one corner because of the two tables so close together and me being so short on one end.  Maybe I'll take some pictures right now...
Well, this is what you see standing in the doorway.
This is the other side of the room.
I can stretch-reach most of the bottom two black shelves on this corner wall and not much above that.  I can't reach to open the window or lift the blinds.  Can just reach on tippy toes to twist the hanging stick for the blinds to at least flip them to let light in.
On the bottom of this bookcase it's a task to lift out these heavy boxes filled with jars and bottles and drag them between the legs of the table to get them out.  Getting them back in is even more of a chore.
There's not much room between the small table and these bookcases on this side, either.
But it is easier to get to supplies here than in those corners (smaller boxes--lol!).
I do agree that if I could remove a bookcase or two this room would be a lot more navigable and easier to actually use.  But can it be done?  Can I part with or find new homes for enough stuff?  Quite a challenge for 2021!  Watch this space, as they say--ROFL!
Annie wondered what I was doing wandering about in the studio when she thought I was settled in at the table for a good while so she could have a nice long snooze.  
They think they have such a rough life.
Speaking of Annie...
she has noticed the jackrabbits are here after dark.  I no sooner shut off the lights and settle in to sleep and she is playing with the rabbits!  She darts behind the blinds and rattles up a storm then races around the apartment and back to the patio glass behind the blinds...over and over again.  So funny!  She sits still between the glass and the blinds until they come back, I think--and then she leaps up and races through the blinds and down the hallway into the bedroom and back to the window.  You can tell she is delighted with herself.  Silly girl!
Oh, and by the way--Leah told me that Liam is now excited about Gramma coming--all on his own.  Not just because Ian gets excited, you know?  That's why when I visit now the both of them are vying for my attention.  I figured things would change with Liam once he wanted me to watch him go to the bathroom and wipe his butt for him--ROFL!  Toddler acceptance out of the blue.  Liam gets more comfortable every time I can make a bubble visit.  It is so nice to really get to know him better.  (I wish I understood him better when he talks, though--lol!)  Communication will improve, too.  
Well, I did have a few more pictures after all--LOL!  Only because I just took some more for you.  Oh Good Grief!!  I just realized I didn't show you WHY there will be a domino effect--duh!
Now it will all make sense to you...
because this is the perfect spot for Grandpa's little desk.  
Which I plan to fill with letter writing supplies, of course.  It will fit right under the light switches and thermostat--it's not very big.  Got measurements from Kathy.  So excited!
Now the gatefold table is really needed in the studio for the added surface space...
...but where to put it in there?  How to arrange the tables?  Which table to remove? Probably the little glass one with the red legs which fit perfectly in my last apartment and I love it but...  
This is what started the domino effect.  The very practical (for an art & crafter's place with very little surface area) gatefold table must stay.  The tall table with the die cutting machine so we can stand and use it--must stay.  I need a table that I can leave a mess with ongoing projects.  So how do I fit all that in that little room?  AND be able to put up the gatefold table when we need it!?  And maybe be able to reach everything that I can't or can barely reach now?  A challenge that will be hopefully met.  Will take me a while, but I will figure something out.  :)
Anyhow--that's what's been happening here in my little corner of the world.  I'm looking forward to having organizing and purging projects to & craft projects to that this will be a busy, creative year.  I am determined not to let everything outside my door weigh me down like it did this past fall.  I'm grateful for the bubble time I do have with McFamily.  I find I do have days with an extra spoon or two now and then...(may gradually be improving a bit healthwise?) I plan to take advantage of it.  But not overdo.  Self-care is my word for the year.  I won't forget.
Till next week, my friends!
Stay safe and well.
Seek your joy!!
"Self-care is how you take your power back."
Lalah Delia


Rita said...

I'll try again to get your comments in my inbox--ever the optimist. ;)

Deb said...

Hi Rita. Pictures of your place always look so neat and well-organized. I am so glad you that you feeling better. You sound upbeat in this post. I am also glad to hear that you will be getting a keepsake from your mom and your grandpa's desk. Both things will hold precious memories for you. So glad you are still managing to keep Covid at bay. I am wondering if you are planning to the get the vaccine. I got my first shot and am supposed to get #2 next week, but we are still waiting for word on when hubby can get his vaccine. I am sure Josh won't be able to get a vaccine for several months. Seems to be going so slow. I love the cards you and Leah made. Have a good week. See you again soon.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You have been busy! You got so many cards done! You could open a craft shop with all those supplies!! That desk is very cute is there room in the bedroom for it? :)

Serena Lewis said...

WOW, you and Leah have been busy...all those cards!

I'm so glad you were able to report the missing packages and that you already have the replacements.

I love using tabs on my bullet journal. I was never a fan of using the index.

Yep, mixed media can have lots of, fun, fun! A wise idea to just go at your own pace with the courses.

What a cool desk....perfect for your writing supplies! I would have been mesmerised by it too as a child. It looks like you have organised your studio space so well. I have found recently that I need to reorganise my things better.

Annie is so cute! I can imagine how funny her night-time antics must be. Sometimes, Kya just races about the house at night. She can get up quite high on cupboard tops fast! I try not to panic like I used to. I figure if she can get up there, she can get herself down safely.

Good news that Liam is now getting excited about a visit from Gramma! I laughed out loud at the part about him wanting you to watch, then wipe his butt for him.

Good luck with the reorganisation. I'm sure you will manage doing a little purging here and there, especially of items you haven't used in years. You can do it. I'm sure Leah can offer some helpful ideas too.

Have a lovely week,

Love and hugs,
Serena xo

Bonnie said...

Your Mom's lace making is beautiful! I love the desk. My Grandmother had one very similar to that one. Good luck arranging everything. I have a similar situation in my sewing room/guest room. There are more supplies to fit in than there is room. Annie looks so pretty with her shiny fur. That food you make her must really keep her healthy.

Take good care Rita!

DJan said...

The first thing I thought when you mentioned the desk is where in the world would you put it? Now I understand the need for a bit of a purge. You have certainly been busy lately! It's nice to hear that Liam is now so comfortable with you. :-)

Jenny Woolf said...

I'm glad you're getting grandpa's desk! Isn't it funny how you can get so interested in one particular bit of furniture as a child, or even just an ornament. I always loved a 1930s bakelite cigarette holder stand which stood in my grandmother's home. I was so pleased to get it. OK, I don't smoke, but now I keep pencils in it! LOL .. I wish I was as well organised as you. I fight a losing battle against clutter and muddle. I always like the sound of Leah, she sounds like the kind of person anyone would want in their family. And how nice Liam is getting excited about meeting up!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Coming here makes me feel unorganised and I am the most organised member of my family, you do so much and have so much talent.

Lady Fi said...

Wow -- you are super organized!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I totally agree about the domino effect. I can relate. Sounds like you have a partial plan and maybe you can store a few craft/art supplies and other things you don't use very often in your garage space. It was sweet of your brother and sister to give you the desk. I can see you doing a very happy dance.

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm glad you got the Amazon order straightened out. It's so sweet when family members can work together after a loved one dies. The needlework piece is lovely, and the desk will be nice to have. Good luck on your new clearing-out adventure. It does need to be done every few years, doesn't it. Sweet word about Liam :)

Diana said...

What a great piece your grandpa's desk will be for you!! And to have your mom's handwork! I have all my mama's crocheted doilies and embroidered items (pillowcases, tea towels, etc.) that I watched her make when I was little. Inreally cherishbthem and the memories. Toddlers are funny characters, but once they decide to let grandparents get close, they are such loveable, fun little people thatvwrap themselves around your heart. Don't overdo in your rearranging, Rita! I sure use up a lot of spoons when I do that myself lol. Blessings!

Juli said...

I love your craft room. I wish I had the time and energy to do what you do. The needle work is beautiful. I picked up an old trunk from a neighbor. It's dated 1916. I'm in the process of refinishing it. It will likely take me until July, but that's okay. Creating is my self care.

DVArtist said...

Wow you are so organized. LOL Glad you got the Amazon all worked out. I love the needlepoint on the wall. Just beautiful. Have a very nice day.

Dee said...

Dear Rita, I'm adopting your motto also: "self-care for 2021." It's just as you said in the comment you left on my recent posting--"a new year and a new start" for both of us! Let's leave the malaise of 2020 behind and forge ahead, you with your coloring and expansive creativity and zest for life; me with my passion for writing. The sky's the limit--all that and you'll have Liam becoming more and more entranced with his grandma! Peace.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It seems like quite a lot has been happening in your place, Rita. That small desk is lovely and sure you have found a perfect location for it. Glad you and Leah were able to get together and WOW you really are ahead with all your cards. The craft room is a bit tight on space, but then I don't know many artists who don't have a crowded space. It was the same for me when I was making my photo cards.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

That's so nice that you will be getting the desk and the needlework pictures. The needlework does look very detailed. Sounds like Annie is having lots of fun with the jackrabbits! Glad to see they are out and about.

pearshapedcrafting said...

You've got a lot to think about! We had to leave a bureau like that when we moved. It went off to auction but we didn't get much for it - it was beautiful but there just wasn't room here! You're going to be busy too with all the colouring, great that you and Leah got to craft together! We have missed out one lesson - watched it and just didn't feel like doing it - I can always go back to it!! Your tale about Annie and the rabbits made me smile! Hugs, Chrisx