Monday, April 26, 2021

April 26. 2021 Monday--4pm

Good afternoon!
Good thing Leah dropped off more bird seed.  Was a colder week.  At least one partridge couple showed up...
...endless grackles...
...mourning doves and tons of little birds.

I did make Annie's cat food on Monday but that wall I hit remained before me all week.  

Thursday at noon I had Tammy arrive for an annual review visit for getting my cleaning help.  Funny, as I haven't had any for a year...but I do plan to start having a new girl come in May and it is okayed.

I made soup so I'd have something to nuke.

Leah came over Thursday night for a Craft Nite.  She made her teacher thank you cards and we had a good visit.

Friday Leah dropped off Cashwise groceries and I managed to do laundry...but was too tired to hang and fold and put things away so I draped and piled things all over my bed (which I haven't been able to sleep in for two years anyways).  Sadly, they are still there today...waiting for me.  That is how spoonless I have been.  

The only things I did get done during the week was to cut some more paper (for letters) that arrived, watched a lot of New Tricks, Murdock Mysteries, Brokenwood, and a couple of British mini-series.

Yesterday the final splurge item arrived from the relief check.  Something I had never known existed till I stumbled upon it online.  

The old litter box has been a big storage tub where Leah cut an entrance hole in the end.  (Gross, you can see it in the front.)  The plastic bottoms get corroded after a few years.  I needed a new one before covid hit.

I had started using these for Karma because she was, shall we say, a most enthusiastic burier and, therefore, I needed something with tall sides.  Annie is more restrained with her coverings so I thought the taller 8 inch sides would suffice.

Anyways, it's a stainless steel litter pan!  I shall never have to buy another one!  (Good thing as it was expensive, but not as expensive as those self-cleaning ones.)  I know it doesn't look it in the above picture but it is almost the same size as the bottom of the plastic bin (24" X 16" X 8").  
Have you ever heard of a stainless steel litter pan?!

Well, I actually did get the new litter box in place yesterday after it arrived.  Didn't bring the old one out to the dumpster until this afternoon because it was sleeting and snowing yesterday.  Still haven't put away laundry or emptied the dishwasher...soon?

I have been falling asleep at random times--might sleep an hour or 10-12 hours--so my days and nights are all messed up, but I am getting my rest, anyways.  I didn't make it over to McFamily's for a visit yesterday because I was up half the night and slept most of the day.  Hope to make it over next Sunday.  Less pain and I'm getting closer to sleeping at night...maybe--LOL!  Patience.  I need to stay patient.  Annie reminds me that sleeping is a good thing any time of day or night--LOL!  We're doing just fine.

Been trying to catch Annie doing her tail thing for the past couple of weeks.  She's been so spunky and full of beans since I changed her diet to raw meat and canned no-grain food--not really interested in her dry food anymore.  She races around the apartment like a young thing and isn't acting her fifteen years at all--LOL!  Anyways, I'll end with this short video I hope makes you smile.

Again, I hope this works because it doesn't look like it is working before I publish.  Blogger is endlessly testing my loyalty.  Let me know...and have a great week.  :)

"When we are brave enough to sit with our pain, it deepens our ability to sit with the pain of others. It shows us how to love them."

Valarie Kaur


  1. Oh, you may notice Annie has a white whisker now...that does show her age--LOL!

  2. Annie entertains herself! No snow today but cold enough to snow! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. She sure does look spunky! And yes it made me smile. I think this new diet is doing wonders for her. Wish we could find one for you now. :-)

  4. Hi Rita. I love the video of Annie. That stainless steel litter box is great! So glad you got approved for some cleaning help. Glad you are getting some rest, whenever that is. I haven't forgotten you - just behind on letter writing. See you again soon.

  5. The video was great! I guess she decided her tail is one toy that is always with her. Annie does look very healthy thanks to all that good food you give her. I have never seen a stainless steel litter box. That will be much easier to get it really clean compared to the old style. I'm sorry you haven't had many spoons. I sure hope you feel better soon. Take good care of yourself Rita.

  6. I am sure it is tough to feel ill or listless most of the time. I will be sure to send a message to the birds to make sure they visit often to keep you entertained. It's the least they can do!

  7. I'm so sorry you have been spoonless lately Rita! I received your very welcome letter my friend! Thank you! Waiting patiently for everything to come together here in TX has been trying to say the least... Apartment living is not for me... I miss having a home.. Awaiting my second covid shot on May 7th.. Glad to see you are feeling a little better.. I'm up early i will watch your little video when hubby wakes up.. :)Jinx always had a litter box with a top on it. I cannot imagine not having one like that.. Stainless Steel will hold up to cat pee?? Hugs! deb

  8. The video works fine and is cute. In the Blogger system they can't be previewed.

    By the time I finish your posts, I don't seem to remember what I could comment on. I do remember the litter box. Lacey has two but only ever uses one. They are beside each other, and I guess she uses one as an access route to the other. Not that I ever watch as it is out of sight on a landing on the basement stairs. :)

  9. Oh, I did get your comment about enabling something to do with comments, but I couldn't find a widget for that in the template that I use.

  10. Cute video of Annie playing with her tail!

  11. The video works well and it's cute. The tail provides endless amusement for Annie. So sorry you are without spoons. I'd been wondering about your cleaning help and had forgotten to ask. I've never heard of a stainless steel litter pan. What a brilliant idea.


  12. Grackles, bummer. Pesty birds. Our mourning doves tend to take over, and not even the mockingbirds can chase them off. We loved New Tricks so much we bought the DVDs. Fun series. Annie has such a pretty basket :) Sometimes laundry just has to wait. It's not hurting anything to let it sit 'til I'm ready for it.

  13. I hope you can pick up some more spoons soon - but laundry will wait (I have a lot of things hanging in my craft room waiting to be ironed) At least it looks as though you have found Annie a good litter tray . Sleep patterns being disrupted is a real nuisance - I haven't been up in the night for bit 4 weeks now, mind you, I have woken up a lot since my jab on Sunday! New Tricks and Murdock Mysteries used to be favourites of ours too. Good to see the birds and so funny watching Annie.
    Take care, Hugs, Chrisx

  14. Dropping in and following your adventures! I think a steel litter pan is a logical idea, so much easier to wash and keep clean. Video's fine, Annie is a very pretty slick cat

  15. I've never heard of a stainless pan before but it makes sense... no way any bacteria would linger.

    I don't know if we will ever get another cat. Mr Chewey was the best cat ever, 17 years old when he finally crossed the rainbow bridge. I still miss him everyday.

  16. The video of Annie chasing her tail was amusing, Rita. Sorry to read that you have been chasing feeling good with little success. Hopefully, in time, you will have more spoons, do let us know. I have never heard of or seen a stainless steel litter box, so that was a new one for me as well.

  17. Loved the video of Annie playing with her tail! She's such a funny cat. She knows how to keep herself entertained. :)


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