Monday, May 03, 2021

May 3, 2021 Monday--1pm

Good afternoon!

Been a very quiet week.  Still feeling about the same.  Thursday I got my teeth cleaned and that evening Leah came over for Craft Nite to work on more teacher cards.  (She's mass producing so she's set for a few years, as we tend to do.)  Last week we had sleet and snow.  Saturday it was 87 degrees.  This week we'll be in the 30s at night.

I was really noticing how pretty this tree is over by the apartment garages across the way.  It was a small thing when I moved here in 2015.  Leaning a bit from the constant wind, but it has a nice shape to it.  Might have to draw or paint it one day. 

The noisy grackles take over the patio regularly.  Annie loves to leap at them and create a flurry of wings.

I tried to get a link to Spoon Theory to put on my blog or in this blog post and I can't.  Blogger won't let me...or her website won't.  But for those of you who don't know what the heck I am talking about when I mention having few can do a search for Spoon Thoery by Christine Miserandino.  It's a short piece to read.

I had ordered personalized cards from Colorful Images.  Have not ordered cards from them before.

Took quite a while to get them and they were pre-creased but not folded for you.

So that was one of the few things I managed to do this week--LOL!  Fold the cards.

I really do like them, though.

I never made it over to visit McFamily this weekend, either.  Just the way it has been lately.  Quiet.  Dozing off here and there.  Peaceful.  Good shows.  Annie is good company.  Can't really complain.

But today--Blog Day--and it's the 3rd (day I get my SS)--so I absolutely have to balance the checkbook and walk down my rent check.  No choice in the matter--LOL!  Has to be done, tired or not.  :)

Till next time...may the force be with you--LOL!


"You don't get to choose whether or not you're going to be taken to these edges.  You will be taken to those edges.  The only thing we have to ask ourselves is what we require to make it meaningful."

Francis Weller


  1. Always look forward to your posts. Hugs.

  2. That's the perfect Christmas tree right there! You should sneak over and decorate it one of these nights. Surprise the neighborhood!

    I get the spoons... I fear I may have used too many today. It was beautiful out, I planted the annuals, finished painting the foundation, and walked the dog three times. Work tomorrow will be brutal.

  3. I really like the cards you ordered. That tree is really growing. Hope you have a good week. See you again soon.

  4. I get the spoons also. Mine vary from day to day. I think the Covid shot has something to do with it...I think it flared my Lymes:( Your cards are cute! Hope you have a better week this week! :)

  5. I agree with Juli, that is a perfect Christmas tree! It would be a lovely tree to draw or paint too. Those cards you ordered are really pretty. Wishing you many more spoons!

  6. I always wondered what you were talking about when you mentioned your spoons. NOW I understand! Thanks. I looked it up and now I totally get it.

    You at least have nice clean teeth this week, and new cards that are finished and folded. And you have a fabulous companion to snuggle with, too. Sounds like a pretty full week to me, dear Rita.

  7. You remind me that I need to make an appointment with my dentist. I haven't been for a year and a half due to COVID. I am still not entirely comfortable doing so, but I am sure my mouth needs a good scrub!

  8. I found the spoon blog/site, but since they wanted me to disable ad blocker, I backed out.

    I clicked on your cards to seem them better. They are quite impressive.

    Have a good week.

  9. Nice cards! And I have to say it, "May the Fourth be with you" today and every day. :-)

  10. I think personalised cards are a great gift to receivers. Just show you care a little bit more. OK i have to goggle Spoon Theory cos I was wondering where were your picture of spoons. i learn everyday!!

  11. That tree is indeed a perfect Christmas tree. Annie probably likes it when your spoons are few and you're still and quiet.


  12. Wow, sleet and snow! And then 87? Those are extremes we're not seeing. We're expecting a high today of 77 and sunny, but it's been rainy for days. That it a pretty tree. I saw my first grackle on the patio a few days ago, and I'm chasing it off every time I see it. I'm hoping I can discourage it from bringing all the other grackles. They tend to take over here. I trust you had a good Star Wars Day yesterday, and today we can observe Revenge of the 5th ;)

  13. I have to agree on the tree. I also love the cards. Have a very nice day.

  14. The cards you make are so lovely

  15. I managed to find some information on spoon theory, Rita, so have more of an idea on what you mean. You seem to keep busy despite having some "low" days. Hopefully you will be able to visit McFamily by the weekend, Mothers Day.

  16. Wow, I'm surprised it got up to 87 degrees where you are. Here in TN it only hit 75 so far - - and today it's in the 50s.
    The tree in the photo is nice. I hope you will draw or paint it some day.

  17. Those are very pretty cards, and charming. I am so ham fisted that eve if I had to only fold them I'd probably do it wrong LOL. I hope you get to see the family soon, and feel less tired. I always like to hear of Annie because she was so constrained when she first came, wasn't she? She sounds like a happy cat now.

  18. We've had nothing above 60F and often much lower, although we are getting plenty of rain showers with intermittent sunshine. Lovely to watch the birds and Annie must be having great fun! Your cards look fabulous. Sorry you didn't get to see the McFamily. We have been watching some good shows too - mainly BBC but also an excellent series about a farming family that I doubt will be shown anywhere else ,called Our Yorkshire Farm about shepherdess Amanda Owen and her family - she has written a couple of books too - very heartlifting! Take Care, Hugs, Chrisx


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