Monday, November 29, 2021

November 29, 2021 Monday--2:45pm

Good afternoon. 
I think my plants will survive.  The two philodendrons (actually pothos I discovered many years ago but since I had always known them as philodendrons this old brain has trouble renaming them) are looking good.
The spider plant isn't looking as good.  The mother plant lost a ton of fronds/leaves but it will survive, I think.
I still may have no spoons, but what a great week!  First of all I decided that I want another oncologist.  When Leah and I went on Friday we planned to ask for any other doctor who could see us on Friday afternoons.  Leah reminded me that I don't have to put up with Kobrossy.  True.  So true.  Even if I had to get a part-time one.

Back when we had Dr. Katkov for Dagan there were no other cardiologists at Children's in Minneapolis...and he was our only choice for something like the first 8-10 years of Dagan's life.  As soon as Katkov hired a partner we asked for him instead.

When I was diagnosed with cancer there was only Dr. Kobrossy, another lady oncologist who was only there very part-time and worked at three hospitals, and that was it.  Well, now there was Dr. McCune because they set me up with him for the hospital follow-up...and I found another male oncologist on their website now.  So I planned to ask to switch the doctor and time for my next appointment on the 17th if that was possible.  Fingers crossed!

We went in, got blood drawn for labs, and went to an infusion cubicle.  Did not expect to see Dr. Kobrossy--remember I opted not to see him.  Well, he popped in to haunt me--twice!  Leah said she could see the disgusted look on my face when I laid eyes on him...even with a mask on--LOL!--so I'm sure he could, too.  (People have always told me everything shows on my face--even when I don't think it does--LOL!)  I avoided talking to him or looking at him.  Just seeing him--well, really convinced me I need another oncologist.  Even though he was trying to be so nice, of course.  Anyways, my bloodwork was finally better.  (As I figured it would be once I was finally on the upswing and therefore planned to refuse any other exploratory camera work.)  That was great news as then there was nothing that Kobrossy was following up on with me anymore, either. 

Instead of being there for 5-6 hours it was 2 hours!  Nice.  I got my first immunotherapy infusion and on the way out we talked to one of the ladies at the desk.  They knew that Friday afternoons were much easier for us so they didn't think anything of me asking for another doctor.  Turns out Dr. McCune is part time and there's another Dr. Bianca Ferrari who's part time, too--and they usually trade off being there.  Fantastic.  I have Bianca on the 17th.  I would gladly trade off between them and see two oncologists instead of Kobrossy.  :)  

Kobrossy will find out when he sees his appointment has been cancelled.

Leah came over afterwards to help with some things, as usual lately.  She vacuumed, cleaned some Annie barf spots with the spot cleaner machine, baked some fish for me, and got the dishwasher going.  Now that I am so slowly on the mend and have three weeks off...Leah will start coming over on Thursday nights again for Craft Nites.  And I really want to do some crafts--something creative.  I have missed that so much.

I ordered a couple of Valentine's Day card supplies for the boys.  On the left is a stamp that we would emboss in black and they could color the hearts any way they want to.  On the right is a die set--oops!  Can't even see the pieces.

You can cut out many different colors and then piece them together.  Pinks and reds or rainbow colors or even printed paper pieces.  Will be like them putting together a small puzzle with a glue stick.

And how far have I gotten with Christmas cards?  Not far--LOL!
But that is what I plan to get going on this week.

And how has the immunotherapy gone so far?  I've been running a low temp off and on and have a bad headache, but that's been it so far.  By comparison--that's nothing!!  :) :)  Otherwise, I'm feeling about the same.  Spoonless, but on the mend.  And it is soooo great to know that I don't have to go back for an infusion until the 17th AND don't have to see Kobrossy.  I do have a hospital follow-up appointment with the GI lady on the 7th (unnecessary in my opinion).  Oh, and my legs have better days (or parts of days) here and there, so hopefully that will mend itself, also.  Didn't use a wheelchair last Friday--but still had Leah pick me up at the door.  That's progress.  I just need time to heal.  Going the right direction--no matter how slowly.  Life is good.  :)

I'm actually up at the kitchen table typing and not typing from my chair.  Got the table mostly cleared off for the first time in months.  Annie wanted her chair next to me right away.
I have a long to-do list for when I feel better...but this week I will be happy if I can get started on Christmas cards...and, hopefully, the laundry.  (No--I never got the clothes put away from last time a couple weeks ago--just been grabbing them off of piles and hangers hooked on dresser pulls and door knobs--LOL!)  That would be amazing if I got the laundry done--even if I don't get anything put away again--who cares!

I haven't been up to watching anything I have to pay close attention to so I re-watched Vera and am now re-watching Shetland and eventually will finish Monk.  Still have a harder time focusing...but pretty soon maybe I can tackle a brand new show.

This will be so nice--for all of us.  Once every three weeks feels like a vacation!  I have disrupted Dagan and Leah's lives so much these past few months...and mine ground quickly to a complete halt.  Such peace to just be left alone to rest and heal.  Ahhhh!  And as soon as I am feeling up to it (and have quarantined) I can have McFamily over for a visit or even go over there for a visit.  Been such a long time.  I'm not up to a Gramma Day for a while, but now it is something I can imagine in the future again.  :)  Life is good.

Well, that's it from here for this week.  Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes.  I can always feel that positive energy from you all.  

Happy thoughts!!  :) :)      


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

What an uplifting post in terms of the progress you have been making Rita. Yes, to making the decision to find another oncologist, even if you have to see 2 different doctors, part-time. If their attitudes are better, the changes are well worth it as you already know. Speaking of holiday cards, I also need to get mine written and mailed before we head out on a family road trip visit before Christmas, usually we go on visits between the holidays, but this year the PA granddaughter's birthday is being celebrated on 12/19. I know how happy you will be to resume craft night with Leah and to possibly fit in some McFamily visits as you continue to feel better. Great news to read in this post!

DJan said...

I am so glad to hear that you are getting a new doctor! And that the immunotherapy is not so bad. It was a post filled with good news, and for that I am so happy. You are still one of two people who I ask the Medicine Buddha for special attention. Who knows? But it can't hurt! Sending you lots of virtual hugs, and thanks for the picture of Annie looking so contented.

Anvilcloud said...

It seems that will be a positive change of doctors for you. And things in general are sounding more positive. Perhaps you will have a good Christmas. All the best getting the cards done.

Deb said...

Rita - this is all such great news! So glad you are doing better and that you have "Canned Kobrossy." You deserve a doctor who will treat you with the utmost respect. Good for you. I am glad you are doing so well this week and that things are looking up. Craft night with Leah will be a great diversion and therapy for you. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hope you like the new Doctors! Good to hear that you are feeling better! Rest and do what you can! :)

Mary said...

Good news on improvements. Hope the new doctors have answers you need and nice manners. :) Good thoughts wafting your way.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

Despite your frustrations with doctors it seems like you are heading in the right direction. Bravo! Hope it all continues on this positive track.

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm glad to hear such good news on the medical front.

I remember finding out my philodendrons were actually pothos lol I wonder how we all learned it wrong! Yours are looking good :)

Jon said...

I'm so glad that you're resting, eating, and having some semblance of normalcy in your life. Take care - sending positive thoughts and prayers.

Jeanie said...

Well, that's the best news I've read in a long time -- banishing the awful Dr. Kobrossy.He sounds like a piece of work that would be better working solo in a lab than with human beings. I pity him but that's not reason enough to stick with him! I've been thinking you should do that for awhile but not my place to say. But when you are repelled by the one doc you should be able to confide in, trust and feel right about going to, then it's time to say goodbye! I'm glad the therapy is going well. The post feels quite uplifting and for that I am so happy!

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

You've been making a lot of progress! How encouraging! Glad you got rid of Dr. Kobrossy. Your philodendrons look like they are doing well. Annie looks so content. I hope this upcoming week is a good one for you!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Good on ya for getting rid of Dr Kobrossy, Annie looks awesome

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I can tell how very, very happy you are to get rid of Kobrossy. Your attitude is so great as a result, too.

Love the spider plant and the philodendrons, too. You obviously have a green thumb. Mine are not doing well at all.

So glad you now have time to rest and take care of yourself for awhile. I know you are happy, too, dear Rita.

CrystalChick said...

Even though I don't know of all the details, I'm so behind with blog reading, I do know sometimes it's important to make changes... certainly with doctors if need be. Good for you.
Glad you're progressing and healing.
Crafting.... how wonderful to be back to some of that!!

Serena Lewis said...

The plants look great! Spider plants used to be so popular here but I haven't seen one in years. Must check my nursery next time I'm there.

Good luck the new Oncologists. I hope the Immunotherapy does the job without any nasty side effects.

Annie is so cute! When I'm at my desk or table, Kya jumps up and sits on top of my letter, bullet journal, or whatever I'm working on. Lucky I have an adjacent desk I can turn to because, if I put her down, she just jumps straight back up. Has to be almost on top of me.

Hard to believe we are in December already. Life has been crazy here and December just seemed to come out of nowhere.

Keep getting better,
Serena x

Janie Junebug said...

Things are looking up, slowly but surely.