Monday, June 27, 2022

June 27, 2022 Monday--11:15am

 Good morning!

Well, the week after an infusion I don't get much extra done...except for extra naps and extra hours of sleep at night--LOL!


Was a beautiful day in the upper 70s where I had the place opened up.  Leah dropped off Costco groceries.  I did laundry.  

The planters are doing well.

They're filling out.
Rabbits aren't eating them as much.
Surviving the heat with me watering every day.
Got a call from the office saying I never turned in my paperwork for the year.  If I got it, I sent it back.  I had nothing here and you know I am organized with certain things.  I even double checked to see if I had filed it away by accident--nope.  I absolutely think they forgot to send it.  Actually, they usually hang it outside my door.  Goldmark doesn't have a good reputation for things like this.  Regardless, a girl came down and we filled out all the paperwork.  Done for another year.  I'm sure I'll get a notice my rent is going up.

I got a call from Caroline (was my cleaning girl for all those many years).  We hadn't been in touch for a while so it was so nice to have a really good chat.  Exciting news!  They are expecting a baby girl in September!

Leah dropped off some Cashwise groceries.  I got the trash out.  Listened to another of the Jan 6th Hearing sessions and finished watching Peaky Blinders.  I think this is the final season of Peaky Blinders.  Kind of left you hanging a bit.
Ian's actual birthday.  (He had a birthday party on Sunday.)  I had sent his presents with Leah last week so we did a video call where he opened them.  Eight years old already!!  Whoohoo!!

Suddenly we had cooler weather again!  Still is beautiful so far today...patio door open...but slowly getting warmer and warmer.  Annie is always happy with the door open. Me, too!  (And I am so glad she seems to be feeling better--she really scared me for a while there.)

We have bunny visitors regularly--of all sizes.  Like I said--a bumper crop of cottontails this year.  Do you see the two little tiny baby ones? 
The trouble is...when it's been so very hot and dry (90s and 100 degrees) and I am watering the planters every day...those cute little bunnies are gnawing on the damp wood along the bottom of the planters!

Sure, they are cute...but they eat plants and planter boxes--LOL!  Little buggers!

Anyways, the weekend was absolutely gorgeous!  I saw a yellow-headed blackbird!
I wondered if I would see any this year.  They are so striking!
I think the rabbits may have also been eating the geranium buds because early in the week was the first time I have had blossoms this year!  
I've had geraniums every year and they have always done really well for I hope the rabbits leave them alone now.  I love that touch of red out there.

I can't get over how many cottontails we have this year!  Really!  This is one size...
...kind of young adult.

Then we have the teenager size.
And now there's a new crop of cedar eating babies--LOL!
These babies seem to live close by...possibly under some of the bushes along the building.
This little one is the belly flopper in hot weather--LOL!
Leah is hoping they can make it over this week to put the boards under the planters.  That will help them dry out quicker...maybe less munching?
That little bunny doesn't even run away when people are walking down the sidewalk!

Today could get into the mid-80s, apparently.
One more cooler day in the 70s tomorrow and then 80s and maybe 90s again for a while.  We may have a generally hot summer ahead, I guess.  

My next infusion day (8th) I forgot to mention that I had already had an appointment scheduled with my regular doctor (Kessler) so that is going to be one full day for me!  I have the infusion appointment at 11am and then Kessler at 2pm (usually about the time I have fallen asleep for a long nap after Leah has dropped me off--lol!).  But that's almost two weeks away.  

Meanwhile, I finished watching the latest season of Endeavor, am watching the latest season (15) of Murdoch Mysteries, and am slowly catching up on Call The Midwife (only on season eight!).  I have laundry going right now.  It's 80 degrees and sunny with big puffy white clouds crossing the blue sky.  Maybe this week I will be able to get to something creative...something extra.  If not...I am content and manage to be busy enough every day and never bored.  What more can one ask?  :) :)  Till next week, my friends.  


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Rita, this year seems to be a bumper year for cottontail rabbits in many places. We've seen a number of them in the park by the river side. Unfortunately, they also like to munch on planted flowers, much to the dismay of a fellow resident and neighbor who works on maintaining the flower gardens. Friends in another part of the city said they have so many bunnies in their back yard that they don't even count anymore! Hope the wood boards discourage the young ones at your place from gnawing on the wood, perhaps sharpening their teeth?

I suspect the management office at your apts just plain forgot to bring the paperwork because we DO know how organized you are and that you would NOT forget to return anything. Unfortunately, you may also get a rent increase as I have read stories that rents are going up and some increases are pricing people out. We signed a 2-year lease, and while there was an increase, it was far from as awful as we've read about.

Glad the week was a good one.

jinxxxygirl said...

Those planters are gorgeous Rita reguardless of planter eating rabbits. Writing you a snail mail as we speak so i won't speak too much here! Glad you are well! Hugs! deb

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Such bloody nice photos of the rabbits and plants I liked them.

Lost paperwork is usually blamed on us and not the dill who didn't send it.

Deb said...

Hi Rita,
Your planters look great. The baby bunnies are fun to watch, but too bad they are gnawing on your planter boxes. So glad you got the necessary paperwork filled out and turned in. That is always a good thing to have finished. Glad things are going well and you are keeping your positive attitude. Sending love. See you again soon!

DJan said...

I've seen way more bunnies around here this year, too. Your planters are looking just great! :-)

DVArtist said...

I love reading your posts. I am sorry you have to go through the infusions. I know it takes a lot out of you. You sound good though. To keep the rabbits off the wood of your planter; put some moth balls in water and let it set for a day. The put the water into a spray bottle and just spray around the planters. I have some other concoctions too if your are interested. I love the planters and all the beautiful flowers. Wow a yellow headed black bird. I have never seen one before. Wishing you the best day.

Divers and Sundry said...

Those pretty pink clouds :) and your patio flowers! Nice blooms. Yesterday and today are cooler here than it has been -highs in the upper 80s instead of the upper 90s. I saw a cottontail at the Botanic Gardens yesterday and thought of you :) That yellow-headed bird is striking, isn't it! I notice the new season of Endeavor has started, but I'll wait til all the episodes are out.

I hope the coming week is a joy for you {hug}

Far Side of Fifty said...

Those are some cute bunnies!! Should keep Annie entertained for sure! Hope you have a real good week!!

Anvilcloud said...

Ooh . . . that yellow-headed bird. We don't have them here.

Your flower boxes are doing really well.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Late is no longer my middle name, but my first name! I;m actually having a horrible time with blogger, but still . . . .

I have bunnies AND squirrels that are eating away in my herb garden. I love your planters. They are stunning and beautiful. I've never seen a yellow headed bird before.

I don't get Murdock Mysteries, so you are lucky. I haven;t seen any of the Endeavour mysteries, but I have Passport, so I'm not worried. I can watch them all any time I choose.

Hope you survive the new heat we are having in the midwest, dear.

Janie Junebug said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I don't have any rabbits around to nibble on my flowers, so Penelope pretends she's a rabbit and eats flowers. She and Franklin have managed to kill a number of plants/flowers. Ian is 8! Where did the time go? I know how you love the boys. What a joy they are.


Jeanie said...

Your flowers are looking great and I adore the bunnies. What an uplifting post. (And isn't "Midwife" the best? And I love "Endeavour," too!)

Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful blog