Monday, December 12, 2022

December 12, 2022 Monday--2:15am

 Good middle-of-the-night, I guess.  I see by the times I've posted that my life has been like this now for over a month.  Questionable that I will make it in to the clinic this Friday, either--but we'll see.  Only time will tell, as they say.

I've been working on Christmas cards all week.  I think I only have about half a dozen I should have the rest out this week.  At least something is going well in my life, eh?  LOL!  

It has snowed a little more.
I got laundry done Tuesday and am still putting it away little by little.  Been that kind of week.   

Had a new visitor to the Critter Cafe this week. 
A blue jay!
It has returned several days to grab all the peanuts in the seed mix--LOL!
I figured out how to sign my lease online.  Too sick to make it down to the office.  Turns out my rent is going up $30 a month.  I haven't heard anything back through this online portal thingie.  Hope it worked okay.  I'm sure I'll hear from them if it didn't.

Sparrows and the partridges are here every day.
Leah and the boys dropped off groceries for me Thursday afternoon.  Dagan stopped by after work on Thursday, too, to bring out my trash and haul some donations to the garage.  He was starting to get sick now, too.

I cancelled my infusion on Friday.  They made me another appointment for this coming Friday.  Whether I can make it or not remains to be seen.  There's been some improvement but still have diarrhea without who knows.  But by Thursday again I will have to decide.

Meanwhile--Leah and the boys have been feeling better.  Trent, their friend, made it over this past weekend to start on the building of the apartment!!  Step one (well, besides having to empty the basement--which is nearly done) was to re-make this wall in the maintenance room under the stairs into a half wall so that my washer and dryer can be tucked under there.

And they got it finished!
So this is where my washer and dryer will go.
Next Leah is going to make an appointment for the floor to be cleaned, polished, stained, and sealed.  We picked a walnut brown color.  :)

Exciting news!!
Construction has officially begun!!

Been another rough week.  I am seeing small bits of improvement.  It is up in the air as to whether I will have Keanna come to clean on Tuesday.  Remains a no thus far.  Waiting to see how today goes.  (Honestly...doubtful.)

I have started watching A Touch of Frost.  Many seasons to keep me busy.  I think I am about to end season three.  Also watching Doc Martin with many seasons.  Am about to start season 6 where I think he is supposed to get married (finally--lol!).  I was crushed when his aunt died.  I loved her character!  

So, mostly was a week of binge watching those two shows & YT videos, sleeping randomly around the clock, and working on Christmas cards.  Hoping for better days this coming week.  I have seen a little improvement, at least--so, heading in the right direction.  I'll take it!  

Oh, and I am not fasting anymore.  Not all that hungry, but not fasting.  Drinking lots of fluids.  Hanging out with Allie.  Ignoring the purging mess around me--LOL!  Did a little bit of puttering, but not much.  Waiting to see if we get another snowstorm today through Wednesday.  I'm doing okay.  Only about half a dozen Christmas cards left that get that's farther than I expected.  :) :)

Well, as I get pictures or videos of the apartment in progress you will see them on the blog, too!  Leah and I were texting back and forth about accent wall colors this weekend.  Seems more real now that they have started the actual work, you know?  The sawing and hammering has begun.  The floor will be done.  I am so happy to have this to focus on.  Helps a lot through these rougher times.  Whoohoo!

I plan to just rest and heal this week.  Been doing that and it is starting to work.  ;)  Have a great week, my friends.  Till next time...  


David M. Gascoigne, said...

It's always encouraging when the construction gets underway in earnest. Hopefully they will keep at it until it's done.

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Rita. Sorry that you still aren't feeling well, but if you feel like you have even small improvements, that is good. So glad to see that actual construction has begun on your new apartment. I hope this coming week is better than last. See you again soon!

DJan said...

It does sound like you are a little better, even if the diarrhea still comes and goes. I know how hard it would make my life if I had that complication! But for now, my days are pretty much back to normal. I miss my yoga studio, but I hope to find another during the winter months. :-)

Anvilcloud said...

I am glad that you have a little Frost to keep you warm — so to speak. 😀

Doc Martin is a nice program as well. We are watching the last season, and this is it for the good doctor. The Christmas special, which will be the very last airing, hasn’t appeared yet.

Sorry about the construal heath problems, but it’s nice to see your flat beginning to take shape.

Divers and Sundry said...

I've started sleeping better but never fall asleep before 3, so I'll join your middle of the night wakeful party *sigh* I've started re-watching Endeavor in the night. I usually go to sleep with it on. Your Christmas cards look pretty :)

All that snow! We're getting rain and more rain with highs in the upper 50s. Blue jays are such fun to watch. We put out peanuts in the shell for them.

That's a big rent increase :( I wish they could get that diarrhea fixed. I'm glad your family is feeling better. Hoorah on the construction progress!

Frost is one of my all-time favorites. I re-watched it recently.

I trust this week will be easier on you.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Progress is good on your apt!! I hope you can get your infusion this week, yes the weather sounds icy and snowy...icy this morning here when we stocked up on groceries. Hope you have a good week:)

AliceKay said...

It sounds like you're feeling a little better. I hope that continues so you're able to get that infusion on Friday.

It must be so exciting to see the apartment area beginning to take shape. Here's hoping there are no problems in the construction time table. That tends to happen in construction.

A $30 increase in rent sounds high, but with today's prices, it's not as bad as some folks are facing around here. Things just aren't getting any easier.

Thank you for the Christmas card. It arrived in the mail the other day.

I hope the rest of your week goes well. *hugs*

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The construction start was great to see, Rita, but reading about the rent increase was not. Ours went up as well last year, and we have the option to sign a 2-year lease which we have always taken. It keeps the wolf at bay for a bit longer so to speak. But, the monthly costs are also increasing and electricity is the biggest as well as grocery costs, which we all know. It’s good that you are treating yourself to lots of rest, although the fasting doesn’t seem that good, but if it’s helping you then you know best. Our decorating is done and posted about, card writing is winding down and now comes a bit of cookie baking, much to Grenville’s delight

Jeanie said...

I think seeing the construction get underway had to be the medicine you needed this week. I'm sorry you're still making far too many trips to the bathroom and hope it eases so you can get back on schedule for your treatments. It sounds like things are moving along on a good schedule and I suspect now that it has started, things will move along rather fast! I'm glad the family is starting to feel better and hope you do too!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Just dropped by tried to read got a headache, gave up and looked at the photos instead

Unknown said...

I'm so excited for you that construction has begun!! Hope everything goes ahead of schedule so you can make the move soon. That will be so nice for you all to be close to one another. There will be so many good memories created with you right by your grandsons...and close to your son and daughter-in-law. They have been incredibly supportive. Your Christmas cards look beautiful! It looks like it has been very busy at the patio this week with all the birds. We get blue jays here and they grab the peanuts as well.

Janie Junebug said...

Before Thanksgiving I mailed a couple of fancy handmade (not made by me) Christmas cards that went in padded envelopes. Then on Monday I mailed other cards, about 15 total. Only yours had a letter. I was thinking about the cards I used to mail. So many of the people have died, or I've lost touch with them. We've made it all the way to Thursday, so I'm wondering how you feel now. You said Leah will have the floor stained and sealed. Will that be for your entire area, or will you have parts with carpet? I'm concerned that you'll have a cold floor during the winter. Can you keep your infusion appointment tomorrow? How is Dagan?