Monday, February 12, 2024

February 12, 2024 Monday-5am

Good Morning!

Well, plans changed on my priority list.   Since Leah was getting worse and was sicker than anyone else in the house and couldn't make it to work on Monday she went to the walk-in clinic Tuesday morning and discovered she had covid for the second time.  They took the boys out of school and Dagan came home from work.  Nobody else tested positive.  Since she had been here and cut my hair on Thursday and she started getting noticeably sicker on Friday I tested myself, too.  Negative.  

Both Dagan and Leah can work from home, but Leah was too miserable to do that for a couple of days.  I think they are all going to be back at work and school today now.  But--meanwhile--Valentine's Day was descending upon the grade school whether Leah was sick or not--lol!  So, plans changed. :)

Those of you who have been around a long time would have seen the Valentine's Day heart crayons Leah and Ian made...was it four years ago?  Before covid, anyways.  I thought they were the most unique Valentines I had ever seen.
Before Leah got really sick she had found some of the leftover envelopes from back then that Ian had used.  He wanted to do the crayon hearts that had been her come over and die cut out more envelopes for Ian and Liam.
Ian was fine with keeping to the pastel-colored ones he already had.  Liam wanted yellow envelopes.  Current favorite color, I think. ;)  Luckily, I hadn't packed away any of my cardstock, so I had enough pastel cardstock for the rest of Ian's.  
Between Leah and I we had enough shades of yellows for Liam's.  
I located the die set and... started cutting out Ian's envelopes.
But the die was getting so rough that the paper stuck and was hard to remove.  Any of you crafters who do die cutting will know how that can happen.  As you can see on the purple one that it was getting so difficult that it was starting to tear the paper.
Searched around but I either had packed away what little bit of waxed paper I had left or had used it up.  Turned out I needed not only Leah's yellow cardstock but also some waxed paper.  (If you run the die through a couple of times cutting waxed paper it puts just enough wax on the die to help the die release the paper least for a few times--lol!)  So Dagan was sent off--masked--to pick up some wax paper and bring it to me along with her yellow cardstock.

This is what the die plate looked like before I even started cutting Liam's 24 envelopes--lol!  This plate got tossed after I finished.  You crafters know why it's always good to have extra sets of plates on hand.  ;)  
Also--to be on the safe side because of the covid I cancelled Keanna for cleaning on Tuesday and Leah cancelled the plumbers for Wednesday.  Now the plumbers will be starting on Monday the 19th and Keanna will just come in two weeks like normal.

Meanwhile--I had to take a picture of this!  So silly!  That one bottle of fountain pen ink was all that was in this big Amazon box!  No padding of any kind--nothing.  Good thing it was wrapped well with bubble wrap.   
None of any of this mattered to Allie.  She just wants her food, litter box scooped, cuddling when she is in the mood, and for me to feed the birds for her--lol!
I managed to locate on my laptop (rarely ever go "inside" of it-lol!) the card that goes inside of the Valentine envelopes where Leah had stored it...
... and printed off what they needed.  They use rolled up washi tape to attach the heart crayons to these cards.
I also sent home with Dagan some plain washi tapes for the boys to have.
I find I rarely ever use my plain washi tapes.  I use printed ones to decorate paper for letters but never seem to go for the plain ones.  The boys will gladly use these up, she said.  I have some more for them, too, after they do.

Could tell the birds knew bad weather was coming.  Windy, drizzle turning to ice and then snow on top of that.  I put out extra food because they come more often and gobble it down.
I was thinking how smart some animals can be.  As soon as these partridges can scrounge around to eat what they normally would eat (whatever they find in the brown grass and dead weeds in the fields) they go eat that before they come for a handout.  Probably healthier for them.  But as soon as it gets really cold where they need more fuel to stay warm or it snows or there's an ice storm...they are here several times a day.  I can go from a cup or two of seed a day to eight or ten cups a day.  This being such a generally brown winter, they mostly came when it was below freezing for so long and when we had ice.  Even with the little snow you see on the lawn--they will dig with their feet and beaks to get to the grass.  If I toss seed out on to the grass they will go out on the lawn to hunt down the seed out there first before they come to eat so easily right there on the patio.  I have tested that theory out--lol!  Smart partridges.  
Anyways, they kind of warn me before I even check the weather--lol!  Yup--we had ice to snow again.
I must say the flock of 30-40 sparrows/small birds are great opportunists, though, and will come all year round if you want to feed them--lol!  They are quite charming...and flighty nervous.  (We do have some kind of small hawk around here I see occasionally.)
While I finished cutting the envelopes, Allie was on "her" chair.  It wasn't a one-off.  See her ears are back from being disturbed.  How did she know I was silently taking a picture of her?  Psychic?  
Miss Allie has apparently gotten used to these wood pellets being mixed into her litter.  Has at least started to bury her business again, anyways.  But in different spots and not all at one end of the box like she always has done.  She might be just looking for a new spot without the lumps--ROFL!  Good luck, Allie. ;)
I really hope this will work and we can switch her over to the hardwood pellets before we move.
This huge bag is so much less expensive than the bags of kitty litter.  But it must feel so weird to them on their little feet--lol!  Blink switched over no problem.  But Blink was a lot younger.  We'll see how it goes with Allie.
Well, luckily Ian already had his bookboard fair at school before covid happened.  This was his poster...
...from this book titled What Kind of Book Am I?  
He decorated a shirt to wear with it for the fair.
His bookboard all finished.  This was taken up in their schoolroom at home.
And here he is at the bookboard fair in the gym.  Nice job, Ian!
They also spent time up in their old schoolroom working on their Valentine's boxes.  (Note: those bookcases that go around the corner and along the wall are the same Billy bookcases I will have on one side of my studio when I move.)
Here they are working on addressing and signing all those Valentine's.
Leah had a brilliant idea!  She used some washi tape to create lines for the boys to follow on their envelopes.
Since it is washi tape it peels right off easily when they were done.  The boys really appreciated having lines to follow.

The crayon hearts are so cute!

Here's one taped to that inside card.
They make them by using some silicone candy molds.
They break up crayons into pieces and put them into the molds.  Then they put the molds on a tray and put them into the oven to melt them down.  When they are cooled off they just pop them out.  Easy peasy!

Leah forgot to get a picture of the finished Valentines or their Valentine boxes.  She's still not feeling great but maybe she can get them for next week...for posterity. ;)  That's kind of my entire blog--like a letter with pictures--for posterity--lol!

So now this week--the priority is working on the birthday cards--lol!  Life is slow in my world.  But it is such a nice place to be.  Allie and I say bye-bye for this week.  Till next time.  Thank you so very much for stopping by!!  :)


David M. Gascoigne, said...

COVID once is not fair, twice is a gross injustice. Thanks for taking such good care of the partridges; they will miss you when you move.

DJan said...

So sorry to hear Leah is sick with covid, but I sure do hope everyone else is spared. You do such a great job with crafts for you and the boys, I am always impressed with your ability to figure out what to do when things don't work. :-)

Anvilcloud said...

I think it is impossible to sneak up on a cat for a picture. Sue tried just this morning, but the head was lifted and the picture was missed or at least messed.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

My daughter and granddaughters have had Covid 2 or 3 times, thankfully it was only like a bad cold. Some people get it very bad other's barely know they have it

Deb J. in Utah said...

Those crayon valentines are darling - such a fun idea. Glad to hear that Leah is on the mend. Covid is not fun. So glad no one else in the family, especially YOU, ended up with it. Have a good week!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

So sorry to read about Leah. It's good your test was negative.

I love those heart valentines. I also made some from crayons for the next door neighbors. I put mine in the craft toaster oven and they work perfectly. Theirs are amazing.

Thanks for telling us about waxed paper. I never would have considered it when my dies get hard to cut. Hope you and Allie have a great week, dear Rita.

Janie Junebug said...

Those Valentines are adorable. I remember when Leah and Ian worked on that project during pre-COVID times. How the world has changed because of that awful virus. It's so nice that you could prepare the envelopes. Allie looks sweet, as usual. Princess is standing at her toy basket, getting out some of the toys she hasn't played with in a while. We've had some days in the 70s and even 80 something, so she's shedding but tomorrow the high will only be 60. Her fur doesn't know what to do. I hope Leah has recovered completely. She shouldn't return to work and wear herself out unless she really feels better. I'm glad the rest of you haven't gotten sick.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Glad you tested negative! Poor Leah being so sick. Those hearts are so cute I always loved the idea of melting crayons into something cute and useful. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am still exhausted but will be back to blogging soon I think.

Jeanie said...

Wow -- bad news on Leah. Glad she's a bit improving but I hope the rest of the family and you continue to be negative. Those crayon hearts are cute and how fun to have creative time with the boys! I never thought of that for crayons. I might have to try it with my monkeys! Love the Allie pix and hope the new litter habits continue!

Jim and Barb's Adventures said...

Those birds certainly appreciate you on a cold winters day!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Good news and bad news in this post, Rita, of course the bad being that Leah was so sick and the good being that no one else contracted covid again and also that she is feeling better. You did receive more snow recently than we did in NH, even though several inches had been forecast we only received a dusting. Seems those partridges are good weather forecasters.

Glad you were able to find some supplies for the boys and the crayon hearts looked great. I wonder if any recipients actually use them for coloring or if they are just decorative.