Monday, February 26, 2024

February 26, 2024 Monday--5am

Good morning!

If it is a sunny one, I hope you are enjoying it as much as Miss Allie is.  

She's my chunky monkey!  Karma was a fat cat, too.  I had one other chunky cat years ago whose name was Chakra.  Chakra and Allie refused/refuse to eat anything but dry cat food.  No canned food or people food, either.  Miss Karma ate both dry and canned cat foods and a very tiny little select bit of people food.  They never seemed to eat in excess.  Probably genetics.  Some of us are born to be chunky.  Like me--lol!

Anyways, Monday was Presidents Day.  Dagan and Leah were off work and the boys were off school, so they did some grocery shopping while the plumbers were working at the house.  Liam had an appointment with his speech therapist in the afternoon.  They asked Ian if he wanted to stay here with me.  Yes!  So Ian and I had a few hours of a Gramma Day!!  He showed me how he could draw 2D shapes vs 3D shapes.  I let him try out some mechanical pencils and a couple types of erasers from Gramma's drawing supplies.  We measured my apartment in comparison to my new one.  (Tape measures are such fun for boys but scare cats--lol!)  Finally Ian introduced me to a new cartoon show he likes where the kids have dragons.  Was a fun afternoon!

 Tuesday Keanna came to clean.  I did more cooking and baking and laundry.  But every day I have been up at the table and this wasn't a one-off for Allie!
Allie is up next to me every day.
Totally relaxed and sawing logs after while.
Happy cat.  Happy house. ;)
Something has been making a nest in one of my planters.  Pretty good sized.  A partridge?  A rabbit?  I'm kind of thinking a rabbit.  But it could be the two partridges I still see coming to eat, I suppose.  If they are brave enough to try to spend the night here. 
I've only caught a glimpse of the two partridges together.  As you may have noticed, no pics of partridges the past couple of weeks.  I am kind of afraid they are off nesting somewhere.  I've not seen the bigger covey of six.  Only the two that come together.  Last year there were the two that came all the time and never disappeared to nest.  I figured they were kind of the left-overs--lol!  Two boys or two girls that didn't have mates.  I only see the two come, but one of them is the limper so I know it is the same two.  

They very often are coming when it is too dark to get pictures anymore.  I hope they don't all think it is spring and are off nesting in February!  Who knows?  And it is always possible with this crazy spring weather that they could be right and I am wrong...but I think we could still have snow any old time.  Not sure how things are supposed to go in a brown winter with no snow to speak of.

The plumbers were there working for three days and they were done, too!  Well, like the electricians, as done as they can be before the drywall is finished.  Then they'll be coming back to finish things off...both the electricians and the plumber/HVAC folks.

I have some pictures.  They're nothing pretty yet, of course, but it is exciting to me to see what's been done.  This is the water hook-ups from the kitchen that run behind where the washer and dryer will go in the maintenance room/my laundry room--under the stairs.
From the other side you can see where the dryer vent is.  The cats will have to learn to go along under those pipes to get from my laundry room to their cat boxes and the rest of the house.  Will Allie be brave enough?  I know Blink will be.
My shower walls and floor are in!
Doesn't look like much yet, but I think it is very pretty fake tile.
Behind the right side of the shower--the wall that is shared with my studio.
There were all kinds of pictures of stuff in the ceiling--lol!  Metal tubes, silver crinkly tubes...
...white tubes, grey tubes...
...and vents.
This shot is from the living room looking at the wall where the kitchenette will be.  The doorway to the left will be my apartment door.  The doorway to the right goes into the maintenance/laundry room.  The washer and dryer will be tucked under the stairs. 
So--lots getting done.  Next will be the drywall people, I think.  I haven't heard from Leah about when they might be scheduled.  We're working around the dates we just got for Dagan's pacemaker replacement surgery (March 11-12) down in Minneapolis.  They decided to just do the replacement and not the open-heart surgery to replace the leads and move his pacemaker pocket to his chest.  Glad.

Dagan hasn't had major heart surgery for like 30 years!  Pacemaker replacements and minor surgery, but no open-heart surgery.  Since it is kind of a mystery to his cardiologists as to why he has done so well all this time (was never expected to live in the first place--lol!)...well, kind of feels good to leave well enough alone for as long as possible, you know?

He got his first pacemaker when he was about 12 after a life-saving surgery that his heart wasn't crazy about cooperating with how they had altered it once again. Barely beating at all--too weak and tired to sit up.  So, he had another surgery to have a pacemaker installed.  He was so young that they couldn't put it under the skin on his chest.  They had to put the pocket down under his rib cage in his abdomen--where it's been ever since.  

Those two surgeries really did change his life!  He'd never been well more than two months in a row for 12 years.  He got to be more like a regular kid after that.  (Not that I didn't treat him like one.)  But after the pacemaker when he ran a fever...he just ran a fever.  He didn't turn blue/gray and become semi-conscious (because he went into crazy arrythmias) until I could get his fever down.  We'd laugh about how much easier it was for him to be sick when he did get sick after that.  He could go months and months without catching something or another.  Usually respiratory illnesses.  It was a whole new world.

His last pacemaker replacement was only about two years ago, but his battery is dying already.  Pacemakers usually last more like 8-10 years.  Which means the leads are probably getting old and shot.  And when they cut his pacemaker pocket open last time there was so much scar tissue...he didn't even bleed.  Which is why they will need to move the pacemaker pocket to his chest one day.  They didn't think that cut would heal up last time, but it did.  We're hoping they can super glue him back together this time, too.  

So...any good wishes or prayers in Dagan's direction would be appreciated.  If anyone is a proponent of prayer and healing thoughts and energy sent, I am.  Dagan is living proof.  (I think recently I may even be living proof, for that matter--thank you all.)  We are hoping everything will go smoothly...and maybe this pacemaker will last longer than they expect.  

Anyways, meanwhile...

You'll laugh!  Best laid plans...again.  I keep thinking I am going to get finished with the birthday cards...well, I did get the envelopes all stamped and addressed, but still don't have the cards colored.  So they are still not finished--lol!  Other projects keep bumping them down on my to-do list.  You know my to-do list has to be pretty short and I have to reevaluate priorities every day.  Well, since I can now get up to the table for a length of time every day...reorganizing my rollie carts jumped up higher on the list.
I've been moving letter writing and journaling supplies over on to these two rollie carts off the kitchen.  Doing things like testing all these old VersaMagic chalk ink pads was one of them I just finished on Sunday.  They used to fill this container, but a lot of the ones I used most often and the lighter ones were too dried up.  No refill inks for these little cats-eye pads, either.  
They are the best for stamping in letters and journals because they don't bleed through the paper.  I bought them years before Covid and cancer--and they haven't been touched for probably close to four years.  Let's say these do still work.  But the ones that work the best are the darkest colors.  I have a feeling more of them will be tossed as actually try to use them (out of frustration--lol!) but I was trying to save as many as I could.  Actually was surprised any of them still worked, to be honest.

Little projects like that are what I have spent the week doing with any energy I have for "extras".  Another one this week was making beef soup/stew in the crock pot again.  (One of my favorites.) 
Allie has been wanting more time with me whenever I AM over in my chair now--ROFL!
And I am delighted that Allie is conked out next to me while I am typing here at the table.
OMGoodness!  Just looked on my phone.  Predicted to be 61 degrees today--and snow showers tomorrow morning!  Could get an inch of snow.  What did I tell you--lol!  Says will stay cold through Wednesday (below freezing) and then back into the 50s by Thursday!  Just bizarre!  

Anyways, have a really good week wherever you are and whatever the weather.  

Just...thank you.  Thank you. :)


CrystalChick said...

I sure do believe in all the things... good wishes, prayers, healing thoughts and energies being helpful and I will send some out for Dagan!

I have two rolling carts filled with paint. It'll be time soon to go thru them and discard what's dried out or too lumpy to still use. Didn't have nearly as many ink pads as you, but, some of mine had to be thrown out as well. I don't stamp as much anymore though. Instead, I've been using my paper punches for various shapes and that seems to be what I most use now. Of course, still like to have some of all the things just in case I want to get back to this or that. lol

Sweet kitty photos!

DJan said...

The work is going very well in the new place, it seems. Thanks for all the pictures! And all the Allie ones, too. She is quite roly poly, isn't she? And seems pretty happy, too. And I will definitely add Dagan to my prayer list, along with you, of course. Hugs and blessings to you!

jinxxxygirl said...

Hi Rita!!! Good thoughts and wishes flying your way for Dagan... I'm always so glad to hear that you are doing well too.. Allie probably knows something is going on with your move and just to be close to you is a comfort.. In the middle of writing you a snail mail! Hugs! deb

Anvilcloud said...

Lacey always wanted to eat canned, but it took us forever to find the right combination to satisfy her palate. First: it has to be seafood. Second: it must be pate and must not have chewy chunks. Cats, eh? 😊

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Time spent with our grandchildren is special time, more so as they get older and the time spent with them decreases, I love that it is me that tends to Sam in the mornings it is our special one on one time.

So much work being done on what is a big job but it will be worth it in the end.

I am pleased Dagan doesn't need more major heart surery and I pray all goes well with the pacemaker upgrade, how wonderful that we have these devices that save lives.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your new apartment is coming along nicely! Best of luck to Dagan when he goes to the cities!

Janie Junebug said...

I'm sending positive thoughts and energy to Dagan and will continue to do so. I will visualize everything going perfectly. Allie has such a sweet little face. She is kind of chunky. Woo-hoo for plumbing! It's so exciting to see real progress.


Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Rita! Wow, a lot of progress is being made on your apartment. I know you are excited by each step in the process. I will be praying for Dagan and will also get his name on our church prayer roll. I hope you have a good week! See you again soon!

Jim and Barb's Adventures said...

Any progress is good progress, it is good to see the plumbing progress. The drywall will change everything! Cannot wait to see those pictures!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Good wishes and thoughts for Dagan. It's amazing he is so healthy, when he wasn't expected to live.

Enjoyed seeing the plumbing as it gets finished. Nice update.

Have a bit of sun shining through and that's where you'll find your cat (grin). Loved seeing Allie. Nice you had a good Gramma Day, too.

Have a super rest of the week, dear. Sorry to be late visiting.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

First, sending all good thoughts to Dagan for the upcoming procedure and both he and you have done better than expected and I am sure will continue to do so!

Glad to see all the progress being made on the apartment, which is really moving along now and it will be great to see it when the drywall is all done too.

Sounds like you had a great gramma day with Ian.

Jeanie said...

How exciting that the apartment is moving along so well. You must be so excited! And lucky you having a Gramma day. Sounds super fun. Allie is in her element -- lovely photos.

I'm so glad they an do the replacement and not the open heart surgery on Dagan. I'm sure you'll be relieved when it is over but it's nice having a "mystery kid" who has avoided those surgeries for all that time. All good wishes and prayers and healing energy is being sent his way.

We're getting your weather yesterday and today. We were in the 70s and temps dropping to the 20s today!

DVArtist said...

Wow you shower is going to be fabulous. I would so love to get rid of my tub/shower and put in a nice walk in shower. However, I rent so that is not going to happen. LOL Yes, your kittie is a chunker for sure, but seems quite happy. Sorry about Dagan and the heart surgery. Prayers and healing energy sent to him. Have a wonderful day today.

Victoria Zigler said...

Weather has been crazy here too. We had sleet that was almost snow yesterday.

Looks like Allie is one content kitty.

That's great you and Ian were able to have a Grandma day.

Everything seems to be coming together nicely with the new apartment. Hope that keeps being the case.

Sending positive thoughts for Dagan. Hope the pacemaker keeps working for longer than anticipated.

Sorry I don't comment much these days. I try and read your posts as often as I can, but don't always feel up to it, and even less frequently feel up to commenting.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh Dear Rita! I've had to have another catch up! Glad you evaded Covid and other infections too! Loved seeing the boys with their boxes! They're both growing up so quickly, The work is coming on well - I'm sure it will get more exciting as time goes on! Seeing Allie so relaxed is a treat. I visit a sick friend every week and her cat has a hammock attached to the radiator. Praying that Dagan's pacemaker change goes well - not long to wait now! The weather here is picking up a bit and it stays reasonably light until around 6pm, Thanks for all of your lovely comments on my blog, hugs Chrisx