Thursday, June 02, 2011


Sunrise on the prairie.
A little sunbathing on the porch rug for Karma...
...who sat up wondering if I was coming out to read yet. ;)
I did read a little out there early in the morning--until the wind picked up. It's 70 degrees right now and has clouded over. Thunderstorms are on their way, I guess. Been a nice morning, tho.
I got the cutest card from Iggy!! How To Live is the name of the company. (This was so cute I had to go look them her up online.)
click to embiggen
Thanks so much! You made my day, Iggy!!! :):)
My little sister kindly went and took spring pictures of the old cottonwood tree, too! This is from one direction. It's the big tree next to that closest parked car in front of the grey house.
And here are some shots from down the other side of the street.
Everything is so pretty and green now!
Hard to believe I can remember when it was all sand and mud--totally barren and naked land in the entire housing development. Amazing what 55 years will do. Nature is miraculous in how, given enough time, it will thrive even where we have bulldozed it down to nothing.
Dagan and Leah didn't come over last night. Leah's oldest sister called a sibling meeting to discuss their mom. Vicky's got hospice coming every day and is on morphine now. My friend, Ruby, and I postponed her visit till later in the summer. My prayers are with them all.
Meanwhile, it's too windy on the porch for Karma and I this afternoon. She's sleeping by the open porch door, tho--closer to the wall where there's less wind. She's no dummy--hehe! And I'm going to settle in and watch the second DVD of Justified-Season One.
Hope you've been having a good week. Karma and I have been on the lazy side, but it's been a sweet week for us--even counting the tornado flash backs--ROFL!! :) :)
"How many times have you noticed that it's the little quiet moments in the midst of life that seem to give the rest extra-special meaning?"
Mr. Fred Rogers


  1. Holy mackerals!! Look at the size of that tree!!!! I want to hug it!!!!

    :) I love how baleful Karma's eyes's as if she is saying, "Read me something good will you?"

    ...and you are welcome about the have made my day with several that you have sent me... and I wanted you to know that.

  2. What a CUTE card!! It makes me think of SARK.

    WOW...that tree is MASSIVE!!! It's beautiful!

    I'm so sorry to hear about (((Leah's Mum))). My thoughts and prayers are with them too. Special hugs for (((Leah))).

  3. Karma's a smart kitty.

    Iggy always knows how to put a smile on someone's face!

    Yep, Nature is pretty good at healing the damage we humans insist on inflicting on it/her.

    And, I really like the quote!

  4. Iggy--You sure can't get your arms all the way around that tree, but it is a good one to hug, I know. ;)
    Karma likes to sit between my feet on the ottoman out on the porch while I read, so I think you are a cat mind reader--LOL!
    You're welcome, Sweetie! You bring smiles to so many people--I'm just glad to be included and to return the favor, my friend. :):)

    Serena--SARK? I wonder if I can google that?
    I'm glad you can actually see how massive that tree has grown. I think having a car next to it really helped with perspective this time. It has two main trunks--five main huge branches. I was so glad the tornadoes in the Twin Cities didn't do any damage to her. :)
    They're not expecting it to be too much longer for Leah's mom. I hope things at least go smoothly.

    Tori--Given time--and we CAN help things along with planting--good old Mother Nature can rejuvenate herself in a few decades. It is truly miraculous when you think about it.
    Yes, Iggy is truly a bright light on a dark day! :):)

  5. That's one thing I love about the western US. Those massive Cottonwoods. We have a few on the ranch. I'm now inspired to take some photos of them. Have a grat day Rita. Hugs to Karma. Terah

  6. Yes, it is amazing! :)

  7. Terah--That's the house I grew up in that was in the family until about ten years ago or so. I love that tree because it was a wild sapling next to the house that I convinced my dad to rescue and replant when I was five. I nurtured it with glasses of water and protected it when Dad mowed the lawn. That was 55 years ago--hehe! I love that Dad and I planted it together and the wildness of it. It came from the prairie and wasn't one of the tamer tree from the local nursery. ;) I'd love to see pictures of your massive cottonwoods!!! Yay!! Bring it! :):)

  8. Anonymous5:37 PM

    So sorry about Leahs Mom I know that is tough. That picture of the sky is very pretty. I love the card Iggy sent you it is so pretty and the reading is wonderful thanks for sharing it :o)

  9. Lynn--Thanks. I think death is always hardest on the living.
    Iggy's card was such a hoot! Just a big bright spot in my day. :):)


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