Wednesday, June 01, 2011


This morning there was sun on the porch where Karma caught some rays...
...and listened to the birds singing.
We've had the usual cloudy days...
...with an occasional peek of sun since I last wrote.
Monday night rain misting me from the fan rocking in the bedroom window and the dryer vent slamming violently against the building woke me from a dead sleep at around 8:30pm. The building was shaking, lights were flickering, wind roared like thunder, the sky looked green...I shoved Karma in her stroller and rolled her into the bathroom (only room without windows). Grabbed rubber soled shoes, my robe, my bag, water thermos, camera, phone, laptop, and a chair. The sirens went off.
Dagan called me from their basement. (They knew my days and nights were flipped and I might be sleeping.) Karma and I waited it out in our bathroom. Dagan and Leah were down in their laundry room with Sammy and Annie. (Another reason I am falling in love with cell phones.) Annie had been a poop and ran to hide under the bed...trying to bite and scratched Leah I guess. Next time they'll just chase her downstairs--LOL!
We're all okay. But it was a doozy of a storm--long storm front with high winds, hail, and tornadoes. Caroline emailed me yesterday and had to switch to this afternoon to come and clean because the clients couldn't go their worksite because they still didn't have electricity yesterday. A cold front moved in after the storm. Back to 50s yesterday. Today it's sunny and peaceful. ;) Might reach the 70s.
Besides that--LOL!--since I last posted I have been working a little on the birthday cards...
...coloring the bases of the cupcakes. All done with that step now.
I made a recycled wedding reception card for my brother's oldest boy.
We can't make it down to the Twin Cities for it, but Dagan, Leah, and I will send a card. :)
I took pictures of Dagan and Leah's furbabies when I went back on Monday morning. They are funny...take turns eating. First Sammy ate some...
...while Annie waited.
Annie took a turn--and then they started over. Did this about three times each. So funny. I guess they don't really like to be at the bowl at the same time.
I get my tree fix when I go over to their place!
They have the nicest view of the woods and a little river is right behind those trees. More like a creek where they live.
This blossoming bush is right outside their living room window.
I have no idea what it is, but it is loaded with all these reddish-pink flowers. Very pretty!
Well--the internet and I haven't been the best of friends lately. I have still had some trouble posting comments on various blogs and had trouble posting my own blog last time (hope none this time). Also have had trouble replying to comments on my own youtube account? Arg! So, if you haven't gotten a comment from me lately on your blog or a reply to your youtube comment, I have probably read it but wasn't allowed to post a comment or reply. Blogger has been touchy ever since the 2-day meltdown. Youtube has done this to me a couple times in the past--not letting me reply to comments on my videos. So random! I apologize. When it works, it works. I doubt I'll go back and try to repost. Sorry. Should be better soon, I hope. In the meantime, I am copying this whole post this time before I try to upload it. Fool me once...LOL!!
I'm getting back toward being on days. Dagan and Leah are coming over tonight if I am awake enough--been up since 3am and I'll email them later. Just washing clothes, listening to the birds, and glad I never lost my electricity. The porch must be dry if Karma is laying out there. Might have to grab a book and read in between folding and hanging clothes. ;)
Have a glorious day!! :):)
"It is in the shelter of each other that people live."
Irish Proverb


Furry Bottoms said...

Can I join you there, Karma?

Parsley said...

You are making some really cute card creations. Cupcakes are so least I think so.

Karma sunbathing...ahh...and the new to me furbabies are precious.

Intense Guy said...


I'm glad your weather settled down some - and you got to Leah and Dagan's place. I can see why that row of trees and creek they have would "call to you" - and such a pretty "bush/flower".

The "celebrate" card looks really nice.

Gives Karma a "scritch" on the top of her head.

Desiree said...

:) I love all those clouds myself. We had some pretty bad storms last week. Lost internet and everything, that does not always happen, so it was indeed bad! :D But thankfully indeed we all made it and no damage.

I got I Am Number Four today! Going to watch it Friday when the hubs and I are off work.

~Be Blessed~

Deanna said...

You have a weather cat! You know it is safely dry on the porch if Karma goes out. Too funny.

I'm glad those storms were only scary and not deadly. There has been too much of that going around these days.

That celebrate card is really nice. I wish I knew calligraphy like you do. Your handwriting is exquisite.


AliceKay said...

Karma looks like she's enjoying that sunshine. :)

I was concerned about you when I heard there were tornado warnings out for the Fargo area. I'm glad everyone is okay. There is a tornado warning for some counties to my southeast until 8PM tonight. I'm hoping we don't get that up here again tonight.

The birthday cards are coming along nicely. Those cupcakes are really cute. And I liked the wedding reception card. Simple but elegant. Nice. :)

Annie and Sammy are quite the pair. LOL

Dagan and Leah live in a nice area. I have seen those kinds of bushes around but have no idea what they are. Karen has been looking for an orange colored azalea. We're going to a greenhouse on the other side of the county after I get out of work tomorrow to see if they have any.

Blogger and YouTube have been driving me crazy lately. Doesn't take much to do that to me these days. LOL

Rita said...

Nikki--Early morning sunbathing. I think she'd share with you. ;)

Parsley--Yes, I think cupcakes are rather happy. :)

Iggy--Funny how their view is closed off by trees (but I love it!) and mine is the wide open spaces (more like the prairie up here). I'll certainly give Karma a good long scritch for you. She loves her neck scratched. ;)

Desi--Glad you fared the storms as well. I would have been bummed if I lost my laptop. So used to cyberland every day anymore. ;)
I hope you and the hubby like I Am Number Four. I'd watch a sequel or two. :)

Deanna--Weather Cat--LOL! She's kind of like a weather rock--remember those? ROFL!
Yes, I don't think anybody died, but I'm not positive. Some people were injured, lots of trees and fences down--things like that. Falling trees damaging buildings and cars. I heard some places had hen egg size hail. Not too bad, tho.
Oh goodness! Thank you! That's not calligraphy--just my regular handwriting. You're so sweet! :)

AliceKay--Karma's a regular sun worshiper! LOL!
We get a lot of tornado watches up here and a few warnings (actual sightings), but this one had straight line winds of 70-80 mph that went right by my place. Brought back memories for a while there.
I hope Blogger and YouTube settle down here pretty quick.
If you see any of those kind of bushes when you and Karen are shopping at the nursery maybe you can see what the name of it is. Hope she finds her orange one.

Intense Guy said...

That shrub looks like a Red Weigela to me. You know who is a botanist? Farside of Fifty. She and her hunny had a greenhouse for years. I bet she knows what this bush is for sure!

There are all sorts of Weigela's - they come in a lot of colors.

Toriz said...

I'm glad you're all OK after the nasty storm!

LOL @ Annie and Sammy! Silly kitties! Never had that happen with any of my cats; they usually were fighting over who got to the bowls first. Had to prepare all three meals and put them down as close to the same time as was pysically possible, then they all practically did head first dives in to their bowls. If I didn't get all three bowls down quickly then they'd literally fight over the food. The only thing they'd happily share was water. Mind you, Sakura had a bit of an attitude (OK, bit is an understatement), Chance wasn't big on socializing (and I guess sharing would come under that catagory) and Megan... Well, she would just eat anything that looked like a potential snack and stayed still long enough. LOL!

Dagan and Leah's place sounds nice!

Rita said...

Iggy--I went and looked in google images and the bush does look a lot like the pictures. I don't know her enough to ask her, but I adore her blog! :)

Tori--My cats were never that polite when I had more than one, either. Sammy is always first, Dagan told me--hehe! Once we had a dozen cats in the house when we lived on a farm (had raised a litter because the mother was killed, had a litter of our own, taken in a kitten the dogs were "playing" with outside before they harassed him to death, and then we had our two house cats) and the rule was--any fighting and you got hauled up by the scruff of your neck and tossed on the porch and had to come back and eat the leftovers when everyone was done (there was plenty). They all learned to eat together, albeit tensely sometimes, except the one feisty male who growled deeply the entire time he ate and got tossed on the porch many a time--ROFL! Sammy and Annie are a bit unique in this regard, I think. ;)

Serena Lewis said...

How scary, Rita! I'm so glad you were all okay. We've seen on our news here about the tornadoes in the States. Definitely scary stuff! I love mobile/cell phones too as they give me peace of mind when it comes to my kids.

The cards look lovely! I especially like the wedding card.

How funny that Sammy and Annie take turns eating. If that was Cody and Jack, neither would leave any for the other....hence the reason they each have their own bowl. lol

I love all the greenery around Dagan and Leah's place.

The other day, I could initially sign in and view my blog but the minute I clicked on the Layout/design or New Post links, it would take me straight to the Blogger sign-in page (even though I was already signed in). No matter how many times I tried to sign in via the main Blogger sign-in page, it wouldn't let me. It just kept bringing up the main Blogger sign-in page. Yet I could close down my browser and click the my Blog link via my email account and it would automatically sign me in but it would be a repeat the above process if I tried to access the Layout or New Post links. Me thinks that Blogger is definitely having some issues.

Stay safe from those tornadoes, dear friend.

Serena xo

Toriz said...

Yeah, that sounds more like our cats. I never tossed them outside, but I did swat them on the tail end. Mind you, I only had three... Probably easier to toss them outside when there are 12 of them. LOL!

Definately seems like Sammy and Annie are unique cats. They're smart; being themselves, despite it being totally different to how others feel is the correct way to behave... Embracing their individuality and all that. LOL!

Rita said...

Serena--I usually am not too concerned over the tornado watches and warnings. I take the precautions, of course, but what are the odds of going thru that twice in your life, right? But those straight line winds were so close they gave me flashbacks. LOL! Yes. Really makes you appreciate cell phones.
Both Blogger and YouTube have been out of whack lately! I've gone to read posts or watch videos, too, and it says they've been removed or they are private? And it is highly doubtful on both counts. I copy everything before I attempt to post anything on Blogger right now. I went to post and it hadn't saved almost all of what I wrote that one time--just the pictures. And I've had it kick me out and make me sign in again--but so far I've been able to sign in. Makes me think about how much I would miss all my blogger and youtube friends. :( Let's hope they get all the kinks worked out of the system soon. :):)

Tori--I suppose Annie's normally gentle, shy side may have started it, but who knows. I agree, when you have 12 cats I had much less tolerance for bad behavior. Maybe that's why the big families with 8 or more kids usually seem so well-behaved--ROFL!! ;)

Toriz said...

Yeah, maybe. LOL!