Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yesterday, in-between rain showers, they were working on the connecting road.
Getting closer to being open, but...
...today it is 57 degrees and raining.
No paving today.
I really do wish we could send some of this down to the drought areas.
I had the strangest thing happen to my TV remote.
I accidentally pressed the button right below the power button that is marked "DVD receiver/TV" and now the remote won't work at all and I can't undo that button press for love or money.
I am hoping Dagan can fix it tonight when they come over. If not I will have to buy a universal remote. Just blows my mind that they could have a button (and right next to the power button) that could screw up your entire remote? And why can't you undo it? I've even removed the batteries overnight...nothing seems to matter. Anything I press, that button flashes for a bit and then goes dark. *sigh* I guess this means I should be very careful where I put my fingers, eh? LOL!
I don't know if you remember but last year both my tall fans died. Leah came by Friday with a couple of new ones--tada!! That Karma. If she can't lay on something new she sprawls out next to it.
It's hard to explain why I need three fans to cool off my little one-bedroom apartment, but I'll try to show you. I need one at the end of the living room down by the big windows aiming into the room...
...because they put the AC in the wall so that it faces the porch door! The cool air blows across the far end of the room and not into the room.
In order for the cooler air to make the U-shaped journey into my bedroom I have to help it along or it takes days to get in there--LOL! I have a fan at the other end of the living room up near the hallway and have that one blowing into the hallway toward the bedroom door.
And then I take the fan I use in my bedroom window and put it on the floor in my bedroom door to aim it into the room.
I know. Pretty silly, eh? But it works. I am sleeping better since I have had the house closed up and all the fans on. Even when it has been cooler (and it has been cool up here this year), the humidity has been up there almost all the time since spring. Which has led me to the discovery that the dampness could very likely be setting off my arthritis. I am never sure what makes the pain flare up (and I'm sure the humidity isn't the only thing) but I have generally had sharper pain since spring. So, now that I can get the dampness out of the apartment...well, maybe I might feel better and get more done around here. ;)
I really have been feeling a little better. Pain is less sharp. Sleeping a little better. I don't want to jinx it, but (knock on wood) I feel downright hopeful!! :):) Who'd a thunk it, eh? That the humidity would make that much difference? We'll see. Could be it was a fibro flare just getting better all on its own, of course. But I am beginning to believe that it was the arthritis all over my body that was giving me more pain than the fibro.
Sorry. Don't mean to complain about my aches and pains, but I am just excited--thinking positive. :):)
I watched the strangest claymation movie on instant Netflix yesterday. Mary and Max. It was based on a true story--made me laugh and broke my heart. The claymation is fabulously quirky (and not for kids). I wondered how I never had heard of this movie when it has Philip Seymour Hoffman and Toni Collette as the main voices? Probably because it doesn't exactly fit into any normal category? Made in Australia? Very odd friendship? Unsettling and haunting? Anyways, I will watch it again. I seldom watch a movie more than once. If you click on the title IMDB has a trailer.
Well, you'd be proud of me--maybe--ROFL! I got the car out for a spin in between showers and even burnt out some carbon, as they say, going briefly at 70mph on the freeway! Whoohoo! I start to worry about her starting--must be close to a month since I drove her last. No problem. :)
Anyways, I hope you're having a good day and it's a perfect week. :):)
"The store was closed so I went home and hugged what I own."
Brooks Palmer


  1. We're in a very humid weather pattern again. We get one day of beautiful weather..sometimes two..and then it goes right back to the rain and humidity again. I wish we could both send the rain to the places that need it. There seems to be a lot of the US in dire need for rain.

    I hope Dagan can figure out that remote for you. We have touchy cable box remotes, and one time I accidentally pushed a button I shouldn't have, and it wouldn't work, so I unplugged the cable box and presto! It worked. LOL

    I totally understand your fan placement. I have the same kind of thing here. The a/c is in the living room pointed directly to the other window across the room, so I put a box fan at the end of the hall so the cool air will come down the hall, and then I have an upright fan in the doorway to this room so the cooler air will come in here. (Karma is a cool cat...smart, too)

    I hope controlling the humidity in your apartment helps with less pain for you.

    I clicked on your link and oh my gosh! LOL That movie looks hilarious. I cracked up when I heard the part about the turtle. LMAO (i can never get back to a blog after watching a trailer from an IMDb link unless i click back on the blog link in my Favorites all over again...lol)

    Hope you're having a good day, too.

  2. Hey...have you tried pressing the upper rt button that says TV source?

    Hope your fibro flare stops. I know many are having flares right now and I wonder 'why now?'. Weather?

    Get well. Kiss Karma for me.

  3. I think Parsley is right. I have the same kind of problem here, and the way to fix it is to press the *right* button which is on there somewhere.

    Also, I understand the fans very well. We are able to get our place cooled off quickly in the evening when it gets hot (which it still has shown little sign of doing) by opening the bedroom window as wide as it will go and then shutting all the other windows and put a fan at the back door blowing OUT. It pulls all the warm air right ut of the bedroom, immediately. Works like a charm! But you want to get the humidity out, too. So your way looks perfect.

  4. AliceKay--I am hoping that Dagan can try that--unplugging the TV and then plugging it in again to (hopefully!) reset it. I don't know exactly which cords go to what back there, so I will leave that last resort effort up to him. ;)
    Sounds like you have a similar fan set up and AC placement, too! Whatever works, right? ;)
    I just loved this movie! You'll have to let me know if you watch it. It did make me cry, too.

    Parsley--Yup! Absolutely no buttons work at all. I have tried every single button. Not even the original wrong button--even tho it flashes, it won't switch off or turn back. I hope Dagan can reset it somehow. :)
    Maybe the flare ups are from the weather. I have noticed quite a few people in a bad way, too. The weather has certainly been acting up, too--LOL! ;)
    I gave her a big old snuggle kiss that she just tolerates. :)

    Djan--I've tried all the buttons and couldn't find the "right" one. Don't you just love technology sometimes--LOL! But it is really great, so we just have to figure out the glitches.
    Another person with a fan solution! I was worried they'd be out of fans, but this year has been so cool that I was in luck--hehe! :)

  5. I know what you mean about the rain....I'd gladly share some of ours. Although now that I think about it we're getting into that time of the summer when we need to start watering!

    Hope you continue to sleep well--that can make all the difference to the quality of my day!!

  6. Ugh - those remotes!!! I was forever messing ours up when we had cable and it's so dang frustrating!!! Good luck!

    We have central air here, which is such a luxury in Europe!! BUT...downstairs is too cold and upstairs isn't cool enough, lol! I told Thomas we should sleep on the stairs halfway up!

    I hope BOTH of our pain ends quickly!!!! I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night and I'm on a downhill slide....

  7. Glad you are feeling better, IMO any fan arrangement that works is fine by me. It has been cool here at night so I haven't done the 'arrange the fans dance' yet. It's coming, I know.
    The remote sounds infuriating. Mine went crazy a little while ago and I was about to throw it and the TV out the window. The next day it worked fine.
    Sorry you didn't have sun for the Solstice.... should be a rule against that.

  8. I hope you get your remote fixed. Technology can be ever so helpful and down right silly and a pain! :) And love fans, and being cool so you would never need to explain why you have a fan, I need more in my own house! and I even have central AC!

    I always pass that mary and max movie and say I might watch that and never have yet. Netflix, love it. It brings a lot of movies to you that I do not think you would seek out. I may have to add it to my never ending que! :)

  9. I'm a firm believer in doing whatever you need to as long as it works for you, and if that means you need 3 fans to have the air circulating right in your place, then so be it! And if it helps you... Well, it's definately worth it!

    I'm glad you're sleeping a bit better and in less pain; hope it lasts for you!

    I also hope Dagan got - or can get - the remote fixed.

  10. Carol--Yup! You realize how much sleep meant to you when it becomes precious. ;)

    Jeannie--LOL@sleeping on the stairs!
    I've been having a tougher time of it for the past few months. Sucks. Yes, I hope we both feel better. (My pain never ends, it just lessens.) I hope yours goes away. :)

    Barb--LOL@arrange the fans dance! I love that description! I have also had things repair themselves if left alone, but this time that didn't work. :( NO sun again on Wednesday, either--rain, rain, rain. It shall return one day. ;)

    Desi--Mary and Max is a sad-funny movie. Hard to describe. You'll have to let me know if you watch it. Yes, I find movies I never would have ever seen. That's why I love Netflix. My queue just hit 500! I should probably go thru and delete some--LOL!!

    Tori--Sounds like quite a few people use fans in the summer--LOL! I used to feel badly about running the AC too much, but until it dries up out there a bit, I am not going to let it bother me--hehe! ;)

  11. Hmm... need to reboot that remote... LOL - pull the batteries out and stick 'em back in?

    Soon you will have a new road - I want to ride on it ALA Rita rides with Leah style!

    And yeah, wouldn't it be neat to "beam" water from where its too much to where its too little? (and hot and cold too?)

  12. Anonymous7:20 PM

    I think it makes us feel better sometimes to complain about our pain so get it out and complain all you want hun. I sure wish we could get some of your rain also, we did get some a few nights ago and it sounded so good to my ears and my yard lol That is weird with your remote, I sure hope your son can fix it for you. And I dont think your crazy with the fans at all I am sure they all help alot, what a strange spot to put the a/c unit. Loved the picture of Karma stretched out on the floor, she is a chunky monkey LOL I hope you have a wonderful weekend :o)

  13. Oh Honey!! I don't know how you're making it without a remote! That's absolutely cruel and unusual punishment!

    I completely understand the fan configuration - I live in Texas, I'd have a fan on wheels and pull it around with me if I could!

  14. Iggy--Tried that-removing the batteries. Dagan got it fixed and I'll reveal how when I next blog--LOL! ;)
    That would be funny! A Leah and Rita ride across the connecting road. LOL! Probably a bit boring, tho.
    Can you imagine the chaos if people could change the weather?! Everybody wants something different! ROFL!

    Lynn--I try not to even think about pain as much as possible and keep my focus elsewhere. Otherwise it can get depressing when you know it never leaves you--never ends.
    Karma is definitely a chunky monkey! So am I!! We are two of a kind. They say people can look like their pets--ROFL!! ;) You have a good weekend, too, Lady!

    Donna--I know! Poor me! I had to watch my Netflix DVDs on my little laptop screen. Boo hoo! (Aren't I spoiled!)
    LOL--I am picturing you with a wheeled companion fan! :):)

  15. Hey, if you need to use it then do so. When it's a waste is when it's being used and isn't needed. That's my opinion anyway.

  16. For whatever reason you are not hurting quite so bad, I just say YEA!!!!

    I've been going to physical therapy for pain in my hips and lower back. With a combination of deep heat treatments for my lower back and something called iontophoresis for the bursitis in my hip, I am almost pain free for the first time in 8 years. Now with the exercises I am doing, I am hoping and praying that I stay that way!

    I'm like you, though, iti is difficult to know whether the pain in a Lupus flare or arthritis. Oh well!

    Glad those fans have you sleeping better!

  17. Tori--True! :)

    Deanna--Thanks! I'm glad the physical therapy has been helping your hip so much! Awesome! I didn't know you had lupus. That sucks! We can relate to each other on that score. You have more to deal with than I do, but we're both hanging in there, eh? ;) Hope you're having a really good weekend!


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