Friday, February 24, 2012


Hard to capture a sunrise lately on these dark days.
There has to be a break in the cloud cover right along the horizon.
There are only a precious few minutes before the sun, in all its orange and gold glory, inches up over the horizon...
...into the cloud blanket...and the dark, slate grey day begins.
Well, I had quite the day today. Three people let me know that I had a huge warning on my blog as of some time Thursday night telling people to enter my blog at their own risk because they might get malware because of an Australian website connected to my blog--something to that effect.
Now, I have to say that I know this lady would never knowingly spread malware. It's a personal website of a lovely woman named Cindy who's an artist and teacher. It took about four hours with a Blogger help tech guy--waiting for responses and then trying to figure out what he was telling me (not much detail for the computer semi-literate, I tell you), but we finally cleared my blog of the huge warning sign. Sadly, the only way I could do that was to delete Cindy as a follower--which I didn't want to do. I believe the malware was on a her old website (where the last message was the address of her new site) but Blogger would not free me of the warning sign until I had deleted them both. :(
I'm sorry, Cindy! I didn't realize I was still even following your old website and apparently Blogger thinks your new website isn't safe, either. ?? I hope you can get the problem fixed and we can hook up again later. I tried to email you, but haven't heard back yet. I'm not even sure if you can or should email or not until the problem is fixed because I don't know how these things work. I would miss you and seeing what your talented students produce, too. I don't mean to be rude, but please don't comment yet on my blog until you're in the clear because I might get the warning again. Email me if you can, okay?
Karma snoozed through my long dilemma--LOL!
The only extra thing I did since I last wrote was play around in the pantry. I say "play" because this is probably not what will actually be in those many baskets (except for the cat food cans. I know I want those in there). I just started testing to see what would fit and what wouldn't (they are not very deep) and the next thing I knew I had filled them up. Decided to leave them like this for a while to see if they will sag at all with the heavier goods and because I have to feel up to completely emptying the pantry. I want a total cleaning and reorganizing...been years since I've done a complete overhaul...and I'm not up to that right now.
Anyways, yes! Caroline did a double take and scooted over to look. She thought the basket shelves were pretty cool. And, yes--I was in my robe with slitted eyes. Caroline even went down and collected my mail for me. I've still been sleeping evenings and not usually sleeping very long. I had one night I slept eight hours since this started. Usually 4-5 hours, which is nowhere near enough since I got fibro and can't just push through like I used to do all the time. So, playing in the pantry is about it. The only thing I have accomplished beyond the daily normal have-to-do stuff. ;)
Let's see...oh, the sewing machine! The guy called and told me it was a bad needle. Huh? Say what? He told me the needle was bent and I could pick up the machine any time and it was only $1.07 for the new needle. I was speechless...and suspicious...but, being the typical Midwesterner, just said in a halting voice..."Okay, I'll let my DIL know". But geez!??
You may remember I told you how the stitch sample was in cream colored thread and there was black thread on the machine when I got it back. So. Does this mean that after he was done testing my machine he switched from cream thread to the black thread and actually bent the needle in the process? None of this makes logical sense. Why wouldn't you just have used the black thread that was on the machine in the first place? And how rough could this guy be to, while re-threading with the black, bend a needle that had seconds ago performed just fine according to the cream stitching sample? The needle could not have bent itself while sitting inside of the case after it left his shop. I didn't bend it. Hummm...I am skeptical. I don't mean to cast aspersions, but it appears to me the man might well have been covering his behind.
And then--to charge me for the needle! After paying him, what was it...45 or 47 dollars to have it tuned up, cleaned, oiled, and ready to go? Nothing needed fixing, he made no repairs, and it had worked perfectly last time I used it. Well, if I ever do need repairs on my old faithful...I think I might bring it someplace else. Sad because being associated with a quilting store--they're normally the best. And he is a busy man. Hey--shudder--does that mean that maybe there's nobody else in town as good as he is? Who knows? Hopefully I won't have to worry about it and my machine will run another 37 years without a check up. (I can't believe the original belt was still good!?)
Okay--enough sewing machine talk. I'll find out when it gets back here again--but it had better work like a charm, right?! ;)
I'm going to try and remember to use this largest font so that, hopefully, on her good eye days Melynda can read my blog again. Hi, Melynda! :):)
I guess that's enough for today. I didn't go near blogland when all the malware stuff was going on. And then I spent way too much time at the computer so that, by the time that was all fixed, I was too sore to be on it any longer. Slept 5 hours and up the same day. No wonder I'm feeling off kilter--LOL!
I'll gradually catch up with you all! The very thought that I could have lost my blog...well, it shook me. Startled me as to how bereft I felt at the thought of losing all of you!! I was confident that this would be fixed somehow, but in that moment...
I want to thank each and every one of you...the ones who comment faithfully...and the ones who are occasional commenters...and the ones who read and never comment. You all brighten my days. Your kindness and generosity and empathy...that you share some of your time with me...I am honored. You make me smile just to think of you. I hope we stay connected. I know I would have been okay, of course, after I got over the shock...but I would have missed you...a lot!!
I thank the terse Blogger tech, too. ;)
Talk again soon!! :):):)
"A single rose can be my garden...a single friend, my world."
Leo Buscaglia


  1. Cindy's new site was compromised and her email too from what she said on Facebook. Like you, I was upset that hackers did this to such a lovely lady. I deleted her from my Blog List too as a way of protecting my readers until she gets it all sorted. Apparently, if readers got through to Cindy's site without protection or warnings, the culprit could install programs on their computers without them knowing and they would end up in the same boat as Cindy. I feel so bad for her.

    Rita, I just pray that your computer hasn't been compromised considering all the weird stuff you were dealing with in Gmail and Blogger. Mind you, I've had no warnings like I did with Cindy's site so hopefully all is well. I'm glad you were able to rectify the issue re. Cindy's links.

    The sewing machine situation doesn't make much sense to me either. I've had bent needles before and they will just break. The different coloured thread on the sample sounds suspect to me...why on earth would he change the thread colour after already testing the machine?? It sounds like a cover-up to me too. I just hope your machine has a lot of life left in it yet without needing repairs.

    The large font works for me. It's much easier on my poor old eyes.

    I hope you get all the rest and sleep you need.

    Much love,
    Serena xo

  2. I was wondering what happened to you, Rita, and was hoping everything was okay with you. So happy that you're back!

    The pictures of the sunrise are lovely - such a beautiful array of colors.

    The shelving turned out really well. That would be nice to have everything within easy reach and so organized.

    That's a great quote by Leo Buscaglia. His writing and ideas are so inspiring, aren't they?

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I would miss YOU, too, Rita. In fact, last night when I woke in the middle of the night, I found myself thinking about a couple of bloggers who write almost daily and wondered where you were. Glad the guy helped you out after all. I saw the notice but I just ignored it, because I have learned that all I need to do is change browsers and it goes away.

    I like the big font, it's so bold! :-)

  4. Somebody hacked your friend's blog. I had the same thing happen with one of my blogging friends and I had to delete him to get rid of the spam.

    I hope you get caught up on your rest.

  5. Glad you got the blog warning down. Even though the techs at most sites seem to speak a made up language, they do get things fixed, once you get through translating for each other. Hope your friend gets her blog checked so you can reconnect again.

  6. Strange and annoying about the warning; hope that's it fixed and gone now!

    If that sewing machine doesn't work perfectly when it comes back, complain and make sure he sorts it without charging you. And if he refuses, tell him you'll make sure you tell all your friends - the stitchers especially - how he took advantage of you, and make sure none of them ever go to him again (he doesn't need to know that you don't know many people near enough to go there again; you're just trying to scare him in to doing a proper job of fixing the machine).

  7. Hugs!! Sounds like you have had a lot to deal with, and on very little sleep at that! Ugh!!

    I hope you get your rest, and everything else will eventually work itself out. All this hacking of computers and emails is so irritating. What's the point??? Is there money to be made in that??? Stupid people!!!!

    That guy was rather cheeky to charge you for a needle HE bent! I would have asked him the questions you brought up!!!

    I hope you feel better very, very soon! I'm so tired too...getting sleep, but not feeling very rested. Tomorrow is going to be a longggggg day and to tell you the truth, I'm rather dreading it...

  8. Beautiful sunrise shots. I'm glad you were able to get them. :)

    Apparently, I didn't try to view your blog while this was showing up because I never saw that warning. Glad you got it figured out. Hopefully, Cindy can figure it out on her end, too. Tech support can sometimes drive a person to drink.

    The sewing machine guy's story sounds a bit fishy to me. :\

    Loved the quote. I'm glad we didn't lose you or your quotes. :) Hope you're able to catch up on your sleep soon. *hugs*

  9. Anonymous1:36 AM

    OMGosh, I would have been so worried if I had seen that! I hate that people do things like that. Why hack someone else's website, blog, facebook, email etc... to spread viruses or whatever. What good does it do to cause someone else so much trouble? Well, I can't imagine losing touch with you. How sad. I sure am glad its fixed.

    I sure hope you get some good sleep soon. I can't imagine having that trouble on top of everything else I deal with. The pain is enough!

    Well I'm thinking of you and sending you sleepy thoughts.

  10. You are here and that is now the important thing ~ wonderful photos ~ sky and Karma ~ as for the 'needle' it seems that customer service and quality control has 'gone down the tubes' in the great USA ~ hope you are well and glad to here Blogger helped ~ hugs and namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)

  11. machine...sleep...problems!!
    BUT the beautiful sunrise pictures...make all else seem trivial...well...just a little!

    sending a nice big hug to you & karma!

  12. So sorry you are having 'intruder' problems with your blog and your blog friends. It could happen to any of us. Thanks for the warning. The sunrise pictures are stunning. you are so lucky being able to see such brilliant ones.
    Have a good week.

  13. This morning the Weather Channel was showing video from a snow storm out there in Fargo. I'm wondering if you took some pics. :)

  14. I fully agree that losing ones blog would be a disaster. I hope you are backing up on an external hard drive?

    Hope all goes well, with the blog and the sewing machine and that you will get some regular sleeping hours in again.

  15. Glad to see you got it fixed Rita! The sewing machine thing sounds very strange.....a bent needle? Hmmm...

  16. I'm so glad you got everything sorted out with your blog. Hopefully Cindy will be able to come back with a virus free blog. So sad that people can be so cruel - and just because they can.

    Your pantry is looking good. I'd be suspicious of the sewing machine repair guy. Things are not adding up. Hopefully your machine will work fine.

    Been fighting all sorts of nasty health stuff here and sleeping constantly. Hopefully you catch up on your soon!


  17. Gah malware - people causing people stress for no good reason. It's definitely an embarrassment to our species. Hope your friend is able to rejoin us all in enjoying your blog again soon - those photos are gorgeous!

  18. Serena--I was surprised it was the host Cindy was using! That means a lot of people were put through the mill this weekend. :( Glad it's all fixed now.
    I am free and clear, too. (See Monday's blog.) I hope your blog is okay, too. I think it must be fine or I would have had a warning about you, too.
    Yes, it really looked like a cover up at the old sewing machine store--LOL! I hope it works perfectly when I get it back.
    I am liking the large font, too.
    Hope you have a really great week! :) xoxo

    Ann--Took a while to get fully back, but I am finally starting to catch up (Mon) and I am glad I can comment again on yours (no WV!!). Thanks so much for doing that!
    I loved Leo Buscaglia. Haven't seen him or heard about him for many, many years. Wonder what happened to him?

    Djan--Well, I wasn't feeling safe until nobody had to change browsers--as you'll see in the next blog. I've had my fill of computer issues for a while--LOL!
    Glad you like the new larger print. It is so much easier on my old eyes I wonder why I didn't think of this a long time ago.
    I'd miss you, too! After I get done with blog comments I am going to start on blog posts I have been missing for the last four days...and I'll see what you've been up to and where you've been on your adventures! ;) Have a great day!

    Beth--Ah! You've had this happen to you, too! It was a first for me and very scary! Yes, I did finally sleep on Sunday night, thanks! :)

    Barb--Computer speak leaves me befuddled most of the time. Took a long time to figure out what he wanted me to do because of that and him not saying much at all and expecting I would know the next ten steps to do on my own--LOL!
    Cindy's blog is fixed now. I'll wait a little while and then see if I can follow her again without issue. :)

    Tori--Fixed and gone now! :)
    I will find out if the sewing machine works when I get it back. If it doesn't he is definitely going to hear from me!! ;)

    Jeannie--Yes, a LOT to deal with on little sleep. I'm still shot because, turns out, it went on till Sunday. *sigh*
    I remember a sign at the pet shop I worked as a teenager. It said something like: "It's the customers who don't complain who never come back. The complainers never leave." I found that to be true.
    Hope you got some sleep, too. :)

    AliceKay--Harder to get good sunrise shots lately. Nature's a bit stingy recently.
    Young techie folk think we all speak computerese because they grew up with it. *sigh*
    I'm glad to be back, too! :):)
    Yes, we had a blizzard this weekend! See Monday's blog.

  19. Donna--Yes, I panicked when I saw that warning sign!! Thought the worst for a few minutes.
    When I found out I could still access Cindy's profile page and could email her to let her know--I went to mine and added email to mine. Don't want to lose touch with people. :)
    No sleep-pain-computer issues--bleh!! Finally on the upswing now after I slept. :):) Hope you're doing well.

    Carol and AMDog--Yes, really makes you wonder about customer service! He should have at least given me the dang needle for free and it would have been nice if he had apologized. My sewing machine has more personality than that guy--LOL!

    Laura--Yes!! Way too many issues at once--LOL! Stress is not physically my friend, either. Glad to have slept and be done with all the issues finally on Monday. Thanks, sweetie!! Have a great week. :):)

    Gwen--Yes, I felt so badly for Cindy. She's a wonderful woman. I t can really happen to just about anybody, you're so right! :)

    Friko--I do back up my computer every so often, but I have no idea if it backs up my blog, too. Aren't blogs kind of stored out in cyberspace somewhere? I need to find out if there is some special way to save a copy of your blog. (Not that anything I have to say needs to be saved for posterity--LOL!) Thanks!

    Barb--Finally totally fixed--free and clear! Yah! Bent needle...hummm? ;)

    Deanna--Cindy said she's okay now. Yes, it really makes you wonder why people do these things!
    So sorry you've been sick! I hope that since I am so behind here that you are already well by now! :):)

    Tatty--Yes-true! Just ANOTHER embarrassment to our species. You're so right!
    Thanks re: photos. :):)

  20. Dear Rita,
    You are such a fine person. Gentle. Compassionate. Fun loving. Honest. Straightforward. Committed. Artistic.
    Gracious. It is such an honor to know you. And the fact that you read my postings and comment humbles me.
    Thank you.


  21. Dear Rita,
    I left a comment, but something seems to have happened. Here's what I said. You are such a fine person. Gracious. Generous. Compassionate. Fun-loving. Straightforward. Considerate. Creative. Oh, I had more words but they escape me now. The bottom line is that I'm honored when you read my postings and comment. I'm honored just knowing that you are there in Fargo believing in all of us.


  22. Dee--OMGoodness! Both comments showed up! Wow! I am not used to hearing such wonderful things about myself. *blushes* Thanks so much, Dee. You are just the kindest lady! From the bottom of my heart I thank you. :):):)

  23. I second what Dee Ready said.


  24. Iggy--Thanks so much!! *blush* :)


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