Monday, February 27, 2012


Thought I'd give you a touch of green first--LOL!
Karma peeking from behind her grass jungle. :)
We had a blizzard hit this weekend.
Hard wind and snow.
The wind was coming our direction so that the porch got some actual snow accumulation for the first time this winter.
Karma was delighted! Begged to go out, of course. Here she is doing her foot shaking walk across the snow to get under the chair where it was dry...
...and she could sit in comfort and lick snow for a few minutes...
...until the below zero windchill forced her back inside.
It was good "footprint" snow this time. That other "dusting" we got this winter barely stuck to her feet. This time she drug in some good sized footprints to quickly turn around and gobble up.
I took these pictures in the afternoon when the snow was letting up. I love when the snow drifts and hangs out over the rooftops.
The wind was blowing like crazy so the drifting is mostly up against my building underneath me. Actually cleaned off parts of the parking lot and the vehicles--but you can see the snow hiding...
...from the wind behind the cars--LOL!
I guess the driving has been horrible. Even the Interstates were slick with ice and drifting snow and visibility is always terrible in a blizzard, of course.
I actually put on the news this morning and there's another blizzard expected to come through Tuesday and Wednesday. I guess I'm glad that I'm not going to be the one driving on Wednesday morning to the dentist. Depending on the blizzard, I may or may not be even able to make it there at all. They're slow to plow us out here and I wouldn't want the Senior Ride van to get stuck out there. If it looks bad and hasn't been plowed yet I'd call and tell them not to try our parking lot. (We often get people stuck out there.)
Time will tell.
Karma has been thrilled with the snow. (Me, too!!) She'd been out five times before I went to bed yesterday afternoon as you can see by all the cat tracks on the porch--LOL! She'd make a trip out under one of the chairs, come in all cold, eat her footprints, and then snuggle up in her cat bed for a brief nap...wake...repeat. Silly, but happy, cat!
Me--I finally just collapsed. Went to sleep at 3:30pm and was up at 4am this morning! Only up five times, too! Hurray! I really, really needed sleep soooo badly! :)
Okay, after I last talked to you, the saga of the malware warnings continued. :( Even though the warning was gone if you used Internet Explorer or Safari--I found out it was still showing up on Chrome or Firefox. So, I was still afraid to do much of anything on my computer.
Even though there was no more warning on the major servers, I just didn't want to push it and take the chance of causing anybody else any computer troubles, ya know. I removed the current blog post roll on the side of my blog. Then I emailed Dagan for help--wanted to make sure I hadn't gotten something on my laptop, ya know?
Dagan and Leah stopped by briefly on Saturday night and Dagan started up a scan of my laptop for me. That takes a long time, but it was clean and bug free!! I also got an email from Cindy saying her blog was cleared up. Wasn't just her blog, either! Her server was attacked! And then my BFF Ruby said she wasn't getting the warning anymore (Firefox). Finally--free and clear on all fronts--TaDa!
But I was going on 3 hours of interrupted sleep again yesterday and was waaay too tired to even think about beginning to catch up in blogland or with my emails. I'm still tired, to be perfectly honest--LOL! But I hope to at least begin today now.
I have missed you all!
I hope this sleep-a-thon has gotten me around to days. It's a quieter morning up here--for today anyways. Until tomorrow afternoon they're saying. Be just enough time to clean off the roads from this blizzard before the next one arrives. It's cold--7 degrees and -17 wind chill. Roads are dangerously slick. So, anyone from up around here, drive very carefully this morning. Have a really good Monday, everybody!! :):)
"Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu."
(A person is a person because of other people.)
African Proverb


  1. I was pleased to see you pop up on my Reader, Rita. I wondered if you were impacted by all the snow. I saw on TV that Fargo was getting hit, and I thought of you. And Karma. So glad you are safe and warm, and Karma is playing with the snow! :-)

  2. I am glad you and Karma are safe. That is a bunch of snow!! No snow here but my son in Chicago had about 8 inches. I am ready for spring.

    Karma looks so cute poking out from behind the grass.

    Sleep well tonight!

  3. That is quite a snow storm! I'm glad Karma is enjoying it (in small doses lol). I'll take my Robins and peepers, thank you.

    Good job on finally getting a little sleep. Hopefully you will get more uninterrupted shut eye soon.

    Stay safe. It sounds like you might be rescheduling a dental appointment.

    Congrats on getting the bug problem fixed!

  4. LOL @ Karma!

    Do you feel like you've had Christmas now? ;)

    Glad the issue got fixed; good call on being careful (I have missed your comments on my blog though).

    Awesome about the nice, long sleep!

  5. well, i got that malware warning the last time, but no this time (and i use chrome). whew! glad that's cleared. your snow is pretty, but i'm sure is causing folks hardship!

  6. So you finally got that snow they've been promising for awhile!!

    I love the pawprints on the patio!

  7. I'm getting my snow fix from you this winter. We haven't had any and am really missing it - thanks for posting it so I can enjoy the winter snow!

  8. I've been lying low since life is busy and blogging distracts me from what I really need to be doing. I loved this post, Rita. Had such a delicious chuckle at Karma and her snow obsession. She really is priceless, isn't she? Life would not be anywhere near as rich without her and that goes for all of us :)

    Wow! You do get a lot of snow when it arrives. I cannot even begin to imagine what life must be like under such conditions. It makes me realize I'm really a wimp!

    I have missed you and your wonderful posts. I do hope you are getting the quality sleep you need.

  9. Djan--Karma and I were inside safe & warm, yes. It was white-out windy all night long. I was more impacted by malware warnings than the blizzard, tho--LOL! The advantage to being housebound. ;)

    Beth--I think we only had 5-6 inches but in the blizzard it is the wind and the drifting snow that is the biggest pain. The roads and sidewalks can drift over right after they've been plowed or shoveled. Near Duluth they got 11 inches. We have more coming. (I'm glad!)

    Deanna--Wasn't too bad for a blizzard. We've had worse where it has taken a couple days to plow ourselves out. Yes, I'm wondering if I will make it to the dentist's. We'll see. ;)

    Tori--Finally feels like winter!! There are a LOT of towns up here where this was only the second time the plows and snowblowers have been out this season.
    I'll start reading blogs later this afternoon, I hope. You know how slow I am with my breaks and all. I'll be doing that till I am caught up. ;)

    Theresa--Good to know Chrome is clear, too!! Yippee!!
    Yes, I loved watching the snowflakes dancing about on the updrafts off the building--ahh! But it is awful to drive for a day or two. :)

    Nikki--Oh yes! I've missed the snow so much! Could hardly pull myself away from the window. I'm almost as bad as Karma--LOL! ;)

    Carolyn--Well, you haven't gotten much of a snow fix from me this year. Or not the usual snow fix. We haven't had much to speak of till now. I've really missed it so much I am looking forward to blizzard number two! LOL! :)

    Desiree--Blogging can truly distract you from what you need to be doing in your "real" life, that's for sure!
    Yes, Karma's a hoot! She keeps my life interesting, makes me laugh every day, and is good company despite the fact she sleeps 22 hours a day--ROFL! ;)
    I've missed you, too! So glad to see you whenever you can stop by. Hope you're getting lots done and life is treating you well. :):)

  10. Dear Rita,
    A real blizzard. I know that up north the weather has been so strange this year. My Minnesota friends bemoan the lack of snow.

    I so hope your sleeping settles down and that you can sleep for long hours at night. I'm glad to know that you and Karma are find and that she has gotten some snow paws to gobble!

    Please take care.


  11. oh, those little footprints in the snow made me smile. So adorable... (and Karma too, of course!) Happy CEd. xoxo

  12. I love your green text. Looks nice. (my favorite color) :)

    Karma looks like she's been having some pretty good days (or nights as the case might be). Those are quite a few paw prints on your porch. :)

    I saw the reports of the snow in Fargo on the Weather Channel yesterday. I'm glad you don't have to go out and drive in it. There was a terrible accident on I-80 in western Pennsylvania Saturday afternoon that claimed the lives of three people. Near white out conditions, they said. I was concerned because it was right out there where my son lives, but Thank God, he is okay.

    I'm glad you got the malware problem figured out. Hope it stays away. I've always wondered why people do things like that...mess with people and their computers. Do they not have a life?

    Sleep well!

  13. I'm sooo glad I don't have your cold, wind and snow! I remember those from NY and the midwest and don't miss 'em one bit! Brrrrrr!!!!

    Looks like Karma is enjoying it though!!!!

    Sorry you had these issues. I just do not understand hackers, at all! What is the point??? I've had to replace quite a few computers because of viruses and it makes me so mad. Hopefully you're all set now!

    Yay for sleep!! It's really lovely when you get it and really dreadful when you don't!!!! Hugs!

  14. Those blizzards can sure make their mark. The snow drifts are lovely to look at but not so nice if you have to go outside.

    LOL at Karma and her frozen paw prints...too cute!

    You sound cautious like me when it comes to viruses on the net...I've always been good at smelling a rat and have managed to steer clear. Always, ALWAYS be wary applications on sites like Twitter and Facebook that ask you to physically sign in with your username and password...this is a trick they often use to hack your Twitter/Facebook accounts. I saw a few Twitter users fall prey to it last year.

    Admittedly, in Cindy's case, her server was hacked so probably not much she could have done about it.

    I hope you manage to catch up on lots of sleep.

    Stay safe in those weather conditions and that goes for Dagan and Leah too.

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  15. Anonymous12:10 AM

    The last time I read your blog I didn't see any warning. I use chrome too. That is so strange. I'm glad Cindy's website is okay now. Glad to hear you got some sleep too. I've been sick so have been sleeping more and waking up later. I woke up at 2pm today. My husband stayed home sick today. He was REALLY grumpy too. When he's sick he's really mean and doesn't want anyone around him. I waited after he finally wandered out into the living room and I checked his temperature. He had a fever of 100 degrees just like I did when I had the flu. I hope this doesn't last too long for him. He can't stay home for a week. Take care and stay safe. Glad Karma got some snow prints to eat :O)

  16. Enjoyed seeing Karma's little cat prints in the snow. One of my cats who use to be an outdoor one at times will escape out the back door. It's not long before he's wanting to come back in. I think the warmth of the carpet and a guaranteed meal makes him return. :)

    Happy to hear that the computer problems you were struggling with seem resolved now.

  17. You must not go out in a blizzard,the dentist will give you another appointment. Take care! You are having a very wintry winter; all that lovely snow, nice when you don't have to go out.
    Funny how Karma is so interested in the white stuff, mine does not like getting his feet wet.
    Have a good week.

  18. Dee--Yes! Only the second time we've even had the snow plows out, I think. I'm happy to see the snow however it arrives. It finally looks more like winter out there this year. And Karma should have some more snow to eat after tonight, too, if the wind comes out way.
    I'm thrilled to have slept nights the past two days, thanks! Have a great week! :)

    Pauline--Hi! Yup-lots of cold little footprints make me smile, too. :) I just checked and you are on my list (I keep a paper list of blogs I follow in case something ever happens with my blog) but I wasn't getting your posts. I had to sign up again. Arg! Glad you stopped by!! :):)

    AliceKay--We had some bad accidents up this way, too, with the blizzard. Semi rolled over, crashes, many n the ditches, and somebody was moving a trailer house (duh!) and it got blown over into the ditch. Another one coming through tonight (Tues). I'm canceling the dentist for sure. Supposed to come through later than they thought and they need a day's warning for canceling--so I am staying home. :) Have a good day!!

    Jeannie--I've missed the snow! LOL!
    I don't understand hackers and spammers, either. :(
    I slept at night twice now! I hope you are sleeping well, too. :)

    Serena--Yes, I am very cautious about getting viruses. I don't open anything that is anonymous, leery of links, and won't check anything that comes from places or people I don't recognize. I don't do Twitter or Facebook, so I am clear there, too--LOL!
    I always do think about Dagan and Leah when there's bad weather. I usually end up texting them or emailing them to make sure they got home okay. What a pest, eh? Moms can't help it sometimes. ;)

    Donna--Well, it was basically fixed by the time I posted on Friday. In fact, I thought it was completely fixed or I wouldn't have blogged. Glad you never even saw the warning sign. :)
    Sorry your hubby is sick now. Hope you feel better, too. :)

    Ann--Karma only lasts for a few minutes in the cold. I'm surprised she even wants to go out being an inside cat--but, then again, she thinks the porch is the big wide world, so she doesn't consider herself an inside cat--LOL!

    Gwen--I'm ging to stay put, I promise. Even if the downsize it to a winter storm (less wind) I am staying home safe and warm. Isn't that the whole point in being forcibly "retired"--LOL!
    Karma normally is the same way with not wanting her feet to be wet. That is why she shakes her hind legs all the way over to the snowless part of the porch. It's just her great love of licking cold things like snow and ice cubes in her water dish--hehe! She's weird. ;)

  19. What a got quite a bit of snow. I have to say I do not miss the snow at all. We got a bit since I have been here but it melts quickly. I hope yours does too. Love the greenery pictures with Karma hiding behind it.
    I hope you get your sleep schedule straightened out.

  20. So grand to hear from you and Karma ~ delight contrast of green grass and snow ~ She is a delight ~ Glad your computer is healthy again ~ We are due to get major snow storm on Weds ~ I am no longer a fan ~ Yet will accept what comes ~ C'est la vie and all that ~ Are you busy creating now? Hope so ~ be well ~ be happy, hugs and namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)

  21. Pleased to see you back, Rita. I didn't envy you having to check your computer for malware. That is a nightmare. You did well to get rid of it all.

    Nice to see Karma so happy! And that grass is a gorgeous splash of colour

    Goodness your snow pictures... I like to see snow out of the window too, when I'm cosy inside, but the trouble is, I usually have to go out in it and DO something. Not so much fun at all! I've had enough of snow for this winter, therefore.

    here in England, Spring is on the way. We're not forecast any bad weather at the moment and I have even been out with my coat. Best of all I like to see the spring flowers.

  22. Hi Rita, Glad you got the malware issue fixed. I am surprised the you found help with it at least it worked. Good to see you back out and about again! Are you ready for the next storm? WE are all set ..hunkered down until the snow stop. It will be more fresh snow for Karma:)

  23. Oh that North Dakota winter. I lived in Williston for 5 years. That was the coldest place on earth and proud of it. Karma is so cute and funny... licking her foot prints. Stay warm... Terah

  24. Rita--

    My first time here, and I'll be back! Love the little kitty prints!

    I agree with the 'skip the dentist'!

    We've had such a dry winter here in Central California, and rarely get snow at our elevation, although some students at the elementary school live further up in the mountains and have snow. I grew up in Michigan but don't miss the loooong end of winter.

    I'll be back--I'm adding you to my blogroll.

  25. Barb--Not too much snow actually. :( I was hoping for more, to be honest.
    Yes, happily sleeping at night! :)

    Carol and AMDog--Actually, my laptop was fine. It was just browsers and blogger being extra cautious, I guess. That's a good thing. Rather be safe than sorry and things can spread so rapidly.
    Not crafting yet. Been catching up online and with letters I owe. Soon! ;)

    Jenny--Was malware free! Just needed to know for sure because I didn't want to give anyone anything by accident, you know. Glad there are very cautious browsers out there. Even more cautious than Internet Explorer, I guess. ;)
    Enjoy the arrival of spring over there. We've got a ways to go. :)

    Connie--I was all ready for a big blizzard and the storm basically went south of us. This morning (Weds) e only had 2 inches so far. Still snowing and looks absolutely horrible out, though. Stay warm and safe! Give Chance a big hug!! ;)

    Terah--Not nearly as bad as they predicted right here in Fargo. Worse south of us. Way south they even had tornadoes!
    LOL! Karma does love eating her snow! ;) Have a great day, lady!! :)

    Karen--Welcome!! I see your blog is private so I really hope you come back to visit me and Karma. ;)
    We've had so little snow this winter that the farmers had been worried about drought up here. Maybe these last couple blizzards will help. Some areas got a lot of snow, so that's actually good.
    Come by and say hi whenever. We'll be right here. ;)

  26. I'm glad you were able to figure out what was going on with your computer. I'm still having trouble with Wordpress and Chrome...ahhhh...and Wordpress still hasn't written me back. I can post on Explorer it looks like, but it looks different and I'm not used to it and I don't want to have to go to Explorer just to post on my blog.

    Well I can post on Chrome, just with no pictures or pictures and no words...and no tags.

    It was in the high 70's here yesterday. :P hahaha
    I know you and Karma love the snow, I hate it!!! oh how I hate it!

    hugs to you

  27. I hope all those foot prints are from Karma... best make sure... I hear there is a Frosty the SnowKat dude running around with coal for eyes... or am I taking too much Nyquil (again!)?

    Goodness - that grass is green!!

    Reminds me of Ellen Greene singing "Someplace that's Green" (from Little Shop of Horrors).

  28. Take your time with the catching up; I was missing your comments, but I know you need your breaks! :)

  29. Wendy--Sorry you are having so much computer trouble. :(

    Iggy--Yes, too much Nyquill--LOL! ;)
    I didn't remember that song.

    Tori--I think I'm going to have to shorten up my replies to comments. So far behind. And I want to be able to read and comment on everybody's blogs, too. Thanks for understanding. :)


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