Thursday, August 16, 2012


Okay.  Let's get this over with.  I apologize ahead of time.  The challenge for Artist's Playroom this week was to make Jenn laugh. Was trying to think of something all week, can't draw this is the best I could come up with.  Sadly, I even had a hard time drawing this--LOL!  Now THAT makes me laugh, anyways.  ;)
For the zendala challenge over at The Bright Owl this was the template for this week. 
I puttered for three days and this time I even used several tangles from Tangle Patterns online.  The first one I chose is called Vache 1.  Make irregular shapes (loose tangle for me!) and then draw in shapes within those...
...and then fill the inner shapes with striped lines. 
See!  Proof that I wasn't using a ruler and was being sloppy and loose.  ;) 
Then I added some Beadlines
 Decided to try something a little steampunkish...
...and did Blox inside the triangles. 
Added Barberpole around the middle... 
...some more dark black accents... own doodling to add some swirly contrast... 
...and tied it all together with some more Beadlines and stripes. 
I was shocked that it seemed to all come together in the end!  This was so much fun! 
Meanwhile, the bookcase arrived.  Dagan and Leah weren't able to make it over this week--well, Dagan stopped by briefly last night to say hi and pick up some low carb cookbooks I wanted to send over for Leah to peruse because that's the kind of diet she's been on.  They may get over this weekend before Leah takes off Monday for two weeks for work (Seattle again).  If not, the bookcase isn't gong anywhere. 
A surprise gift arrived from Trisha Trixie!  Woodland Wisdom cards, an ATC she drew, and some blank ATC cards and sleeves.  Thanks, Trisha!  I have never done ATCs before.  I guess that's another thing I could try one day.  :)
Karma and I have spent quite a bit of time on the porch this week, too.   
This weather is absolutely gorgeous!  Only 70s or very low 80s during the day and 50s and 60s at night!  I didn't have the place closed up for a week and a half.  Got hot enough in here last night that I finally had to close it up for just a few hours, but then it cooled off at night again--ahhh!  Lovely chilly sleeping weather.  
Goulet Pens started a monthly Ink Drop challenge in July.  You can submit any kind of writing or artwork using the five ink samples from that month's Ink Drop.  Remember the August Ink Drop colors I showed you?  
Well, I decided to enter the contest this month with a small mandala...  
...since I was having so much fun doodling this week.  This is all just my own playing about.  The top three winners (customers vote) get gift certificates.  Whoohoo!   
They predicted rain and thunderstorms yesterday...and it sure did look like it.  
Maybe it rained someplace along its windy way, but it didn't rain here more than a few drops.  Proof is in the no puddle on this sunny morning. 
 And all those clouds blew away.
Supposed to be 70-75 degree days and 48-50 at night for the next few days.  Happy dancing here in Fargo!!  I know it is early for fall weather, but it's been such a hot summer and fall is my very favorite time of year, excuse me while I dance!  I hope the fall weather stays with us till November!!!  ;)
Obviously I am getting in more playtime.  Plus some reading and letter writing on the porch.  No additional organizing this week, though.  That will commence soon...when the plastic baskets arrive and the bookcase is together there will be no excuses, eh?  LOL!  I'll have to take pictures of the chaos so you can see what a mess I make as it all gets sorted out.  
I have been mostly keeping abreast online so far.  I'm trying to post less often, too.  Less of my long posts is probably not a hardship--ROFL!!  Anyways, so far so good.  Have a glorious day!!  :):)
"When we come upon beautiful things...they act like small tears in the surface of the world that pull us through to some vaster space."
Elaine Scarry
I can't remember if I posted that quote before, but I do really like it.  Sometimes I read it as tears (flowing from our eyes) and sometimes I read it as tears (ripping a hole).  They both work and give me very different visuals.  Myself, the wet tears presents a softer more fluid image of the world expanding.  Which did you read it as?


pauline said...

OMG Rita... that first zentangle was A.MA.ZING.!!!
Whenever i see them, i always wonder how they're done... where do you begin? How do you know what patterns to use? So i LOVED how you showed each step and how it all came together in the end. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing all this. xox

Beth said...

I do believe that first graphic holds a line from a song sung by Mary Chapin Carpenter. I feel like the bug a lot of the time.

Your artistic endeavors are amazing.

Anonymous said...

LOVED the zendala! Interesting watching you put it together!! said...

Lovely zendala. Thanks for explaining your process. I always enjoy reading about that.

SandeeNC said...

Karma looks so stressed, I'm afraid all that wonderful weather you are having is causing extreme relaxation! lol waving hi from the sandy beaches of Florida ;0

Intense Guy said...

Dittos what Paulina said. You just "hafta" win that contest!!!

*Giggles at the bug/windshield*


:) Hope you are feeling like a Pigeon today.

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

i LOVEloveLOVE your first zendala!! love the steampunkish look.

i ALSO am very jealous of your weather. aaaah, days in the 70's!! wow!! window opening weather at night! fresh air! oooooh!

(i am using WAY too many exclamation marks lately!! what's up with that? guess i'm just excitable!)

lovely quote & clouds...
have a nice cool weekend rita & karma!

Jenny Woolf said...

I'm glad you have gorgeous weather. Lovely weather makes all the difference to my mood.

I like mandalas, years ago I had a thing about colouring them in and it was so much fun. I don't usually do things like that.

AliceKay said...

I had to laugh at "the bug". Great job. I loved it. lol

I love that first zendala, too. It just pops right out there at you. Nice artwork. The second one is pretty neat, too.

It's been a bit cooler here the past couple of days. Better than that 90 degree heat and high humidity. Karen and Ryan showed up for a visit Tuesday afternoon and we were outside for awhile. Yesterday was an overcast day, but today has been sunny. Beautiful summer day.

Have a great Friday!

Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

Those details are awesome! I'm just amazed. And that bug is darling :)

Thanks for the wonderful advice you gave in your comment on my blog--that was so perfect ;)

Jennifer McLean said...

hehehehe. your bug reminded me of a saying we used to use all the time as I grew up, as we made breakfast...

"The chicken's involved, the pig is comitted!!"

Never want to be the pig or the bug!

Beautiful mandala for Goulet pen company. I get their newsletter too and drool over all the pens. So purrrrty.

Gloria j Zucaro said...

What a great post,Rita. A little pit of everything! Love your "funny" for Jenn's challenge. Also really love the step-by-step Zendala. Also love and am envious of your weather!

Anonymous said...

I would prefer tears flowing from our eyes. It gives me a visual. Looks like you are busy busy as usual! Hope you are having a good night.

VonnyK said...

Your little bug is so cute and I love the saying. Your mandala is incredible and all by hand. You really are very clever at these.
Good luck with the Ink Drop contest.

Cowgirl Red said...

I read it as tears (from the eyes) however it makes more sense as tears (separating) haha. Rita you are a talented Zen Tangle artist. You make it look like fun. I want to try it. Have a wonderful weekend my friend. Terah

Crystal said...

Your zentangles blow me away. Would it be alright if I pin a few on my pinterest? :-)

minnemie said...

Hahaha, your bug totally embodies the quote! Brought a BIG smile to my face!

Anonymous said...

That first one made me laugh.

Neesie said...

What a giggle Rita...your bug was so funny. I've heard the saying before but your drawing just added to it perfectly.
Fantastic zentangle but then I love was brilliant the way you broke it down to show how it's created.
We're wet and soggy here again ~ oh boy I'm needing spring to arrive.
There was a 10 year draught here before we arrived but it's more than made up for it this last year!
Karma obviously knows where the best spots are to help in the relaxation process ^..^
Have a wonderful weekend ~ whatever you get up to ~ enjoy! ;D
Neesie (APR) #9

Karen Smithey said...

Yay for you for no ruler on the zendala! It's gorgeous--the blox and the barberpole patterns seem to add some heft and balance the whole thing out--

I love your bug! The spreading on his face is priceless.

I envy you your fall weather! It's my favorite season, too.

Carolyn Dube said...

It sure made me laugh!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I read it as ripped..tears. you did great on the mandalas..I like the way you showed us all how to do them..great!! I needed a teacher!
I am loving the cooler weather too..and the leaves are changing out there too:(

Hilary said...

Your steampunk art turned out very nicely. The shape seems to be more of a dome now that you've completed it. That's very cool.

Dana said...

The weather here has been perfect, too! It's warm enough to be called summer but cool enough to sleep. I love it!

That zendala is amazing!

Have a wonderful Monday. :)

Dee said...

Dear Rita, that doodly-doo tangle zendala you did is my favorite thus far. Thus far, by far. Your work amazes me. I know you are working on being more free. But on a scale of 1 to 10, you are a 10 when compared to my 1 with regard to freedom and visual art. I can be free in writing, but even there, I think I'm a little rigid. So I admire you greatly.

I've been away from blogging for a week--been a little under the weather with asthma. But I'm glad to be back. Yours is the first blog I've read in a week and as usual, you've made me smile with your descriptions of the process by which you create beauty in our world.

As to the "tears" I thought of fissures in the ground of my own mind and how when I open up to new possibilities and people and experiences, I find new vistas. Thank you for sharing the quote with us. That's a part of your blog that I always find absolutely intriguing--what will she quote today???? Peace.

Darla said...

Your APR entry got a smile out of me. Unfortunately I didn't have time to play last week.

Great mandela and I was happy to read the names of all the different tangle patterns you used.


Queenie Jeannie said...

I read it as tears - ripping a hole. Cool quote!!

LOVE your doodling - good luck on the contest!

Wish we had your weather; it's been soooo hot here the past couple of weeks! Nice though!

Tracey FK said...

your zentangles are just coming along so beautifully... I am in awe of them... your patience astounds me...xx

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

I am in AWE of your zendalas. The level of detail and creativity is inspiring!!