Wednesday, August 01, 2012


I took a picture of the blue and white sky yesterday and didn't even notice I caught a swallow flying by until I downloaded the photo into the computer.
Only 85 degrees?  Karma took her long afternoon nap on the porch to avoid my puttering--LOL! 
It will look entirely different once my baskets and pencil boxes arrive...and I will probably still move shelves around some more...but at least I got all this clutter off my desk.
I have company coming!  My folks are coming up for their yearly visit this weekend.  Haven't seen them for two years because last year they left early when Dad found out he could get his hip replacement surgery.   
And--my sister, her son and his girlfriend, and possibly my brother are coming, too.  I haven't seen my brother and sister for must be around a decade.  My folks usually come up once a year for one night, but this time they're coming for the weekend.  A little family reunion!  
Too many for my small place so we will have to spend most of Saturday over at Dagan and Leah's where they have more room and more places to sit.  Everybody but my folks will drive back to Minneapolis on Sunday.  My folks will leave on Monday to go visit a lady friend of theirs who lives out this way, too.  This has never happened since I moved up here in 1999!  Whoohoo!!  Anyways, that's another reason why I wanted to clear off my desk even though the baskets haven't arrived yet.  At least all that art stuff is in the proper vicinity.  ;)
Meanwhile--Moth Attack number two!  Awk!!
I decide Monday evening that I really need to clean my glasses and wash my face.  To set the stage...
My routine is to grab the washcloth (you can see hanging above the hand towel) and toss it in the sink, quick wash my glasses under the water while it is warming up, dry my glasses on the towel, and then a quick face wash with the warm washcloth.  
I have taken to standing back when I turn the light on in there.  I looked all around and didn't see any moth.  I tossed the washcloth in the sink, took off my glasses, started cleaning them under the stream of water...and whap!!  I got hit on the side of the face by that big old moth!  This time I must have made some kind of strangled sound because Karma came running to see what was going on.  And quite a show it was!  I was trying to swat at it with the wet washcloth--spraying water everywhere.  I saw it go down toward the floor--well, kind of, I can't see much without my glasses--and quick went to dry my glasses so I could see where it went...
It came out of nowhere and vanished into thin air!! 
I had the flyswatter, a paper towel, and a flashlight at the ready this time...but I looked everywhere and never saw a trace.  Karma had apparently missed where it went too or she would have been staring intently...well, or I was probably a more riveting, animated subject (crouching through the bathroom and hallway and bedroom and living room and kitchen examining every nook and cranny and opening every closet and cupboard door) for her undivided attention.  That's a feasible excuse for her not letting me know where it went, I suppose.  I seldom get that excited or move fast anymore, let alone slink about in interesting detective manner, so I imagine it would have been cat riveting.
Needless to say, but I'll say it anyways--another night where I had a heck of a time falling asleep.
Tuesday morning.
I go to wash my face--the usual routine, right?  Grab the washcloth, (yes, I'm showing you the scene again) run the hot water while I clean my glasses, dry my glasses, lay them on the counter, and go to grab the washcloth...
...and as I lift it up, even half blind without my lenses, I could see a big dark moving blob in the sink!  The moth!!  Trying to climb away from the hot water!  It had been hiding in my washcloth!!!  Awk!!  Instantly knew where it had come out of nowhere the night before--but this time it had gotten trapped too far under the washcloth to make a break for freedom, smack me in the face and escape.  I quick tossed the washcloth on top of it...squished it and flushed it down the toilet.  Whew!
I must have made some sharp breath intakes and noises this time, too, as Karma was silently observing the happenings from the doorway.  I am not a screamer, but I must make unusual enough sounds that Karma is right there.  Not to protect me, of course.  Just as an alert observer. 
What grossed me out is that I had washed my face with that wash cloth the night before after the moth attack.  Eeeewww!!
I imagine it ended up in the damp washcloth after it had been attracted to my angel night light in the bathroom.
The year of the moths.
I know it is silly.  How can a girl who pet a wild wolf be afraid of moths?  
When I was in fifth grade (Fridley/Minneapolis) we took a field trip to the Carlos Avery Game Farm.  They had cages with cement floors and tall bars (smaller than at the Como Zoo) with some different animals that were being temporarily kept there for one reason or another.  There was this wolf...we locked eyes...I could feel her loneliness.  Next thing I knew everyone had moved on down the line.  I ducked under the metal bar (that was supposed to keep you at a safe distance, of course) and walked right up to her.  Oh, she was so excited that I had come over...she danced in circles and then flew up to the bars and I reached in and scruffed her neck and she laid down on her side.  I rubbed her chest and neck with one hand while she licked my other hand as I tried to rub her head.  We were simpatico.  
Next thing I knew the guide man's arms circled me and snatched me backwards away from the cage and up against that safety bar so hard we both almost tumbled backwards over it.  He was trembling and yelling at me.  This she-wolf was wild and had just been captured a week ago.  He lectured a lot more, of course, but that is all I heard.  No wonder she was so very lonely and unhappy.
  I remember I didn't want to ever wash her stinky scent off my hands in her honor, you know...but she was stinkier than my dog.  I think I lasted two days.  Hey, I was nine--LOL!  
And yet...ever since I can remember, my heart races and panic climbs up my throat over moths, wasps, bees...anything flying at my face.  Logic has nothing to do with it.  ;)
Bravery is sometimes only that there is nothing to be afraid of.  
Fear can also be actually over nothing to be afraid of.
Have a happy Wednesday!  Dagan is stopping by after work and we'll have dinner together since Leah is in Seattle for work till Friday.  I wonder if I ever told him the wolf story...?  ;)
"Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it."


fishducky said...

"Karma is right there. Not to protect me, of course. Just as an alert observer." LOVE THAT!!

Your stroy about the wolf was fascinating!!

Have a great reunion!!!!!!!!!

TexWisGirl said...

your moth stories are too funny. i can imagine the panic that wildlife attendant had with you in with the wolf! your shelves look great!

Jenny Woolf said...

The wolf story is lovely. Poor wolf.

I can understand the unpleasantness of things crawling on the face although thank goodness I am not phobic about it. But phobias, I don't really understand them. There is no rhyme or reason

Have a great time at your family get together, Rita!

Beth said...

I am so glad you have family coming to see you. Have a wonderful time.

I am glad you squished the moth to smithereens.

pauline said...

omg, that was hilarious... Karma is no doubt standing a the door thinking "WHAT. THE. HELL. IS. ALL. THE. SCREAMING. ABOUT. ?!?!? That was too funny... yeah, moths. Yuck. You remind me of ME!! hehehehee. i have a phobia about spiders. I also worked in the prison system for a while as a guard, and my husband always teased me about working with inmates who had killed, but being afraid of a spider.... yeah, i know, doesn't make much sense to me either. But i still hate spiders. And moths now. :-) Thanks for the laughs... xox

Sally Wessely said...

We had our share of moths this year. I hate to have them come at my face.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

The shelves look great, I don't know if I would ever pet a wolf although as children we have less

As for not seeing my parents or siblings for a year or a decade well that is not something I can imagine, but as you know I have a close knit family and see them all the time.

I went with mum and Temika over to the nursing home to see nan today second time we have been over this week and both times we have taken Sydney-May with us as well

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I loved the wolf story UNTIL that guide pulled you back. My heart sank.

Sounds like you have a great weekend planned. Lots of fun and excitement, I'm sure. How cool.

Cool just like your weather. Wish we had that here!

ChicagoLady said...

Hopefully that was the same moth that was hiding in the closet, and you are rid of them now! Enjoy your visit with your family.

Janie Junebug said...

It was a ghost moth. It's lovely that you made the wolf so happy. That Karma -- always watching, never bothering to participate. Why should she trouble herself?


laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

hahaha....rita, you are so funny about the moths! i wonder what some point in your life SOMETHING must have made you afraid of them...a real life mothra??!!

love the wolf story...and very fitting right now...with the FULL MOON!!

OH, your shelving looks GREAT!!

you & karma have a good thursday!!

carol l mckenna said...

Karma is so good for you ~ what a cat! Enjoy the family and be gentle with yourself ~ Watch out for Moth attacks! thanks for coming by ~ ~ namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

PS ~ day ahead of myself ~ posted Friday's post last nite ~ had to correct it this morning ~ aging process or brain overload or both ~ LOL

Sandra Tyler said...

lol, we had a similar infestation, though not moths, flies. Somewhere I had a post about it. In January! Hundreds of them in the basement! At least moths in summer might be a bit more expected. Lol. Love the image of you swattin' around with that washcloth...

Carolyn Dube said...

Stunning cabinet! Have a great time visiting with your family- that sounds like it is going to be fabulous seeing them all again!

Anonymous said...

I love the wolf story.
And the moth part was funny to me.

My mother was the bravest person I knew. She even had a pet snake. But was terrified of rubber worms. She would scream if you put one on her.
So funny to me. But it was her fear, and that is real enough for anyone. It doesn't matter what you are afraid of, it's your fear...and that's real.

I'm afraid of cockroaches. I mean illogically afraid. I can't squish one because I can't get close enough to it. so glad we don't have any here.
I grew up in Charleston, SC...they had what they call "Palmetto Bugs" they are HUGE roaches. They fly! uggg. I get the willies just thinking of them.

We don't have to worry much about moths. If they get in the house they don't last long, Max will hunt them down and kill them. good hunter kitty. : )

have a wonderful time with your company. How exciting!

Toriz said...

I'd rather pet a completely wild animal than face a moth or bee too, personally!

If I'd been you I'd have fetched a clean wash cloth and washed my face like 5 times after realizing I'd used a mothy cloth. Is "Mothy" even a word? Well, it is today...

Far Side of Fifty said...

You survived the second Moth attack! Strange little creatures...I think that one was lurking in the closet and then wanted water:)

Your shelves look fabulous!
Enjoy your company!
I liked your wolf story too..Far Guy did the same thing but the wolf clamped down on his hand when he was withdrawing it from the cage..a Ranger told him to calmly scratch her with his other hand until she let loose :)

Dee said...

Dear Rita, like you, I feel a bond with wolves and so have several items around the house that have painted wolves on them or etchings, as well as two or three calendars. Peace.

AliceKay said...

Moths like to do those sorts of things...hide in a washcloth or a towel and then attack you when you're vulnerable and least expect it. Glad you finally got the sucker. ;)

I don't remember reading the wolf story before, but I enjoyed reading it today. :)

Hope you had a nice time with Dagan Wednesday night.

(i'm a bit behind in reading blogs)

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Carlos Avery is still there. They do have wolves, wolf-dog blends, raptors, and some small animals (e.g., skunk, porcupine). That would have been a powerful moment between you and the wolf. I remember going to Alaska many years ago and going to an animal sanctuary there (they cared for injured and abandoned/orphaned wildlife). There was a moose there that had been orphaned in the wild. It came right up to the fence and there were signs saying not to stick your hands through the fence because the animals are wild.

The moose seemed to want to be pet, so I did. It let me pet its face and top of its head for the longest time. I will never forget that...much like how the wolf has stayed with you throughout the years.

Tracey FK said...

bloody moths... not a fan either... and don't mind most critters, but moths are just creepy... I stood on a stupid spider in the shower the other day but it washed down the drain before I could check wjat it was... then had to wait for a couple of hours to see if the swelling was sweating because it might have been a redback and then you need anti venom and all that and they start to wake up in the warmer weather, and as it has been dry they come looking for water... swelled up like crazy, but no sweating thank goodness so anti histamines took care of it... looks like shoe checking season is coming early this year and I have the spider man coming to check the house later in the week... still think I would hate moths more!!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Ugh - I hate moths too! Sorry about the washcloth scene!!!

Karma - I just love her! LOL!

Intense Guy said...

I thought I heard Karma Khuckling at you...

Hope the folks visit is a nice time for all!!