Friday, April 05, 2013


I did work on the Zendala Dare this week.
This time I searched through my home-made tangle book...
...and used (or adapted) beadlines, bundles, and hopscotch.
Sorry if the pictures are dark.  It's a gray morning here.
My Ink Drop for April arrived from Goulet Pens.
Was excited to see turquoise!!
Well, I have already gotten side-tracked on the 21 Secrets--LOL!  I kept thinking that I should do a separate journal just for all the critters and Minnesota prairie memories...kind of a collage art diary.  I remembered that in one of the classes we were supposed to construct our own journal.  So I found that one ( #9-Diary of a Highly Effective But Inconsistent Journaler with Jodi Ohl) and watched all the eight videos.
Inspiring.  And I may try something closer to her method (duct tape, sewing machine, and glue gun) when I have some of my own gelli plate papers...but that's another story.  (I have ordered a gelli plate for my birthday, but it's on backorder.)  Well--face it--you know how anal I am about these type of things.  My being looser would be using gelli plate printed papers.  There's no way I could put together a journal with duct tape--LOL!
Which led my wandering mind to my yearly goal list.  
Make a larger journal, it says...right there...printed on my list.  
A few years back I bought some Dick Blick student grade watercolor paper that's pre-cut to 15 X 22 inches.  I had this idea of just folding it in half to make a 15 X 11 inch art journal--absolutely humongous for me!!  So I drug out all my paper stash from under my bed.  Karma was intrigued, of course.    
I keep them inside cardboard cartons that some of them arrived in... 
...and I have a couple big black boxes, too. 
Of course they are organized into watercolor paper, pastel paper, drawing paper, large printed & handmade papers (in one of the black boxes), and even larger pretty paper that wouldn't fit in the black box.  I found my cheap stacks of Dick Blick student WC paper--have both 140 and 90 lb.  Decided with such a huge book it should have sturdier paper--so I folded the dozen sheets of 140# paper.  I'm only using two sheets per signature.
I also have these Davy Boards I have never used.  Thought I'd try a big heavy cover for this giant journal.
Had to work a little at a time so it took forever to cut the covers, but I did it--tada!
Then I picked some handmade paper for the covers.
Lighter one with the inclusions for the outside of the covers and the darker tan for the insides.
I tore them down to size.  (I do love my super heavy giant ruler I bought for bookmaking years ago!)...
...then sanded down the edges of the Davy Board.  All ready for the next step--gluing the paper on the covers.   
I plan to do a coptic stitch binding since I am kind of familiar with that method (haven't done it for so long I hope I can remember and not make too many mistakes)...but have never tried anything so huge!  Going to be tricky. 
Karma and I were exhausted.  ;)
And now I best get moving.  Dagan is supposed to come over after his half day today and take me over to renew my driver's license.  I have had to postpone it already a couple of times.  Only have a month after my birthday or I'd have to take the behind the wheel and written test all over again--so I hope I can make it over there this afternoon.  Wish me luck!
Chance of rain, ice pellets, or snow today--so it's a dress warm day.  Hope your weekend is filled with wonderful new memories to cherish.  :)
"If we take the time, no matter how crazy and troubled we feel, we can find something to be thankful for."
Terry Lynn Taylor


Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard of Jill Bliss? That third photo reminded me of some of her work. I'm no expert, though.

Anonymous said...

I swear you could start your own art supply store!!

Intense Guy said...

Your Zendala's belong in an Art Museum so many can enjoy them!

Karma has the right idea... I think I could use a snooze this afternoo...

Janie Junebug said...

I don't know how you do all that cool stuff. I'm such a fumble fingers.


Queenie Jeannie said...

Wow! What a big project you've taken on! But I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished results...and then all your artwork filling it!

Shelly said...

I think Karma's saying if you're going to play with her toys, she's going to play with yours. She always makes me smile!

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

I'm excited to see how your art journal is going to turn out. Having supplies on hand that you can create things with is always fun. Your mandalas never cease to amaze me...the level of detail you put into them is impressive!

Dana said...

I love reading about your art. :)

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

DJan said...

I LOVE your zendala, Rita. And that beautiful huge book you are making is so impressive. I'm way impressed with your talents. Good luck on getting that license renewed. :-)

Teresa Evangeline said...

Your place is starting to look like Da Vinci's studio... :)

Beth said...

Good luck on the driver's test Rita!! I love the last picture of Karma!

Anne's tangle blog said...

Your zendala is lovely and it's great to see ypu here again.
You were really busy this week!

Anonymous said...

What lovely Zendalas! Keep warm.

Cindy Lane said...

What a fabulous paper stack stash! And I recognise those big cardboard packing cartons - have a few stashed here myself. I dare say it's a lot more expensive to have it delivered all the way to Oz...although it is worth it!

I can't wait to see what gets laid down on that beautiful paper.

Magic Mandala and Karma is way better than Grumpy Cat!

AliceKay said...

You are so creative in so many ways. It's nice to see what you come up with next.