Monday, April 15, 2013


We got another 6-7 inches of snow in a blizzard that shut down Interstate 94 the length of the state from Minnesota to Montana.  Some areas in North Dakota got 2 feet, so Fargo's was nothing compared to that!
It's a very heavy, wet snow.  The plows were going all morning...scraping and digging out the parking lot.
Snow this time of year never stays on the ground long, though.  ;)
Karma basically played with her bug, ate, and slept through the blizzard--LOL!
 No cat worries for my girl.
I did finally renew my driver's license on Friday!!  North Dakota has changed renewals from every four years to every six years, so I am good till 2019.  Weird that they won't let you wear your glasses in the photos now?  How can people recognize me?  You know how coke-bottle-bottom-glasses people look like blind moles blinking with pinched eyes in the bright sunlight when you take their glasses away?  Yup!  I will look glassy-eyed and vacant--staring off into space--for the next six years--ROFL!  Oh well.  It is done.  :)
I watched Life of Pi and Hitchcock this weekend.  As I said, I read Life of Pi many years ago and was curious as to how they would approach the ending--but they didn't skip over it and left it in.  I was so glad.  That made the whole book for me.  I'm sure a lot of people might not like it, because I remember a lot of controversy and discussion about the ending when the book came out.  I don't remember every detail (and seeing the movie has made me want to read the book again), but I think they stayed fairly close to the book.  I really loved the movie!
Hitchcock was interesting.  A kind of personal look at him and his marriage over the time they were making Psycho.  Since I am a fan of both Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren--well, how could it not be good! 
I prioritized making up food and doing laundry this weekend over sanding davy board, but plan to get back to the journals this week.  I also have been gradually visiting the blogs of my loyal commenters--and, as I have, I've been trying to find other ways of following you that would be easier for me than trying to keep up with the Blogger Reading List.  To all of you who have the "follow me by email" box--bless you!  Your posts will come directly to my email box and I won't miss any of them anymore!  I wish everyone had that option on their blog.  
A lot of blogs have down at the very bottom of the screen this "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" link.  I click on it and have apparently subscribed--but does anyone have any idea how I ever get back to those subscriptions?  I don't know where to find them?  Am totally clueless.  If anyone knows--help, please!
Well, that's it for a quick pop-in.
See you again soon!  :)
"Refuse to fall down.  If you cannot refuse to fall down, refuse to stay down.  If you cannot refuse to stay down, lift your heart toward heaven, and like a hungry beggar, ask that it be filled, and it will be filled.  You may be pushed down.  You may be kept from rising.  But no one can keep you from lifting your heart toward heaven."
Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes


Beth said...

Keep that snow there!!!

I am clueless too. :-)

Shelly said...

It is surreal that you all are in the depths of winter and we were at 97 yesterday and probably that hot today, too. Oh, for a happy medium! But Karma does look very restful despite it~

AliceKay said...

Wow, am I ever happy I'm not seeing all of that white stuff outside my door! Winter is still hanging out in Fargo.

I'm glad you were able to make it to the driver's license center on Friday. Weird that they won't let you wear your glasses for your photo when you wear glasses normally. We can renew our license online, but I forgot about getting the actual picture taken. We have to do that, too. PA's licenses are valid for 4 years.

I'll be looking forward to watching "Life of Pi" when it comes to cable. :)

I know my blog is private so you can't "follow" it. Not sure about the "follow me by email" option.

Furry Bottoms said...

Cats nevvvvvvvvvver worry about anything at all! :)

Anonymous said...

Karma is a gem ~ she knows how to live! Snow ~ April 15th and here in MA it is still cold ~ trying to be Spring ~ So glad to see you and Karma ~ lots of healing hugs to you ~ Enjoy ^_^

GrandmaG said...

I guess if you grew up with snow in April, it wouldn't be so bad. For me, it would be so depressing.

Yesterday it was sunny and in the 70s in St. Louis. Today it's raining and in the 50s. Good for me I had already planned to be indoors most of the day doing laundry. And I did manage my neighborhood walk for the short time the sun tried to come out.

But now I'm ready for more 60s and 70s, again. And sending warm wishes to Fargo :)

Deanna said...

I am so thankful we are past the threat of snow. Karma has the right idea. Congrats on getting that license renewed again.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you're doing a little better!!

Dana said...

That's a lot of snow!

Glad you got your license renewed. :)

Anonymous said...

If you ever find an answer regarding post (atom), please let us know. Stay warm.

Akannie said...

We're having some roller coaster temps, but mostly it's staying warm. It's been rainy off and on all day, and supposed to continue the rest of the week.

My cats and dogs have all been lazy and snoozing about the house all day...this weather affects us all like that. lol

Hopefully spring will find you soon. It's so green here...

DJan said...

I am so glad you got the driver's license renewed and that you don't have to worry about it for a long time! I love your quote at the end of this one, Rita. It spoke directly to me and I'll try to keep it in my heart. Bless you! :-)

Intense Guy said...

Karma looks so happy and content! I bet she doesn't suspect you will be taking her out for a drive someday soon.. eh eh eh ...mahmwaaah haaahhhh hhhaaaaaa!

Friko said...

That looks fierce out there I wouldn’t bother driving in the snow just yet. Do what Karma does: eat, doze and stay cosy. I’d allow you to do some of your arts and crafts, of course.

Zue said...

I love it when you talk geography. I am learning all the us states. So I checked up on Montana and the other one on the right of you. Must be fab to live in America. I may get there one day, but I doubt it. I seem drawn to New England somehow! The has been more tragedy there.....I am so sad about that. I will try to do the thingy about emailing posts

Sherry Ellis said...

Wow! That's an amazing amount of snow for this time of year!

Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

"Life of Pi" was sooooo good! I wish I would've read the book first though :)

Janie Junebug said...

That's some serious snow. It's almost warm enough for me to turn on the AC. Poor Elvis Aaron Schwarz said he couldn't sleep last night because his AC blew up. He asked if he could sleep in my extra room tonight. I said, Sure, but I'm not turning on the AC yet. It's too expensive. We'll see if he shows up or tries to sweat it out at home. He can always put his boxers in the freezer. That would cool him off.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's cold and nasty here, too. But thankfully not as bad as you have it. Glad to see Karma is doing so much better.

Thanks for stopping by. I've really appreciated it, although I haven't had a lot of time to reciprocate this month.

Debbie Jones said...

Hoping that spring comes for your soon! In Arizona, driver's licenses last for 25 years, if you can believe that! I couldn't when we first moved here. I still have 13 years left on mine and I've had it for 12. It is handy but I'm not sure how the police can recognize people by their driver's license photos. Here's hoping you are snow-free soon! Enjoy the rest of the week.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Wow!!! More snow? No thanks!! I truly hope that Spring has come and will stay over here!!! We are wearing lighter coats now and no hats or mittens. Yay!!! Birds are chirping like crazy and it just lightens your heart! LOVE!!!!

Yeah, it's a pain when housework type stuff gets in the way of some fun crafting! But ya gotta do what ya gotta do, I suppose. I hope you can dive into those journals soon, because I'm very much looking forward to seeing you fill 'em up with your gorgeous artwork!!

Karma - she really does have the life, doesn't she??

Have a blessed day!

Cindy Lane said...

WOAH SNOW! That is something that you definitely do not get in my neck of the woods!

Karma is still hard at her job - good to see her so dedicated. A cat after my own heart!

Far Side of Fifty said...

No glasses anymore on the licenses? I suppose they think people all wear contacts nowadays. Snow! I have had it with is snowing right now and will for most of the day. Good to hear you are taking care of the important and clean clothing before crafts!! I am cooking vegetable soup today to freeze for quick meals once I go back to work.:(

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Isn't it just unbelievable the amount of snow that the Midwest has been getting this winter and spring? That's amazing that they closed the freeway from Minnesota to Montana. That's a huge stretch of road. Glad you're warm and safe, though, and can look out at that wet, heavy snow. ;)

Serena Lewis said...

WOW...that definitely doesn't sound like spring weather.

Awwww...bless Karma's little heart. So sweet!

I wonder if they are doing that here on driver's licenses for people who wear glasses. Interesting.

I loved the book and the movie of Life of Pi. I haven't seen Hitchcock yet but I do love Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren too so I probably will get it at some stage.

Out of curiosity, do you follow my blog by email? I very nearly removed the option from my sidebar a month or so back but, now that I know some people prefer it, I will leave it there.

Re. Subscribe to Posts (Atom) - If you click on the link, you will find that it just opens a page with heaps of coding. TO MAKE IT WORK you have to RIGHT CLICK the link : THEN left click on 'Copy link location' or 'Copy Link Address'. This will copy the URL of the link to your clipboard. Then go to your feed reader and paste the link into it. Basically, it's just another way to add a blog's feed into your reader, however, most bloggers opt for the RSS feeds are easier.

Have a great weekend! xo

Marianne (Mare) Baker Ball said...

Glad to get these movie reviews. I have no interest in seeing Life of Pi, but Hitchcock looks good. I love those actors too. :-)
from The Dugout