Thursday, April 18, 2013


We did have a very short visit by blue skies after the blizzard.  I took this picture so I had proof--LOL!  (Been pretty dark and gray up here most of the time lately.)
I heard we had gotten almost a foot of snow in just a few days but, as you can see, a day after the plows went through half of it was melted away. 
Really big snirt pile, though, between the garages!
Karma is back to her zen-self...except when it's bug-on-a-string time (which if she had her way would be all her waking moments--she's crying for it right now). 
Yesterday it snowed all day long.  The big, fluffy, wet flakes (that I absolutely love) danced around in the wind outside my windows... I picked the rest of the cover papers and tore them down to size...

 ...folded the watercolor papers for the insides...
...into stacks...
 ...and then (using my awesome big heavy ruler)...
 ...tore all those in half...
...(a long process with many arm and back breaks--lol!)... 
...and then folded those all in half again so they will now fit in the four smaller davy board covers.  Ahhh! 
The backordered gelli plate arrived yesterday, too!  (Not that I will play with it until I have at least one journal finished.) 
This is what it looks like this morning.  Got cold enough last night for some snow to stick to the cars and parking lot.  But it's supposed to get into the upper 30s today--and more snow or rain is possible.  
Not good news for the flood potential this year.  I heard they said we need 2 million sand bags now within the next 14 days.  Almost there.  (Don't worry about Karma and I or Dagan and Leah, though--we're not in the flood area.)  
This morning...
...well, I got the craft table all set up for gluing covers last night, but I'm not sure whether I will actually begin on that today or not.  Depends on how my body feels after yesterday.  (I never know until I am up for quite a while--am always hobbly-achey-sore the first few hours after I wake up--lol!)  But I made a lot of progress and the big, flat boxes are all back under the bed--hurray!  ;)
Hope you've been having a stupendous week!
See you again soon!  :)
"Everything you say should be true, but not everything true should be said."


  1. I am delighted that Karma is back to her old self! Hooray!

    I hope you are feeling in top shape soon.

  2. Lordy. Did someone forget to tell Fargo that it's spring ?? We are having April showers interspersed with torrential rians, tornado watch for 2 days in a row now, all day long, and then in between, beautiful days of sunny blue skies and temps in the high 70;s. Last night the low was 67. Tonight's low is supposed to be 36. sigh....

    You seem in good spirits despite the snow. THAT makes me happy !!!!

    Have a grand Thursday xoxoxoxo

  3. Your journals are quite the process! What fun..sounds like Karma is back to her old self:)

  4. i have been keeping tabs on the fargo flooding danger (inside sources on the job up there.) hoping it will not be too bad, but...

  5. Glad to see you're back in the Land of the Living--please stay with us here for a LONG time!!

  6. Lots of rain here... am glad it is not snow. You're making good progress on your projects!

  7. Anonymous1:29 PM

    I'm sure you've been asked this before, but what the hey...

    Are you from Fargo?

    Have you seen the movie "Fargo?"

    If so, do you sound like the people in the movie?

    Just wondering.

  8. Hmm... some rain just blew in... I bet it's from some place out west... Fargo? or maybe Missouri?


    Hi Karma!! I'll look for some bugs to send ya! They might not live through the mail...

  9. snirt pile -- hahahahahaha I would
    play bug with Karma, whenever she wants.


  10. For Susie: The actors in Fargo overdid the accent. They made it more Scandinavian. Rita is a Minnesotan, and she sounds like a Minnesotan, though she denies having an accent (the true Minnesota-Dakota accent is a lighter version of the movie accent). Some people here in Florida tell me that I have an accent. Those people are hicks, like Elvis Aaron Schwarz, whom I love in spite of his hickdom.


  11. For Susie and Janie:
    I actually knew some Finlanders up by Duluth that talked exactly like several of them did in Fargo. My "accent" is lighter, but influenced by my Swedish grandparents. I can fall into a heavier accent to this day on occasion--remembering my grandparents lilting conversations. (Who spoke nothing but English, BTW--wanted to be Americans.)

    Oh, and the first time I saw Fargo was in a movie theater in Fargo! And my son and I came out of the theater, went to Best Buy, and when we wished the guy who waited on us a nice day...he smiled and said "You betcha!" We probably would never have noticed had we not just watched the movie--ROFL!! We giggled all the way to the car! :):)

  12. You are very productive! I love your creativity, and I love the picture of warm Miss Karma~

  13. Hard to imagine you have snow when we are already in sandals and short sleeves here, but I do love watching it fall too. Karma looks so relaxed and cozy! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  14. Anonymous10:47 PM

    Glad to hear Karma is back to normal!

    Lovely snowy shots, but I expect you're longing for spring now!

  15. Wow!! You've been BUSY!! The journals are really coming along nicely. I bet it feels wonderful to be craftin' it down, huh? I know that's when I'm happiest, lol!


  16. Thank you for your comment, you painted a very evocative picture. Why are you having so much snow? Is this normal?
    We are at last warming up here, thank goodnes!
    Off to see the grand babies later. See you on Sunday on my return.
    Does the email feed work? (Sorry if you already said!)
    Have a great weekend!

  17. Glad to hear things are getting back to normal in your world, Rita. I do hope your fibro flares calm down, but you are certainly keeping busy! Purrs to Karma. :-)

  18. Never heard of "snirt" before but I knew exactly what you meant. Have plenty of that laying around here as well...though it is melting quickly even with the last snowstorm that came through that shut down a good majority of the schools around the Twin Cities.

    Love the picture of the blue sky and clouds. A good reminder that spring is, indeed, around the corner.

  19. I like the blue sky pic better than the snow pics. ;)

    I'm glad Karma is feeling so much better.

    When I was a teen, I had a friend who lived in Rochester, Minnesota. She came to visit friends of her parents who lived right next to us for a couple of summers. We became pretty good friends. I loved her accent. ;)

    Looks like you've been keeping busy. I hope spring comes to Fargo soon.

  20. OH, I love seeing all the papers in piles in preparation for binding. I'm glad that you aren't in the flood prone zone. We are lucky here too on that score. I hope your body didn't flare up too much. I know how that goes. xo


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