Saturday, May 18, 2013


Good Morning!
A vast assortment of pictures today--including some baby pics of Miss Karma.  Karma was almost three months old when she picked me at the local pet shop on the edge of town.  I had looked at the humane society and other pet shops but none of the cats and kittens felt "right".  It had to be a cat that would get along with birds because I had Miss Gracie at home.  I've had many cats and birds together and trust that I will just feel it and know when it's the right cat.  I haven't been misled so far.
Karma didn't vie for attention.  In fact, I had to go to her--the unwanted, gangly, too-old kitten--who purred and purred in my arms.  She was the last kitten I picked up, but I knew she was the right one.  An odd ball of regal attitude, fear, and love.
But Karma was one sick kitty.  The vet said she probably was born with the parasites and bacterial infection.  She ate and ate like she was starving (and she was) but remained a bag of bones.  Does that forlorn, blank expression look familiar?  I just saw her looking like that again recently, as you know. 
But with lots of medication and tender loving care Karma got well...
...and started to fill out.
Swallows built a nest on top of the light out on our balcony...  
...and Karma spent most of her days either glued to the screen door... 
...or sitting in the bedroom window entranced by all the bird activity.  See the parent swallow sitting on the railing?  Karma was more interested in those babies crying for food--LOL!
But she never did the I-want-to-sink-my-teeth-into-that-feathery-morsel teeth-chattering thing that many of my cats have done (even some of the ones who knew not to touch "family" birds in the house would yearn for a taste of outside birds).  Karma always had a calm fascination--almost an adoration--for birds.
And--speaking of--here's Miss Gracie.  This is the best picture I have of her. 
I have very few.  She was so difficult to photograph because she was one of those emotionally disturbed birds that pace endlessly and when you came close to her she, more times than not, threatened to bite you.
Here Gracie is on top of her mansion.  You might be able to see the sheet of clear plastic I hung off that lamp so she couldn't jump over onto the bookcase.  (Gracie was also a notorious chewer.)   
After Gracie left...these were cleaned and put in the garage.  She had that playpen (on the right) in my bedroom because Gracie truly loved her alone time.  I haven't been able to get rid of them all these years because it would be like saying I'll never have a bird again...and I'm just not sure.  Even though right now I'd have no room to put one anymore--LOL!
Just like my bike in the garage.  Even though it hurts too much for me to ride it I can't get rid of it.  It's like saying I will never get any better.  I know it's dumb--but the bike and bird cage will still stay in the garage for now.  ;)
Miss Karma today.  She definitely grew into that long tail and those big ears--LOL! 
That's the nostalgia photos for the day...but there's more!  LOL!  I noticed an orange tag on this car in the parking lot that hasn't moved an inch almost all winter.  I had wondered why the office never had it towed away.  Looked like maybe they were finally going to remove it.
I thought I'd show you how I dry my roses with hangers and clothespins.  Here's one dozen...  
...and the other dozen. 
Over on the left on my desk hutch... can see a bouquet of dried Mother's Day flowers from years ago.  They're still beautiful!  I think this is two years worth.    
 When I was over at Dagan and Leah's I asked Leah if she had a vase she didn't need for these roses when they are dried.  She sent me home this orange vase--and I stuck the greenery fill in there for now.  
But the tiny lavender pieces are falling everywhere.  I think I am going to put them in a plastic bag and strip them of all those teeny flowers--to save for paper making.  ;)
Leah also sent some experimental sample lotion bars home with me. 
Just used some silicone muffin tin liners for now. 
I didn't even know there was such a thing as a lotion bar!  Cool!  I'm thrilled to be a guinea pig!  Leah's thinking about maybe making some of these for when we start the etsy shop up again.
After I noticed that orange tag on that SVX car in the parking lot, I saw a woman stop in the morning to read the notice.  She stood there a very long time.  She did not look happy.  She looked angry and worried.
Later on I noticed this young man reading the notice and opening and shutting several of the doors with a key...but he did nothing, removed nothing...and walked away.  He seemed baffled.
Then in the misty afternoon rain it looked like the woman (in the long dress) was maybe the mother of that young fellow.  There was a man, too--maybe the father?  They walked around the car.  Stood by the car.  Finally pushed the car out into the middle of the parking lot and did a lot more of what you see here...standing and looking puzzled. 
They opened the hood and hooked the SVX car up to what looked like a portable charger right in the middle of the parking lot...for about five minutes.  But then they unhooked it...and stood around looking perplexed again.
Finally they pushed the car back and forth (barely missing two separate cars) until they got it headed out...
...and off they went... 
...around the corner of the garages. 
Next thing one of them came with a different car and drove it into the empty spot that the SVX car had held all winter and spring.  I have no doubt they had a tricky time pushing that dead car into a garage somewhere over there. 
On rare occasions I have seen cars towed out of here.  (A few have been obvious repossessions.)  But I have to admit it was interesting to see three people dealing with this crisis who seemed to know even less about cars than I do--LOL!  They were successful at removing the car in the end, though.  Kudos to them.  ;)
The warmer weather has brought out the noisy young male car jockey gang.  I counted a dozen yesterday.
Me.  I've been working on sewing together the journals since I saw you last--and they are DONE!! 
I finished the final one last night.  It feels so good to have made my own.  Very happy!! 
But Karma was even happier.  She was absolutely thrilled that I was done tormenting her.  There I sat endlessly whipping thread around--over and over again--taunting her--and she was not allowed to so much as touch it.  She got yelled at and even swatted once because she just had to see if I was really serious.  Absolute torturous hell in a handbasket, if you ask Karma.  She was pouting off and on for two days.  ;)
The temperature finally dropped into the 70s when the clouds and drizzle rolled in yesterday.  We had a grande old thunderstorm last night around 4am.  (We need rain!)  Today is dark, cool, damp, and there's drizzle if we're lucky--same as yesterday.  The dampness has me aching all over (arthritis) from jaws to toes, but I am loving this 70 degree weather!!
I know you can't get as much of a kick out of seeing baby Karma as I do, but I hope you enjoyed it some.  I was brand new to a digital camera and this was my new home in 2005.  Sometimes it seems like just yesterday.  Well, hope you are enjoying your weekend, too!  :) :)
"We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have."
Frederick Keonig


  1. Oh, how cruel of you to taunt poor Karma with that thread. She had every right to pout. I love her baby pictures, and Miss Gracie was so pretty. I know what you mean about finding just the right cat. I'm the same way with animals. I know the right one when I meet him or her. The dried roses are beautiful, and I love the mystery of the car in the parking lot. We need to start our own Bletchley Circle and figure out what's going on.


  2. Loved today's picture essay!!

  3. i liked seeing baby karma - and gracie, too - even if she was a wicked bird. :)

    laughed at karma being tortured by you and the thread.

  4. What do you mean, I wouldn't enjoy seeing pictures of Miss Karma as a kitten? She's adorable in those pictures, and she still is. And the journals are really lovely, Rita. You've done quite well with them, and I'm glad you are done torturing Karma. :-)

  5. I loved seeing Karma's baby pictures. I love cats. Thought about sharing some pictures of my cats when they were little sometime, too. (just haven't gotten to it)

    Yay on finishing your journals. They look great!

    Interesting pics of those people moving that car. LOL

  6. Ooooh- did you hear me squeal all the way down here in Texas? She was an adorable baby! What a cutie! Poor baby- being tortured by the thread. I'm sure she's plotting something in her head about it...

  7. Karma was so TINY!!!! LOL! Loved all the photos, so thank you for sharing them!

    YAY on getting the journals completed! It's so nice when projects are completed. Except in this's only the beginning! Now you have to fill them with glorious art!

    Sorry you are feeling achey. Not fun. I'm a basket of stress and nerves and I will be until sometime tomorrow. I'll take all the hugs and prayers you can spare!!!!

  8. Loved the photo essay on the life of Karma :) She is one pretty kitty ♥ The journals look great too. Karma must feel like my kitties when I'm crocheting and they get all upset when I won't let them play with the yarn . They know it's made just for them to play with :)

  9. Karma has come a long way! Gracie is really cute. I used to have a pet cockatiel named Sweetie Pie when I was a kid. He was the funniest bird ever!

  10. It's always fun to take a trip down memory lane. Fun, fun, fun. Loved the Karma pix the most.

    Had to laugh at the car dilemma. Your description made me laugh, although I'm sure the people with the car wouldn't find it funny (grin).

  11. Beautiful Karma.. what an adorable kitten she was. And Gracie is such a cutie. Cool that you save your flowers and make your own journals. And I totally get your hanging onto the bike. I suspect you'll have more success getting back to it than I will getting back to the smaller sized jeans I hang on to. ;)

  12. Hey Rita..... You know you and Miss Karma have a good following... Adorable little kitten she was, amazing how fast they grow!

    LOVE lotion bars......I have never made any but a little shop North of us about 20 minutes does and I actually buy them and use them on some of my clients!

    I will be watching your Etsy shop now!!

    Blessings to you and Miss Karma too!

  13. I greatly enjoyed the thumbnail sketch of Karma's formative years - and a glimpse of Gracie.

    I hope someday, you can wheel your bike out, and put your new bird on your shoulder and head out for a ride.


  14. Dear Rita, I so enjoyed reading this update--filled with news about Karma and the parking lot and your work and health. I picture you up there in Fargo in your apartment with Karma and sense the deep, down contentment you are feeling.

    And yes, I've seen that look on a kitten's face--the same look you saw on Karma's face recently when she was so sick. The looks just shreds my heart.

    Finally, the material used to upholster the chair that Karma as a kitten is seating on is just gorgeous. Peace.

  15. It is hard to believe Karma was ever that little. You've provided such a good home for her. It was interesting how they handled that car. Not sure what to make of it, though.

  16. Lotion bars--what a cool idea.

    And look at how darling Karma was as a kitten--no wonder she's such a gorgeous adult cat :) I'm glad you were able to help her gain weight.

  17. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Awww - baby Karma is adorable! Still is...

    And those journals are just lovely.

  18. Oh I loved seeing little baby Karma! And hearing about Gracie! We used to have birds..I loved them. You have been busy,,the journals are done!! Off to the next project!! :)

  19. Beautiful kitty, birdie and journals!

    Yes Miss K has "grown into" her skin! Thanks for sharing your lovely memories!

  20. Karma is awfully kute!


    You've been a busy bee!

    It sounds like you're having a lot of fun!

    I've always been intriqued with birds like Gracie, but I've never really been around one!

  21. What a lovely look back to happy memories of Karma as a kitty! ^..^
    You're car dilemma reminded me of a tv show that used to be on in the UK called 'crimewatch'...I couldn't help thinking...I hope that car is theirs!!! LOL
    It's been so long since I visited you and Karma but I can see that you're both doing well.
    Have a fantastic weekend whatever you have planned. :D

  22. I hope I remember everything I wanted to say: I loved the baby pictures of karma, and yes, she did fill out over the years, just like the rest of us! lol I was wondering why those people put another car in the exact same place, are they assigned spots? Your parking lot has a lot more activity than mine, just people walking back and forth to the dumpster or their cars. I do agree with Karma, not fair of you to play and not let her join in. I've probably forgotten a ton of things but I did want to say thank you so much for voting for me, it sure means a lot to have support! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  23. It's lovely going back on "baby" photos isn't it. I had a parrot the same as Gracie when I was young, he lived to a ripe old age of 16. Luckily he was really tame. He would fly around the house and one day while we were eating dinner, he flew down and missed my dads head and landed on a fish finger and skidded across dads plate. It was hilarious. Poor Gracie must have been subjected to something nasty when she was little to be so mean.
    Your journals look great, I have always wanted to try and sew my own but never been brave enough.
    It's great to be back on the net, speak soon.
    Have a great week.
    Von xx

  24. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Just popping by to say hello!

  25. Enjoyed the pictues. Your stack of journals looks great - no excuse not to write now.


  26. I loved seeing the pictures of young Karma, and Gracie, too. But I think I really came by because I needed to read that quote at the bottom, and that's all I'll say about that! ;)

  27. I love those journals!!!! Sorry you are still feeling so miserable...I'm right there with you :( The weather has been so unkind to those of us who have bodies that react to the barometric pressure changes. Hopefully Mother Nature will settle down and be kinder to us all. These tornadoes have got to end!!!

  28. I dry all my roses, too. I have some that look just like yours. :-) I can't bear to throw roses away!


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