Thursday, May 30, 2013


We've had some brief breaks in the rain...
...and glimpses of blue sky. 
But the storm clouds keep rolling back in. 
During one longer afternoon rainbreak Karma wanted to sit on the porch chair and watch the darting swallow shadows... 
...listen to the hungry babies chirp and look hopefully for bugs...
...before she decided... settle in... 
...for her afternoon nap. 
Yesterday afternoon, though, was rainy and dark.  Yet Karma got it in her head she wanted to snooze on the porch chair.  She stood in front of it and cried, but I didn't want to take the cover off and have the chair get wet.  Well, when Karma gets an idea in her head she doesn't let up--and I live in an apartment building and don't want the neighbors complaining about my loud cat.  (And she gets very loud when she's trying to get a point across.)  So I relented--but just pulled the cover up over the back of the chair so it would be simple to quickly pull it back down if it started pouring again.  
I no sooner get back inside and Karma's crying again out there.  Mind you, the porch carpet is all yuckysoaked and I wasn't happy gross-stepping across it in the first place.  But I started laughing when I saw that she was trying to climb up the back of the chair to get underneath the plastic chair cover.  She wanted to be IN the chair, but UNDER the chair cover--LOL!  Apparently she couldn't quite manage to do that herself yesterday like she was able to that one day a while back when I couldn't find her, remember?  I guess Karma didn't want to get wet, either--LOL!  I pulled the cover down over her and she slept out there all afternoon--thunderstorms and pouring rain and all.  :)
And guess where she is sitting staring at me and, shall we say, relaying her porch request right this very minute?
What does she think I am?  Her cat slave?
I confess.  
I just got up and let her out. 
Anyways...I got my results for all my tests in the mail yesterday with a note from Dr. Sleckman.  All my lab tests were fine: blood sugar, blood count, liver & kidney tests.  Normal urine & thyroid.  All good.  I do have bone spurs in my knee (probably both because they both hurt and swell--well, so do my ankles, for that matter, and hips).  And I have arthritis in the facet joints in my lower back.
I always look things up on the Mayo Clinic site.  It's what I expected--a degenerative lumbar issue usually caused by age or accident.  That fall on the cement steps over 20 years ago has definitely been an issue ever since.  First minor, but gradually increasing in annoyance--LOL!  Anyways, as I have said--it's the devil I know.  I just keep on with the stretching exercises and playing musical chairs.  When this damp weather lets up I know my bones will feel less painful and creaky.  
The sciatica...well, they don't know it's chronic unless it lasts over two months.  Just need to do those stretching exercises and wait it out.  Since I've had some issues with the numbness that have come and gone over the last year or so--who knows?  Time will tell.  But that and the damp weather have thrown me off my snail game--LOL!
It looks like it quit raining.  You can hear the smacky sound of wet tires in the parking lot and the workmen over at that apartment building.  The porch is so soaked that Karma's decided she's content to sit in the dry open doorway to listen to the babies and smell the wafting breeze.
Oh-wow!  There was just a glimpse of shadow on the carpet as the whole room lit up for a moment--a quick morning greeting from the sun.  Maybe it will visit for a while today.  Maybe not.  Regardless, it's a good day.  Hope you have a good day, too.  :):)
"When I count my blessings I count you twice."
Irish blessing


  1. I know the weather has played havoc with my health issues this year too. All of this cool damp air is not good for us. Hope you are feeling better ... I'm still in recoup from the Memorial Day sale at work so I'm really dragging ...told my hubby that this was definitely my last Season in the paint dept. no matter how much I like my job...I just can't do it any longer. So we have to figure out what I am going to do.
    Hope you are feeling better. I'm off to take a look at the basement rehab and see if there is anything easy I can contribute today :)

  2. What a smart girl Miss Karma is! She had it all figured out. I love the control she has with just her face and eyes. Glad your labs came back good- take care of yourself!

  3. I'm happy you had good tests results! Karma is a cutie, as always. Love the look she's giving you in that last photo. :)

    Have a great day!

  4. I'm not sure if it's Karma the Kontrary Kat or Karma the Krazy Kat!

    She (like all girls) just wants to have fun! She really seems to enjoy the simulation of the outdoors.

    Your test results sound... inconclusive at best. I wish they had better tests!! Hope your joints say "sunny weather" soon.

  5. karma cracks me up. :) silly girl sleeping under the cover!

  6. Karma is like me, I love to sleep while it's raining, nothing is more relaxing, although she can have all the bugs! lol Glad your tests came back good, just take it easy. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, you are the sweetest! Waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  7. You cat slave, you. I have arthritis in my back, too! We have so much fun stuff in common.


  8. Gotta love that Karma. :) And I think everyone who owns a cat is a cat slave, like it or not. LOL

    I've had inconclusive test results lately, too, and that's worse than finding the cause. You can't "fix" what you don't know. I hope things settle down for you soon. *hugs*

  9. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Ah - cute shots of Karma! Hope you get some sun soon.

  10. I think those 30 second glimpses of sun we're getting over here are all that keep us hanging on, lol!! RAIN, RAIN, RAIN!! And guess what's in the forcast? Yep, more RAIN!! With all the snow we've had, and now rain, you'd think we'd be flooded by now.

    Karma knows that it smells so good when it rains, but doesn't feel so great to be cold and wet. Makes perfect sense to me!!!

    I hope you feel better really soon and can play with your new toys! Hugs!!

  11. My cat is also loud and definitely he as a slave....anything for a quiet life!
    Some good results, but the bone spurs, well, that sounds very painful. If only we could turn back the clock and undo the fall.
    One day perhaps!


  12. That's good news about your blood work. It sounds like you're doing all right with diet and stretching, which are giving you a chance to be as well as you are. I love the Karma pictures and the description of that very regal cat. I heard someone say that cats don't have owners, they have staff. :-)

  13. So glad to read you got such a good doctor's report. Pretty awesome. I can appreciate what you said about the rain. I'm sure you know, it has something to do with the barometric pressure, but that doesn't help when we're in misery.

    Karma is SO fun to watch. I only wish Bleubeard were so photogenic and willing.

  14. Good news with your blood tests. Karma is a tad spoiled..LOL..for sure you are her slave and she wants things just so!
    I have been enjoying the rain... but I need me some sun send it over IF you ever see it! :)


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