Saturday, June 15, 2013


We had a couple sunny days this past week (including my trip to the dentist day--go back Monday the 24th to fix the filling)...
...but most days were a mixed bag or totally overcast. 
It did jump up about 10 degrees this week, though--from 70/50s to 80/60s.  Hot enough that I shut the place up and put the AC on.  I've kept it closed and after a couple days--well, my bones started to feel a little better--LOL!  So, for now, I am keeping it closed up.
Note: Just thought I would let everybody know that the Pacifier Boy (who sometimes doesn't have the plug in his mouth, BTW) is not deprived or lonely.  From what I can tell, he cries because if he just cries long enough he finally gets his way.  That's him in the motorized car.
Center of attention and very happy zooming around the parking lot.  I have no doubt he probably stands in his apartment doorway crying because he wants to go drive his special car.  So don't worry about him.  The parents have just taught him what works in their family. 
Anyways, Dagan and Leah were here on Wednesday.  Leah wanted to make a bigger phone pouch (hangs on her belt) for her new cell phone.  The one she bought for her old phone is on the left.  Leah got the pattern made and cut out of the neoprene on the right...but that's as far as we got.  :(
Some of you might remember all the trouble I had with the quilt store sewing machine repair guy in town...well, I knew it still skipped straight stitches here and there, but I was hoping it would work okay using the zig zag.  Nope.  In fact, it got worse and worse until it was missing half an inch of straight stitches in a row!  *sigh*  We read the instruction booklet and tried everything we could think of to no avail.  So Leah took the machine with her when she left and is going to drop it off at another place in town--Blow's Sew n' Vac.  [Such a funny name! I know. I know. I am so juvenile--LOL!]  We'll see if it is just too old to fix or not.
My mom bought me my sewing machine when Dagan was crawling, so it's 38 years old.  With his heart problems he was so skinny and then he's long waisted to boot--so it was impossible to buy him baby clothes where he didn't look like he was a drowning in fabric little stickman.  I sewed most of his clothes for several years--lots of jumpers, overalls, and knit t-shirts and pants.  Does anyone else remember the Stretch&Sew stores?
From the time I began sewing I let him pick out the decals for the front of his overalls or the breast of his one-piece jumpers.  Guess what I found in the box of sewing paraphernalia?  
I wish I had a picture.  (I usually seem to forget about the camera when I have company.)  There was my Dagan--38 years later--looking through these decals and smiling.  I remember standing in the aisle at the fabric store with Dagan on my hip taking down the ones he wanted to see as he seriously made his final decision on the one or two he could pick.  We spent a lot of time in fabric stores back then.  :) 
I do remember the next one he wanted me to use was the train.  But then, before I could sew a new outfit, he decided he wanted to be a big boy and use the potty chair...and those jumpers and overalls just drove him plum crazy.  He wanted pull-on pants, of course...and these embroidered decals have waited in this old Avon container for nearly four decades...just to be held in Dagan's hands and see his smile again.
Miss Karma loves the heat.  I pull back the chair cover on days it looks like it could rain any minute so that she can use the bathe... 
...or take a toasty snooze. 
I have the table all set up for playing with the gelli plate this weekend.  Thinking positive, right?  (This will be a real sciatica test.)  Wish me luck!  
Have a glorious weekend!!  :):)
"It is not how much you do, but how much love you put into the doing that matters."
Mother Teresa


  1. Oh, how cool for Dagan to see the appliques he picked out so long ago. When Favorite Young Man was little and wore out the knees of his pants, I made apple trees out of felt and sewed them over the knees. When he was in elementary school, I embroidered a basketball and a hoop on the back of one of his shirts. He loved that shirt. This post brings back happy memories for me, too, as you can see. I wish I had one of those little motorized cars. I would cry for it all the time, too.


  2. cute little sew-on decals! and sweet happy karma.

  3. What fun discovering old memories that we've packed away!!

  4. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Oh Karma - so lovely!

  5. OMG, I had (might still have) that exact same frog! I guess that makes it vintage :)

    Good luck with the gelli plate!

  6. Awww, love the decals! What sweet memories. I'm glad that Miss Karma is able to enjoy the sun and warmth. She looks quite content!

  7. Oh how nice to see him with the decals. I can see how it brought back some good memories. You're lucky in your son.

  8. So nice Dagan remembers those decals. And how the time flies, doesn't it? 38 years is like a couple of deep breaths, and there we are, almost four decades have gone by! :-)

  9. I too was delighted with the heat and one day I almost got, wait for it.....HOT (this rarely happens)
    I remember those Avon boxes and sew on patches!
    Cute that you had them after all these years.

  10. Such as sweet memory when you found those little decals. It is over 100 now every day here in Arizona so your cool, overcast weather looks so good, even in your pictures. Enjoy your Sunday!

  11. Those patches brought back so many memories of clothing I made for my boy back then too. Thanks for sharing ♥♥♥♥♥ Running the AC helps with my aches and pains too...until the electric bill comes :( But it's worth every penny!

  12. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Haha. I loved the juvenile part.


  13. Cute that all those little sewing patches are still with you. I'll be waiting for your gelli plate art. I haven't used on but I'm interested.


  14. Aww... you wrote this post so well, I got goose bumps thinking about Dagan smiling at the little train.

    :) I hope you and yours all feel great this week!!!

  15. Finally summer is here! About time! Cute patches..some of the littlest things bring back the best memories:)

  16. I hope you had a good weekend. I loved seeing the little embroidered decals you had for Dagan. They're very cute. :)

    Have a great week!

  17. Ahhhh!! So sweet! I remember sewing clothes for my first two as well. Seems like a million years ago!!!

    Our weather has finally turned to summer and now it's hot, hot, hot!!! No A/C for us though. I just close the blinds on the side of the side that has the sun, and keep the fans blowing. The only truly cool place is the basement, which is where The Bella has been playing lately. Our bedrooms are on the top floor, so it's pretty hot at night. Still, I'll take it over the rain, lol!

    Hi, Karma!! You crazy cat, you!

    *Fingers crossed* on your crafting!!!

  18. Yes, I'm late getting here. Could be because I have been trying to deal with my camera.

    I have no idea how old this sewing machine my friend Kathy got me for my birthday a few years ago, but it still sews perfectly. I think it's your repair person. Hope the new guy doesn't blow you off (pun intended).

    Bleubeard hates the heat, hates the cold, and hates being indoors. He's like pacifier boy, but at least I can ignore him, even when he's crying/meowing his eyes out.

    Have a super week, dear. I look forward to your next post soon.

  19. Gosh. I remember decals like that. I used to make Tessa and Julie's clothes but never tackled boy clothes. I wonder why that was... Ah, the mysteries of life.

    Good luck with your sewing machine. We have a Mennonite guy here who works magic, thank goodness.

  20. Dear Rita, I so loved learning about the decals and Dagan. There's a strange feeling that comes over nearly all of us when we hold a piece of history in our hands.
    Like Karma, the cats here are lying in the sun, grooming and snoozing. Happy I think.

    By the way, where do you find all the wonderful quotations you use to close your posts? They often seem to fit my life at the time. Peace.

  21. I think that is so awesome that Dagan was looking through the decals and smiling, it would have made for an awesome pic. Hope you get to play with your Gelli plate, just take it easy. Give Karma a rub for me. Thank you so much for visiting my "floor of shame today", lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  22. It's wonderful when you find old things and they bring back wonderful memories. They are such cute little patches. Shame about your machine, I hope they can fix it for you. I'll gladly take some of your heat from you, it's still freezing here.
    Hope the bones hold up and you get to play with your gelli plate.
    Have fun.

  23. Karma looks so relaxed soaking up the heat. What a comfortable life she has. :)


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