Sunday, June 23, 2013


Well, I don't miss everything, I guess.  Even though I never saw these patrol cars pull up (turned out the black one in the front there by the tree was an unmarked car)...
...I did watch as... 
...three policemen escorted this woman clutching her dog in her arms and wiping away her tears... 
...and hauled out the carrier (cat? small dog?)... her car.  They watched as she and her pets climbed in. 
She just sat in the car and it looked like she might have been on a cell phone.  The two policemen in the regular car left.  The one in the unmarked car sat there for a good ten minutes before he left.  I watched for over an hour.  She had the backseat window cracked down, but never left.  
Now I am not absolutely positive, but remember when I saw the patrol cars and ambulance here a little while back?  Well, they escorted a woman (who looked a lot like this one) who was walking and holding her upper arm like it was hurt to the ambulance.  
I'll probably never know, but the writer in me always wonders what the story is.  ;)
I actually did some scribbling with my watercolor crayons on gessoed pages in the manila folder journal and smeared around with a baby wipe.  Could use more layers of color, I suppose, but I was just glad to have a short playtime.  :)
I figure these only take me a few minutes each and I have the whole journal to color backgrounds on all the that's something I can do little by little.  Color always lifts my spirits.
This is what it looked like this morning when I got up.  Apparently I may have slept through another thunderstorm.
And guess what?  That car is still sitting in the same exact spot.  The mystery deepens.  If I ever hear any gossip at the mail boxes I'll let you know--ROFL!  ;)
The sun was attempting to peek out between the cloud cover for about ten minutes. 
Karma was out grazing on her cat grass. 
Yesterday there was a bug of some kind that flew under that chair and Karma spent a good hour under there trying to find it.  
She hasn't forgotten. 
Why does she suddenly whip her head around and just know I am there on the other side of the glass door when I haven't moved or made a sound?  How does she know?
Another mystery I'll probably never solve--LOL!
We've been having evening and late night thunderstorms.  Had quite the light show on Thursday night and lost electricity for a short while.  The rain clouds just keep rolling through.
Leah said that Blow's Sew and Vac got a hold of her and my sewing machine was ready to pick up.  She was going to try to pick it up yesterday because they're not open today, but I never heard.  (They were off visiting last night.)  Leah said if she did get the machine she might come over to try to sew the pouch today.  I pray my old machine will actually work again!  :)
Tomorrow I go back to the dentist's to have them fix that filling that fell out.  No need to say any more--LOL!  I'll just be glad when it is all done and I am out of that chair and have hobbled home again.  ;)
I had a wonderful time meeting Pam from the library!  She brought me four books and has a couple more I mentioned on order already.  They only have Pam and one other lady to deliver books, so it will be one of the two ladies who will come back until I might get my own volunteer one day.  They'll return in three weeks.  She said I can just return the books I am done with (normally on outreach we can keep them for six weeks!) but, since I will have some more books coming in pretty soon that are just from other branches, they hate to tie those books up for six weeks just till they get to me, you know, so they'll come back in around three weeks.  What a sweet woman.  Well, she's a book lover.  I've found book lovers to be quite exceptional people on the whole.  ;)
  I even dropped down from two-DVDs-at-a-time to one-at-a-time with Netflix--which will start July 1st.  More reading time.  I didn't realize how much I missed library books until I had that small stack sitting on my table.  I hope I can get back into the swing of things with making reading a regular part of my life again.  Been so many years since I was a regular library patron.  I'm sure it's kind of like riding a bicycle--LOL!  :)  And I've got the Janet Evanovich series coming a couple books at a time from Caroline, too!  Whoohoo!
That's what's happening in Fargo.  Or all I know about what's happening--which is never much--LOL! Have an exciting week!!  :):)
Note: I just discovered that I cannot highlight anything at all on blogger.  So I can't enlarge or change the font or add any color today.
"The world was hers for the reading."
Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn


  1. That's wonderful about the library, Rita. I wonder what the story is about that woman and her pets. Is she STILL sitting in the car? I am nosy and nosy people want to know! You should read the book by Rupert Sheldrake, "Pets That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home" and other odd things they do. Like read minds. :-)

  2. love to see karma just being karma. really cool on the library service! i cancelled my netflix altogether over a year ago. just too much time blogging. :)

  3. I love a good mystery! Hope you're able to solve the case. ;)

    Have a happy Sunday!

  4. Hmmm you are a great writer Rita and I suspect a story will pop into your head sometime about this mystery lady.

    I hate it when Blogger goes wrong and you can't see your followers, or change fonts, etc.

    Have a lovely week!

  5. That is indeed a mystery about the police cars.

  6. I'd be just like you- wondering what was going on with that woman's life!

    Miss Karma looks happy with her grass, and I hope she has her string nearby. Oh, the life of a kitty!

    You got some enjoyable days ahead of you~

  7. I loved the Janet Evanovich series, although I need closure. Just me. Sounds like exciting times in Fargo, police, thunderstorms and bugs! lol I'm babysitting Max this week, so am having some fun puppy loving! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  8. I love summer thunderstorms! So dramatic! Glad you are able to get back into reading. Very curious about that woman and her pet...I hope it isn't some kind of sad, tragic story, but I'm thinking that when the police come and escort you out of your home, it is never a happy occasion.
    Enjoy the week ahead. Good luck with dentist.

  9. Since I got an iPad a couple years ago, I haven't read a physical book. I kind of miss it. Plus I'm reading less because it's too tempting to check email or do some web searching. . .can't stay focused on the book! Might be time to go "old school" and actually pick up a real book.

    Enjoy your library books and good luck tomorrow!

  10. I,too, would be wondering what the story was w/ the cops. :-) Karma looks beautiful in the sunlight.

  11. Love the quote. I have that book and now I think I may give it another read, it has been years since I first read it.

    Oh do tell when you find out about the whole police story. I'm thinking "domestic violence" although I sure hope not.


  12. Anonymous7:51 AM

    I can sense when I person is staring at me. Maybe it's the same for cats.

  13. Fargo's "Finest" are a busy lot. I found that they keep their "Dispatch Log" on-line here:

    (Click yes, the day of the "incident," and search for your street) - perhaps it will show up?

    I'm crossed fingered hoping your sewing machine is a'werkin' once more!

    Says, "Hi" back to Karma and whispers, "I bought some of your cousins some Kitty Litter a couple days ago."

  14. Now you have us all wondering...

    There is nothing better than a good book. Enjoy! Hope your sewing machine is good as new.

  15. I love A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. It's a moving and hilarious book. I've never forgotten about Giving The Baby The Gussie. Yeah, we book lovers are pretty darn cool.


  16. I gotta get Bennie some of that grass. He thinks he is a goat! Every time I take him outside he chows down on the lawn lol Looks like you had some excitement! Hope you have a wonderful week! *hugs* =0)

  17. Now I'm curious about the lady with the pets! Do let us know if you solve the mystery!

  18. I'm glad the library lady came and all is well in that department. I bought some books ages ago but just can't get to read them, drives me crazy. The mystery lady sounds quite interesting. I wonder if you will find out what is happening. I bet it's a mean husband thing.
    Really good to see that you managed some art, love that green. Fingers crossed you get your machine back and it works this time.
    Have fun.

  19. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Wonder what the story was!

    Love the drama of your thundery sky.

  20. Must have been a domestic..and she refused to leave..crazy woman. Do you ever see her walking that dog? Maybe she was just visiting..and was calling for a ride and left.
    Glad the library visit went great and you have books! :)

  21. First, I'm having trouble getting here. So blogger is messing with me, too. And I lost all my sidebar icons, which tell me when someone updates their blog. OK, my blogger rant is over.

    My first thought was the lady was being evicted. I hope you learn the real deal behind all these speculations. You have us all wondering now.

  22. Dear Rita, like you and DJan and others I wonder about the woman sitting in the car with a cat or a dog. Like all of us she has a story to tell. Sometimes when I'm in a grocery store or a mall I'm struck unable to move forward or backward because I suddenly realize that each person there has a story. All these stories/lives. It's more than my mind can comprehend.

    A book that I'm reading right now--and by the way, I so like the quote from "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn"--is a nonfiction/memoir recounting of the tsunami in 2004 by a woman who lost in it her husband, two sons, and her mother and father. She is such a fine writer and her words and her story move me to tears. The book is "Wave" by Sonali Deraniyagala. Her book is a slim, but powerful and fiercely honest. Peace.

  23. I'm curious about the lady and the pets, too. Maybe you've found out and will tell us on your next post.

    Karma is comical. Love her "oh, it's you again" look. LOL

    We've had hazy, hot, and humid weather here since the weekend, and there have been numerous thunderstorms and pouring down rain all around us, but all we get here are a few drops of rain. It's very dry here.

    I hope your sewing machine works as good as new once you get it back home.

    Enjoy reading those books. *hugs*

  24. Wow. That is a mystery.

    it makes you want to google the police records!

    Glad to hear you're getting your tooth fixed.

    And glad to see I can leave a comment on your blog.

    It was blocking me for awhile!

  25. Well you certainly do present a good photo mystery, Rita. Maybe you could send Karma to find out for us. ;)

  26. How wonderful that the library can send someone out to bring you books!!! Don't forget, many books are FREE on Amazon too, so you can get them for your Kindle!

    Karma - quite the "huntress', lol!

    Take care of yourself!


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