Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Today is T Stands For Tuesday and this is what I've been doing and drinking.  (Sorry T-folks, you'll have to scroll down to see my infamous thermal coffee mug.)  
I finished up the page spread on the "I Have A Secret" workshop (from the 21 Secrets Workshops).  Added strips of her paper...
...and a couple of the flaps. 
Blended the edges a bit with blue watercolor crayon... 
...and colored the insides of the flaps (where you can write your secrets) green, too. 
She added white dots with a cork, but I wanted to lighten it up and added white circles using an old pill bottle and the top of a spray bottle.  Now that was a fun first for me!

I'm not much one for cute little puppies and birds for collage, so I skipped that part and added a rub on--"create". 
Now I can save this journal and use it where it might work for any of the other workshop techniques I'd like to try... 
...or go back and finish it her way later.  Well, my version of her way--lol!  ;)
Since this year has gotten away from me for various reasons (mostly my body's fault--lol!)--well, I have to do just enough of each workshop that I am sure I have tried any new techniques and know what I am doing before I move on to the next workshop.  I only have till the end of the year and I have 20 more to go!!  Sad, isn't it.  So, It's catch up time for me.  :)
Been in the 90s again!  Karma spends her afternoons basking in the heat...
...while I stay indoors with the AC on. 
Today is supposed to be 100 degrees and it is 95% humidity.  Awk!  Guess where Karma is. 
Meanwhile, I started on another of the workshops called "Following The Wild Winds".  (See--there's my trusty thermal coffee mug.)  I decided to use my newly called to action porcelain watercolor palette and do a few quick backgrounds. 
I'm using one of the art journals I made a bit ago.  Did the front page...looked fine.
When I quickly did the following page spread I noticed some dots appearing on the left hand page there. 
This morning when the pages were dry you can see the spots all over the first page... 
...and small dots came through to the back side there--just on that sheet.   
It's not expensive watercolor paper--just Dick Blick student grade.  Could be something right in the paper...or possibly something from the cover that transferred while it was still damp when I made the journal and I weighted the book down with heavy books...or was from the hockey tape covered butcher paper I was using to protect the cover?  Who knows?  Not a big deal to me when I plan to use this journal for mixed media...but it is curious.
Anyways, going to keep my chatter short (for me, anyways).  I may or may not get the skinny shelf up by the art table tonight because Dagan and Leah are meeting with the contractor about pouring their cement patio (whoohoo!).  They don't know how long that will take and Leah doesn't get off work till 7pm these days so it's a later meeting.  Meanwhile, I shall be puttering with the Wild Winds workshop and reading A Tree Grows In Brooklyn today.  (I'm halfway through--extra slow reader with these kind of juicy books.)
You can go here to see what others are doing and drinking on Tuesday.  Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow for WOYWW!  :)
"You can't wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club."
Jack London   


Shelly said...

Gosh, you are talented! I wish I had your creativity and skills. I also wish I could sleep as soundly as Miss Karma!

TexWisGirl said...

weather has just been nuts, hasn't it? 50s to 90s for you is crazy!

Krisha said...

Just sent you an email

Zue said...

I don't think I am a cutesy sort but I do like birds, so perhaps I am a cutesy.
My iPad as decided for itself how to spell cutesy, so I suppose that's it, I will settle for it.
I do love your secret journal pages with the flaps to write your thoughts under.
I can see you are having fun!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love the white circles. They seem to make the page POP. Not sure why you got the bleed in your page, because I don't normally use watercolor paper. But I think it adds interest to the pages, whatever you will add to them.

This is one of the reasons I would be turned off by that "series." If I couldn't download the series, which I know you can't, I wouldn't want time constraints. Seems to me, if you pay for something, you should have unlimited access to it.

I had a friend whose husband got sick after she paid for a different "workshop," then died. She never got to see a single lesson. When she wrote and told the instructor about her dilemma, the instructor said if she made an exception for one, she would have to make it for all. SO unfair. That's when I decided internet workshops are NOT for me.

Thanks for joining T today.

Beth said...

It is hot here today too!

You are a very talented lady!

dawn said...

I LOVE those white circles, they are perfect and fun! The background colors are pretty too. Taking online classes is a fave for me, some are scrapbooking and others are art types. I enjoy all kinds but think they should all have forever access especially when we pay for it. This doesn't stop me though but I do wish they lasted forever. Enjoy the class though, sounds good.
So cute to see your cat, mine stays out of the sun though unless it's cold. Stay cool and enjoy your day.

Janie Junebug said...

The thingy you did with the pill bottle creates a look like bubbles. (Beware of using "thingy". It's a technical term.) I love it. Don'tcha just love A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. It's the kind of book that never slips from my brain and falls out through my ears.


Intense Guy said...

If Karma was a dog you'd have a hot dog (and baked beans if you wanted).

Anonymous said...

Love the Jack London quote--& the white circles!!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Love your beautiful "create" spread. Had you not said anything, I would have thought you added those dots on the watercolor spread. I have used watercolor paper many, many times and have never had this happen. Happy T Day!

~*~Patty S said...

All of your artwork looks super...life sure can get in the way sometimes with our creative time.

The humidity is what really makes the heat so unbearable...hope you all stay as cool as possible...we are getting hotter weather here in N VA too...I will miss having the windows open but oh so grateful for A/C

Happy T Day

Halle said...

LOVE the white circles!! They really make that page pop!
Karma is such a cute kitty. They are crazy laying in the heat aren't they?!?!
Happy Tuesday!

voodoo vixen said...

Thanks for the tip for the white circles, they look great and really bring the page to life. My cats sunbathe like that... doesn't seem to bother them that they have fur coats on too!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I agree with Janie. The white circles remind me of bubbles, too. Happy bubbles. Think Lawrence Welk.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Pretty! Karma is cooking! :)

Carol said...

Love what you did with the page!! The white circles really POP. This weather is really crazy!!! THe ups and downs really screw with my body reactions :( but I'm hanging in there. Still not much art going on here but I"m busy with other things :)

Dianne said...

A really marvelous journal, and lovely pages! flaps and envelopes are really fun in journals, and I love your interpretation of the technique...I firmly believe in making it 'your own!'

AliceKay said...

Thankfully, we haven't had that hot and humid weather lately. Karma seems to enjoy it.

Your "create" was pretty clever. I think it looks great. :)