Friday, August 30, 2013


Woke up to a thunderstorm yesterday.  By afternoon... looked like this. 
But the proof is in the puddle, of course--lol! 
This morning there is a fog warning... you can see. 
We've still been hanging around the upper 80s to upper 90s and same for humidity.  Six Fargo elementary schools were off this entire week because they don't have air conditioning and it was deemed too dangerous for the kids.  Some of the college dorms don't have AC, either, and those young folk can't sleep.  I saw pictures on the news preview of hail bigger than a baseball--4 inches across--a couple days ago but I couldn't tell you where it was because I don't record the news and I don't watch anything live anymore--LOL!  Let's just say still hot and sticky...but we know winter is right around the corner.
Hockey tape.
I couldn't resist peeling some off of the freezer paper... make a border around that test page spread.   
I used some old matt Modpodge to make sure it stayed attached.  The freezer paper had gotten wet on the edges so that a thin layer of paper came off parts of the back of the tape on a couple of them, but that didn't make any difference because you use Modpodge or gel medium to make sure it stays down, anyways...even with the real washi tape.  I am really liking it!  Didn't add anything to them at all, but I still could with the rest of them.  I might have to try the cotton medical tape next.  ;)
For all of you who asked what hockey tape is--here's how and why they use it:

I learned how they get those ridges on the grip and that you can tear the hockey tape right down the center!  Who knew!
I am going to try to catch up this weekend on emails and blogs.  Have about 70 of them to go through at the moment.  
I am praying that next week my internet won't slow down much and that I can still watch Netflix movies okay.  Going to try a cheaper internet provider and will drop down from 10 Mbps to 7 Mbps.  If I hate it, I have 30 days to change my mind--so I am not going to disconnect my other server until I know for sure.  To save installation fee they are mailing me the modem and Dagan said he'd hook it up for me.  I think I am set to be switched over on Wednesday the 4th.  I hope it works well.  My TV is hooked up to my internet and so my Netflix streaming is, too.  Time will tell, right?  Fingers crossed!
Miss Karma?
Caught her in a glamor pose--LOL!
She sure can look sweet and charming.
Well, she can me...but not really to anybody else...and not even to me all the time--LOL!  You simply cannot readily accuse a cat of holding back its feelings.  ;)
Guess that's enough for today.  A few random sunbeams are attempting to break through the clouds and the fog is least outside it is--lol!  Have a sweet weekend.  :)
"The world is so full of wonderful things we should all, if we were taught how to appreciate it, be far richer than kings."
Ashley Montagu


  1. I hope you have a nice comfortable, pain free weekend and that the new Internet service works even better than expected!!

    Hi Karma... showin' some leg there are ya? Purrrrrrrrrrrr!

  2. Now I know what the hockey tape is! (Kinda what I had assumed, but it's good to know for fact.) And Miss Karma is indeed glamorous!

  3. Miss Karma's obviously a "sex kitten"!!

  4. Karma does look glamorous with her leg out. Kind of a Rita Hayworth of cats. Thank Heavens someone has enough sense to close those elementary schools. The Hurricane went to an elementary school that didn't have AC. It was horrible. Her college dorm in Iowa didn't have AC, either. It was pretty miserable at the beginning of the fall semester. She doesn't have AC in her apartment now, but she's in the Bay area. They have very few truly warm days, though if it gets up to 80 she thinks she's going to die. Eighty is barely warm in Florida.


  5. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Our elementary schools do not have AC, but the middle and high school do. Those poor little kids.

  6. Miss Karma, you kissable little girl. KISSES to you.

  7. Ewe la la Miss Karma! The storm came through today and cooled off everything, steam came out of the roads:)

  8. Hiya Cupcake.

    I am woefully behind in all my reading and writing and oh my !! I may never catch up. Just wanted to drop by and say I think of you often...and dear Karma, the little trollope. lol

  9. Anonymous11:25 PM

    Gosh - no school - must be hot! (makes a nice change, I guess)

    Miss Karma made me laugh today!

  10. When winter comes, we're going to be wishing for the hot days!

  11. I sincerely hope all goes well with the switch-over. It is such a pain when there’s trouble with internet connections.

    Karma looks a sweetie but I can also see that she can be quite a madam.

  12. Enjoyed the weather shots but don't think I would have enjoyed the actual weather (grin).

    Hope your cable connection goes well.


  13. Thunderstorms here today too, but cold Antarctic ones! Karma must've been a comedian in a previous life.
    LOVE seeing you create with all sorts of interesting things, stay cool!

  14. Sounds like you've been getting the high temperature/high humidity weather as well. Luckily, you received a good amount of rain judging by the size of the puddle. Looks like MN is headed for another drought. Everything is so dry here.

    Minneapolis Schools cancelled classes last week also - just like they did there - because the kids and teachers were suffering too much the first couple of days.

  15. Dear Rita, I've never even watched hockey, much less thought about the equipment. So those videos were eye-openers for me.

    I changed how fast I get my internet also, trying to save money. It can be annoying at times, but most of the time it's fine.

    Two of the cats with whom I live do fine with other people, but Matthew is wary and seldom comes out. Peace.

  16. So many weather types in one day. I am so looking forward to the cooler days to come. Love your hockey tape!
    Sue xxx

  17. That was a neat video of the guy taping his hockey stick. I never knew how to make the grips like that. Now I do. (not that i'll ever play ice hockey

    I think the maximum speed on my cable internet is 5 Mbps for downloads and 3 Mbps for uploads. It's been dragging a lot lately. I hope the new connection works well for you.

    Love the pics of Karma. :)

    I saw on the Weather Channel this morning that it's still hot out your way. We've had temps in the low 40s the past couple of mornings. Some areas around me had frost yesterday morning. Too early for that stuff. :\


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