Friday, November 29, 2013


This is morning in Fargo this day after Thanksgiving.  I hope those of you who celebrated had a wonderful day--well, and everybody else, too.  ;)
 Besides working on letters (and that's my current raspberry-colored journal I write in every morning)...
...I've been reading a lot because my library lady, Amy, will be here Sunday to pick up books.  In a month I managed to get through all of these Cat Who books! 
And since I last posted, I added these two "food-related" books... 
...and I'm started on this one.  
Which leaves me only the Proust book.  I haven't asked for any new books with Proust to look forward to and Christmas cards to make.  I can email her when I'm ready for a new stack.
I've read enough about our food industry and how eating a WFPB diet (whole food plant based) is really good for me.  Not sure I can actually accomplish that 100%, but I have been leaning heavily in that direction.  Been tweaking my grocery cart for December.  ;)  Due to my most generous anonymous grocery-gifter I can take a bigger next step than I would have, too!  I am just plain overflowing with gratitude.  :):)
Besides reading, I was also watching a British police series that was going to be knocked off Netflix streaming at the end of the month--Trial & Retribution.  (Dropping movies and series off streaming and only giving you notice of a week or less to watch them is a huge pet-peeve of mine with Netflix!)
Anyways, I kind of had a marathon yesterday on Thanksgiving to finish it.  It was generally a quieter show where I had to turn the volume up to hear it over my tinnitus.  Suddenly a smoke alarm went off on the show--very loudly!  For a second I thought it was mine!  Karma did, too!  I told her not to worry--that it was on TV and that she was safe.
I went back to watching the episode...and the next one...and I think I was into a third one when I noticed I hadn't seen Miss Karma for a long time, which is unusual because she's normally within eyesight.  If not--she's in the kitchen or the hallway...but she wasn't there.  I start looking all over for her and can't find her.  Come on!  This place is small.
I finally located her.  I'd forgotten all about the fire alarm on the show, but Karma had gone in the bedroom and crawled into her stroller...and fallen asleep.  She was all ready to be zipped in and hauled down the stairs--just in case--LOL!  
Which made me take note that it has been a long time since the fire alarm has gone off here.  Used to be at least about once or twice a year.  Which is why I bought the pet stroller in the first place.  Carrying 20 lbs of Karma in her carrier down three flights of stairs and all the way out to our garage to sit and wait for the all clear which was given every time (have a chair out there) and then haul her back again--with my back--was torture!  I don't think we've had a fire alarm go off now for could even be going on two years??
Knock on wood!!!
Karma also gets zipped into her stroller when we have tornado sirens.
She wasn't taking any chances, I guess.  
Miss Karma highly values her life.  ;)
And, obviously, she doesn't really trust me to tell her the truth.  Now, that offended me.
Anyways, I probably won't get back to working on the Christmas cards until after the library lady comes on Sunday or until I finish the last food book, whichever comes first.  It's 22 degrees right now.  The wind is rattling the windows and pounding against the building in hearty gusts.  The sun is still battling the clouds...and winning for brief periods of time.  It's a lovely day to read.  
I count you all amongst my blessings!!  :):)
"Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind."
-Lionel Hampton


TexWisGirl said...

i'm glad you're enjoying all the reading. :)

Beth said...

That was precious, Karma getting ready to be evacuated. I love it!!

Janie Junebug said...

Karma knows what's what. The boys often freak out over a doorbell on TV. Years ago we lived on the eleventh floor of a married student housing apartment building. Two or three times a month some obnoxious child would set off a fire alarm and I would trek down all 11 flights with my crying baby, who grew up to be Favorite Young Man. I was so glad to move out of that place.


Anonymous said...

We had huge steaks and mashed potatoes yesterday. So much for whole grains.

Akannie said...

Hiya Honeybunch ! Great story--I could just see Karma shaking her head at your lack of preparedness. lol

Love Micheal Pollan. Haven't read that newest one yet. We eat less meat all the time. It's not so hard, and even easier if you drift that direction...slowly but surely.

Take care and enjoy your holiday season !! xoxoxox

DJan said...

Karma knows what's what, it seems. That is funny! But I'm glad it wasn't a real fire alarm. I didn't know that about Netflix streaming, since I haven't been using it all that long. I've read that Michael Pollan book and really enjoyed it. You've certainly been doing a lot of reading! Sending you both lots of love. :-)

Anonymous said...

Perfect weather to snuggle down & read!!

Darla said...

Karma is one smart cat! I've read a lot of food books but not Unhealthy Truth so I'll check the library for that one. I was just this morning reading about white flour and the bleaching process. I can buy it unbleached but still...


Shelly said...

I love the stroller idea! We have two pups who are 15+ lbs. each right now, and getting them in and out to the vet (with neither of them liking a leash yet) had gotten to be quite the acrobatic show. Hmmm....if Miss Karma is OK with a stroller, maybe they will be, too...

andi filante said...

I hear things on the TV that I think are happening in my own house all the time!!!! Poor Karma...and I'm sorry...did you say 20 pounds?? Well, kitty's gotta eat, right? I'm glad she has a "safe spot" to go snuggle into. :)


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

So many books so little time.......
It is so cute that Karma went and got into her stroller ready to be taken to safety

Dave said...

Hi Rita. Long time no see. You are sounding much happier these days. I hope that your health is better? Best regards, Dave

Far Side of Fifty said...

LOL Karma is prepared! :)

Intense Guy said...

Karma is a smart Kat!

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.


Serena Lewis said...

How clever is Karma to go to her stroller at the sound of the smoke alarm. Good girl, Karma!

You did well getting through all those books!

Sounds like you enjoyed the series marathon. I recently had a Breaking Bad marathon and loved every bit of it. :)

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you and Karma ~ xo

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

AliceKay said...

Karma is one smart cookie! :) Might come in very handy one day.

I'm glad you enjoyed your reading. Sounds like you've been keeping busy.