Saturday, March 22, 2014


Good Morning!
Lots of variety in the weather up here lately.  Such an atmospheric morning on Wednesday... 
...with the sun peeking through dark clouds looking like a moon. 
On Thursday I heard a new term--"freezing fog". 
I think maybe there wasn't enough to focus on with all that white so I got the reflection of my camera in window pane no matter how hard I tried not to.  Oh well. 
Freezing Fog--now that's a new one for me.  Has anyone heard that one before?
Then on Friday we got a dusting of snow during the night and the wind was fierce and noisy all morning. 
By last night there were some dirty clouds against blue skies. 
Miss Karma took it easy, of course, while I puttered. 
I finished the "stars" challenge for Journal52.
Used a silver jar seal for the moon and spread a little white Wink of Stella glitter brush on it.  Then used every white marker pen I had to dot in some stars--and wrote one of my favorite quotes across the bottom of the page spread. 
"We are all in the gutter... 
...but some of us are looking at the stars."
Oscar Wilde 
I love that quote.  :)
Then I finally got around to starting on my paper testing.  Since the Dylusions sprays bled through the student grade Dick Blick watercolor paper so much, I grabbed the Calypso Teal and sprayed some in the corner... 
...of each of the sheets I'm testing. 
Stuck some paint rags and background sheets inbetween in case they bled through.  Didn't want them contaminating each other.  Next I am going to use a dark watercolor paint and probably one of the new acrylic Distress Paints, too.  The mad scientist work has begun--LOL!  ;)
Then I carved out notches on the stiff, rough leather for my fauxdoris. 
I left them uncovered during the night and there was still a very slight bowing, especially on the larger one--so I don't think they are totally dry yet.  Back under some lighter weights they went. 
But I took measurements and will make some inserts for them.  I never did google how to soften leather...
It has not been electronically, technologically good for me lately.  I have had TV computer issues, recording issues, antenna issues, laptop issues...and now I am unable to log on to my Cashwise account for groceries??  I even called Cashwise and it made no sense to the lady at Cashwise Delivery, either.  She could log in as me on three different browsers, but it won't let me log on?  Yet another mystery issue for Dagan and Leah when they come over on Wednesday.  I can always open a new account--but what an elaborate pain in the patoot.  The Techie-Gods have not been smiling down on me.
Leah's better, but the tail end of the cold and cough is still lingering on.  Other people have had this and it doesn't like to let go of a person without a long drawn out battle.  It will be good to see her this coming week since it will have been a month by then.  I'll try to remember to get a belly shot.  How time flies!  We'll be a month closer to the arrival of McBaby!  
Yes, they sometimes call it McBaby!!  Absolutely cracks me up--LOL!  I love it!!  (Our last name is McGregor, for those of you who don't know.)  Perfect!!
I woke up thinking about how people are like icebergs.  What we see and hear and truly know about another person is like the tip of an iceberg.  There is so much more to each of us--depths that are beyond words.  A vastness lies beneath the surface that even we do not completely know and understand ourselves...let alone in another.  What a world, eh?  How can one not be fascinated just by being alive?  ;)
 Well it's a sunny 16 degrees F (-9 C) with a few white clouds meandering across a blue sky.  Karma is crying to go out on the porch and I want to go mess with some paper.  Have a great weekend!  :):)
"All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well."
Julian of Norwich   


  1. sweet karma. :) yes, i've heard of freezing fog before. we had thunder snow here about a week or so ago, :)

  2. What a variety of weather! I've heard of freezing fog, I think it's foggy when it is also freezing. Yuk! it's about time you had some Spring there anyway!
    McBaby! that's funny! how exciting new life can be.
    You are so right that people have such unexpected depths. It always amazes me. And it's good to be reminded of it sometimes too. Have a great weekend, Rita!

  3. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Love the number two cloud photo.
    Your iceberg comment is so true in blogging. Some people expose just the tip, others go way down deep.

  4. Never heard of freezing fog, but I suspect I've seen it before. Love the variety of weather you are having. Like Kansas, it is never boring.

    Your Journal page is awesome. I also like that quote. And I like how you recycled the jar seal, too.

    Bleubeard says hello to Karm, who looks a whole lot more comfy than he is right now. Have a super weekend.

  5. I have never heard of freezing fog. That is a new one for me. I love your glitter journal, and your quote for the day. I hope you get your technology issues resolved. That can be a major pain. When is little McBaby due to arrive? We are getting a new baby in our family (a grand daughter) in August. Have a good weekend!

  6. Love the journal and papers :)
    You are so right about people! I'd like to know more about what goes on in the depths of our cat's minds :) I think, lol

  7. We get freezing fog around here regularly during the winter months. Of course, fog in every form is a familiar part of our environment. That first picture of Karma is a keeper! You should get it framed. :-)

  8. I agree with DJan.. that's a lovely picture of Karma. So sweet, that face.

    I like the way the silvery moon and stars contrast on that wonderful shade of blue.

  9. Sweet Miss Karma! Oh, I hope you all get some warmer weather soon!

  10. Freezing fog is a new one for me too...but then the weather people never used to bother naming every little condition that Mother Nature threw at us. Our weather here has been much more pleasant than yours of late even with our cool down we're having again. Lot's of green stuff up in our yards and gardens. Hopefully Mother Nature will be kinder and not freeze it all off. I love the "McBaby" title ♥♥♥♥ Hope they get your technical issues resolved real fast.

  11. always enjoy the sky and cloud photos you share...and love your sky pages--great quote!

  12. Those dark clouds look like the dark clouds outside my place right now and it is pissing down rain at the moment here. I have never heard of freezing fog

  13. More snow and more cold??? Good thing Miss Karma has that lovely fur coat. :)


  14. It sounds like you've been having all sorts of troubles. Electronics and technology can be a real pain sometimes. I hope they can figure out your Cash Wise account before you have to open a new one.

    Lots of different weather all over the country. We had a nice warm day the other day. It didn't last long. Tonight's low is to be in the teens with a possible snow storm coming Tuesday. Winter weather doesn't want to let go of it's grip on us.

    I hope you and Karma had a good weekend.

  15. Smiles at the McBaby - sounds like something the Golden Arches would be advertizing --

    Hope you get your electronics straightened out! I think your apartment is cursed by the God of Electrons sometimes...

  16. Hi Miss Karma!!! Pretty girl!!! :)

    I wonder if your problem could be in the cookies of the computer. Its always a pesky little thing creating all kinds of technical difficulties and its a pain in the hieney. I feel ya.

    Your stars look great!

  17. Dear Rita, you do keep so busy! This weekend I had lunch with two friends from convent days and the husband of one. Then on Sunday I simply potched all day. Did nothing. I'm a master at that. Just as you seem to be a master at managing your time and getting lots done.

    The quote by Julian of Norwhich is what got me through the first 18 months of acute Meniere's. The only difference between the quote as you give it and the one I said was at the end: " . . . . and all things shall be exceedingly well." Peace.

  18. I like the journal page and the quote you used is perfect for it. Will be watching for the results of your paint/paper experiment.


  19. I love your thought about people being like icebergs. Very observant and true. Perhaps it’s not a bad thing to leave something to the imagination rather than spreading our wares for all to see.

    Freezing fog? That’s our winter weather when it’s not raining!

  20. Hope you get all your glitches straightened out. We didn't have frost fog here but it makes great photos when it happens:)

  21. Anonymous5:38 PM

    I know you don't do awards and such, but I just nominated you for the Brave Heart Award, please check out my post about it. There is a special note just for you. love to you! w

  22. The cloud pictures are incredible. What a view you have of the sky!


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