Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I forgot to post pictures of Karma out on the porch...
...when it was just warm enough... 
...to sit and watch for bugs or swallows. 
She had no sightings, of course, and it's been too cold once again since our few days in the 40s.
Challenges for Journal52...Create for a Cause. 
Note the thermal mug for T-Stands For Tuesday over at Elizabeth's.  :)
I decided to put those green moleskine pages to use.  Just printed off an earth from google images and wrote "Earth... 
...is a good cause." 
Kind of cheating to do so little, but I couldn't think of much else.
We had sun one day.  I've still been tending to the flipping of the fauxmidori covers... 
...and crumpled up a ball of the waxed paper... 
...but Karma wasn't impressed.  She still prefers those ties from the paper drying rack--LOL!
The current (yes, I said current) Journal52 challenge is "Stars".  I sprayed a page spread in my junk journal with blues and purples. 
The colors are deeper and more varied in person.  (I am really loving my Dylusions sprays and the Distress Paints!!)  My camera always changes the shades, too.  I took several pictures and this was the best I could do.  Anyways, now I just have to add stars, I guess.  But... 
...this is why I call it my junk journal.  See what happened to the pretty multicolored page I had done that was on the backside?  Mostly destroyed by bleeding blues.
And this is the next page...already blue seeping through here, too. 
Told you this is really cheap watercolor paper--LOL!  That is why I do not get attached to anything I create in here.  Not that I can't totally mess up in any journal whatsoever, but the odds are increased ten-fold in these I made with the low-quality WC paper.  ;)  I should probably only do the one page at a time, I guess, eh?
Caroline will be here this afternoon.  No sun today.  Snoring cat.  Quiet.  I am off to nuke some lunch.  I'm still not back into my old routine quite yet--easily side-tracked and didn't post when I got up.  But I am getting there--and so happy about that!  
Short and sweet today.  
Have a good one!!  :):)
"Your journey has molded you for your greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be. Don’t think that you’ve lost time."
Asha Tyson


  1. Yikes!!

    What happened to that nifty orange artwork???? :(

    Karma is a happy kat!

  2. Karma looks so content...
    When you have gorgeous colors on the pages it IS hard sometimes to just cover it up with things. I like the earth page. And I too have experienced the bleeding thru -especially of the highly pigmented Dylusion sprays, but sometimes it ends up enhancing the flip page.And if not you can always cover it up:) Happy T day!

  3. OMG! I love that you named your cat Karma. What a great name! And thanks for sharing a little of your "junk journal." I don't journal, but I do enjoy learning about those that do. Cheers and happy T-day!

  4. I used my handmade shimmer mists on some NOT-SO-CHEAP watercolor paper by Strathmore, and I got the same problem you did with your expensive dyes. I'm SO glad you posted this, because I thought it was my problem. I'm using my pad for the monthly calendar. Luckily, I'm only doing one page per month, since the pages are quite large. But I was thrilled to see I'm not the only one with this problem. And if I lay gesso down first, I can't write on the squares because I don't own a pen that will write over gesso.

    Karma looks pretty happy and content today.

    Personally, I LIKE the fact you chose the Earth to be your good cause. After all, I'm sort of attached to it, too (grin).

    Thanks for joining and sharing your journals and lovely photos of Karma, who is NOT camera shy at all.

  5. always love to see karma. :)

  6. Love your pics of Karma, she's so gorgeous :) and your journal is lovely with the earth and that background.
    Happy T day :)

  7. Glad you had some temperatures warm enough to enjoy some porch time. Karma sure looks like she enjoyed it! I like your earth page-simple but powerful statement.

  8. Like the earth pages, in fact I like all the pages. Thanks for showing the "oops" as well as the good stuff. We all learn something.


  9. Happy T-Day!
    I quite like your earth page. I think it's sweet, simple and to the point!
    Beautiful Karma!

  10. I really like how the Earth page turned out: simple elegance. Happy T Day to you and Karma!

  11. I very much like the Earth pages. Your artistic printing would make a good computer font. :)

    Karma, is darling as ever.

  12. I love stars. Starry Night is my favorite painting, though I've never seen it in person. Not sure if it's in New York or Amsterdam.


  13. I LOVE your earth page, it turned out so awesome!

    I use a Strathmore mixed media journal, on the pricy side, but I always wait to get a 40% off coupon. I really love the heavy weight of the pages, and don't get any bleed through, all though I can still manage to get "something" on the back of the page.....LOL

    Glad to hear the weather has warmed a bit for you and Karma.

    Happy T-day

  14. It looks like you're having fun, Rita. Love those pictures of Karma hanging out. :-)

  15. If I looked up contentment in the dictionary, Miss Karma's pictures from this post could be the illustration for it!

  16. Awww, we lost S. America! But it looks like you're having fun playing. That's probably the most important thing.

  17. The Earth certainly is a good cause. I like the simplicity of your page.

    Lots of journal play with backgrounds. Fun!

    And Miss Karma is as cute as ever!

    Love and hugs ~ xo

  18. I love it when the ink bleeds through, gives you something to work on next time!

  19. Hello and Happy T Day a bit late. Love how Karma enjoys the sun and playing for you. It is nice to have those rare warm days now isn't it.
    I LOVE your Earth page, it's just right!! The other pages look great, I love all the different ways you play and spray with paint. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Love the background on your Earth pages. And oh Miss Karma...so sweet. Gracie has been very needy today since I've been working the past couple...

  21. Bleed through is always a problem for me too. I use clear gesso alot if I really am determined not to have bleed through. Love your pages and Karma looks so happy outside. We've had a few warmer days mixed in with colder ones...but it's looking more like Spring out there :)

  22. Anonymous1:41 PM

    I'm assuming the box prevents the spray from getting all over everything. Good idea.

    Is Karma slimmer? She looks it.

  23. I see your family member has her own chair, my Dobby does too!
    I love the colours on your Earth page! Beautiful.
    Nice to see I am not the only one who has had issues with leaking pages. I tend to use acrylics on those!
    Hugs and Happy T Day!

  24. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Great pictures of Karma!

  25. I enjoy seeing pictures of Karma. She brightens my day. :)

  26. Those Karma pics are great! I especially love the yawn. It never ceases to amaze me how wide those cats can open their mouths!!


  27. That green page with the earth on it is awesome. I love the blend of colours and the earth looks perfect on there. Bummer about the blue bleeding through on your junk journal. That other page was really pretty. I googled what 40deg f is in celcius and it's only 4 deg!!! Eek, I couldn't handle that. I had a cardigan on this morning and it was 24 deg (75 deg F), getting up to 30 deg. Karma sure knows how to enjoy life. Great pictures. Have a wonderful day and I hope it heats up soon.


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