Tuesday, May 06, 2014


Good Morning!  Good Morning!
Grab a cuppa.  
Lots of pictures today.  :)
We had a fascinating cloud day... 
...can't remember now which day I took so many pictures... 
...but here are a few.  
Saturday maybe?   
The wind created...
 ...an ever-changing panorama.  
Quite a beautiful sight while I took my many breaks on my quest to rearrange the entryway.  I emptied the dusty bookcase... 
...and removed everything from the walls. 
Had books and magazines stashed everyplace!  On the bench... 
...in the bedroom... 
...on my desk... 
...on the floor. 
I went through the shelf of magazines and have more I am going to post on freecycle.  Old Vegetarian Times and four different writing magazines. 
(I became a vegetarian four years ago last Sunday after watching "Earthlings"...well, with admitted chicken lapses 2-4 times a year. )
Cleaned off the bookcase and "walked" it across to the other wall.
As soon as I put the new shoe bench against the wall... 
...Karma invited herself up for a close examination.  (Well, she climbed into the empty bookcase, too, for that matter.) 
Never noticed this before. 
Well, maybe she had--but Karma never had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the wall door stopper before.  
She smelled every inch of the bench..again.  The odor must have changed from having things piled on it for a couple days. 
The world looks so different with a shift in perspective. 
Meanwhile...I gradually finished putting together the rest of the black IKEA boxes.  The largest ones have rectangular holes in the ends for handles.  I didn't get the camera out fast enough when I set the first one on the floor but Karma, the queen of optimism (or denial), thought she could climb inside the box through that little hole!  She actually was trying to squeeze her head in there--ROFL!  She was quite annoyed.  
She stuck her front legs in--one at a time--and pawed around.  Tried to push the box around.  Climbed on top of it.  Cats hate to be denied access. 
Here's the completed stack of boxes!  TaDa!! 
All set for the cleaning and reorganizing to come.
I hung the poinsettia painting back in the entryway, but needed a level to hang the magnetic blackboard up straight because it needed two nails in very specific spots. 
I emailed our tool girl, Leah, about bringing over a level on Wednesday.  She texted me back with a link to an app!  Yes, "they have an app for that"!  ROFL!!  I now have a level on my cell phone...  
...and was able to hang the blackboard--no problem! 
All clean and shiny now! 
Decided to move my rainbow art piece while I had hammer in hand, too. 
Oh...speaking of hanging pictures...some of you who have been with me from the beginning of this blog (June 10, 2006) may remember when I hung this small canvas board outside my apartment door (on June 28, 2006--rest assured I had to look up these dates--LOL!).  A coreopsis wildflower I painted but didn't like how it turned out (messed up the center).  
I had already lived here over a year so I fully expected it to be stolen or defaced.  That's why I hung something I didn't care about losing, right?  Well, it was finally stolen just recently.  Gone.  Not a big loss or anything, but I am surprised how much I miss that cheery spot of color coming home.  I might have to make something else I won't care about losing, eh?  
Oh!  And the Cashwise website is fixed!!  Not that they would admit to me there was anything wrong with it--LOL!  Dagan said that he thought it was related to their program because it had not been booting people off after idle time lately.  (You could stay logging in for days!)  I think he was right.  Now it is kicking you out when you've been idle again and the login is working quite properly--tada!  Nice to have something fixed, eh?
I have to say--I am very, very happy that the sciatica has subsided so that I can usually do my hour at a time again these days and am able to get more done.  Really does make me extra grateful for what I can do.  Don't ever complain, right?  It could always be worse.  ;)
Oh--and Serena told me which tetras I have! 
Red Serpae Tetras.
( from google images)
They are quite handsome fish.
Last, but not least, for the folks over at T Stands For Tuesday at Elizabeth's...my trusty thermal coffee mug. 
When I begin The Plan (maybe as soon as next Monday if all my orders arrive) I will lovingly scrub this down and put it away...for who knows how long.  Since I am only allowed to test drinking a cup in the morning on the 4th day (and they expect me to stick to one small morning cup if I test okay to drink coffee), I am going to have to get down my few regular cups from the top shelf in the cupboard, eh?  You may not see my thermal mug for a good while.  I know it is boring to look at for you, anyways...but not to me--LOL!
Adios, dear warm friend!  ;)
Well, have a happy, happy day!  Do something that makes you smile.  Hope somebody has some sunshine today.  ;)
"I say, follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be."
Joseph Campbell


  1. Great JC quote
    and you sure are a great cleaner upper and organizer!
    I never get tired of admiring the sky and clouds...
    your photos are fabulous!
    Hard to understand how anyone can enjoy something they have STOLEN...I must say I think the thief at least has good taste...sorry it went missing for you Rita...
    Happy T Day to you and Karma
    happy also to read that you are feeling better!
    Enjoy * Enjoy

  2. oh my goodness, what a busy gal you've been! funny how the books and magazines can pile up...your organizing is inspiring! I really should do that too...Karma is too funny trying to crawl through the tiny hole! hope your missing art work will give joy to someone, even though they shouldn't have taken it. I love your cloud photos...maybe enlarge one and put it on your door? happy T day dear...

  3. People who steal are just the worst. It's a good thing you didn't mind the loss. I remember when someone came to dinner after I first moved to Wichita and was surprised that my rocking horse hadn't been stolen from my front porch. 20 years later, it's still there.

    Always enjoy your cloud photos, and Bleubeard got a big grin when he saw how much fun Karma was having exploring and sniffing. Yep, I know it was grin!!

    Thanks for sharing T with us today. Look forward to more organizing, more drinks, and more info on your new diet. It sounds like it is working for you already.

  4. It's great to take things apart, clean and set them up again :) Cats love it too--they love to join in--so curious!
    I guess your canvas has a new home :) somebody loved it.
    It's sunny but a cool breeze blowing, happy tea day :)

  5. How can you deep clean when there are such lovely clouds to sit and look at??LOL

    Great job on the new storage and rearranged spaces. I feel the need to do some of that but not the energy......know what I mean?

    Thanks for the visit, sorry I've been lax in getting around.

  6. i hope you didn't do too much!!

  7. sorry about the stolen painting! it was beautiful. karma is too funny. the level 'app' is fun. who knew? :)

  8. Sunny and hot here today. Feels like the St. Louis summer we natives hate! LOL

    I know how good you're feeling cleaning and shuffling things. It makes me feel just as good to do the same! :)

  9. Fabulous sky/cloud pics. I enjoy watching the clouds skimming over head here in FL. Karma is a gorgeous kitty. Don't ya just love the annoyed look they get when denied access?! :) My Girls are real pouters about that. You sure had a lot of energy that day. That was a lot of cleaning and rearranging! Sit down relax and enjoy the clouds. Hugs

  10. The sky photos are beautiful Rita! I always love the pictures of Karma!

  11. Gosh you really have cleared the decks! Do you want to come round mine? You can bring Karma of course!
    Good luck with the Plan.

  12. I hope you aren't in too much pain after doing all that work. You are so ambitious. You should have figured out a way to cut a hole where Karma wanted to put in her head.


  13. Thanks for sharing those amazing clouds! Isn't mother nature wonderful! I think I agree with your son...I like the GOT books better, too!

    Glad to hear you are feeling better and look at all the energy you have doing all that cleaning and rearranging!

  14. I have that app, too. I don't need it very often, but it's there if I do. And I love the pictures of Karma checking out the doorstop. Ha! Great cloud pictures, too. Remember there's always tomorrow! :-)

  15. Lady, you've been very busy!! I hope you did not overdo it. I know you're keeping Karma entertained for sure! :)

  16. You have been so busy. My storeroom always looks like a bomb hit it and it is such a monumental task I never seem to get down to it. Needs a big throw out! Perhaps you will get me motivated!

  17. So the shoe bench will be in the way of the door, so that it won't open all the way? I would think your OCD would not like that. LOL

  18. those cloud pictures are stunning!

  19. The cloud photos are amazing. I have the same book shelf but it is filled up with all kinds of things:) Your cleaning and organizing is inspiring me to do the same. Thank you for sharing all this here.

  20. Well, you have been quite busy, I like the new look. That's great you have goodies to donate for others to use. Karma was quite a star today, loved all these pictures of him, so cute!!!
    Hope you got to rest a little after all that work.
    Happy T Day a little late.

  21. Anonymous5:38 AM

    Karma is an extra hoot.

    Grrrrrr. Stolen picture. Maybe it's a prank and will turn up.

  22. I miss watching clouds and looking for cool shapes and patterns in them!

    Of course there's an app for it... There's an app for almost everything! My brother tells me there's even an app that tells you what you took a photo of with it if you have it on your iPhone, which is cool.

    Be careful not to over-do it with the organizing.

    I'd have thought you'd just use the thermal mug for teas instead?

  23. Oh I do love to see Karma, I love cloudy days but we don't have them very often not enough really.

  24. You are organizing again! I love watching those fluffy clouds change throughout the day! It is raining here now..oh well we need the moisture:)

  25. I'm sad that someone stole your painting!!! Someone obviously wasn't raised right! *sad face*

    Karma is just keeping things safe for you. She's your Guard Kitty!

    Love the fluffy cloud photos. Our weather yesterday was nutz!!! It kept wildly changing all day long! I think Germany has bi-polar issues!!!

    I hope you have a happy, happy day too!

  26. Those are beautiful cloud pictures! You sure were busy. Nice job cleaning everything up!

  27. Sometimes, I wish things in public were electrified so when someone spray painted or tried to steal something that "ain't theirs," it would give them a good (that is, nasty) jolt.

    I really enjoyed the "Saga of the Kurious Karma Kat" photos!!


  28. I'm so glad Miss Karma had a chance to inspect everything carefully and stamped it with her seal of approval!

  29. Loved the big sky pictures. :)

    Loved the pictures of Karma. She is something else. :)

    Sorry to hear someone stole your painting from your door. :(

    Hope you have a good rest of your week! *hugs*

  30. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful T Day photos and updates. I loved seeing Karma explore and get a new perspective. Her curiosity is wonderful. Hope that the rest of your week has been going well!

  31. Those clouds are awesome!! I LOVE clouds!

    You're a whiz at organisation and Karma is so cute at 'helping'. hehe

    It's kinda sad to think that people would steal your lovely piece of art from the door. I remember you telling us about the owners of the apartment complex once trying to pretty it up with potted plants and they too were stolen. Terrible!

    Glad to hear the Cashwise site is all fixed. So annoying when they deny fault yet there can be no other explanation.

    WHOO HOO!!! I was only saying to Michelle the other day when we were hanging frames at her house that I need to get me a spirit-level. She uses them all the time for hanging things on walls. I had no clue that an app is available. Thank YOU!! YAY!!

    Good luck going without coffee. Be prepared for headaches...I always get headaches when I give up coffee...it's part of the withdrawal symptoms.

    Have a beautiful and happy weekend!

    Love and hugs ~ xoxo

  32. I really enjoyed looking at your cloud pictures! You are doing a kind of de-clutter, but you are more reorganising. I just got to have more clear space in my house, so lots of stuff has to go.
    Have a good weekend, Rita.
    I will pop back soon - after babysitting duties in Monte Carlo.

  33. My you have been busy!!! For some reason I am no longer getting the emails of your blog posting and several other folks too.. I just figured that out today and have been trying to catch up with folks again. Hopefully things will get straightened out soon and I can get the emails.

  34. Anonymous12:26 AM

    So glad to hear you're feeling better and doing more.

    Those cloud formations and photos are really gorgeous!

    Hugs to you and Karma.


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