Thursday, May 01, 2014


I decided to make it back earlier--LOL!
Dark, cloudy morning.
I surprised Leah yesterday and had all her thank you cards finished! 
Simple and sweet. 
Plus I moved the dried roses into one of the black boxes from IKEA and folded four sets of 80 white cards for when we start stamping Christmas cards next.  :)  
I didn't want to say anything on the blog in case Leah peeked, but that's what I had been working on this last week. 
And they surprised me, too, and already had the shoe bench together!  We knew it would be too long for this side of the entryway so all this will be moved to...
...this side.  And the bookcase will be moved to the other side.  Another project that will be done in increments.  (I didn't feel up to it last night--just said leave it for now.) 
And where will the old wire and wood shoe rack go (that used to be where the shoe bench is temporarily sitting now)?  Don't laugh. 
Well, you can laugh if you want to.  ;)  It's going on top of the dresser where the fish tank used to be in the bedroom to give me extra storage shelving. 
I never care what something looks like to anybody else, to be honest.  If it works for me, I will use furniture in peculiar ways--LOL!  You can never have enough storage space, right?  ;)
So now that I have my erasable labels and things shifted about like they are...I guess it's finally time to get back to more cleaning and organizing around here.  As long as I have to move the bookcase in the entryway (which means empty and clean it)--there may be some more purging to freecycle involved there, too.  :)
Karma is fascinated with the new bench.  No surprise.
Seeing the world from a new angle is always intriguing.  She has her eyes riveted upon her string toys that reside on top of the bookcase.  She seems to be calculating the odds of the additional 19.5 inches somehow providing her the impetus to fly lightly up to actually reach that pinnacle where her treasures lie.  
Dream on.
It is a little unnerving when I'm in the kitchen, though, to see a cat's head poke around the corner almost three feet off the ground!  Makes one feel like Alice in Wonderland or something.  Karma is, shall we say, quite solidly earthbound.  Regardless of her perpetual hopes and dreams, she cannot gracefully leap about like her more slender brethren.  ;)
Dagan brought cords along and messed with the antenna trying various configurations.  We settled on what appeared to be the best least for last night.  TV over the airwaves can be quite the fickle friend.  Picture the days of rabbit ears covered in tin foil and I am one step above that--LOL!  ;)  All this time with antenna dilemmas has taught me one thing, though--I could get along with just my laptop these days.  Most broadcast TV channels (except for ABC) I can watch easily for free online.  And I can watch Netflix streaming or a DVD on my laptop, too--so I could survive quite well.  Already have been, for that matter--LOL!  
 Leah will be all done working after next Friday!!  Through emails and links I have been learning all about the new products they have for babies these days--wow!  They have the coolest stuff!  Quite different than almost 40 years ago, that's for sure.  You'll hear and see more about baby stuff over the next few months, I'm sure.  ;)
Well, just wanted to pop in on this dark day.  So dark, in fact, that this is a shot I just took of Miss Karma on the shoe bench without a flash.  (Yes, she is still plotting and hoping and dreaming.)
I don't tell her she can't manage this feat of fantasy.  
One should never crush another's dreams. 
See you again soon.
Keep dreaming!
Keep smiling!
:) :)
  “They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.” 
Tom Bodett


  1. Curiosity is always a cat's virtue. Whether it's a good one or a bad one depends on the cat. I think Karma is wise. She'll figure out the right road to take :)

  2. How exciting to have a new baby on the way!
    I bet you can't wait!!
    I had to laugh at the idea of Karma's face peeping round the door frame so high in the air. That would have startled me too!

  3. karma looks so cute on the new bench. :)

  4. Karma looks quite happy with the new bench! Hopefully she can chase bugs and watch birds soon on the porch:)

  5. So very true; one can never have too much storage. I agree with you, if you like it that is all that matters!

  6. So if I understand correctly, you'll swap the bookcase and the shoe bench. Won't the bookcase cover up the light switch?

    I am truly jealous of your ability to get organized (even if it doesn't always stay that way, lol). I'm hoping with some of the nicer weather that we should be getting, I can get started on some organizing/cleaning/tossing projects myself.

  7. You must be feeling better to get all that done, Rita. I'm so glad, and it sounds like you know when to call it a day as well. Karma does make me smile, She makes everything in the place her own, doesn't she? :-)

  8. I'm giggling like mad over here at the mental image of a cat's head appearing in the doorway about three feet off the floor, and the shock that would give anyone not expecting it, LOL!

    Oh, yes, let Karma have her dream. One should always have dreams; no matter how impossible they may seem!

    Most of the baby stuff you can get these days isn't really needed, but some of the things are really cool. I loved fiddling with Emma's things to see what they did while I was babysitting her and she was taking a nap.

  9. Anonymous3:34 PM

    I know i don't always comment..heck you get so many, would you miss me? but you inspire me so much!! you are so organized! You have a lot of things, but you have it all so neatly put in a proper place. I will do that, but it never stays. I was once labeled "organized chaos" it looks like chaos but I know where it is. ummm usually.
    and you get so much done!
    so amazing!
    I've been stuck in this bed for over a week with the spinning head, and I'm going crazy, but I'm never as busy as you...I want to be. You are productive, and it's great! I'm going to find a way. I'm planning...not just thinking...planning. there's a change a coming. and you have been an inspiration. always.

  10. Anonymous4:52 PM

    The new bench adds pizazz! And I love the black and white Karma. ;-)

  11. Oh yeah Karma is so cute,

  12. Sounds like you've been very busy!!! Will continue to read on...

    Karma - She never changes does she?? Thank goodness, lol!! :D

  13. You have your own Cheshire Cat. :)

    And I'm sorry....did you say CHRISTMAS cards?




  14. You have your Christmas cards folded already? WHAT? Oh my, you make me more aware that I'm such a last minute person.

    Love the baby shower cards too.


  15. Dear Rita, I'm wondering who Tom Bodett is. The last name sounds so familiar to me. As if it's from my childhood.

    I think that most of us who live alone find creative ways to use furniture and other odds and ends. So long as we're happy with our home, it really doesn't matter what anyone else things!!! Or so I think!

    Take care. Peace.

  16. The mental image of a cat's head appearing in the doorway about three feet off the floor scaring you cracks me up!!


    “The difference between an optimist and a pessimist? An optimist laughs to forget, but a pessimist forgets to laugh.” Tom Bodett.

  17. Those Thank You cards are adorable. :)

    Love the pics of Karma. :)

    You can watch ABC shows online. I do it quite often to catch up on shows I miss.


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