Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday-10:30am: Soul Dream

Saturday already.
We've had sun and we've had rain. 
Back when I could still have the windows Karma a good chin scratch. 
Oops!  Somebody walking by.   
A couple of packages came.  One was some new jersey sheets...which Karma enjoyed both on my bed and climbing inside the big heavy plastic bag to snooze. 
A big box came that held two big cheap pillows.  I need pillows to help hold things on my lap (including Karma) and my old set of cheap pillows was down to one lumpy one.  Karma has been enjoying this big box for going on a week.  
I put one of the old jersey sheets inside and she's been one happy cat. 
When the sun has been out the maintenance man has been painting the yellow lines in the parking lot. 
Dagan was over Wednesday after work for a little bit.  He found out how to fix the pacemaker machine (a switch got flipped) and sent off his test over the phone.  It got hot enough during the day and hasn't cooled off as much at night and has been humid and have had to have the place closed up since Tuesday night, I think it was.  
Thursday I went over to spend some time with this little man.  He was sleeping when I arrived, so Leah and I did some sketching and planning.    
We want to sew a sturdy tote to hold diaper changing supplies that Leah can keep downstairs so that she and Dagan don't have to run up and down the stairs every time Ian needs a change.  Want little pouches all around the outside to slide in diapers and such--but space in the center to hold the liners and wash cloth holder.  I'll take pictures when it is actually constructed so that makes more sense--LOL!  
Since I was having a good day...after Ian woke up and was fed we took off for a quick trip to JoAnn's. 
Ian was sleeping quietly all wrapped up on mom's chest for most of the trip.  But at the very end when I was going quickly through patterns...he woke up... 
...and let us know he wanted to go home.  Settled right down as soon as we headed for the registers--LOL!
The sky looked so pretty through the windshield (that's why it is blue on the top) that I snapped this picture while Leah was getting Ian buckled in. 
I stayed over at their place until after 9pm.  (Could barely walk yesterday after all that--LOL!)  But we got some brown duck cloth, brown heavy-duty thread. some black thread for another stroller accessory project we're planning to make, white cotton belting to make handles for the wash cloth holder that will go in the middle of the diaper tote (kind of heavy and awkward to lift one-handed and we have a velcro idea)...
...and I got some heavy duty iron on interfacing to heft up the red leather fauxdori covers. 
I plan to use the narrow roll along the spines where they really needs some support because the rubber bands squish the leather...and then iron some over the entire backside of the covers.  :)
I took this last night.  Sticky warm. 
Supposed to be cooler tonight--in the 60s.  But if it is still so awful humid I won't open the place up.  I'm already stiff and sore--LOL!  No need to add to it with all that dampness, right?  Especially since I'm moving around better today.  ;)
I am so very grateful to each and every one of you who have left comments, sent emails, or even mentioned me on your blog (Iggy that was so sweet!) in support of me getting in to North Sky senior apartments.  I can't tell you how much every good thought or prayer means to me.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!
Tammy (talented artist/sculpter) sent me an email: 
"I know you are in your new apartment already.  Write to me and tell me how much you like it and be very very specific."
I have always heard you are supposed to imagine whatever it is you truly desire as if it is already true...and in detail.  So...I thought on it for a couple days and wrote her back.  she said I should "post that some place so you can remind yourself daily!"  I am going to make a copy and read it every so often, but I thought I would share it with you, too.
I love the new place.  I only had the choice of first or second floor (third has vaulted ceilings too expensive for my allowed amount) and I was lucky enough to get on to second floor.  I like the spaciousness of being able to look out over the land a little to see the sky instead of looking out at garages or another building.  And second floor is perfect.  The heat rises, so it's not as hot as third in the summer nor as cold as first in the winter.  People aren't walking by and able to look in my windows, so I can have the blinds open all day.  And facing south is just perfect!  I get more sun in the winter and less in the summer.  But there's plenty enough light for plants to grow well all year round.

Oh, and having the little den--OMG!!  It's not that large, but I have a little art & craft room!!  It's such a special place...and soon Ian will be able to paint and cut and glue at the big table.  I've never had all the art and craft supplies corralled in one space before.  Every time I walk in to that room it just makes me smile!  And I am so happy that I have my table by the window like I had gotten so used to at the old apartment.  I love going in to sit and write every morning there at the table.  But now I sit facing the window in a center chair instead of an end chair.  There's tons of construction going on around us because of the new hospital they are building across the road.

It is so wonderful to be able to go down to get my mail and there's furniture in the lobby!  I can sit down and sort through my mail if I want to.  And whenever I want to I can wander down to the library or the community room to write letters or read.  Sounds like such a small thing, but it is nice to be able to get out of the apartment, but only be an elevator ride away from home (my bathroom issues--LOL!).  And I can chat with people in neutral areas.  Getting to know a couple of ladies--little by little.  

The people are generally so nice here.  Most of them are older than I am, but it reminds me of when I lived and worked at Lee Square (senior building) before I moved up here to Fargo/Moorhead.  (One lady still calls me every year after New Year's and I left in 1999--we were like a big extended family.)  So it is not unfamiliar to me and I know how to deal with seniors.  It's funny that I'll be one of the residents now, though.  :)  My dearest friend Ruby was ten years older than I am.  Age has nothing to do with who I am friends with.  It is who they are, not how old they are.  I believe I will meet somebody I really click with enough to visit each other's apartments eventually.  Leah and Dagan have remarked about how much more social I am here. 

It's such a nicer place for little Ian to come visit, too!!  Safer.  No fire alarms being pulled for fun or firebugs in the hallways.  Clean hallways and elevator.  A whole complex filled with grandmas and grandpas--LOL! 

I am so glad that I purged and downsized before I moved.  Even got rid of my desk and file cabinet!  I haven't used the desk since college and after Dagan took the desk computer that died away and I have only had a laptop.  Really freed up a lot of room.  Karma misses the porch, I think, but has adjusted well and likes the extra space.  I am using a stationary bike in the fitness center downstairs--very briefly--three times a week.  Doctor says start out with five minutes.  I want to work up to being able to bike over to Dagan and Leah's...even if I can only manage to do it a couple times a year I would feel like I had really accomplished something I never thought I'd be able to do again.  Glad I kept my mountain bike all these years.  :)  

I love it here!  I won't have to move again until I can't live alone anymore or they take me out feet first.  There's a walking path being built, too.  The trees will grow.  I am slowly doing my own brightly colored art pieces for the walls.  I am saving up for another recliner--a good one.  Even thinking I might decide to get a love seat with a recliner built in now that I have more room in the living room.  Need a spot where both Karma or Ian can snuggle right up next to me, you know?

There is just such a different atmosphere here.  I love it!  I can be as much a part of this community as I want to be.  But it feels like a community...and I don't feel so isolated.  Even though I don't have people over to my home yet--I chat in the out of my apartment more often.  It is good.  It is very good.  All the people praying and sending all that positive energy worked!!  And I am so grateful that sometimes it will hit me unexpectedly and I'll be wiping away tears and just grinning like a fool.  :) :) 
Some of you may think that visualization is really weird or strange...but I am putting this out to the Universe with heartfelt prayer and positive thought.  I really do want a nice place for Ian to visit Gramma Rita.  Thanks for all the support.  I pray this dream will come true within these next couple years as the buildings go up and I'll keep you informed.  :):)
Have a special, memorable weekend!!
"Dare to visualize a world in which your most treasured dreams have become true."
Ralph Marston


  1. I love your new place! I see you in it and riding your bike! And that baby is beautiful....I know they all are, but he is really beautiful!

  2. Do hope that you get everything you want in a new place to live. You always get such fun and interesting packages in the mail. That little grandson is growing fast. He is adorable! Life is good.

  3. You are the most deserving person I know to have that small little dream come true. Small for some people, but HUGE for you. I'm sending you lots and lots of love and hope for this to be a reality. :-)

  4. Ian sleeping is the embodiment of peace. I love your written visualization. I keep seeing you there, too.


  5. no, not weird at all. positive forces at work in the universe for you every day. may this be your reality soon. :)

  6. I really hope your dream of moving will come to fruition soon!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  7. Anonymous6:19 PM

    That baby is smart. He doesn't like to shop.

    I never knew how funny cats were until I started blogging.

  8. I'm so happy for your visualization technique. I tried it once when I really, really wanted something. I visualized actualization for days on end, but to no avail. I hope your visualizations turn out better than mine.

    Ian won't be much of a shopper at JoAnn's I fear (grin). Karma looks REALLY happy in her new box. Bleubeard told me he's jealous (grin).

    It's been hot and nasty here, too. I can only work outside early in the morning, and unfortunately, that's when the mosquitoes are at their hungriest.

    Have a safe and happy weekend, and do that visualization every day!

  9. So glad to hear you were out and about and I am especially excited to see your new creations! Love love love your letter to Tammy. I can see the place now. The people there are so happy! Keep up the positive attitude Rita! I know it will happen for you and very soon! I think Karma would be happy to live in her new

  10. Now I understand why you wrote that you would probably be pulling out your sewing machine this year ;) Can't wait to see your finished projects. It just may push me to pull out my old machine!

    Yes, you definitely need a love seat. Both boys love to sit with grandma, which has caused me to keep at least one love seat in both main sitting areas of our home. And, this summer, I replaced the single swing under the sunroom with a seat that accommodates two people as long as one's a child. Jonah and I are really enjoying it since Grandma Daycare started, again, last week.

    Good thoughts and prayers are still coming your way!

  11. "A whole complex filled with Grandmas and Grandpas"... Ian's just going to love that! You watch, he'll have them all adoring him and handing out treats to him!

    Your new place sounds wonderful... I'm imagining you there, and can't wait for the news that imagination has become reality! Keep visualizing it!

  12. I LOVE THE VISUALIZATION !!!! It's the perfect place for you and you know what they say " If you build it...they will come" We'll just change that to " If you DREAM IT ... IT WILL BE!!!
    Ian is growing so fast ♥

  13. Reading your description of the new place meant I could just picture it and it does sound like a nice place.

    The baby is so bloody cute who doesn't love babies

  14. Can you do anything to speed up the process such as make an appeal or say that you should be considered a priority? Are there any alternative routes to your goal?
    Can you be sure you have played all your cards? :)
    Sue xx

  15. Dear Rita, thank you for inspiring me to visualize today. I wrote my morning pages and felt myself caught in a quagmire of doubt about completing my convent memoir and writing daily and getting an agent and getting published again.

    And then I can to your blog and discovered this marvelous letter you've written to yourself, detailing the place where you see yourself living in the next year or two. And truly you've inspired me to do the same.

    I'm going to write--in detail as you did--what my life will be like when I'm a published novelist. Thank you. Thank you.

    And I'll keep you and your dream of this much more comfortable living space and living environment in my mind and heart and thoughts and prayers. Peace.

  16. "Dare to visualize a world in which your most treasured dreams have become true."

    You are well on your way now!!

    Ian is so cute!!! :) He's lucky too - he has some really nice parents!

  17. Beautiful dream. Praying it comes true for you very soon. Ian is adorable. :)

  18. Now that is thinking positive! Sounds lovely...and you have a whole bunch of people praying for you! Karma will miss her porch...but maybe she could have one of those perches by the window:)

  19. Ahhhh...

    That baby is so precious!

  20. OMG! I'll be checking out HeatnBond before pulling out needle and thread to attach any more Cub Scout patches. That task always leaves me with bloody fingers!

    I had a desk very similar to yours. Aren't they monsters? LOL You'll love the extra space you'll have when you get rid of it. And so much less to move!

    It's truly unbelievable how quickly infants progress. Seriously, Ian's only two months old and already deliberately working his arms and legs!

    Thanks for sharing your life. More prayers coming your way ;)

  21. That's a great visualization, Rita! I can totally picture you in your new place as you write about it! I'll be hoping that it truly becomes a reality!

    That quote is quite fitting...and inspiring!


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