Tuesday, November 04, 2014


Good Morning!
Good Morning!
Been another week again already--goodness!
We've had a few days with sun... 
...but a lot of them have been like this. 
I remember seeing Sunday morning that it said it was "30 degrees-feels like 16".  But Karma says--when you're inside on a sunny day you can bask on the carpet without getting too cold...yet. 
She's much less frantically scratching in a frenzy like she was since getting her hazelwood collar.  Not that she's stopped, of course, but she's calmer and her face and ears seem to be slowly clearing up.  ??  I am pleased it has helped at all and a bit surprised, actually.  Whoohoo!  :)
Exaclair is a company that imports a lot of excellent, fountain-pen-friendly paper from Europe.  They are conducting something they call The Paper Project right now over on the Rhodia Drive blog.  Pen/ink/paper nuts, like myself, can sign up and hope to be chosen each week to get some free paper samples to play with.  (You know it takes a particular type of person to get a thrill from getting three pieces of paper in the mail--LOL!)  Of course, I signed up the second I heard about it.  ;)  I got in the first week when they chose 30 recipients...and just got my envelope from the second week when they upped it to 50 recipients. 
The first week we got three different samples of graph paper.  For those who are interested, they are left to right: Clairefontaine Classic, white/blue/graph 90g; Rhodia 80th, ivory/grey/graph 90g; Rhodia Ice, white/grey/graph 80g. 
I have to confess that I have never written on graph paper--even though I see graph tablets and notebooks have become quite popular.  (I've also never tried the new dot grid, either.)  I found out I prefer the grey graph lines because they are softer and lighter.  Liked both the 90g papers better than the 80g (little more tooth/resistance and also had a bit more shadowing).  They all were perfectly excellent, though--even with the wide Parallel Pen dropping down a heavy amount of ink...but the two 90g papers seemed smoother to me.   
I use fine and extra fine nibs normally and that makes a difference on preferences.  I still prefer blank or thinly lined paper, but this was fun trying something new.  I had to use the seven fountain pens I happened to have filled right now and, as you can see, I prefer Pilot pens and am presently trying out a lot of their Iroshizuku ink samples that I ordered from Goulet Pens.  (I have fallen in love with Iroshizuku inks, BTW--smooth, flow well, dry fast--just a delight!) 
Noticed afterwards that I misspelled Rhapsody--LOL!  I was just so busy with the writing experience and how the paper responded to the pens...well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.  ;) 
No bleed through to the back and little or no shadowing.  You'd have no trouble writing on both sides of any of these papers.   
I can hardly wait to play with my next three samples--all blank this time--although one of them is already a staple of mine.  (Clairfontaine Triomphe writing tablets--love them!) 
I've been slowly gluing the old paper towels together (almost to the end of the stack!)--and I found these two that had herbs printed on them.  They didn't even have paint on them, either.  Glued them together...loved the look and the texture...couldn't resist making one of my bookcards.  
I thought maybe I could tear the edges so I'd have a deckled edge. 
Ah--nope.  The glue gives it a bit of a stiff, plastic consistency so the "paper" tore ragged and uneven.
Got out my Dahl cutter instead...(notice the coffee mug T Stands For Tuesday ladies over at Elizabeth's)...
...and here it is!
I will never look at printed paper towels the same again--LOL! 
Even the inside has the herbal print.  Cool!  (Already filled and off in the mail today, BTW.) 
I cleaned the fish bowl.  Am down to two tetras left and one ottocinclus.  These old fish will eventually all die and then I'm taking a fish break for a few years...I hate to say forever.  There may be a betta, whose great grandparents aren't even born yet, with my name on it--LOL!  ;)
Last night McFamily came to visit!!  Dagan and Leah got my table stabilized and functional again--whoohoo!!  I got to feed Ian a bottle again, too.  The last time he had one was when I gave him one about a month ago.  He took it more readily this time.  We almost forgot--again--but Leah took some pics.  Ian always seems distracted by the camera...
...but not for long.  :) 
When I say he's growing so fast...well, I told you he started rolling over front to back at 3 months, right?  Well, he already rolled over back to front now at about four months and he's doing the spinning about on the floor using his legs already.  Goodness sakes!  At this rate it won't be too long and he'll be crawling!  Look out cats!
Anyways, my craft/everything table is back!!! 
See the metal bands on the base?   
I will not hip-move it by myself ever again--promise.  So happy to see it upright again I could have kissed it!  Now I can get the new sewing machine out of the box!!  
And guess what!  They got one of the end tables together, too, last night!!  I love it!!  So darn cute.  And the red is perfect.  Not a bright red or a burgundy--just a luscious deep red.  You never know for sure when you order online, you know?  I am absolutely delighted.  :)
Karma claimed the empty black end table, of course.  (The old ones will be going down in Dagan and Leah's basement.)
These are all the glued paper towels I have been very slowly working on over the last month or two. 
At first I was putting some extra color on them before I glued them... 
...but them just glued them as is...figuring I can add color afterwards.  
I am almost done with the gluing.  Be finished with what was a huge stack in the next few days.  By then I should be deep into meeting my new "computerized" sewing machine, eh?  
This afternoon the plan is for Leah and Ian to pick me up to go vote.  And it sounds like McFamily will be picking up Phil on Friday.  He has to be moved before it gets so cold that he'll go into shock if he is thrust into the outside air.  He's gotten so huge that it is quite a project to move him...a lot harder than Fern was.  So, barring bad weather, I think Phil will be gone Friday.  He would not like living in my dark bedroom all winter.
Oh!  Before I forget!  I have noticed that a couple people's blogs now have that strange little "prove you're not a robot" box in order to leave a comment--and they didn't have it before.  ??  Is this something new Blogger/Google is pulling on us?  Is it on mine?  Let me know, okay?  
Well, that was the week that was in Fargo--ROFL!
Thanks to each and every one of you who bother to come by for a visit--whether you comment or not.  Just thanks!  You are appreciated.  Enjoy the rest of your coming week.  :):) 
"Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain."
Joseph Campbell


TexWisGirl said...

the word verification is another 'fun' glitch google/blogger is pulling on us. a few people have gotten it at my place, even though my word verification settings are set to an emphatic NO! UGH!

anyway, glad your table is stabilized again! like that red end table, too. and really like the paper towels with the herbs/plants on them! very cool!

DJan said...

I don't think I've ever gotten that word verification thingie on yours, but I have noticed it popping up everywhere, too. Love the pictures of you and Ian. Looks fun in your part of the world, Rita. :-)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Glad your table is up again so you can meet your new sewing machine! The paper towels are so colorful...nice to have a stack of supplies at the ready.

Intense Guy said...

Gasp! You misspelled rhapsody? Those fountain pens need spell checkers!!! :)

The paper should purrfect! Nice paper seems so rare nowadays.

Ian is too cute for words! I love those rosy checks!!

Hi Karma!! Hope the top of that table was comfy hard!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your red end table!!

andi filante said...

Did you give yourself an "F" for misspelling rhapsody? :) And I LOVE that red table! I've been driving myself crazy for a year deciding what color to paint my buffet, and I think I've finally settled on red. Daring, I know, and there will be some paint-haters out there, but c'est la vie!!

Ian is soooo cute!!


Darla said...

Once again I am impressed with your paper towel "papers". What a great book. Ian is such a cutie, I am happy you get to see him quite a bit.


Hilary said...

Who'd a thunk that paper towels could be so attractive as a craft supply? Will you be selling these? Giving them as gifts? Doing them just for yourself or for funsies?

Love the photos of you and the wee Ian. That's just too adorable.

Linda Kunsman said...

no word verify here on your blog-I sure hope that didn't happen to mine as I have always had mine turned off! You have again been very busy Rita-and thanks for inspiring me to start purging and organizing :) LOVE that red table (my fave color). Hooray to have your "everything" tale back too. Glad Karma is feeling better with her new collar. And that Ian-well, take advantage of him wanting the pics now-most likely that will change! Good for you to get new papers to try out- you're the perfect recipient as your penmanship is beautiful. Enjoy and happy T day!

Janie Junebug said...

No word verification is on your blog. It had better not be on mine. I hate it. I love the red table. I'm jealous. Glad you enjoy playing with your paper. Time flies when you have Ian, doesn't it?


TwinkleToes2day said...

Happy T Day - No robot stuff here Rita. It's a real pain. I have mine set to moderation since my Wee Man joined me on the blog a few months ago. Better safe than sorry, I say. Anyhoo, those paprs sound fab, your table looks wonderful, as does that luscious red one (Yum) and young Ian is just the cutest. Looking forward to seeing what you do with those paper towels ((hugs))

dawn said...

Hello and Happy T Day! I LOVE LOVE your papter towels, I keep mine too. Might have to glue mine together also. I bought some plain white ones to play around with also.
So glad to see Karma happy and laying on the table, lol.
Your grandson is sure growing fast, such a cutie.
Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week.

GrandmaG said...

Sounds like it was a busy week. Love the grandma pictures. You look so happy :) Have a good weekend!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a lovely post with Ian and Karma. Your table will last a long time, now, too.

I went to the paper site, but didn't like the idea that I had to hand over my name AND address before I won anything. I have a problem with that, I fear. If I win something, I'll send my address. If I don't I won't hand out my personal info. Of course, I live alone in a HOUSE, so I'm extra cautious, I guess.

I love graph paper. I have lots of it, but nothing as fancy as yours. I got mine when I was taking physics and calculus classes and we had to graph things. I used pencils, so I didn't have to worry about bleeding. And of course, we only wrote on one side, too.

Thanks for sharing these tidbits of happiness and joy with us for T, as well as your mug, this Tuesday.

Vicki Miller said...

Wow you have had a busy time. I love the paper towel card/book idea. Me, I can't bearto throw out the aby wipes that get covered in paint and have to stitch them into something!

Jenny Woolf said...

Oh Ian is such a. Cutie and well advanced too. Your art work is lovely. And glad Karma seems happier.

~*~Patty S said...

You really are a gal after my own heart...not sure what it is about paper but I find it irresistible in every form and fashion. Cool project you're taking part in and that graph paper is so nice!
Your glued together paper towels are brilliant and such a cool book you made.
Hugs to your precious lil Ian who is growing in leaps and bounds!
Happy day after T Day (I spent the day yesterday with a dear friend that flew in from FL and we talked and laughed til our faces hurt!)

Carol said...

i thought I responded on here yesterday... oh well so is my world :) Love all of the paper towel sheets you've glued...should be lots of really cool things you can do with those. That red end table is too darn cute. I love red in home decor ♥♥♥♥♥ The baby is getting so big :) Have a great week and take care of yourself. Winter is upon us :(

Feral Turtle said...

I have never written on graph paper except for drawing up plans. Pretty cool. Loving your red and so glad you can set up your sewing machine now! Ian is just adorable....I think I have said that a million times but he really has a smile that lights up his whole adorable face!

Victoria Zigler said...

Sounds like you've been having fun with crafting again; glad to hear it! :)

I'm also glad the collar is helping Karma some.

Ian sure is a quick learner! Little Emma-Jane was like that... She was crawling and able to walk with a walker by 7 months, and took her first unaided steps at 9 months. By the sound of it, Ian might end up the same way!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

You have such a talent for arts and crafts. Good to hear the collar is helping Karma and of course Ian is super cute and sounds to be a quick learner picking things up easy.

Karla B said...

Gorgeous post. Love all the details and specially Dagan and Karma!

AliceKay said...

Love the pictures of you with Ian. He is a cute little boy and growing up so fast. My new grandson was 2 months old on the 5th. Seems like just yesterday that he came into the world.

I'm glad your table is fixed. The red end table looks great in your room, too.

It was cold here today. We had rain mixed with sleet and snow most of the afternoon. 38 degrees here when I got home from grocery shopping around 4 PM. I'm not looking forward to winter, but we have two fuel oil tanks filled, so we're ready.

I hope the rest of your week was a good one.

By the way, there is something on your page below this comment box that makes me enter a number from a picture to prove I'm not a robot. I haven't signed into Google/Blogger yet, so that might be why. I noticed it on Iggy's blog earlier.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Nope no word verification here...thank goodness I hate those things. Hope Karma keeps improving. Poor girl. Love your paper towels:)

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

That's amazing how beautiful the paper towel papers come out.

Your blog doesn't have the robot identification thing on it when you leave a comment, by the way.