Friday, February 27, 2015


We've had blue skies (and freezing cold) for several days.  Wind chill warnings of -35F and lower.  Brrr!
I have been dealing with laptop issues and almost wasn't going to even try to post today, but decided to see if it will work or not.  My laptop keeps saying my hard drive space is low or full, so I have been deleting and deleting for two days--to no avail.  The boxes still pop up and it says dropbox can't download pictures for me--even though I have deleted from dropbox, too.  Awk!
I did get a few pictures and videos from Leah before things went completely haywire and my laptop froze up a few times.  I had to leave youtube open all night to get four videos uploaded.  I have been missing out on pics and videos because of my too full McLap.  So I have videos that are new and old that I have been getting randomly.  I guess when I have deleted enough off my laptop I'll finally get them all.  Good grief!  Anyways, McFamily plans to come over tomorrow to put my spacesaver together for my bathroom, so I'll have Dagan investigate.  Maybe things can be functional again soon.  :)
Karma catches the morning sun and wonders why I look cranky--LOL! 
I forgot to show you the latest stacks of chick mysteries that Caroline brought over last time she was here!  I already had almost that many here, so I am set for a good long I mostly read them in the bathroom, truth be told.  ;) 
I've even had pen problems lately--LOL!  I drug (the grammar police will be cringing) out some Preppy fountain pens again a couple months ago.  I forgot how much of a hassle they are with dripping from the sides of the nibs as I am writing with my hot little hands.  I went to open one that had a Diamine Grape sample in it and ink had even leaked all over inside the cap and got all over my table--so I brought it over and dumped it out on to an art journal page and blew the heck out of it with an air can.  (Felt good!)  So, while I was at it...  
...I had been suffering along with a Prera pen skipping and stopping a lot, right?  (Some inks are just too dry for fine and extra-fine nibs.)  So, I dumped that Noodler's Liberty's Elysium sample on the other side and blew that all to heck, too.  Ahhh!  I needed that.
I really have gotten spoiled using better than $3.00 plastic pens and some better inks that don't run dry in fine nibs, I guess.  With the inks--thank goodness I can get small samples at Goulet Pens!  :)
Let's see--I also cleaned out the fish bowl...again.  A regular thing when you have fish bowls.  All three fish are still alive.  You can see the two tetras...and center bottom is the tiny ottocinclus sucking on to the front of the glass. 
OMG!!  The ottocinclus almost went down the garbage disposal!!  I was pouring the bucket of water into the clean bowl (rather than catch them with nets again) and the otto went sailing out of the bucket, into the sink, bounced and flipped down the black disposal rubber thingie!  Oh no!  
I quick set down the pail with the tetras and went to fish the fish out of the disposal, right?  Well, they have those spiny fins and it had splayed them out in angry, frightened panic--and caught itself precariously on the edges of the rubber flaps!  Whew!  I couldn't even see the tiny dark fish against the black rubber (my eyes aren't that great, to be fair), but I immediately felt the poke of the pointy fins and scooped it up in a flash.  Why it decided to try to fly out of the water this time...who knows?  Has the 2 gallon bowl made it suicidal?  I hope not.  Maybe it has learned not to try that again!  But just in case, I have learned that next time I will lay a net over the disposal.  ;)
Meanwhile, I have felt so tired and sore that bigger projects have just felt overwhelming (took me four days to clean the fish bowl--LOL!).  But this current state of my body may not ever go occurred to me that maybe I should break down bigger projects into very tiny steps.  Actually write them down so I can check them off and feel I am making progress, you know?  
Do any of you remember "baby steps" from What About Bob?  I was thinking of that movie and chuckling to myself as I was writing out my long, extremely detailed list.
So, that's what I did with the tweaking and sewing the rest of the first set of pads project.  I'd tell myself...well, you can just pin the sides together...okay, you can just sew around one lap (lol!)... or you can just turn them right side out...etc, etc. 
 I would do a step or two at a time and I finished them in two days--tada!  They still need snaps, but Leah is the official snap attacher.  :)
Baby Steps!!  ROFL!!
You may have noticed Karma stole my sewing chair as soon as I got up in that above picture.  She's been randomly in a wild and most foul mood lately.  Itching for a fight, as cats can be.   
Here we're playing try-to-catch-my-fingers. 
If she gets a bit too ferocious...'s time to quit.
Cats are excellent pouters. 
One reason Karma's been in such a bitchy cranky mood is that I quit letting her get her cat treats in the living room.  She's used to me tossing them for her to race from one side of the room to the other (and burning off some of that "shades of the lioness" energy).  But I knew we would soon have a crawler in the family and Caroline only cleans once a month because she's getting groceries for me the second "visit".  I didn't want little pieces of cat food (Karma is not the neatest eater) to be going into Ian's mouth.  Not that it would kill him, but...well, you know.  ;)  
Miss Karma thinks I am truly a cruel master at the moment.  LOL!
But this is the reason for all the cat cruelty.
There are three more videos of Ian you haven't seen here that are on my youtube channel, if you're interested.  I wasn't going to try to post them in this blog because I'm not even sure it will publish in the first place.  But I know there are some of you who would like to see them all (like great grandma and grandpa Johnson).  ;)
You can click here for more videos.
McFamily plans to be over tomorrow to put together my bathroom spacesaver.  Gramma will be trying to corral Ian while Mama and Daddy are busy.  ;)  Ian is already thinking about how he can pull himself up to stand against it won't be long and Miss Karma won't be safe up on "her" chair anymore--LOL!  Ian is on the move now!
There have been so many people sick this winter.  Caroline just had strep and ear infections.  I have been very lucky that I have been feeling cruddy for totally unrelated reasons.  They had a cyclone in Australia.  Boston had more snow.  Spring will come.  (Or fall, depending.)  We can always count on change, right?  Take care, everyone.  I hope I get computer issues sorted out and that I will see you again on Tuesday.  :):)
"Take care of yourself — you never know when the world will need you."
Rabbi Hillel


TexWisGirl said...

hope your laptop can be remedied. karma is a cute cranky kitty. :)

Hilary said...

For your laptop, have you made sure you emptied your trash (if it's a Mac) or recycling (if it's a PC) and then restart it? If not, it might just not recognize that all of that stuff is really gone.

Your heart must have been in your throat with the finned escapee!

Silly, beautiful Karma.

And that Ian.. I want to raspberry those little arms. Even if he drools on me. ;) So cute.

Anonymous said...

When I was young, my "ancestors" used to throw the dead fish down the disposal on purpose!! I was traumatized!

That's just wrong. :-/

Krisha said...

OMG!!! Ian is mobile!! Now the fun will begin for Mom and Dad....LOL
I cannot say "He's a little doll" enough times, I just want to smother him in G-man kisses!!

Anonymous said...

Many years ago, some explorers were having a meeting at a strategic location (probably Fargo). One of them said to the others, "It's 125 degrees here in the summer & 50 below in the winter. Let's build a city here." And so they DID!!
P.S. Mr. Ian is a handsome devil!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hope you are sending warmer weather this way! you Ian is a doll! I hope you get all your computer issues fixed:)

Anonymous said...

Keep warm!

andi filante said...

Holy smokes Otto!!! How did he survive the depths of the garbage disposal???? Ian is such a big boy crawling! What a cutie. :)


DJan said...

Don't forget that when you get rid of all that stuff that it still resides in the trash. You must delete the trash to finally get some space on your laptop. I know because I learned this the hard way. :-)

GrandmaG said...

I shivered when I saw all that ink – LOL! I just can't deal with paint and ink. . .makes me so anxious. Emily though it would be fun to have the kids write with feathers (quills) at Jonah's Harry Potter party. She sent the supplies to my house to test and I about had a nervous breakdown! Needless to say, that will not be one of the activities.

Janie Junebug said...

I have difficulty deleting photos from my computer. I remember baby steps. I love What About Bob.


Carol said...

Ian is getting so big :) I've been deleting photos and cleaning up my computer too so it will hopefully work more smoothly , I moved a to of photo to jump drives so as not to lose them completely. I've been breaking down all of my big projects to manageable steps too. Helps with the stress levels too along with low energy. levels

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Today it is suppose to be about 38°C which is 100.40°F just thought I would tell you. Laptop problems are terrible and they can be so frustrating we forget how much we use our laptops at time.Love love love the clips of Ian

Victoria Zigler said...

Don't know if you saw, but Bilbo, Baggins and I replied to your recent comments on our blog posts. The replies are posted in the comments section of the posts... I think Gmail is still refusing to send e-mailed replies to comments, since I'm still not getting any, though subscribing to posts via e-mail means at least future comments put directly on the posts are showing up in my inbox. Might be something you can try to make sure you get replies when you comment on the blogs of others; especially if they usually reply in the comments box.

The baby steps thing is a good idea; I have to do that with things that involve being stood up for a while.

You cruel human! You deserve to be attacked by a vicious lioness if you're going to be so mean about her treats! Not that I blame you... Cat food from the floor isn't really something you want Ian eating. Not that he'd mind... I've known plenty of babies and toddlers who enjoy dog and cat food... But it's still probably best for him to stick to people food.

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

ugh! comp problems! i hope you get it all figured out without too much frustration & hassle.
yay! you saved the fishy!! (i hate sticking my hand down the garbage disposal thingie. all i can think of is stephen king and that one book/movie of his, where all electronically run things got a mind of their own! yikes!!)

ian!! wow!! what a cutie. crawling!! uh oh! pretty soon he'll be into everything!! fun times!! :) probably best he doesn't start munching on kitty treats!
hi to karma too! *scratch*scratch*

TammyVitale said...

hmmm - did you get that post or did google eat it?

Dee said...

Dear Rita, I so like Rabbi Hillel's quotation. Thanks for sharing it as well as that delightful video of Ian who certainly is a determined crawler and quite a smiler! Peace.

Darla said...

I didn't make the rounds on Friday but here I am. Ian is getting around pretty well isn't he? He and Karma most likely have a few adventures in store and not just over "her" chair. Karma may learn to hide from him, LOL!

Stay warm. I'm be back tomorrow for Tea.


Intense Guy said...

If your ottocinclus had gotten "ground up" in the disposal you could have made Karma a very small ottocinclus salad sandwich... now that might improve her mood?

:) I love all the blue sky in your photos - Spring is coming... it really is! and so are the swallows!

AliceKay said...

You should see the size of the two goldfish I have in my 2-gallon bowl. Ryan's goldfish we have here are still hanging in there. The ones he had at home croaked. I cleaned the bowl the other night. It takes me awhile to do that job. I have one goldfish that is hellbent on committing suicide by jumping out of the net when transferring from one bowl to another. I have scooped it out of my sink several times. lol

Loved the video of Ian. He is crawling so well, and he's growing up so fast.