Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Good Morning!
Where did the week go?
As you can see, I was up before dawn a couple of times. 
Sleep has still been see-sawing from decent to bad.  More bad than decent, so I haven't accomplished much lately. 
This is what it looked like yesterday--a mere smattering of snow remained on the ground.  But this morning it is snowing and blowing--very white out there.  Not expected to last long, though.
Since we last spoke, I won the "Love Coupon" stamp set from the Precious Remembrance Shop's YouTube channel! 
I know the perfect little boy who just might get coupons when he's a little older for playtime with clay or crayons or paint or paper & scissors with Gramma.  ;) 
I also ordered a set of stamps from the Sweet Stamp Shop.
It's called Plan to Work... 
...and has all these teeny, tiny stamps... 
...perfect for a planner or bullet journal! 
They also sell a whole series of other "Plan to__" stamps sets.  So very cute!!
Miss Karma received a birthday present package from Tori in England!!
I forgot to mention that Karma was ten years old on February 5th, but Tori remembered!  Thanks so much Tori!  Karma loves them...of course.  ;)
I did make a JetPens order for FriXion pen refills, like I mentioned.  But the really exciting purchase I could hardly wait to get my hands on was the orange and grey pen/pencil case on top of my bullet journal...next to my favorite red Thermos cup, of course.
I know...they were out of red ones...but this was too cool to hope they would restock and wait with fingers crossed--LOL!  (You never know on JetPens if items like this will be around or for how long.) 
You can unzip it from the bottom... 
...and fold the top back. 
Voila!!  A standing pen holder!! 
It has a couple pockets, too.  And say you just want to quick grab only one pen...well, if you zip from the top down you can reach in that way, too.  Now I can more easily drag around all my Frixion pens (and a little ruler) with my bullet journal no matter where I go.  Isn't this just awesome!?   
And--tada!--I found a spot (with a ton of room to grow) for my washi tapes (and the teeny, tiny regular colored tapes I bought umpteen years ago).  I found this ArtBin thin satchel that was empty in my closet and they fit perfectly. 
Got a few more washi tapes, too, on sale from JetPens.  Maybe they are on the way out.  I've seen a lot of them on sale here and there online.  Well, kind of good for me, I guess. 
Oh, and I did get a hold of the sticker company about the calendar stickers from Amazon to complain that they were 2012 and not marked as such.  The lady replied that if I scrolled down below in the written description it did say 2012 (thought I had read the whole thing--could have missed it), but then why it there no year and does it say they could be used for a mini desk calendar, etc, up on the top of the description?  She said people use old calendars as decoration for art projects so they never get rid of old product.  (Why would anyone want to make a "decorative" three year old desk calendar?)
Anyways, she said she could mail me a 2015 set and I should contact Amazon for a refund.  I did contact Amazon and got a refund--and I amended my review a little, but still warned people to read very carefully.  I noticed now that there were some calendar stickers on Amazon from them that boldly said they were from 2013, but that the ones I bought still had no year up at the top.  Maybe they will fix them all?  And we'll see if she really sends me the 2015 stickers.  I'll let you know.  
Meanwhile, Karma snoozed while I actually did get to the art table for a little while. 
Okay--this took me forever to get back to and I didn't do much, but I finally completed the first challenge for DLP (Documented Life)--"Be your own goalkeeper".  I printed off my 2015 goals & my purge list, made an envelope and the 2015 header from some patterned paper.  Done!  I finally finished one challenge--ROFL!   
You may recall I also have a dedicated journal for the J52 (Journal52) group.  Yes, I guess I can see what I write through the exuberant ink play--LOL!  
Well, I only got so far as to putting gesso on the backside (next to the page I used up the rest of the orange ink making circles).  But at least I did something.
I hate intensely dislike the puckered pages.  I might have to skip to another page because I got that far and couldn't bring myself to do anything else on that bumpy, lumpy, hills & valleys page.  I know.  I know.  I have puckered page issues.  I know they don't bother most people, but I just can't change me now.  Maybe I'll have to use just one side of the pages to get through these journals I made.  I will never use cheaper, student-grade paper ever again.  That I can promise you--LOL!  
I still have a few more packages to arrive for February.  Oh--this was interesting.  Tracking on a FedEx package said: "customer nominated third-party customs broker has been notified of shipment arrival."  What the heck!?!  This is being shipped entirely within the US.  Third-party customs broker?  And this customer certainly never nominated them...and being nominated does not mean you won the vote--LOL!  It really does make one wonder where our packages really go and who actually handles them?
 Anyways, it's 28 degrees--still snowing and blowing.  Enough that I couldn't get a picture because of all the fine snow on the windows.  Karma is sleeping in my lap.  And it's getting time for toast and more coffee!  ;)
What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the Sunset."
Crowfoot, a leader of the Blackfoot nation   


TwinkleToes2day said...

What a smashing post. Congrats on your stamp win and Oooh, to your new purchases; awesome choices. The pencil case is fabulous and I hope you are staying warm indoors with the cold outside. Your journal pages are lovely. I don't like puckering either and just use the one side.
Happy T Day :o))

Intense Guy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Karma!! And Tori is so nice - she has a great memory for this sort of thing too!

I don't think I want to write on bumpy, lumpy, hills & valleys paper!

I think the FedEx tracking thing is a "glitch" if the shipment is from Amazon.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, Rita! It seems like you still haven't had much snow up your way this winter, have you? Happy 10th birthday to my favorite kitty, Karma! She doesn't look a day over 9. It won't be long until she begs to get her driver's license, asks to borrow the car, goes on her first date, walks down the aisle with some tomcat and presents you with kittens. How fast they grow up!

Happy Tuesday to you, dear friend Rita!

TexWisGirl said...

stay warm! we have another day of mid-70s, then another cool-down to 50s.

good luck with the package delivery.

Robyn said...

lots join on here in spite of the weather. Glad you hung in there and got your refund! Love the pen holder- must give Jet pens a look see !

Halle said...

Ah Karma...she is 5 yrs and 1 day younger than my boy. You got some new supplies!! Good for you. I have a couple boxes coming in the mail myself. I'm excited to play. First I really need to do some cleaning and organizing in my zone. Yikes! It's a crazy mess right now.

Linda Kunsman said...

Too much snow this winter for many of us! Happy birthday to Karma. What a clever pencil case that is-very cool. Always fun to win new products-I think I'm about due somewhere:) Love the Plan to Work stamps! My washi tapes are stored in a container very similar to yours-just a bit smaller. Happy T day!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I can't believe we have so much more snow than you, although it is 40 degrees and sunny today. The only things melting though are the icicles!

I'm glad you got the calendar issue somewhat solved--that really was deceptive and like you said who buys an old calendar even to craft with? Glad you got a start in your J52....I'm not a big fan of bumpy pages either, but give using them a try and maybe it won't be so bad. Happy Birthday to Karma!

Karla B said...

Love your posts: they are delightful. The pen holder and the stamps are super cool!Love Karma. She's adorable!

Hettie said...

Great photos there. I feel your pain about lack of sleep...
I think washi tapes will be here for a while as people think of new ways to use it.
Liking your pen pot. I have only just discovered frixion pens but for quilting. I don't like bumpy pages either.
Hugs to Karma.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been sleeping well either. Cough Cough Cough. It's 30 degrees here.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Happy belated birthday to Karma. So glad she got a gift, too.

Seems like you got the sticker problem corrected, at least partially. And so nice to read you got so many new supplies. I'm lucky to get three new things a year (grin).

Your case is nice, but I've learned you should keep your pens on their sides, or the ink dries up. I hope that doesn't happen with yours.

Thanks for sharing your week AND Karma's birthday with us for T this week.

Janie Junebug said...

Happy Birthday, Karma. Keep napping.


Krisha said...

Congrats on winning the stamps, both are great sets to have on hand.
That is the neatest pen holder I've ever seen.
Thanks for visiting earlier.
Happy T-day........no Ian???

Ariel said...

That pen holder is awesome. I love everytbing about it. That is such a neat box to organize and keep the washing tapes.
Happy birthday to Karma

Darla said...

Fun to see what you have been doing. I've never heard of JetPens. I may have to look for them. You probably know I can get a bit obsessed about pens and lots of my creative energy goes into sketches - pen and ink sketches.

Belated Happy Birthday to Karma!


Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Happy belated birthday, Karma! I really like the stand-up pencil holder. That's very clever. Your pages turned out beautifully. You are so gifted artistically!

Divers and Sundry said...

What a cool pen case! Now I'm wondering why these haven't been around forever. They'd have been so handy when the kids were young.

dawn said...

Hello and Happy T Day a little late! WOW, that pen case is so cool, love it and the colors of it. Those stamps are adorable, now I want them too, how fun they will be. I've been playing with my washi tape more, would love a holder like yours. I like the early mornings too, always a surprise what the sky will look like. Happy Birthday to Karma! Great job on your first DLP, looks pretty! I don't mind the bumps too much but can see what it does others. I also like the page and the circles, my favorite colors to play with.
Hope you stay safe and warm this week. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Love all your purchases! Especially that pen case...I may have to look that up!
Happy Birthday...a little late...Karma! For some reason I thought she was older...shhh don't tell her. Our Max is getting up there. I think he's about 16 or 17, it's hard when they are rescue. Congrats on winning something. That's cool.
I found your last comment on my blog in the Spam folder again. I don't know why Wordpress keeps thinking you are spam. You are the person who commented the most on my blog last year. and they think you are spam? ugh! love to you my dear!! thank you for coming by and saying hello to me. I don't know how many comments may have been eaten by spam and just deleted. I'm sorry. xoxo

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Miss Karma!! Hope you are staying warm, finally got some white stuff...it looks much better than the brown and grey I was seeing. I am sure I will hate it in a few weeks too :(

Carol said...

Congrats on the win!!! I know it's so thrilling when it happens. MY cats love those treats too. In fact they are setting beneath the cabinet they are stored in right now... loudly protesting my slow response to their call. We are due for another winter blast tonight ....:( so far only cold temps and winds predicted... that's usually when we get hit the worst.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Oh so many cute and adorable things

Victoria Zigler said...

Still no real snow here (just that attempted snowfall from Thursday that I mentioned in Monday's post) but - as I also mentioned on Monday - with the upcoming move that's probably for the best.

Congratulations on winning the love coupon set!

Karma is very welcome; I hope she enjoys her treats as much as she usually does! :)

The pencilcase sounds very cool!

Weird that people would want to use calenders that are so old on craft projects. Still, I suppose it's not totally out of the question if it's a craft project that's part of a bigger project for the year in question. Besides, people do often do things that seem strange to others, and I've heard of stranger things. Either way, they should have been clearer about the calender. Still, at least you got your refund, and will "hopefully" get a replacement too. I had something similar happen with some DVDs recently. I read the page carefully, and even had hubby read through it to be sure, and we both were positive we were ordering a spacific format. But when it arrived it was another. I got a full refund though, and the person was really good about it, and since then the title has been changed to include the format it's in. I haven't gotten a replacement yet though, because I'm waiting until we're done moving to do that.

Great quote!

P.S. I still don't seem to be getting e-mailed replies to comments, and still have no idea how to fix it.

Jenny Woolf said...

I love those little tapes. I hope they are not on the way out. I will have to see if I can buy a whole load of them here.
Sounds like the Amazon lady was trying to pull a fast one, I hope she refunds you too!

Eliza said...

Hi Rita,

Sorry getting around late this week, better late than never I say. Love those little stamp sets but that pencil holder case what a brilliant device it is. Ii am going to head off and check them out, never seen anything like it here in Australia. Hugs to you and Karma, stay warm and journal on.

Eliza & Yoda

Anonymous said...

What adorable stamps!

VonnyK said...

I love that pencil case, so bright and so clever too. I bet you can't wait the the little fella to be old enough to do arty things with you. Happy birthday Karma, looking really good for your age. Have a great week.

AliceKay said...

That was very thoughtful of Tori to remember Karma's birthday and send her some treats. :) I buy Temptations treats for the cats I feed....here and at the feed mill.

Cool pencil case. Certainly works well.

Lots of snow and ice here....gonna get more in a day or two. The bottom is dropping out of the thermometer here the next few days. Expected to be in the single digits on Sunday with dangerously low windchills.

Have a great weekend!

Feral Turtle said...

Happy Birthday Karma. The squeaky wheel gets the grease so I am glad you contacted them! I still think their advertising is deceiving and I think your review was good the way it was. I actually got some washi tape from the dollar store. I love your storage for it. How lucky you had it eh! Happy Valentines Day Rita! Have a great weekend.

Serena Lewis said...

I could have sworn I already commented on this post....ah well, blame it on my busy mind, I suppose. lol

Happy 10th Birthday to Karma! Cody will be 9 in November....my, the time has flown. What a sweet gift for Karma from Tori.

I LOVE the pencil case! I went to order it online but they were out of stock. :(