Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Tuesday morning and we actually have the sun shining and 14 F today!
We've had some gray days.  Saturday night we had wind chill warnings of -40 to -50 F. 
I haven't been up to much.  Just slogging through the daily stuff.  This weekend I thought I didn't have anything lined up...but forgot I had soaked beans for 13 Bean Soup and was overdue on laundry and had paperwork to get into the mail for the state and the county...and so it goes--LOL! 
Yes--that's my other new red coffee cup for you folks on T Stands For Tuesday.  So nice to have two so I can trade off.
I still journal almost every morning (turquoise QuoVadis) and am still totally in love with my bullet journal (open) and my new transforming pen case/holder.  Almost always have letters going.  Am watching Game of Thrones season 4 as they arrive (Netflix) and sad that there are only three weeks left, I believe, of Downton Abbey.  McFamily surprised me with a video call on Saturday--got to watch Daddy feed Ian his dinner and then see how Ian is beginning to scoot across the floor pulling himself forward with his arms.  So close to crawling!
Miss Karma is always catching as much beauty sleep as she can...
 ...but has also drug out her toys during the night lately.
Since she doesn't "play" much by herself anymore, I take it she is restless for spring and the swallows.  ;)  
I am having all kinds of issues with blogger/google.  As I am writing this I keep getting a big yellow error box over and over.  ???  I am only typing!?  Grrrr!  And still when I approve my blog comments they will post to my blog, but a lot of them I never get the notification email so I can't respond to you.  If you haven't heard from me, that's why.  Please don't stop commenting.  I read every one.  Or you can always email me if you haven't heard back from me for a while and you're used to us chatting back and forth.  ;)  
Then we won't lose touch.  Anyways, I'm not even sure this is going to post with all the error boxes popping up, but they do seem to have subsided now.  
(knock on wood)
Well, I will keep this short, cross my fingers, and click publish--LOL!  Have an uncomplicated week.  Ignore the small stuff.  :):)
"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy."
Anne Frank


Shady Del Knight said...

Your post looks AOK to me, dear Rita! I can't imagine what a -40 to -50 wind chill feels like. In my neck of the woods 40 to 50 degrees ABOVE zero is considered a brutal cold snap! I'm always happy to see the latest pictures of Kitty Kat Karma. She seems to have a hundred different ways to sleep and look bored! :) If I could magically appear in your apartment I'd spend hours playing with her, petting and scratching her and tossing toys with her. I love cats!

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, dear friend Rita!

TexWisGirl said...

not sure why you're getting the error box, but i do know you won't get the yahoo or aol comments to gmail any more. (dang it!) really makes it hard to respond to folks if they ask a question, or even to go back and visit their blog.

karma is cute. glad you get video call time with the mcfamily. :)

Lorraine said...

never heard of 13 bean soup sounds delish..but I dont know 13 varieties of beans

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I made some nearly 13 bean soup two weeks ago, and I love it. I used lots of spices and herbs, and didn't need any meat. I bet yours was good, too.

What's the deal with these cats dragging toys into a certain spot? I've often asked myself that question, too.

Glad to see your OTHER red mug and your journal ready for fun and loved what you showed us for T this Tuesday.

BTW, I'm getting a lot of those errors, too. But as soon as I save, they often go away. Makes it hard to load photos, though.

Janie Junebug said...

Why 13 bean soup instead of 12 or 14? I've received some photos of my new grandkitty. He is unbearably cute.


Jenny Woolf said...

Oh so it is not just me then Rita. I am now using Internet Explorer and also getting the big yellow box but at least I can see my comments. Blogger is getting beyond a joke I think! but perhaps the only thing to do is laugh.....!

~*~Patty S said...

Looks like your post came across just fine...technology can be wonderful and then again it can really be maddening too!
Great soup weather along with plenty of hot drinks.
Your windchills sound serious! I know how it feels when ours go down to the teens...brrrr
Stay Warm and Happy T Day Rita and Karma

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Seems like there is always something going on with google and/or blogger. You post looks good to me also. I guess I won't complain to you about our 8 below zero with wind chills of -20, but it is all relative ya know? Karma looks like she enjoys her toys.

Anonymous said...

I was having Explorer issues a while back. I use Chrome now. If I sound like an idiot about what you're talking about, it's because I am...

jinxxxygirl said...

Jinx always loses all his toys under the couch...he can't even fit under there anymore but thats where they end up... Blogger gives me trouble with comments too...at least half of them i won't get notification on.. I thought it might clear up after a while like most things do but its been going on for quite awhile now.... Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm having the same problem with not getting email notifications of pending comments, so I check that at blogger every so often. I'm a big fan of bean soups. It's the perfect warm meal for these icy days. Sounds sooo good :)

DJan said...

Yum to the bean soup. And yes, Blogger has been very cranky of late, but it still seems to work for me. I don't usually worry about getting notifications about comments, since I post and check back every now and then. :-)

Darla said...

Sorry Blogger is being naughty. I looks fine from here though. Writing letters while bean soup simmers sounds like a perfect way to spend a cold winter day.


Linda Kunsman said...

I have had issues lately but I wonder if it has to do with the icy, windy, cold weather across the US? I just made a Tuscan bean soup today to help fend off the brutal cold. Looks like Miss Karma is coping quite well:) Happy T day!

Krisha said...

MMMMMMM! I can smell the bean soup.....YUM!!
Blogger has been a burger off and on. I get an e-mail that says mail failure for every comment I make on other people's blog......so go figure eh?
Happy T-day my friend and thanks for the visit.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Hi Rita!!! I hope the warmer temps make their way to you soon. I LOVE that picture of a sleeping Miss Karma :)

Eliza said...

Blogger is being a big pain with all sorts of weird stuff happening. Your post has come through quite normal. I keep getting an email failure for every comment I send out to many this drives me batty. I have seriously given thought to jumping ship to WordPress. Hope things are warming up for you soon with the weather and waving hi to Ian & Family

Hugs Eliza & Yoda

Carol said...

I keep getting all of these crazy error messages too and it's becoming a pain. I love your red cup . But then again we share a love of all things red :) I also love your last sentence before the quote ...which also happens to be one of my favorite quotes.

andi filante said...

Okay, did she say drug because YOU TOLD HER TO???


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Temperatures in the minus is not something I have ever experienced but it sounds bloody cold..............

Serena Lewis said...

I have not seen the big, yellow box of which you speak but, sometimes, it's actually the web browsers that play up. Which web browser are you using? IE is one of the worst because it is so outdated when it comes to all the new coding websites use. I usually switch between Chrome and Firefox. If I have trouble with Blogger in one browser, I'll switch to the other browser and the problem is no more....that usually means that the browser itself was the issue, not Blogger. If however, you find the same problem with Blogger in all browsers, then you can rightfully blame Blogger or whichever site you are visiting. I'm hoping to compose a new post later today so I'll be on the look-out for nasty, yellow boxes. I'll let you know.

Karma looks so cute curled up on her bed. I love when Cody and Jack curl up like that too. She has lots of toys to keep her amused. Sometimes, I have quite a lot of doggy toys to pick up around her too....usually after Mikayla and Maddy have visited because Jack is always running to get a toy hoping they will play with him. He loves tug-of-war games. :)

It looks like we're in for a wet day here and Aaron is on camp. :( I can't wait to see him this afternoon. He's only been away overnight but I have missed him and have worried about him as it was his first camp and he wasn't keen on going. I've filled you in more by letter.

Cool that you got a video call! Won't be long before Ian is fully crawling by the sounds of things. Mind you, some babies never crawl on all fours....my cousin would sit on his butt and kinda do a butt pull-slide movement across the floor before he went straight to walking. He never crawled at all.

Enjoy your 13 bean soup! It sounds yummy! I love beans!

Have a beautiful day!
Love and hugs xo

Friko said...

Good that you saw a bit of sun. We did too this morning but it didn’t last. I potle about doing nothing much and gaze longingly out of the window, hoping to see a nice bright garden to potter in.

Karma has the right idea, what else is there than to doze?

Friko said...

13 bean soup? 13 different varieties or 13 beans?
(There are 13 varieties of bean?)

Victoria Zigler said...

Uh-oh! Watch out, Karma... The baby is on the move, and will soon be able to follow you when you try to escape! Find a high hiding place, and hope he's not a climber!

Shelly said...

Ian is ADORABLE!!! And so is Miss Karma (don't want her to feel left out!)

Intense Guy said...

I think I would be doing the same as Karma - napping in the sunshine.

Of course the thought of an Ian Invasion wouldn't bother me in the slightest!